Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 119

Speaking of this, Pei Nanming raised the corners of his mouth easily, "If I didn't confirm her identity, would I do such a thing? I admit that I was a little crazy and unscrupulous for revenge, but I haven't reached the point of disregarding ethics and annihilating humanity. She is the daughter of Qin Xin'er and Ruan Hetian. There is nothing wrong with this. You should have heard that she ran away from home for a year. In fact, she ran away from home. She simply went to serve Ruan Hetian as a pawn I went, and Ruan Xi was born in the third month after she left Ruan Hetian. At that time, it was rumored that Qin Zhiran's current father was happy with a daughter, but in fact, it was just farting. It was born by Qin Xiner, and the so-called daughter was Ruan Xi..."

  After what Pei Nanming said, Tang Wenyi remembered that there was indeed such a news from the Qin family back then, saying that Master Qin was blessed with a daughter again, but unfortunately died of congenital heart disease.

   That time happened to be the time when Qin Xiner disappeared again, that is to say, Qin Xiner took the child away...

   "No wonder you insisted on marrying Qin Zhiran, and secretly acquired Qin's shares. So you..."

Tang Wenyi suddenly felt chills in his heart. It turned out that everything Pei Nanming did was laying the foundation for his revenge. Marrying Qin Zhiran, acquiring Qin's shares, registering multiple branch companies, secretly engulfing the debts issued by Ruan's, all It is for his long-cherished wish of 'defeating all the enemies that caused his family's misfortune'! At this moment, he felt an extremely strange feeling towards Pei Nanming, as if he had never really known this man before, and never understood how stubborn his heart was.

  Under the leadership of Pei Nanming, the Pei Group is thriving. This is obvious to all. However, everyone only saw the performance in the open, and they didn't know at all the economic power developed by Pei Nanming. Those new factories and new companies registered as independent legal persons span nearly five industries, which is impossible for any family, but Pei Nanming did.

  What kind of mind and wisdom is needed to achieve such a development. Tang Wenyi admired Pei Nanming very much, admired his unique vision, and admired his decision-making can always play the most effective role, but he never thought that such an indomitable spirit, that kind of constant motivation to fight for the first place, was actually all from the source. Yu Pei Nanming's hatred for those families stems from his ultimate goal of destroying them.

  At this moment, Tang Wenyi became very worried. What he was worried about was not that Pei Nanming would fail, but that one day, after Pei Nanming successfully wiped out the families on his hatred list, he would lose his goal and become unsustainable.

   "Yes. Everything, just because I hate them! Don't they care about family interests, money, reputation, and power? Then, I will let them lose everything they care about!"

  Pei Nanming's face became very resolute, and no one could stop him and change his determination.

  Tang Wenyi felt a strong sense of powerlessness in his heart. It turned out that what Pei Nanming hated was not a specific family or a specific person, but the heart in people's hearts that would do anything for money, fame, power and power! ! !

  Then, why is he so stubborn to hate Ruan Xi? Tang Wenyi was very helpless. The so-called authorities are obsessed with bystanders, this is probably the reason? Pei Nanming probably doesn't know at all that his hatred is actually an excuse he found subconsciously to keep Ruan Xi!

  Besides hating the name, he couldn't find any other reason to keep Ruan Xi, the person who trapped her, let her stay by his side forever! Because Pei Nanming is such an awkward person, so strong that he doesn't want to admit his love, he doesn't want to bow his head and admit defeat first!

Even though Tang Wenyi understood, he still didn't say anything. This kind of thing is not something that someone else said, but the person concerned can understand it. Everything still needs to be solved by Pei Nanming himself. I was worried, worried that Pei Nanming had already hurt a deep love beyond recognition before he fully figured out what he was thinking.

   "Nan Ming, from the standpoint of a friend who has been with you for many years, I can't stop you from fulfilling your long-cherished wish for many years, and I can't help you solve the confusion, but I hope you will not be so stubborn."

Pei Nanming shook his head slowly, "I never thought of stopping, never thought of giving up halfway, what's more, I can't stop anymore, this business war has already begun, the first target is the Ruan family, and then the Qin family Home."

   "Do you think the Jin family and the Gu family will stand by and watch?" Tang Wenyi asked with a frown.

