Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 121

Zhang Tong's face suddenly turned pale, and he couldn't believe that Pei Nanming had already seen what she was thinking! She suddenly felt that people like Pei Nanming were terrible, because no matter what you thought, thought, wanted to do, or even before you moved, he had already fully guessed your movements.

  Living with this kind of person, it can be said that there is no secret at all, just like seeing each other naked all the time.

  As long as people need private space, even the most intimate lovers, there are always some secrets that cannot be communicated. And if it is in front of Pei Nanming, there is no such space at all, and the so-called secret can't exist at all! What a dreadful thing!

   "You really are a devil!"

Pei Nanming smiled, "You are not the first person to say that about me, so I am not surprised at all. On the contrary, I will thank you for your praise. It is not easy to be a devil. You know that it takes a lot of effort to become a complete devil. How much does it cost? To have the title of devil today, I really paid a lot."

   Pei Nanming said this very sincerely, and his tone was not as cold and forceful as before. It was like talking with an old friend at night by candlelight. Completely open and honest, without the slightest deliberate and concealed.

   Zhang Tong felt a little caught off guard by his sudden change, and didn't know how to respond for a while.

   But Pei Nanming obviously didn't expect her to respond. After finishing speaking, he stopped talking. Instead, he put away his mobile phone, put his hands in his trouser pockets, and looked up at the pair of elderly patients outside the window.

The pair of patients were about seventy years old, the old woman was completely paralyzed, and she still had some dementia. Something is wrong.

  Looking at it, Pei Nanming suddenly raised the corners of his mouth and smiled. If Ruan Xi and Ruan Xi can reach this day, even if they die, they can still smile and close their eyes, right?

   Realizing his own thoughts, his heart twitched again, his hands in his trouser pockets clenched into fists - how could such a day happen to him and Ruan Xi? Not to mention so many grievances and entanglements, even this time, Ruan Xi recovered, I'm afraid she won't be able to settle down, right? During those occasional waking hours, they would still only inflict wounds on each other, then sprinkle salt severely, and then slap viciously!

After the physical examination, it was determined that the damage caused by the miscarriage had healed by eighty to ninety percent, but the doctor warned Pei Nanming that it would not be too easy to have another child. Moreover, the two miscarriages caused Ruan Xi's uterine wall to be damaged. If the next child can't be kept, then there is no need to count on having a future with Ruan Xi in this life.

  Pei Nanming's face turned pale for a while, but returned to normal when he came out, "Let's go back."

  Zhang Tong hesitated for a moment, "It's hard to come out, why don't I take her to breathe more, she is not in a good spirit today, maybe if she walks more, it will make her spirit better."

  Ruan Xi came out of the hospital, staring at a sycamore tree, refusing to leave no matter what, as if possessed.

  Pei Nanming was always soft-hearted and easy to compromise with Ruan Xi like this, so when Zhang Tong made this suggestion, he agreed without even thinking about it.

   "If Mr. Pei has anything to do, just go, I will take good care of Ruan Xi."

  Pei Nanming glanced at Zhang Tong, his gaze was full of scrutiny and inquiry, Zhang Tong encouraged him to look directly at Pei Nanming without changing his expression, but his heart was agitated, for fear that he would fail.

  In the end, Pei Nanming looked away as if nothing had happened, and said calmly, "I have nothing to do, and I haven't been with her for a long time, so I want to go for a walk with her."

   Zhang Tong's heart skipped a beat, and he secretly cursed, "You're so cunning."

  Because she knew that it was Pei Nanming who came over, when Pei Nanming was called away by the doctor, she called Gu Chi and asked for another place.

  Finally, they set the location in the park in the middle of the street.

  In this situation, if Pei Nanming accompanied him all the way, today would be ruined. Zhang Tong was anxious, and he had to deal with Pei Nanming calmly, feeling particularly difficult and apprehensive.

  She thinks that Pei Nanming's role is too powerful, and fighting against him in front of him is as uncomfortable as suffering from Ling Chi.

  Ruan Xi was still yawning all the way, walking lazily, she looked like a heavy smoker no matter what.

   Pei Nanming frowned seeing her like this. Zhang Tong was also worried, but couldn't find the reason.

   "Has she always been like this?" Pei Nanming suddenly stared at Zhang Tong and asked, the suspicion and distrust in that gaze hurt Zhang Tong.

   "What do you mean by your eyes?!" Zhang Tong's temperament has always been straightforward, and she never knows how to turn around and beat around the bush, which makes her feel tired. If it wasn't for Ruan Xi this time, she would never have fought against a man as cunning as a wolf like Pei Nanming.

  Seeing her reaction, Pei Nanming's eyes softened, "I just want to know if she's been so listless recently."

