Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 117

The doctor didn't wait, but Qin Zhiran came to visit with supplements. The housekeeper knew the relationship between Qin Zhiran and Pei Nanming, so naturally he couldn't keep Qin Zhiran out, so he invited her in and hurriedly prepared tea for her.

However, Qin Zhiran waved her hand and went upstairs familiarly, "Don't bother the butler, I'm only here to see Miss Ruan, no matter what she did to me, we grew up in the same courtyard. I also felt sorry for my sister. She was sorry for me, but I couldn't be sorry for her. When I went to the hospital last time, I happened to meet Tang Wenyi accompanying her to the hospital, so I found out that she was pregnant and sick. So, come and see her. "

  The housekeeper is not a child, so of course he won't be fooled by Qin Zhiran's words. No regular wife can tolerate her man raising a woman outside. Moreover, she was pregnant.

So the housekeeper blocked Qin Zhiran in embarrassment, "Miss Qin, the young lady's physical and mental condition is very poor now, you should sit down below. Wait for the young lady's condition to improve a little, and then come to see her." The butler was anxious, now that Ruan Xi In such a situation, Qin Zhiran chose to come to the door at this time. If it wasn't for Ruan Xi's sudden situation, Qin Zhiran's cleverness, she would have suspected that there was a premeditated plan.

Qin Zhiran was originally amiable, but suddenly she looked gloomy and angry, "Housekeeper, what do you mean?! Anyway, I am also Pei Nanming's fiancee and Ruan Xi's friend. Could it be that I can't even come and see her?! I Admit that I'm not generous, but don't worry, I'm not stupid enough to stab Ruan with a knife, I'm not afraid of going to jail, but I'm afraid that Pei Nanming will hate me, do you understand?!" Pushing the butler away, Qin Zhiran strode upstairs .

The butler had no choice but to follow, and when he reached Ruan Xi's door, Qin Zhiran suddenly turned around and said to the butler, "I have a few words to say to Miss Ruan alone, and I'll leave after I finish speaking, don't worry, if she has anything to do after I come out, I'm right here waiting to take responsibility."

  Qin Zhiran talked to this point, and the housekeeper couldn't stop him anymore, so he could only spend his days guarding the door.

  Qin Zhiran entered the room, Ruan Xi was rolling in pain.

Seeing Ruan Xi's appearance, Qin Zhiran wanted to relieve her anger as much as possible. She walked over and sat on the side of the bed, grabbed Ruan Xi's hair, forced her to look up, almost gnashed her teeth and said, "Ruan Xi, I didn't expect that you have today!" Seeing the blood stains all over the body made me feel even happier.

  Ruan Xi opened her eyes, and it took her a long time to realize that the person in front of her was Qin Zhiran, "It's you, what do you want?"

  Qin Zhiran smiled, "I don't want to do anything, I just came to see you and see how miserable you are now!"

  Ruan Xi endured the double torment, her little face was pale without a trace of blood, and she even found it difficult to argue with Qin Zhiran.

   "Now that you see it, are you satisfied? If you are satisfied, get out of here immediately!"

   "Ah, Ms. Ruan, who is insane, can still swear at people. Hey, I really doubt whether you are pretending to be crazy or really crazy!"

   "This has nothing to do with you, get out of here immediately!"

  The irritability and anxiety brought about by drug addiction combined with the severe pain in her stomach made Ruan Xi restless, and she just wanted Qin Zhiran to get out quickly.

  But Qin Zhiran didn't agree, stood up with a smile and folded his arms to see Ruan Xi rolling in pain, and then leaned over slightly after admiring it enough, and smiled devilishly, "It's painful, isn't it?"

  Ruan Xi managed to maintain a trace of clarity, and gave Qin Zhiran a disgusted look.

Qin Zhiran shrugged nonchalantly, "I know, you must want to kick me out now, but now you can't even get up, right? Tsk tsk, look, there's a lot of blood, I think, this child can't be saved. Do you feel distressed? You and Pei Nanming's child, I think, he will not feel distressed, why? Because you are addicted to drugs here, and even the child has a miscarriage, he still has the mind to get out with Xu Chuyan*, I It's not worth it for you."

  Ruan Xi was throbbing in pain. She didn't have any special feelings in her heart at first, but when Qin Zhiran said this, she couldn't help but think of the voice that just answered the phone, full of pride and showing off.

  She persuaded herself, it's okay, there's nothing to care about. Pei Nanming has been like this for a long time, and it's not like he doesn't know it.

  However, probably because she is pregnant, facing a miscarriage, and also suffering from drug addiction, Ruan Xi has become very fragile at this moment, and her mental state has gradually become blurred after a short period of clarity.

  Qin Zhiran watched Ruan Xi's transformation, and knew that psychological hints had worked again.

  Actually, she still admires Ruan Xi a little. Few people can stay awake under the influence of strong psychological hints, even if it is a brief intermittent sobriety, but Ruan Xi managed it.