   "I can't tolerate them not standing by." Pei Nanming smiled, a little hideously.

   Tang Wenyi knew that it would be useless to talk too much, so he could only change the subject, "The matter of Ruan Xi's drug addiction will come to fruition at the latest the day after tomorrow. The absconding pharmacist has been secretly brought back to the country."

  Pei Nanming nodded, "I want to see him in person."

   "I'm afraid this is inconvenient. You'd better not appear in that environment. You know, it's not easy to bleach after dyeing black. Let me handle this matter."

  Pei Nanming looked at Tang Wenyi and said sincerely, "Thank you, without you, I definitely wouldn't be here today."

  Tang Wenyi turned his face away, but did not respond.

  At this moment, the doctor hurried over with the form, and Pei Nanming stood up immediately, "Doctor, do you have all the blood?"

The doctor looked back at Pei Nanming, "Sir, we contacted the kind blood donors. There are two of them in total. They will be here soon. Their blood donations plus the inventory should be able to keep the patients safe. You wait calmly first." Just a little while." The doctor spoke very politely, but he looked at Pei Nanming not at all politely.

It can be seen that the doctor has a prejudice against Pei Nanming. You don't need to guess that this prejudice is because of Ruan Xi's condition. You must know that no man who claims to be a husband can carelessly realize that his wife has a miscarriage and hemorrhages leading to shock before falling over. Dian'er was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. If you meet such a man, you must be a heartless man.

  Pei Nanming was so worried right now that he no longer cared about the doctor's eyes, "Can I go with you, I want to thank them very much."

  The doctor nodded, "Sure, judging from the patient's medical records and this blood donation record, this is already the second time he has donated blood to you."

  Pei Nanming never expected that he would run into Zhang Yi again at this time. It was also this encounter that made him the strongest rival in love in his life.

  Zhang also didn't expect that when he saw Ruan Xi again, Ruan Xi would look like that, pale, thin and mentally disturbed.

  He couldn't believe his eyes at all.

  Ruan Xi used to be such an intellectual and beautiful woman.

  He gave her his business card, just to tell her that if there is any difficulty, as a friend, even though he has not met for a long time, he will do his best to help her.

   But even though her life was so miserable and hard, she didn't ask him for help.

  Thinking of this, he couldn't help smiling wryly, maybe in her heart, he wasn't her friend at all?

  If she hadn't received a call from the hospital, perhaps, she would never have thought of him as a friend by herself. That's right, how can Ruan Xi remember now?

After donating blood, he turned his face and looked quietly at the silent and tired man in front of him. Obviously, he hadn't had a good rest for a long time. At this time, the man was still calm and silent, his eyes were full of wisdom, but the bloodshot eyes in his eyes , and the furrowed brow showed his restlessness.

  He remembered this man, the president of the Pei Group, the most popular diamond king in City A in recent years, the object of all women's dreams, and the opponent of all men's admiration.

  He was quietly examining Pei Nanming, and Pei Nanming was also quietly examining them. Both of them exuded a strong aura, and they seemed to be meeting each other.

  At first glance, Pei Nanming knew that this was a formidable opponent, different from Gu Chi's simplicity and fragility, and Ruan Dongyu's cunning and changeable... He was different from any opponent he had encountered before.

   "It's a great honor to see Mr. Pei again." Zhang Yixian opened his mouth. Unlike the last time we met in the hospital, the change can be seen from his address.

  Pei Nanming nodded, "Master Shang, finally returned to his rightful position."

   "It's rare that Mr. Pei is so busy, and he still cares about a small person like me. It really surprises me." Zhang Yi smiled slightly.

   "This is also thanks to my secretary Shang Yun. If it weren't for her, maybe I really wouldn't pay much attention to Shang Shao."

  Zhang also raised the corners of his mouth indifferently, "Then after I go back, I have to thank my cousin. It is really a great thing to be paid attention to by Mr. Pei."

  Pei Nanming also smiled, "Really, I hope you will feel the same in the future."

  Zhang Yi smiled and narrowed his eyes, "I think, it will."

   The two of you talked to each other, and the hidden front of the conversation went on for a long time before turning to the topic.

   "No matter what happens in the future, I am still very grateful to Shang Shao for coming to donate blood for my woman in person. Today, I must thank Shang Shao well."