   Zhang Tong turned his eyes away with a blue face, "It's only like this today, and I was in a good state before."

  Ruan Xi suddenly ran forward excitedly, and it turned out that she saw the doll placed by the window in the boutique. Zhang Tong and Pei Nanming quickly followed.

When Ruan Xi arrived at the boutique, her face was bubbling with happiness, and she walked around the boutique in good spirits, poking this, touching that, having a great time, even the hair on the top of her head The wind chime also reached out and fiddled twice, making a series of unpleasant noises.

  The owner of the boutique house saw Ruan Xi's claws scratching around, and was anxious, fearing that she might break something, tried to stop her several times, but all of them were swallowed back because of Pei Nanming's strong aura.

  Ruan Xi finally squatted in front of a bunch of dolls and fiddled with them for a long time, looking at all the new ones, and wanted to hug them at home. Just as he was in high spirits, he stopped suddenly, and stared blankly at a cloth bear that was specially made out of fashion.

  The bear had black eyes and brown fur, but the face was needleworked to create exposed stitches for an aged effect.

Ruan Xi stared blankly, didn't move for a long time, Zhang Tong was puzzled, and went to call her worriedly, but Pei Nanming hugged Ruan Xi first, then picked up the bear, and said softly, "Xi'er, do you like it?" ? How about sending you off?"

   Ruan Xi, who didn't speak much all the way, slowly raised her head to look at Pei Nanming, and didn't move for a long time. Pei Nanming also looked down at her, also silent.

   Just when Zhang Tong thought they would keep looking at each other, Ruan Xi suddenly reached out and slapped the cloth bear on the ground hard.

   "I don't want it! I don't want it! I don't want anything you give me! I hate you, hate you, and want you to die!"

   Zhang Tong was stunned, the owner of the boutique was taken aback, and several customers also gasped, turning their heads to look at Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming.

  Ruan Xi pushed Pei Nanming away, turned around and was about to run, but Pei Nanming grabbed her wrist and pulled it back, holding her tightly in his arms, "I gave it, you have to accept it if you don't want it!"

  Zhang Tong felt that this man had changed too quickly, and he was completely different from the soft-spoken man before.

  Ruan Xi fluttered vigorously, looking like a butterfly falling from a spider.

  Pei Nanming refused to let go, so Zhang Tong hurried over to wink at Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming didn't want to push Ruan Xi too hard, so he let go slowly.

   Zhang Tong pulled Ruan Xi's wrist, persuading, "Ruan Xi, don't get excited, look, it's me, I'm Zhang Tong. Have you forgotten me?"

  Ruan Xi calmed down a little bit, stayed for a while, and suddenly threw herself into Zhang Tong's arms and cried bitterly.

  Zhang Tong signaled Pei Nanming to go first, Pei Nanming was not happy at first, but at this moment his phone rang. He glanced at his phone, and then at Zhang Tong, "Take good care of her and send her back as soon as possible."

  Zhang Tong nodded repeatedly.

  Pei Nanming threw the car keys to Zhang Tong, took a taxi and left, Zhang Tong heaved a sigh of relief, and gently patted Ruan Xi on the back.

  The owner of the boutique house has long been impatient, because Ruan Xi's disturbance here not only messed up the decorations she had tidied up for a long time, but also scared away her guests.

   Zhang Tong looked at the boss apologetically, "I'm sorry, my friend is in a bad mood recently."

   "If you are in a bad mood, find a place to vent it. Why did you come to my store to mess around, really!" The boss pulled his face and packed his things in displeasure.

   Zhang Tong didn't bother to argue, and took Ruan Xi out.

"Ruan Xi, listen to me, don't be discouraged, don't despair, okay? I know that you are the way you are now, but you believe me, as long as you live, as long as you keep an upward heart, you will always be happy. There will be hope, you are not alone, you still have me, and there are many people who are willing to help you. Don't reject everyone's kindness, okay?" Zhang Tong took care of Ruan Xi for more than a week, or It was the first time I saw Ruan Xi sober, sober like a normal person.

  In fact, Ruan Xi at this time is indeed normal.

"I used to persuade myself that way, but I can't even deceive myself anymore. I have been by his side for so many years, from the initial swallowing, to running away, and being caught again and again, for him again and again. Pregnant, but miscarried again and again, I can't bear it. I didn't die because I knew it would be good to be crazy..."

   Crazy don’t need to think about anything, don’t care about anything, it doesn’t matter what kind of state you live in...

"Ruan Xi, you are not crazy, you are just given a psychological hint by the doctor he invited, whenever you face something you don't want to face, you will be autistic, and you will have another personality, this is not crazy , but to escape! Ruan Xi, you have always been brave, so you won't be defeated so easily!"


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