Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 114

The female doctor looked him up and down, frowned, maybe she was too angry, so she spoke mercilessly, "You look like dogs, how can you be such a parent? I have never been so angry in my life, since I have Pregnant and still taking drugs?! Do you really want a child? If you want it, give your child a healthy body and a bright future, far away from drugs. If you don’t want it, the operating room is there By the way, go to register immediately and beat the child, so as to save her from suffering in this world in the future!" Pei Nanming was speechless when he told the female doctor that he couldn't say anything.

  Since he was born, no one has ever dared to speak to him in such a tone, Shao Pei. If it was left in the past, even if he didn't get angry at the time, he would definitely fight back afterwards.

   But now, he actually felt that what the female doctor said was right, he deserved to be scolded by the doctor like this, and he even felt that someone should come and beat him up!

The female doctor was still angry, and looked at him coldly, "The pregnant woman is in poor health, poor nutrition, and addicted to drugs, and the baby in her stomach shows signs of miscarriage. It is best to stay in the hospital for observation. These two days are very difficult for the fetus. Say, it's dangerous..." At this point, the doctor glanced at Pei Nanming, and saw that Pei Nanming's face was pale, obviously caring about the child, so his expression softened a little, "My personal suggestion, if you are not in a hurry to have a child , Let’s have an abortion. After all, drug use has a very bad effect on children, and the current condition of the pregnant woman is not suitable for having children. It would be better for you to consider having children after she quits drugs for half a year.”

   Pei Nanming suddenly stared at the doctor with wide eyes, "What do you mean by that?!"

The doctor took a step back in shock from his sudden angry red eyes, "Sir, you already understand, don't you? If I knew today, why bother? The reason why I gave you this suggestion is because I don't want you to meet again one day. As for the situation where you have to choose between your wife and your child, of course, the choice is in the hands of you and your wife, sir."

  After the female doctor finished speaking, she turned and left.

  Two nurses helped Ruan Xi out from inside.

  Pei Nanming was stunned, his mind went blank, and he couldn't recover during the day.

  The doctor said that he didn't want to let him face a choice between one day in the future, isn't it now?

Ruan Xi's condition is not very good, her small face is sallow and sallow, as long as the drug addiction starts, she can't sleep all night, always throwing things and moving around, he had to cruelly tie her up and hold her tightly in my arms.

   After such a toss, no matter how healthy a person is, they will not be able to endure it, not to mention her physical condition is not good, and she is pregnant.

  He suddenly hated it! Hate my original decision!

  When Pei Nanming picked up Ruan Xi and passed the obstetrics and gynecology operating room, he felt chills all over. He couldn't imagine letting Ruan Xi lie on the bed.

  At this moment, he became cowardly like never before!

  Just as he was stopping slightly, the door of the operating room suddenly opened, and a girl walked out, wearing what was supposed to be a trend, but also looked extraordinarily unusual. From top to bottom, only lili lala tassels could be seen.

  The girl lowered her head halfway, her black clothes set off her pale face, which made Pei Nanming feel like she was a ghost crawling out of hell.

   Subconsciously hugging Ruan Xi and taking a step back.

  The girl was just holding her stomach and supporting the door frame, and didn't notice anyone in front of her. When Pei Nanming moved, the girl suddenly raised her eyes to look at them. After Ruan Xi's order, her eyes flashed with shock.

  Ruan Xi was in a bad mood, but she also saw the girl. However, after seeing the girl, she didn't have any superfluous reaction except for a little doubt in her eyes.

  Pei Nanming didn't stay any longer, and continued walking with Ruan Xi in his arms. At this moment, a figure hurriedly ran over from the opposite side. This person, Pei Nanming was no stranger to him, was Gu Yinlin who brought disaster to the country and the people!

   Gu Yinlin ran ahead, without any scruples about his own image, and completely lost the calmness that appeared on the TV screen.

  Pei Nanming saw Gu Yinlin's goal at a glance, and subconsciously stepped aside. Sure enough, Gu Yinlin ran straight to the girl behind him as if he hadn't seen him at all!

   "Where's the child?!" Gu Yinlin's voice obviously suppressed the overwhelming anger.

  The girl's voice came, "The child is growing in my stomach, Jiang Yi, why do you ask?!"

  Gu Yinlin still repeated the sentence just now, but his tone was more cold and angry, "I ask you, where is the child?!"

  Jiang Yi suddenly sneered, "The child? The child is gone, haha!"