  Zhang Yi shook his head, "Mr. Pei, you don't need to thank me. Ruan Xi is my friend. I just did this to make my friend recover soon." The implication is that you don't have that much face, Mr. Pei.

  Pei Nanming was not angry either, "Since this is the case, then I won't force it."

   "Well, I'm going to visit my friend. I don't think Pei always interferes with Ruan Xi's friends coming to visit her, right?"

Pei Nanming's face darkened. He really didn't like Ruan Xi's contact with this man. From the first time he saw Zhang Yi, he knew that Zhang Yi was definitely not from an ordinary family. Later, because of Ruan Xi's relationship, he sent someone to investigate. Sure enough, this man who always called himself Zhang Yi was actually the young master of the Shang family, whose original name was Shang Boyan. I grew up with my grandmother, went abroad for five years, returned to the business in recent years, did not take over the business of Shang, but went to Z University to be a visiting professor, and even used the pseudonym Zhang Yi to mingle with those graduates who are about to graduate . The popularity is very good.

  This man is young, but his aura is extraordinary.

   "Of course." Pei Nanming nodded, "I'm also worried about her condition, let's go there together."

   Shang Boyan smiled and didn't say much.

  Ruan Xi woke up very quickly this time, but the reason for waking up was the onset of drug addiction.

  Her body was already weak, but this miscarriage and excessive blood loss caused her body to suffer a lot.

Seeing that Ruan Xi became like this, Pei Nanming said in his heart that he didn't regret it, that was a lie, he regretted why he hadn't been by her side all the time, regretted that he didn't come back in time... But no matter how much he regretted, Ruan Xi became like this Appearance, but it is already a fact that cannot be changed.

  He was completely helpless, seeing Shang Boyan donating blood to Ruan Xi, he hated himself a little, hated himself for not being panda blood and why he couldn't do something for her.

  Shang Boyan walked up to Ruan Xi, looked at Ruan Xi silently for a long time, and then sighed, "Xiao Xi, I didn't expect you to make yourself like this after only a few months of seeing each other."

  Ruan Xi stared blankly at Shang Boyan, his gaze a little dull, as if he had never seen this person before.

   After Shang Boyan finished speaking to Ruan Xi, he turned to look at Pei Nanming, hesitated a little, and said, "Do you know what she looked like when I saw her for the first time?"

  Pei Nanming frowned slightly, and looked up at Shang Boyan. He didn't want to hear Shang Boyan talk about Ruan Xi, because he knew that Pei Nanming must have never seen the side Shang Boyan talked about.

  Whether it’s sexual or morbid, he really, really doesn’t want anyone to get close to Ruan Xi, subconsciously, he only hopes that Ruan Xi belongs to him alone, no matter which aspect it is.

However, he couldn't stop Shang Boyan from speaking, "The first time I met Ruan Xi was in a small town with a famous scenic spot where Pei invested but had other company brands. At that time, she was wearing expensive women's clothing, but , that women's dress was broken in several places, and even her hair had many pine needles on it. I was only interested in taking pictures of the students, but I didn't notice that there was someone behind me, and then accidentally bumped into her. The moment I turned around, I Began to believe in love at first sight"

  Speaking of love at first sight, Shang Boyan smiled gently, but Pei Nanming kept a cold face, his face as black as ink.

"I think, there is no woman who would go to the mountains for nothing, let alone a woman who is wearing tens of thousands of famous brand women's clothes. At that time, I saw some traces of her body that were easy to be distorted. Although It's already very shallow, but anyone who has experience in that area knows it. At that time, I just thought she was fighting in the field. However, the panic and fear in her eyes when she turned her head made me deny myself immediately Of course, I didn’t know at that time that the person she was afraid of was you... Until the hotel not far from Z University, you carried her into the car... At that time, I happened to come to find her."

"Later, I paid attention to a lot of news about Pei's family, and then I basically understood everything about her..." Speaking of this, Shang Boyan restrained the faint smile on his face, "Forgive me, in fact, sometimes , I really doubt what you think of her in your heart."

   "This is none of your business." Pei Nanming's complexion and tone were extremely bad.

