Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 116

The pharmacist smiled, "Miss Qin, this kind of thing is not a good thing after all, of course I have to be careful in everything. Miss Qin, you are the jewel in the palm of the Qin family, and I am just a working class who struggles for a meager salary. If Ms. Qin repents, or if the matter is exposed, I must be the one who is unlucky, so how can I not be fully prepared? By the way, I have copied several copies of the contents here and put them in different places , if I have any accidents, guess who will be the first person to get the content of this conversation?"

  Qin Zhiran thought that all her plans were foolproof, but she never expected that this obsessed old thing would actually have such a mind!

She suddenly laughed, "What are you talking about? After all, we are a cooperative relationship. How can I do the thing of crossing rivers and demolishing bridges? Don't worry, as long as I am sure that Ruan Xi is indeed addicted to drugs, I will definitely Send the money to your account immediately."

  The pharmacist nodded, "That's right. I don't have much time to wait, so please hurry up, Ms. Qin, I have a flight at five o'clock tomorrow morning."

  Qin Zhiran stood up, "Okay, I'll go there in a while, as long as it's the result I want, I will immediately notify someone to send you the money."

   "That would be great." The pharmacist also got up, "Then, Miss Qin, goodbye, and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate in the future."

  Qin Zhiran stared at the pharmacist's back, almost poking blood holes out of the pharmacist with his eyes. She didn't trust the pharmacist at all, because she didn't believe that the pharmacist would just let it go. If he gave in to the pharmacist this time, he would definitely use this matter to blackmail her endlessly in the future!

Qin Zhiran sneered, turned around and picked up the half glass of red wine she hadn't finished drinking, and drank it all in one gulp, "Is it so easy to threaten me, Qin Zhiran?!" She put the glass down on the bar counter, and immediately took out her mobile phone to make a series of dials Number.

   "Binside Garden 34 East Building, Room 322, Wangcheng, the pharmacist, no matter what method you use, destroy all the recordings in his hands about the content of my conversation with him."

  After hanging up the phone, Qin Zhiran gently chatted with the hair beside her ears, and walked out of the bar with high spirits.


  After Ruan Xi woke up, she kept clamoring to find Pei Nanming. She didn't remember the quarrel between herself and Pei Nanming at all.

   No matter how the housekeeper coaxed her, it was useless. There was really no other way, so the butler had no choice but to call Pei Nanming, but Pei Nanming's phone was always out of service. This made the housekeeper remember that there was nothing he could do, so he could only turn back again, and patiently lied to Ruan Xi that Pei Nanming was on the way and would be back soon.

   Just when Ruan Xi waited for half an hour and still didn't see Pei Nanming coming back, and was about to cry again, Tang Wenyi appeared with a glorious image of compassion.

  Seeing Tang Wenyi, the housekeeper looked at Tang Wenyi with eyes that were almost grateful, as if he had seen new hope.

   Tang Wenyi, who was always very strict in his work, couldn't help feeling sorry for the housekeeper. But soon, this pity turned into pity for himself.

   Now that Ruan Xi is making a fuss, it really makes one head and two big. Her temper is much more irritable than before she was not addicted to drugs. Whenever things go wrong, she basically throws and smashes whatever she sees. Entering Ruan Xi's room and seeing the mess, Tang Wenyi couldn't express how he felt.

   Even if he was beaten to death, he would never have imagined that one day Ruan Xi would toss people into what he is now! After Pei Nanming received the news from the private detective sent out, he just told him to take Ruan Xi to the hospital for a physical examination, and then disappeared without a word.

  Based on his understanding of Pei Nanming, there is only one possibility for this situation, and that is that Pei Nanming is thinking about how to deal with the person behind the scenes who manipulated this matter.

  After Tang Wenyi took Ruan Xi to the hospital for an examination, he ran into Qin Zhiran by coincidence. In fact, this is of course not a coincidence, but Qin Zhiran followed them to the hospital, and then deliberately pretended to meet by chance.

  Seeing Qin Zhiran, Tang Wenyi smiled very decently, "Is Miss Qin uncomfortable?"

Qin Zhiran smiled, and subconsciously turned her eyes around Ruan Xi before answering, "Oh, it's nothing, it's just that I always have a bad appetite recently, so come here to check." She looked at Ruan Xi pretending to be puzzled, " What's wrong with Xiaoxi? Why is her complexion so bad, and she's so thin that I almost can't recognize it, by the way, has her mental state improved a bit these days?"

  Tang Wenyi was completely immune to Qin Zhiran's attitude of knowingly asking questions, "She has a bad appetite recently, probably because of her pregnancy. As for her mental state, it's still the same."