  Pei Nanming hugged Ruan Xi and stood aside, frowning. He is not a person who likes to watch people lively, but this time, maybe because the child was also mentioned, so miraculously, he didn't leave but stood aside and watched quietly.

  Gu Yinlin clenched his hands into fists, the veins on his forehead twitched, and his face was so gloomy that it seemed that he would break Jiang Yi's neck in the next moment.

  Jiang Yi, on the other hand, raised her head arrogantly and stared at Gu Yinlin. Although she was so painful that cold sweat broke out on her forehead, she still confronted Gu Yinlin patiently.

  Gu Yinlin was writhing with rage, his patience reached the limit, and he suddenly swung his fist, but this fist didn't hit Jiang Yi, but hit the wall next to Jiang Yi's ear, "Gu Jiangyi, you're ruthless!"

  As a bystander, Pei Nanming's heart skipped a beat. He could understand Gu Yinlin's mood at the moment, just like the heartache and anger when he learned that he and Ruan Xi's first child had been miscarried.

   It's just that this girl named Jiang Yi is obviously more ruthless and ruthless, and she actually ran to the hospital to make the child herself.

  Gu Yinlin was even more unlucky than him, just one step short, maybe ten minutes to half an hour, and the child just passed away.

  He suddenly hugged Ruan Xi tighter, rejoicing that the child had another child, and the child was still there, he thought, no matter what method he used, both Ruan Xi and the child must get through this difficulty safely. He will always guard by her side, and will never let anyone take advantage of her again!

  In the middle of the night, Ruan Xi fell into a drug addiction again, and got up with disheveled hair, rummaging around.

  Mo Yishen was woken up, and immediately got up and dragged her over, pressing her on his lap to keep him from moving.

  However, Ruan Xi couldn't help it at all, and kept twisting her body, "Let me go, let me go! I'm so uncomfortable, don't hug me, woo..."

  Ruan Xi cried out facelessly, and bit and scratched Pei Nanming again.

  Pei Nanming felt distressed and flustered at the same time, coaxing patiently, "Xiao Xi is a good boy, bear with it, and it will pass."

  Ruan Xi shook her head desperately, "I don't want to bear it anymore, woohoo, I can't bear it anymore, I feel so uncomfortable, give me an injection, give me an injection, the injection will not be uncomfortable."

  Ruan Xi cried with a lot of snot and tears.

  Pei Nanming pressed her to his chest distressedly, wishing that it was he who became addicted to drugs, not Ruan Xi.

In the past, he could always be ruthless to torture her. Logically speaking, seeing her look like life is worse than death, he should feel extremely happy, and he has a feeling of letting out a bad breath, but now Pei Nanming doesn't have a trace of comfort, but It is more sad and heartbreaking than before.

  No matter how much she scratched and bitten, Pei Nanming just hugged Ruan Xi tightly to prevent her from moving, but he was worried about hurting the child in her stomach and dared not use too much force.

In fact, the best way is to find a rope to tie her into a rice dumpling and throw her on the bed, and then cover her mouth with something, then everything will be solved, and there is no need for such a hard work, but he can't be cruel at all .

  Ruan Xi is insane these days. Except for a short period of waking up, at other times, she is either in a daze, or just like a child, obedient to him, and will never contradict him or play tricks like in the past. Because of this, their getting along has entered a new warm stage that has almost never appeared in the past.

  His kindness to Ruan Xi was really sincere, and maybe because of this, now he can't show the original ruthlessness.

  As long as the heart is softened, it will be very difficult to return to the original rock-hard state, right? At this moment, he finally knew that he loved her so much.

  Love it so much that it makes him loathe him for not being able to hold himself.

   Those turbulent hatreds are still there, and now the love is so rampant, what to do in the future makes him feel at a loss.

  He just hugged Ruan Xi tightly subconsciously. The most urgent thing at the moment is to let her and the child get through this test well, and let's think about the rest later.

  He smiled wryly, but his eyes were red.

  The woman he loves the most, the child he looks forward to the most, is in such pain at this moment, but he is helpless...

  Ruan Xi struggled restlessly all the time, but she couldn't break his hands. No matter how she grabbed or kicked her, it didn't help. She cried so anxiously that Pei Nanming's heart ached, but she still didn't let go of her.

  Finally, she was so anxious that she bit his wrist viciously, and with this bite, she used all the strength she could use.


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