"Yes, maybe it's none of my business to change someone else. However, she is the woman I love. You may not understand it, but I can't explain it to you. What I want to say is that if you can't understand She is nice, then please let her go, there will be many men who are nice to her. If you can be nice to her, please stop torturing her. "

"Master Shang." Pei Nanming suddenly raised his eyes and looked at Shang Boyan with a sneer, "You seem to be too lenient. How I treat her is between me and her. She is my woman, what do I want? It's all my business."

  Pei Nanming's voice was cold.

Shang Boyan smiled, "Mr. Pei, then I have made it clear. She is the woman I love. If she lives happily, I can do nothing but bless her silently, but I can't understand her now. Accept, if you can't give her happiness, then please don't stop her from finding happiness."

"You can't control these things, she Ruan Xi, she is my person in this life, and my ghost in death, there is no way, she owes it to me! I can't change enough in this life, so, Master Shang, you are my ghost in this life. There is no hope, maybe you can ask the Bodhisattva to be merciful and allow you to come to the next life. Well, it’s getting late, I’ve finished reading, Master Shang, please go back!”

Shang Boyan narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at Ruan Xi on the bed, and then at Pei Nanming, "Mr. Pei, I think, you can't stop me from giving happiness to the woman I love, and you can't stop her from finding her own happiness. ",

   After Shang Boyan finished speaking, he left with a faint smile.

  Pei Nanming was so angry that he picked up the fruit plate on the top cabinet and wanted to drop it, but in the end he still endured it, because Ruan Xi was looking at him shyly, his eyes were full of pain and confusion.

  The heartache was unbearable, he sat gently on the side of the bed, stretched out his hand to embrace Ruan Xi, but Ruan Xi suddenly backed away, as if seeing some terrible person.

   "Don't, don't touch me..." The voice was weak, as if a gossamer might break at any moment, "You are a bad person, you are a bad person..."

  Just after the abortion operation, when she moved, her body felt tense in pain, but this The pain obviously couldn't overcome her fear of Pei Nanming.

Pei Nanming's arm was frozen in mid-air, his face was gloomy and painful at times, and finally withdrew his hand, called Tang Wenyi, and then said to Ruan Xi, "I know, your best friend is Zhang Tong, I'll let her take care of you ,OK?"

  Ruan Xi didn't seem to understand what he said at all, she just looked at her warily, trembling all over.

  When the housekeeper brought the clothes, Ruan Xi's drug addiction was onset, and it was the most difficult time, lying on the bed, obviously in pain, but still kept scratching and rolling, and reached out to pull the needle of the hanging bottle.

Pei Nanming kept pressing her. She had no strength and her body was weak, so he didn't dare to exert force. So, taking advantage of Pei Nanming's inattention, Ruan Xi pulled out a hand and clawed Pei Nanming's face, leaving a bloody mark, which made Pei Nanming frown , but still refused to let Ruan Xi go.

  Ruan Xi cried uncomfortably, "Let me go, let me go, give me cigarettes, give me cigarettes!"

  Pei Nanming's heart ached so much that he wanted to catch and stab the person who caused her a few times, and then throw him to raise maggots.

"Nan Ming, give me cigarettes. I can't take it anymore. I want cigarettes!" She grabbed his arm and bit her. Pei Nanming pushed her away and tied her up with a rope. Ruan Xi had no strength now. It was too easy to tie her up.

   "Xie'er, please, don't move anymore." He suddenly felt very scared, afraid that she would tear the wound if she moved around, and also afraid that if she didn't give her drugs, she would be in danger.

  He's never been scared of anything in his life, but right now, he's really scared.

  The butler came in and put down his clothes, and said cautiously, "Mr. Pei, let me take care of Miss Ruan, you go back and rest first."

  Pei Nanming felt extremely helpless for the first time, and looked at the housekeeper, "Is there any medicine?"

The butler was taken aback, then realized, and glanced at Ruan Xi who was still restless even though she was tied up, "Sir, I'm afraid this won't work, drug addiction can always be cured if you put your mind to it, if you give Miss Ruan drugs now , then she will sink deeper and deeper, and she will not even be able to leave this thing for the rest of her life..."

  Pei Nanming's eyes were red, "But she is in pain now, and I can't help her with anything. She just had an operation, and if this continues, even if she has another life, it won't be enough."