  Hearing Tang Wenyi mention that Ruan Xi was pregnant, Qin Zhiran felt so resentful. Although I knew about Ruan Xi's pregnancy from the pharmacist for a long time, the last time I saw Pei Nanming taking Ruan Xi around, looking at her slightly swollen belly, I was completely sure of the accuracy of the news, but now listening to Tang Wenyi When I mention it, I still feel jealous.

  However, when she saw Ruan Xi's sallow smiling face, her skinny appearance, and that silly look, she felt malicious joy in her heart.

  People who are addicted to drugs are like this, yawning and crying, thin like a monkey, now Ruan Xi is this kind of virtue, can she not be happy?

  How much brains and money she spent to make Ruan Xi look like this!

  At this moment, she felt that all the sacrifices were worth it!

   Tang Wenyi naturally saw the emotion flashing in her eyes, thinking that Qin Zhiran was Pei Nanming's fiancée after all, so she was very polite on the surface.

   "Miss Qin is in good health, isn't she?"

   "Fortunately, I'm fine, but Miss Ruan seems to be in poor condition."

  Tang Wenyi smiled, "Miss Qin doesn't have to worry about this, I will take good care of her, but Miss Qin has to take care of herself."

  Qin Zhiran felt sullen in her heart. Tang Wenyi had preconceptions about her, and she knew it very well in her heart. However, it was too embarrassing for her to defend Ruan Xi so obviously. After all, she was Pei Nanming's real fiancee!

   Besides, Tang Wenyi is nothing but a dog beside Pei Nanming!

  Qin Zhiran gritted her teeth, now in her heart, anyone who is inclined towards Ruan Xi should be hit with a thunderbolt!

   And Ruan Xi, the culprit, should go to the 18th floor of hell, and he will never be reborn forever!

Qin Zhiran's unconcealable jealousy fell into Tang Wenyi's eyes, which made Tang Wenyi suddenly alert, and subconsciously pulled Ruan Xi back a step, "Miss Qin, Ruan Xi is in poor health and should not stand for a long time. I will send her back first. Let's talk about the old days."

  Qin Zhiran could hardly control her urge to push Ruan Xi down. Hearing what Tang Wenyi said, she took a deep breath, calmed down, and said with a smile, "Then, goodbye."

As soon as Tang Wenyi took Ruan Xi away, Qin Zhiran immediately called the pharmacist and hung up after talking for more than ten minutes. After that, Qin Zhiran seemed to be a different person, with a smile all over her face. Angry and gloomy look.

"Ruan Xi, do you think you can escape this catastrophe?" She took out a cigarette, lit it and blew out two smoke rings, and said cursingly, "Pei Nanming, you are clearly engaged to me, but you still do it in a grand manner." Ruan Xi is raising Ruan Xi, and even wants to have a child with her, if you don’t ask, will I agree? You want to live together and fly together, and have both children, it’s just a dream!"

Ruan Dongyu sat by the river all morning, saw the buoy on the surface of the water suddenly move, he pulled the pole suddenly, a silver carp leaped out of the water with its tail fluttering, and he slammed it again, the silver carp fell to the edge of the pine wood beside the water. The floor is made of thumping, thumping twice, and then it can't jump up with its mouth open.

  He didn't mean to get up, but directly handed the fishing rod in his hand to the waiter beside him, took another fishing rod, took the bait and threw the hook quickly, and actually planned to wait for the fish to take the bait.

  Gu Chi was behind him, fidgeting, and turned to look at Ruan Dongyu several times, but Ruan Dongyu was always sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai, and had no intention of speaking at all.

  He had been waiting by his side for two hours, and such a silent confrontation almost drove him crazy! He knew that Ruan Dongyu did it on purpose, made him wait on purpose, made him wait mentally and physically exhausted and restless!

  Finally, Gu Chi couldn't hold his breath anymore, rushed to Ruan Dongyu in two or three steps, grabbed the fishing rod and threw it on the ground, without saying a word, just staring at Ruan Dongyu.

  Ruan Dongyu was half a head taller than Gu Chi, but at this time Ruan Dongyu was sitting with crossed legs while Gu Chi was standing, so Ruan Dongyu could only look up at Gu Chi.

  Gu Chi originally thought that Ruan Dongyu would get angry, but he didn't see any anger in Ruan Dongyu's eyes.

  Ruan Dongyu's dark eyes were calm and without any waves, and there was even a somewhat clear look in his eyes, as if he had expected that Gu Chi would rush forward to do such a thing without composure.

   "Are you willing to help?!"


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