Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 118

She didn't say anything nonsense, Pei Nanming was indeed taking a bath, but her sweet and delicate voice clearly revealed a false message, that is, he and Pei Nanming just had a high. She knew what Ruan Xi would think after hearing this, and that effect was what she wanted.

Ruan Xi is pregnant, she knows, not only her, but everyone around Pei Nanming knows, it's just that she has a higher status than those women, and this is taking advantage of Ruan Xi, but she will not do it for this Grateful, but even more jealous, and even thought with a bit of resentment that without Ruan Xi, he might be able to occupy Pei Nanming's entire heart.

This thought keeps deepening her resentment towards Ruan Xi and her determination to drive Ruan Xi away, but now that Qin Zhiran is the real fiancee, Qin Zhiran is naturally the one who can't bear it the most, so she would rather restrain herself, endure and endure, just waiting for someone One day, Qin Zhiran and Ruan Xi decided the winner, she just had to save her mind and deal with the victorious one.

Naturally, Pei Nanming didn't know about these small calculations, and Qin Zhiran was so focused on dealing with Ruan Xi, she naturally wouldn't bother with Xu Chuyan, while Ruan Xi never thought of being involved in this kind of struggle between women, and coupled with her mental state If it's unstable, then I don't know what Xu Chuyan is thinking.

  Ruan Xi has no idea that she has become a thorn in the side of many women.

  Pei Nanming stared at Xu Chuyan, whose face was full of begging to be coquettish, and reached out to touch her face in a strange way.

  Xu Chuyan seized the opportunity and immediately responded enthusiastically with her arms around his neck! Her legs wrapped around Pei Nanming's waist like snakes. She never thought of telling Butler Pei Nanming and Ruan Xilai about the phone call.

Pei Nanming was quickly teased by Xu Chuyan. In his eyes, Xu Chuyan in front of him had become Ruan Xi. He had thought about being with Ruan Xi many times. Ruan Xi could take the initiative to invite him to go to Yunyu, but Ruan Xi had never been happy with him willingly, the only time she was playing tricks with him.

  The dispute with Ruan Xi that night made him feel that there was no hope between them. So at this moment, when he saw Xu Chuyan's face, there was a crack in his stubborn will, which gave Xu Chuyan an opportunity...

   When Xu Chuyan woke up, Pei Nanming was still sleeping. These days, Pei Nanming had lost a lot of weight. Moreover, he seemed very tired and slept deeply.

  She had never observed Pei Nanming's sleeping appearance so carefully, because in the past, Pei Nanming always went to other rooms after finishing his work, and he never spent a complete *with her.

  This time, Pei Nanming just slept beside him so quietly. With handsome eyebrows and a well-defined face, such a man is really the best, no matter in appearance, IQ and family background.

  If you miss this, you will never find a man as good as him in your life, right? Thinking of this, Xu Chuyan suddenly remembered the call she answered.

Once again confirming that Pei Nanming was in a deep sleep, she tiptoedly picked up Pei Nanming's phone, flipped through the call history, deleted it decisively, found the synchronous recording, and deleted the recording as well, then put the phone back in place with confidence, and gently Lying beside Pei Nanming, continue admiring his perfect appearance.

  Pei Nanming never imagined that the person who caused the complete break between himself and Ruan Xi was not Qin Zhiran, nor himself, but this woman who came from the countryside, looked very similar to Ruan Xi, and sold her body in a nightclub. If we talk about the things he regretted in this life in detail, apart from the one about Ruan Xi, the only thing that made Xu Chuyan his * *.

  The most poisonous snake always hides in the most hidden place, seemingly harmless, but actually the most deadly in one blow.

Compared with Xu Chuyan, Ruan Xi is as gentle and kind as a rabbit, while Qin Zhiran is a poisonous scorpion with its teeth and claws, its poison is clearly visible, while Xu Chuyan is a poisonous snake, usually silent, with its fangs hidden in its mouth, when it really attacks , but it was a fatal bite!

  Ruan Xi didn't wait until Pei Nanming came back. Her mental state was always sober and dazed for a while. When the doctor came in, she had only smoked the cigarette given by Qin Zhiran and hid the rest before falling asleep.

  Drug use caused her to have hallucinations, and those hallucinations are always the most beautiful. Those few happy memories that she secretly treasured all came to mind after taking drugs. This made her completely forget the pain in her body, and there was still a dreamy smile on the corner of her mouth.

  She had just fallen asleep when the doctor came in.

  Qin Zhiran opened the window when he left, so there was no smell of smoke in the room, and the smell of blood was much less.

  The doctor auscultated Ruan Xi, his face suddenly changed, and he stood up immediately, "Quick, get ready for the ambulance, the patient is in shock!" Then he immediately lifted the blanket, only to find that there was blood under the blanket!

  The butler came in and was completely shocked when he saw this scene. She only saw Ruan Xi sleeping peacefully, she didn't know that there was blood under the blanket, and she didn't expect that Ruan Xi was already in shock!