The nurse came in with a tray, saw that Ruan Xi was tied up, and immediately reprimanded Pei Nanming, "Oh, how could you treat the patient like this? Do you know that she just had an abortion and is very weak. You did this to want her Fate? I have never seen such a cruel husband like you!"

   After hearing this, the housekeeper hurriedly explained to the nurse. Pei Nanming got up, left the room tiredly, and smoked irritably in the corridor.

Zhang Tong hasn't seen Ruan Xi for a long time. It would be a lie to say that she is not worried. In college, she and Ruan Xi got along best, and they were in the same dormitory. After quietly dropping out of school, she only saw news about Ruan Xi from the newspaper, and the only time she had contact with her was when Ruan Xi secretly called her.

Later Pei Nanming came to her and asked her if she had seen Ruan Xi. She guessed that Ruan Xi must have escaped from his grasp. This * was caught back.

  When Tang Wenyi came to look for her, she was very surprised. When she left the office, she saw Tang Wenyi leaning on the car, frowning slightly, as if thinking about something, with a very focused expression.

  She has seen a lot of handsome guys, and it is not uncommon to see Tang Wenyi with a gentle temperament, but Tang Wenyi feels a little different, especially when he is not smiling, he is very majestic.

Tang Wenyi brought Zhang Tong to a nearby coffee shop, and after introducing himself, he cut to the chase, "Miss Zhang, Mr. Pei knows that you are Miss Ruan's best friend, and she used to be with you when she was studying. This time, Ms. Ruan was mentally disturbed and needed someone to take care of her. After much deliberation, Mr. Pei found that only Ms. Zhang and Ms. Ruan got along best, and they were sincerely good to Ms. Ruan. Therefore, I would like to ask Ms. Lin to help take care of Ms. Ruan, so as to relieve her. .As for salary, Ms. Zhang is free to ask."

When Zhang Tong heard him talk about Ruan Xi's situation, he was already shocked and angry, but now he heard Tang Wenyi play both soft and hard ways, and even threw money as a bargaining chip, so he stood up immediately, picked up the soda water he brought, and poured it over, sneering, "Mr. Tang, put away your disgusting face! Ruan Xi is a good girl, in your hands, she can become mentally ill and addicted to drugs! That's because you come to me today to take care of her For your sake, let me save some face for you, otherwise, I will slap you unceremoniously! You are all scum! Naturally, I will take care of Ruan Xi, but I don’t want any of your stinky money! , I will bring Ruan Xi to live with me!"

   After speaking, Zhang Tong got up and left.

  Tang Wenyi sat where he was, and was shocked for a moment. It was the first time in his life that someone threw cold water on him. It was really a good scene, exactly the same as in the idol drama. However, this Zhang Tong is really a temperamental girl who attaches great importance to sisterhood!

   It is not wrong for him to be splashed. Ruan Xi became what he is now, and there is more or less a reason for him to help the evildoers. He regretted it, but it was too late.

  He wiped off the water droplets on his face with a wry smile, got up to check out, and then quickly caught up with Zhang Tong, intending to take her to see Ruan Xi together.

   As a result, Zhang Tong refused without hesitation, as if he felt disgusted even if he looked at him more than once, which made him feel so unhappy that when he returned to the hospital, his face was gloomy.

  Ruan Xi stayed in the hospital for ten days, with Zhang Tong taking care of her, her body gradually improved, and her face became more bloody.

   It's just that the drug addiction is still strong. Every time she becomes addicted to drugs, she needs Pei Nanming's help to restrain Ruan Xi and prevent her from throwing things and catching people like crazy.

  Every time Zhang Tong sees Pei Nanming and Tang Wenyi, he doesn't look good. Tang Wenyi feels helpless, but Pei Nanming doesn't care about Ruan Xi. On the day Ruan Xi was discharged from the hospital, Zhang Tong insisted on taking Ruan Xi back to her rented place. Pei Nanming made concessions on everything, but he firmly disagreed with this matter.

"You have to know that Ruan Xi's current condition needs a better environment to recuperate. I don't mean to look down on you, but can you be sure that you can give her good rest conditions after you bring her back? Yes, if she becomes a drug addict, can you handle it alone? If she makes a fuss, it will definitely disturb your neighbors, will they have any objections? "

  Zhang Tong didn't think about this, but just wanted to take Ruan Xi away from those who hurt Ruan Xi. When Ruan Xi called her, she revealed that she wanted to escape Pei Nanming, and she just wanted to help her realize this wish.

