Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 120

Qin Zhiran suddenly started to argue again, and refused to admit it.

  Pei Nanming sneered, the corners of his mouth curved as sharp as a hook, "Really?" He took out the tape and handed it to the two people, "Play it for Miss Qin, make sure she can hear it clearly."

   After speaking, she kicked Qin Zhiran away, and left without looking back.

  The next day, all the newspaper headlines published a shocking news: President Pei and the daughter of the Qin family broke off their engagement, the inside story is amazing!

  Below this news, Ruan Xi's photo was uploaded again...

   Pei Yan was so angry after reading the newspaper that his heart attack relapsed again, and he was admitted to the hospital. Mr. Pei, who had always been indifferent to the affairs between Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi, also came all the way.

  Pei Nanming sat beside Mr. Pei, not saying a word.

Mr. Pei sighed, "Things have already happened, I don't want to say anything superfluous. I just want to tell you that you must think clearly about what you want. I still say that, no matter what you want to do, I will support you unconditionally However, for some things, what you see may not be the truth. If you want to know the inside story, it is best to ask the person involved."

  Pei Nanming was extremely exhausted, and he barely listened to the old man's lectures.

   "Grandpa, I know that you are doing it for my own good, but now, I have not retreated. Even if I regret it, I will still go straight to the dark."

  The old man sighed helplessly, "I'll go see Xier."

   "She doesn't know anyone now, Grandpa, you better stop watching."

The old man turned his back to Pei Nanming, without turning his head, "It's because she doesn't recognize anyone that I'm going to see her. This very unfortunate, give birth, please..." After all, old man Pei didn't finish his sentence , just sighed and shook his head and left.

  Jazz Café, Gu Chi kept looking at the time on his watch, until Zhang Tong appeared in sight, and his anxiety settled down, "Thank you for coming."

  Gu Chi looked at Zhang Tong almost gratefully.

Zhang Tong smiled and sat down, "You don't need to thank me, I came because you said you could help Ruan Xi leave Pei Nanming, we are all for Ruan Xi, so you don't need to thank me, because our moods are the same .”

  Gu Chi smiled wryly, "What do you want?"

   "A latte, thanks."

   "Zhang Tong, you are Ruan Xi's best friend. I know that my request will embarrass you, but I still can't control myself from making this unfeeling request."

  Zhang Tong put down his coffee and looked at Gu Chi, "Tell me, as long as I can do it, I will definitely help. I have no other requirements, I just hope that you can do what you say and save Ruan Xi from the sea of suffering."

   "I will do it, but before that, I must meet her. I am really worried about her current situation."

"Okay, next Monday at two o'clock in the afternoon, Tang Wenyi will take her to the hospital for a follow-up visit. You go to the hospital and wait in advance. I will find a way to pay off Tang Wenyi and give you time to meet alone. However, the time will not be long, so you have to make good use of it." .”

   "I will. I have something here, please bring it to Ruan Xi for me." After finishing speaking, Gu Chi took out a crimson box and pushed it in front of Zhang Tong.

   Zhang Tong looked at Gu Chi with some doubts, "Why don't you give it to her yourself?"

Gu Chi got up and shook his head, laughing at himself, "I'm afraid that when I face her, I won't have the courage, and I don't have the qualifications anymore, I want to see her, and hope she can live a happy life in the future .”

Zhang Tong sighed in his heart, "I will transfer it to her for you, but you must have heard about her condition, and when you see her, she may not recognize you at all, so don't be too sad. "

   "I know, I hurt her before, and she forgot me, which is the best punishment for me."

  Gu Chi walked out of the coffee shop without taking a taxi, but walked along the road. His spirit was not very good, his face was pale, and he looked as if he hadn't had a good rest for a long time.

  An Ya came out of the shopping mall with big bags and small bags, and happened to bump into Gu Chi, and immediately ran over to wrap him up. Gu Chi was in a bad mood, and he was a little disgusted with Anya at first. If it wasn't for the fact that her family and his family were family friends, and both families had the intention to become them, and his parents wanted them to get married and have children right away, he wouldn't have Take another look at Anya.

   "Gu Chi, why are you here?" Anya naturally stuffed everything in Gu Chi's hands.

   Gu Chi couldn't push her away, so he could only take her and send her to the parking lot.

   "I'm coming to see a friend."

   "What friend, do I know him?" Anya asked the bottom line, making Gu Chi's boredom even stronger.

   "You don't know him, he is a college classmate. You drove here by yourself? Why didn't you ask the driver to take you here?"

   "I feel more comfortable driving by myself. By the way, Gu Chi, let's go to the resort for a couple of days. I heard that there is a newly opened farmyard over there, and the food tastes very good."

   Anya was in high spirits, "By the way, let's call Mr. Ruan too, I think you will like it very much."

  Hearing An Ya mention Ruan Dongyu, Gu Chi's hands clenched into fists subconsciously, and he endured it for a long time before erupting. After sending Anya to the parking lot, Gu Chi didn't even bother to be courteous to Anya. He just put the things in her trunk and took a taxi to leave under the pretext that he had something urgent to go back to the company.