  Ruan Xi was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. Tang Wenyi rushed over and heard the housekeeper's incoherent description of the situation, knowing that Ruan Xi's situation was extremely bad.

   "Didn't Mr. Pei be notified?" Tang Wenyi looked at the operating room and asked.

The butler panicked and looked at the operating room with an uneasy expression. Hearing Tang Wenyi's question, he quickly answered, "I called Mr. Pei, but the person who answered was a woman. Later, Ms. Ruan snatched the phone and asked Mr. Pei to come back quickly... the result , Mr. Pei has not appeared yet."

  Tang Wenyi's face never changed, and his face was not very good at this time. A woman answered the phone. Under such circumstances, it would be strange if Pei Nanming would still look for a woman. However, the housekeeper obviously wouldn't tell such a lie.

  If he will definitely meet a woman, then it may only be because of Ruan Xi's bad mood, then there will only be one woman he will meet...

  He analyzed quickly.

  Because he was transferred by Pei Nanming to manage the newly built factory, he didn't know the work arrangements here, and didn't know that Pei Nanming went to city b because of an emergency. It happened that Xu Chuyan was arranged there, and Pei Nanming just stopped by.

  When Tang Wenyi called Pei Nanming, Pei Nanming was about to go out, Xu Chuyan followed Pei Nanming to see him off with a contented face, her face was flushed and she was a bit shy.

Pei Nanming walked in front, and after talking with Tang Wenyi for two minutes, he stopped suddenly, hung up the phone after another minute, and suddenly turned his head to stare at Xu Chuyan, his originally dark eyes were full of anger at this moment, "You actually answered me privately?" Telephone?!"

  Xu Chuyan was sweetly looking forward to the future, when Pei Nanming suddenly turned around and asked her angrily, which caught her off guard!

She had never seen Pei Nanming angry before, so she naturally didn't know how terrifying Pei Nanming was when he was angry. Seeing him like this now, she shivered in fright, "I, I just saw that you were taking a bath, and it was inconvenient to answer the phone, so I answered it for you ..."

  Xu Chuyan looked terrified, like a child who has done something wrong, staring at Pei Nanming.

  She remembered that what Pei Nanming valued most was her eyebrows. After meeting Ruan Xi, she also found that the most similar thing between herself and Ruan Xi was the eyebrows.

  Pei Nanming really just warned, "You are not allowed to touch my things privately in the future, and this time I will let you go, and we will settle the score when I have time!"

  Pei Nanming left, Xu Chuyan patted her chest, she was really scared, but she knew that Pei Nanming would not really do anything to her. Ruan Xi was dumbfounded, her expression was completely imitating Ruan Xilai just now, she was sure that Pei Nanming would soften his heart.

   Sure enough, Pei Nanming really softened his heart.

  While she was relieved, she was also jealous of Ruan Xi and her family. The biggest opponent was not Qin Zhiran who had the name of fiancee, but the woman Pei Nanming cared about!

   When Pei Nanming arrived at the hospital, it was already dark, and the housekeeper went back to pack Ruan Xi's changed clothes, while Tang Wenyi was still guarding outside.

  Ruan Xi lost too much blood again due to miscarriage, and this time she still needed a large amount of blood transfusion. Ruan Xi's blood type is special, and it's not easy to find a matching blood type. Now it depends on the meager blood in the blood bank to hang Ruan Xi's life.

When Pei Nanming rushed over, he was already sweating profusely when he reached the door of the ward because he ran too fast. Tang Wenyi saw him coming and stood up. Before he could speak, Pei Nanming came over and grabbed his arm and asked, "How is she doing? What's the matter?" Will there be a sudden miscarriage, and if the rescue is not timely, it will cause excessive blood loss?!"

  Tang Wenyi was given a headache by the series of questions he asked. He was already extremely busy in order to find blood for Ruan Xi and go through various hospitalization procedures. He had just sat down for a rest when Pei Nanming asked questions like a cannonball.

Reinforced, Tang Wenyi said sternly, "Her condition can only be described in two words, 'not good'. As for the miscarriage, the doctor explained that there were signs of miscarriage in the first place, and the sudden mental disorder caused it to be stimulated. Miscarriage. Rescue was not timely..." Tang Wenyi frowned and looked directly at Pei Nanming, "The butler said that Qin Zhiran had seen Ruan Xi and stayed there for about 20 minutes. After Qin Zhiran came out, Ruan Xi fell asleep, and then the doctor came That’s when I realized it was shock.”

  Pei Nanming's face changed drastically, "Qin Zhiran?~!"

   Tang Wenyi saw that Pei Nanming was going to be impulsive, so he quickly comforted him, "Don't be impulsive, I think this matter is strange."

  Pei Nanming calmed down, "Whether there is something wrong or not, I'm going to see Qin Zhiran soon!" Turning around, he was about to leave. Tang Wenyi grabbed him, "Don't you want to find out who made Ruan Xi addicted to drugs? If you're so impulsive and restless, you won't be able to find out anything by then. Destroy the evidence. Besides, Ruan Xi is like this now, if you don't guard her, what's the use of looking for Qin Zhiran?!"