However, when Pei Nanming said this, Zhang Tong had no reason to refute. What Pei Nanming said was correct, and the reactions of the neighbors were all minor problems. It must be impossible to deal with it. If something happens to Ruan Xi because she didn't control Ruan Xi well, what should I do at that time?

  At this time Tang Wenyi said, "Let's go back to the villa. With you here, she will gradually get better."

   Zhang Tong glared at Tang Wenyi unwillingly, but followed Ruan Xi back to Pei Nanming's villa.

   How extravagant this villa is, I heard it doesn’t work, you have to see it with your own eyes to know. Just like a fairy tale world, there is a garden in the back and a swimming pool in the front. If there is no monitoring around, it will make people feel more comfortable.

  Zhang Tong took Ruan Xi back to Ruan Xi's room, put hot water for her and took a hot bath before letting her fall asleep.

  With Zhang Tong, Ruan Xi tends to relax a lot, and often looks at Zhang Tong with a smirk.

   Zhang Tong, who was watching with that smile, felt sore in his heart.

   Talking to Ruan Xi is like coaxing a child. Usually, as long as the drug addiction does not break out, Ruan Xi will be very obedient and obedient.

   "Xiao Xi, good boy, shall we go to bed?" Zhang Tong coaxed Ruan Xi patiently.

  The doctor said that the miscarriage hit Nguyen Xi hard, her spirit has completely collapsed, and the possibility of recovery is very small.

  Pei Nanming immediately turned pale when he heard the news, and remained silent for a while. He thought, if she hadn't said that she would bring Ruan Xi to his residence, Pei Nanming would probably have been dumb forever.

   "Well, okay." Ruan Xi gave her a childish smirk, "Let's sleep together, okay?"

   "Of course it's fine, but I have to take a shower first, you sleep well and don't run around, you know?"

   "Well, I know, I must not run around."

   Zhang Tong felt relieved and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

  Ruan Xi was staring at the ceiling in a daze, suddenly startled all over, trembling and twitching non-stop, instinctively sat up immediately, glanced around and landed on the opposite sofa.

  Getting down, trembling, she took out a paper bag under the sofa, which contained a pack of cigarettes and a small packet of powder, which Qin Zhiran gave her that day.

   Zhang Tong came out after taking a shower, and saw that Ruan Xi had fallen asleep obediently, so he was relieved. In the following days, Ruan Xi was in good condition, but kept losing flesh.

   On the one hand, Pei Nanming was busy with the company's affairs, and on the other hand, he let Tang Wenyi continue to investigate Ruan Xi's drug addiction. In the evening, Tang Wenyi finally brought good news. The pharmacist explained everything and even handed over a tape.

  After Pei Nanming listened to it, his face turned blue with anger. Without saying a word, he grabbed his coat, took the tape and left the office.

  Qin Zhiran didn't go to work that day, and was just in the mood to prepare the wedding room. She decided to move here as soon as she and Pei Nanming got married.

This is the villa she bought by herself. It is in Dongcheng District. The scenery is beautiful, with mountains and rivers, and a wide view. She likes it very much. Just as she was thinking about asking Pei Nanming to come and have a look, Pei Nanming called. Ask her out to dinner.

  She was so happy that she immediately ran back to the room and began to change clothes and make up.

  I changed clothes one after another, but I was not satisfied. In the end, after asking the housekeeper's opinion, I chose a light pink dress and put it on.

  After arriving at the place mentioned by Pei Nanming, Pei Nanming was already waiting there, ordering a table of set meals for couples.

  Obviously, Qin Zhiran was overwhelmed, and looked at Pei Nanming with surprise and disbelief.

  Over the years, although Pei Nanming first acquiesced in her status as his girlfriend, and later got engaged, he almost never took the initiative to ask her out, let alone such an elaborate meal order.

   "Nan Ming, what are you doing today...why did you suddenly think of asking me out for dinner?" Being treated like this by Pei Nanming suddenly, it was rare for her to feel a little embarrassed and shy.