  An Ya originally wanted to contact Ruan Dongyu through Gu Chi, but she didn't expect Gu Chi to be so shameless that she kicked the door of the car so angry that she hurt her toe.

  With no acquaintances around, Anya showed her true nature, "What are you looking at, have you never seen a beautiful woman?! Cut!"

  Ruan Dongyu was sitting in the office, flipping through the newspaper, and the news that Pei Nanming and Qin Zhiran had canceled their engagement was published on the largest page of the newspaper. This is a good thing for Ruan Dongyu. Yugong and the Ruan family have another alliance. Yusi, Gu Chi and Ruan Xi are out of luck this time.

  He was in a good mood, the phone rang, but it turned out to be a call from the bar that Gu Chi often went to, it was nothing less than that Gu Chi was drunk again.

After hanging up the phone, Ruan Dongyu got up, put his hands in his pockets, looked at the corners of his mouth and smiled, and walked out slowly. In his opinion, no matter how much Gu Chi resisted, he couldn't get out of his control. As long as Gu Chi had something to ask He dared not disobey him, so even if he agreed to save Ruan Xi, he would not really do his best. Moreover, he still expected Ruan Xi to divide Pei Nanming's energy by Pei Nanming's side.

  The atmosphere in the bar was still as confused and decadent as ever, and many people were shaking their bodies frantically on the dance floor to vent their emotions.

  Gu Chi lay on the bar counter, half-opening his eyes, staring blankly at the bubbling water in the glass, the neon lights staggered, turning the whole world into a grotesque one. But he was completely drunk, his heart was confused, and his mind was numb.

Ruan Dongyu sat down beside him, and asked for a glass of red wine at the bar. Instead of angrily scolding him like before, he slowly drank the red wine in the glass while leaning on the bar to admire Gu Chi's blurred face. Drunk appearance.

  The man in front of him is like a small animal that has been cornered, curled up in one place, his mind is obviously not clear, but he still shows a sensitive and alert attitude towards his body.

  He smiled and asked while drinking, "Gu Chi, do you want to have another stomach bleed?"

  Gu Chi glanced at Ruan Dongyu, but did not answer.

"I know your attitude towards me, rejection, contempt, and even resentment. However, even so, I will not regret what I have done, let alone withdraw my request. Ruan Xi, I will do my best to help you Get it out. This time I came here mainly to tell you one thing, that is, your good cousin Gu Qing knew what my conditions were before he introduced you to me, and he will introduce you Give it to me, the purpose is to get my support. I wonder what you think after hearing this news?"

Gu Chi blinked slowly, and then grinned, "I'm simple, but just because I'm simple doesn't mean I'm stupid. He won't do business at a loss, and he's willing to recommend me to join the Ruan family, naturally because he can get something out of it, so , You told me this, I am not surprised at all."

  Ruan Dongyu sometimes admires Gu Chi very much, admires his calmness. At least in the current situation, if it were him, he would be unwilling and harbor resentment. He is the kind of person who absolutely cannot accept being used by others. But Gu Chi was different, even if Gu Chi was sold, and even helped to count the money, if he found out the truth afterwards, as long as it was his own decision, he would definitely accept it without any complaints.

Sometimes, he hates Gu Chi's temper, because he knows too well that in this society, such a temper is too easy to be used by others. In his eyes, this kind of person is an idiot, a fool, and deserves to be He took advantage of it, and gave him a knife. However, when he met Gu Chi, he couldn't let it go. He knew that Gu Chi was a stubborn and simple fool, but he still wanted to trap him by all means and keep him by his side.

  It is scary and sad for a man to be completely possessive of another man. Sometimes he himself often asks himself, why bother? However, he couldn't control himself. Many times when he looked at the mirror, he couldn't help losing his temper suddenly, smashing the mirror to pieces, but when he turned around, he still thought about Gu Chi.

  I can’t change it at all, and I can’t control myself, it’s like being poisoned. He was not afraid of being despised by Bill, but he was afraid of facing Gu Chi's scornful gaze.

   But in fact, no one dared to despise him in front of him, except Gu Chi!

   Now seeing Gu Chi *decadent and in great pain, his heart aches and he feels happy at the same time.

"I admire your generosity, but it's really a pity that your generosity and tolerance can't change Gu Qing's conscience. Now, he makes things difficult for Gu Yinlin everywhere, and Gu Yinlin won't be able to appear at the piano concert in the future. I heard that you and Gu Yinlin have a very good relationship, so I came here to tell you this news, I think, if you have time to drink and play here, why don't you go and see him, I'm afraid his life is quite sad."

  Gu Chi became slightly sober, "You mean that Gu Qing sent someone to attack Gu Yinlin?"

Ruan Dongyu put down his empty wine glass and shrugged, "I didn't say that, I just asked you to see Gu Yinlin. Moreover, I think that if he inherits the Gu family, he will have a better future than Gu Qing. However, standing on my side From a standpoint, I would not support him."

   "Why did you tell me this?" Gu Chi forced himself to look at Ruan Dongyu.

   "I'm telling you, because I want to see your reaction, and I want to know if there is really no one else in your heart except Ruan Xi."