  Pei Nanming was so anxious, angry and worried that he hit the wall in a circle, the skin on his hands was all rotten, and blood dripped down.

Tang Wenyi knew that he wanted to vent his anger, and when he thought of Ruan Xi's appearance, he still wanted to find Xu Chuyan to have fun. He felt very disturbed, so he simply ignored Pei Nanming's wound and said, "Ruan Xi is in urgent need of blood. The list of blood donations will probably come out soon, I think she will be fine, so you don't have to worry too much."

  Pei Nanming's voice was a little hoarse, and his eyes were not as sharp and quiet as before. All the sadness and worries leaked out through those eyes. Tang Wenyi knew that he would be soft-hearted, and couldn't see him being sad, so he sighed and said, "Go and treat the wound on your hand first, and then go to rest. Leave it to me to deal with it here."

  Pei Nanming shook his head, sat weakly on the chair in the waiting area, and rubbed his face in frustration, "Am I really a failure? I can't even keep my own child%"

  Tang Wenyi didn't speak.

Pei Nanming continued, "I've thought a lot these days, and I've persuaded myself countless times not to hate her anymore. So what if I admit that I love her? The past is over, even if I kill her, my mother won't be able to wake up Come on, even if I dig her mother's grave and drag her out to flog her corpse, nothing will change the status quo..." He couldn't help but smile wryly, "But, no matter how much I persuade myself, in the end, I will still I can't help but think of the scene where my mother suddenly went crazy and was crushed by a car, such a bloody scene... You don't know how terrified and crazy my mother was at that time. I have never seen a person with a distorted expression It looked like that. Her eyes were filled with hatred and panic, and she looked at Ruan Xi as if she was blaming her..."

   "As long as I think of that scene, I can't be relieved, I can't get rid of my hatred for her..."

"Do you know, in fact, I have liked her since I was a child, I really like her, the first time we met, her cautious look made people feel distressed, her eyes seemed to be able to speak, telling everyone who looked at her 'don't abandon I, I'm very good, very good'. At that time, she was holding an old teddy bear in her arms, with a little blood on it. I looked at her through the rain curtain, and I couldn't express what I felt at the time. Be nice to her. It's hard to believe, the first time I saw a person, I had a nice thought of her, but at that time, I was obsessed, and I thought that way. And, I also worked hard to do that..."

"But later, I found out that my mother was very deliberate in her kindness. In front of my father and me, my mother always treated her with the most gentle and kind face. At that time, I really believed that I would live forever Treat her well, I believe she will grow up happily in our family, and sometimes she will even have this kind of thought unbelievably: I will marry her reluctantly when I grow up, so that she doesn't have to leave Pei home."

A very self-deprecating expression suddenly appeared on Pei Nanming's face, "Just when I thought our family was harmonious and happy, I overheard my father and my mother quarreling, and the reason for the quarrel was her and her mother. It was the first time I heard someone mention the name Qin Xiner... Qin Xiner, her mother's surname is Qin, do you know what it means?"

  He suddenly turned his head to look at Tang Wenyi, his face full of sarcasm.

  This is the first time Tang Wenyi heard Pei Nanming say so much, he was shocked, "Qin Xiner?"

Of course Tang Wenyi had heard of this name before. Qin Xiner was a young lady of the Qin family. She always ran away from home inexplicably. Once she went away for a year without hearing anything from her. Later, the Qin family found her. She was arrested and locked up for a few months before running away again. After that, there was no news, and then there were rumors that she committed suicide.

There were many versions of rumors about Miss Qin back then. Some said she was a well-deserved lady, others said she was a woman with a memorial archway, and others said she was a shameless slut and the three young masters of the five major families at that time. I can't figure it out...

What is the truth, except for the person involved, no one knows. It's just that after so many years, Qin Xin'er died. The person involved back then, one is an important person in the current political circle, one is a businessman, and the other has an unusual status. Who would dare to go over those old things?

   Moreover, even if they searched, with the means and scheming of these people, those things would have been wiped out without evidence.

   Today I heard Pei Nanming mention that Qin Xiner is actually Ruan Xi's biological mother. How could he not be surprised? !

   "That's right, it's Qin Xiner, my father's *, the mother of the woman I love the most, and my fiancée's aunt. What a ridiculous thing this is!"

  Tang Wenyi still couldn't believe it, "How is it possible?"

"How is it impossible?" Pei Nanming's expression became very gloomy and indifferent, "My father is very great, he can actually take my * and Ruan He's natural child home to take care of, you say my father is affectionate, still……"

   "Have you ever thought that Ruan Xi might be you..." Tang Wenyi suddenly interrupted Pei Nanming.

Thinking of that possibility, Tang Wenyi felt chills all over his body. If Ruan Xi was really the daughter of Pei Nanming's father, Pei Yan, and Qin Xin'er, it meant that Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi were half-sisters. The relationship is chaos! Len!


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