  Pei Nanming looked at her with a smile on his face, but his eyes were indescribably cold, but Qin Zhiran was immersed in joy, apparently not noticing this.

   "I made an appointment with you today because I have a gift to give you. By the way, I also ask you for two gifts."

  Qin Zhiran smiled, looked at Pei Nanming and said, "As long as I have it, I will definitely give it to you."

  Pei Nanming smiled, "Then, that's great. Let's have dinner first, and I'll tell you what I want later, and then I'll bring you what I want to give you."

  Qin Zhiran nodded, Qin Zhiran swore that this was the happiest and most painful couple meal she had ever eaten in her life!

  The real cruelty is not to let a person suffer multiple physical injuries, but to shatter and trample on a person when he is falling into a beautiful vision!

   After a meal, Pei Nanming was very gentleman, either serving Qin Zhiran dishes, pouring wine for her, and passing napkins.

  Qin Zhiran's heart has always been sweet, and she feels that happiness is within reach.

   "Are you ready to eat?" Pei Nanming asked with a smile, putting down the fork.

  Qin Zhiran wiped the corners of her mouth politely, and nodded contentedly.

  Pei Nanming turned his head and beckoned the waiter to remove the things, and crossed his hands on the table, "Okay, now let me tell you what I want from you."

  Qin Zhiran deliberately said coquettishly, "How can anyone ask for a gift from his fiancée before giving it to him?"

  Pei Nanming smiled, "I'm afraid that after I give you my gift, you won't be in the mood to give me anything, so I have to ask you first."

   "Yeah." Qin Zhiran pretended to be thinking, and then continued to be reluctant, "Okay, tell me."

   "The two things I want from you are actually very simple. The first one is your status as my fiancée." As he spoke, he stared at Qin Zhiran with sharp eyes like a falcon.

  Qin Zhiran's face turned pale immediately, and she wanted to say something with trembling lips, but Pei Nanming didn't wait for her to speak, and said, "The second thing is your elder brother's equity as the heir of the Qin family."

   "I don't understand what you mean!" Qin Zhiran stood up suddenly, and the chair creaked harshly. "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well. I'm going back to rest first. If you have anything to say, let's talk about it later."

Pei Nanming didn't stop her, "Don't be so anxious, even if you don't feel well, at least read the gift I gave you before leaving." After finishing speaking, two people came in outside, it was Pei Nanming who had sex with Ruan Xi in the hotel At that time, the two people guarding the door.

  The two people stretched out their hands to stop Qin Zhiran expressionlessly, "Miss Qin, wait a minute, wait until Mr. Pei finishes speaking before leaving."

  Qin Zhiran's face was ashen, and she turned to look at Pei Nanming, "What the hell do you want to do? Nanming, we are getting married soon, aren't we? This kind of joke is not funny. Your fiancée is me, and the right of inheritance belongs to my brother."

   "Let's not talk about this first, I said I want these two things from you, just to tell you, whether you give them or not, I am determined to get these two things."

Pei Nanming was still smiling, "Let's take a look at what I gave you." After speaking, he winked at the two people, who understood, and the one on the left immediately took out a pack of cigarettes and a bag of k Fan, the one on the right took out a ring box and opened it. Inside was the engagement ring that Qin Zhiran gave Pei Nanming.

  When Qin Zhiran saw these two things, she took two steps back in fright, and fell to the ground, "I don't want this gift, I don't want this gift!"

  She screamed and wanted to run outside.

  Pei Nanming winked at the two of them again.

  The one on the right immediately caught up two steps and dragged Qin Zhiran back.

"I originally thought that the Qin family could pay off some debts slowly. Although you have something to do with those things, it's not something you can choose, so I'll let you go. However, you just want to dig into it yourself." Speaking of this, Pei Nanming got up, "I won't force you, you can smoke it yourself, after smoking this pack of cigarettes, they will let you go. As for the ring, you can do whatever you want with it." After finishing speaking, he was about to leave.

  Qin Zhiran was terrified, and suddenly rushed over to hug Pei Nanming's leg, "Nan Ming, Nan Ming, don't treat me like this, I was wrong, I will never dare again!"

  Pei Nanming looked at her coldly, "It's too late, because of you, I lost my child. Do you think you can repay this debt with just saying sorry?!"

   "I didn't do that, I didn't harm her!"


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