   It can be seen that what a firm and stubborn woman this is!

  She suddenly understood a little bit why Pei Nanming hated Ruan Xi so much, but was tortured day after day and fell into a little bit of depression.

A strong and forbearing woman like Ruan Xi is very capable of satisfying a man's desire to conquer. If he can conquer, the man's vanity and physical needs will be greatly satisfied, and even if he cannot be conquered, he will continue to Experience an irresistible thrill in the process of conquest.

  Ruan Xi, is this how a man like Pei Nanming, who is rebellious and indifferent, like a king, is dragged into a situation where there is no redemption?

  Looking at Ruan Xi who was full of *blood and rolling*, Qin Zhiran suddenly stopped hesitating, Ruan Xi, you must die!

   "It's hard, isn't it?" Qin Zhiran grabbed Ruan Xi's wrist and dragged her towards him.

  Ruan Xi's eyes were dazed, her lower body was still bleeding, and there was a strong fishy smell in the room.

   If you don't rescue in time, you will definitely lose too much blood and die.

   But Qin Zhiran didn't intend to call out at all, but just looked at Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi nodded confusedly.

The corner of Qin Zhiran's mouth raised, she lowered her head and took out a pack of cigarettes and a small package of things from her bag, shaking them in front of Ruan Xi's eyes, "See? This is a good thing, as long as you have it, you don't have to suffer so much anymore... ..."

  Ruan Xi's eyes suddenly lit up, and with strength from nowhere, she almost rushed forward, grabbing the thing in Qin Zhiran's hand, holding it like a treasure, for fear of being snatched away.

  Qin Zhiran got up, and smiled evilly silently...

  The housekeeper paced back and forth at the door, looking around from time to time, thinking, why is the doctor not here yet! The same goes for Miss Qin. She went in for a long time, but she still didn't come out.

  Walking around for more than ten minutes, the door suddenly opened, Qin Zhiran came out from inside, closed the door, "She has already fallen asleep, and the blood seems to have stopped, by the way, why hasn't the doctor arrived yet?"

  How does the housekeeper know about Ruan Xi's situation? Ever since Qin Zhiran came, the housekeeper has been turned away. Even if the housekeeper is in charge of Ruan Xi, the one in front of her is Pei Nanming's regular wife after all, how dare she offend her.

  At this moment, Qin Zhiran heard Qin Zhiran say that Ruan Xi had fallen asleep and was no longer bleeding. She opened the door suspiciously and peeped in, only to see Ruan Xi'an lying peacefully, covered with a thin blanket, not tossing about as much as before.

   Afraid of waking Ruan Xi up, the housekeeper didn't go in to look, but closed the door. He was relieved, and only hoped that the doctor would come quickly to check Ruan Xi.

   After all, it was bleeding, how could the housekeeper handle it so carelessly.

  Qin Zhiran was very dissatisfied with the butler's behavior, "It seems that the butler still doesn't trust me, hmph, you see clearly, Miss Ruan is fine."

  The butler was very embarrassed. He felt a little embarrassed when Qin Zhiran said this, but he didn't dare to refute anything, so he could only listen with his head bowed.

  Qin Zhiran raised her head high, like a proud queen, "Since I'm sure I didn't do anything to her, then I'll leave first."

  The housekeeper nodded quickly, hoping that she would leave sooner.

  After Qin Zhiran left, the housekeeper heaved a sigh of relief, just at this time the doctors and nurses came.

   "You guys are here, hurry up, go and see Miss Ruan."

  The doctor and nurse didn't dare to delay, and explained as they walked, "There is a severe traffic jam on the road, otherwise, we should be able to advance 20 minutes..."

  Pei Nanming came out of the shower, and Xu Chuyan was wearing a miniskirt, posing very seductively, waiting for Pei Nanming to favor him.

  Pei Nanming didn't even look at her, went straight to the master bedroom, opened the closet and started picking out clothes.

  Xu Chuyan came over like a dog's skin plaster, hugged Pei Nanming's waist from behind, and boldly turned to him, "Nan Ming, stay today, okay?" As she spoke, she reached out to touch Pei Nanming's skin.

  Pei Nanming narrowed his eyes, looking at the face that was very similar to Ruan Xi, he suddenly wanted to see Ruan Xi.

  Actually, he came to Xu Chuyan's place entirely because he came here to deal with urgent business, and then stopped by here to wash up, planning to go back directly after washing.

  I was taking a shower just now, so the phone was naturally placed on the bed. At that time, something happened to Ruan Xi, and the housekeeper called. Xu Chuyan happened to see it, so she boldly answered the phone on her own.

  She didn't say anything nonsense, Pei Nanming was indeed taking a bath, but her sweet and delicate voice clearly revealed a false message, that is, he and Pei Nanming just had a high. She knew what Ruan Xi would think after hearing this, and that effect was what she wanted.


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