   "Now, do you know now?" Gu Chi sneered.



   "In your heart, many people are more important than me." Ruan Dongyu smiled bitterly in his heart, but his face was cynical.

The corners of Gu Chi's mouth curled up, his usually bright eyes showed a strange sternness, "You're right, in my heart, even beggars on the side of the road are more important than you, at least seeing them, I would want to give them the money in my pocket. But if it were you, I would just spit on you!"

  Ruan Dongyu's face turned pale immediately, he endured it, and finally suppressed his anger, sneered and pinched Gu Chi's chin, "Is that why you hate me?"

   "I can't wait to eat your meat, what do you think?!"

  Gu Chi twisted his chin in disgust, "However, before you rescue Ruan Xi, I will not resist whatever you want."

  Ruan Dongyu finally couldn't help it, and slapped him across the face, "You're a fucking bitch! Ruan Xi doesn't care about you at all!"

   Gu Chi also glared at each other, "You are the same! I don't have you in my heart, you are not even worse than garbage!"

  Ruan Dongyu was so angry that his lungs would explode, and finally stood up with a sneer, "Okay, very good! Just say this to you, and I will show you how trash I am!"

  Gu Chi sobered up the next day, half of his face was swollen, he vaguely remembered having an argument with Ruan Dongyu last night, when he got up, his head was still a little groggy and his stomach hurt.

  He couldn't help holding his stomach and ran to the bathroom, only to retch for a while. Much more comfortable after that.

  Ruan Dongyu came out of the shower, glanced at him, and completely ignored him, as if he was transparent, but many years later, he regretted it...

  Early on Monday morning, Ruan Xi was leaning on the chair sickly, without energy at all. Seeing her like this, Zhang Tong had a very bad premonition in his heart. In fact, these days when she came here, Ruan Xi's spirit has been very good, never like today.

  After a week of recuperation, Ruan Xi is much better, except that she is still very thin, there is nothing wrong with her. But looking at Ruan Xi's state today, she always felt that something was wrong.

The butler brought breakfast, and Zhang Tong patiently fed it to Ruan Xi, but Ruan Xi shook her head and said nothing, and kept yawning. These days, Pei Nanming hasn't come to see Ruan Xi much, but Zhang Tong knows that Pei Nanming He would come back on time every day, and would ask the housekeeper about Ruan Xi's situation without hesitation.

  Sometimes Zhang Tong felt that Pei Nanming should be pulled out to be knifed, but sometimes he felt that Pei Nanming was actually quite pitiful. She didn't know why Pei Nanming had such a deep hatred with Ruan Xi, and she had to make Ruan Xi like this before giving up. He always looked like he had a deep hatred with Ruan Xi, but anyone could see the pain and struggle in his eyes at a glance.

  She began to be a little curious about what kind of person Pei Nanming was...

  Ruan Xi went for a reexamination today, and Zhang Tong had to accompany her. The housekeeper thought that Ruan Xi must have recovered this time, so he called a servant to come in and clean it up thoroughly.

Pei Nanming pushed back the company's affairs, and specially set aside today to be with Ruan Xi. This variable made Zhang Tong feel at a loss. Pei Nanming is not Tang Wenyi. He will definitely guard Ruan Xi every step of the way. Even if she really needs something, she will It is impossible to instruct Pei Nanming to do it. Thinking of this, she was in a state of confusion, Gu Chi will come to see Ruan Xi today, if she pretends to be, she doesn't know what will happen!

  The doctor took Ruan Xi in for an examination, but Zhang Tong still sat with an unkind expression. Pei Nanming leaned against the window and fiddled with his mobile phone, as if he was waiting for some news, but he didn't seem to be waiting for anything.

   Zhang Tong glanced at him, the sun was shining from behind him, she couldn't see his expression clearly. Pei Nanming found that she was looking at him, raised his head and said, "It's rare that Ruan Xi can make such a hardcore friend like you."

   Zhang Tong's voice was cold and indifferent, "Thank you, she actually has a lot of friends, and there are also a lot of hard-core friends, and there are even hard-core friends who can live a lifetime. It's just that someone broke up cruelly."

Faced with Zhang Tong's sarcasm, Pei Nanming felt angry in his heart no matter how well-mannered he was. However, for people other than Ruan Xi, he has always been very good at controlling his emotions and hiding his true thoughts, "Miss Zhang told me There is hostility, I have no objection to this point, and I am very grateful that you are Ruan Xi's friend who has taken care of her for so long. But, Ms. Zhang, how I treat Ruan Xi is a matter between me and Ruan Xi. On this point, You can't control it, I believe you know it very well in your heart." He showed the majesty that he always only showed in front of his subordinates, and said solemnly, "I think Miss Zhang must really want Ruan Xi to escape from my side." Speaking of this, he He grinned, "There's nothing wrong with this, are you two best friends? Can you do your best for her?"
Do your best, that is the blessing she has cultivated in her lifetime, but I have to warn Miss Zhang, even if she really does what you want, what will happen if she leaves me? With her appearance, she can't live independently... Besides, no matter where you hide her, with my ability, finding her is a piece of cake. "


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