Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 113

"You are talking nonsense, how is it possible, how could she become addicted to drugs?!" Pei Nanming suddenly picked up the collar of the personal doctor, "She has always been by my side and never left. How could she become addicted to drugs?!"

  The butler was also taken aback, and took two steps back.

   She is taking care of Ruan Xi's food and daily life. It can be said that she personally arranges all food and clothing expenses. She has never let Ruan Xi get in touch with so-called drugs. How could she become addicted to drugs? !

   "Private doctor, you must have made a mistake, Ms. Ruan, how could she become addicted to drugs? I take care of her daily life, and there is no chance of becoming addicted to drugs!"

  The private doctor reached out and held Pei Nanming's wrist, "Nanming, calm down and listen to me."

  Pei Nanming took two quick breaths, and then slowly let go, but his eyes still slammed into the private doctor, as if the private doctor said anything about Ruan Xi's condition, he would beat the private doctor to death.

  The private doctor sighed, "Speaking of which, I'm afraid you won't be able to prevent it." When the private doctor said this, he was a little dignified, "Nan Ming, have you offended someone?"

  Pei Nanming was taken aback, "What do you mean?"

The private doctor glanced back at Ruan Xi, then looked at the housekeeper, and finally his eyes fell on Pei Nanming's face, "If you can be sure that it is impossible for Miss Ruan to get drugs at home, then there is only one possibility, and that is that the drugs came from The outside world. But, you said again, her daily life is taken care of by you, that is to say, she seldom has contact with the outside world alone, so there is only one possibility left." Speaking of this, the personal doctor His eyes turned to the syringes and medicine packaging bags on the coffee table behind the butler.

  Pei Nanming also followed his gaze, and was taken aback when he saw the packaging bags and syringes being used, then turned his head and stared at the private doctor, "You mean where does the drug addiction come from?"

  The private doctor did not give an absolute answer, but only said, "I will take the things for testing, and when the results come out, I will call you."

  As soon as the private doctor left, Pei Nanming was so angry that he knocked over the flamingos in the living room, "Call the director of Shunkang Hospital immediately and tell him that I want to see him!"

How did the housekeeper know the phone number of the director of Shunkang Hospital? Tang Wenyi was responsible for contacting these matters at the beginning, so the housekeeper could only step aside in fear, and called Tang Wenyi to ask for the number of the director. said a bit.

   As a result, Tang Wenyi hurried back the next day.

  Early the next morning, when Tang Wenyi came in, Pei Nanming happened to receive a call from his personal doctor, and the results came out. The drug was found in the syringe, and the dosage was well determined. In other words, he was a professional.

  Pei Nanming smiled angrily, and seeing Tang Wenyi came back, he only said, "It's just in time to come back, follow me to Shunkang Hospital."

  Tang Wenyi looked tired, but without saying a word, he followed Pei Nanming into the car.

  President Zhao was surprised and happy when he heard that Pei Nanming was coming, but when he saw Pei Nanming's poker face, he became uneasy.

  But I was very confused in my heart, and I didn't know when I offended the great god Pei Nanming.

  Letting Pei Nanming and Tang Wenyi into the office, he closed the door and forced a smile. After all, no one could smile naturally when he saw Pei Nanming's gloomy and indifferent look.

   "Mr. Pei came suddenly, what's the matter?"

   "Before I asked Dean Zhao for help, and hired a hypnotist and a psychologist with a high salary." Pei Nanming smiled, but the blue veins on his forehead revealed his true emotions.

   "That's right, could it be that their skills are not good enough to cause trouble for Mr. Pei?" Dean Zhao Zhanger Monk couldn't figure it out. Those two were introduced to Pei Nanming by him. They are both industry experts and fellow alumni. No one has ever been dissatisfied with their technology.

   "Where, their technology is very good, it's really good."

  Dean Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, "They are experts in the industry, and I don't think they will make mistakes."

  Pei Nanming suddenly changed his face, and snorted coldly, "Yes, he is indeed a master, so good that the person I care about the most becomes addicted to drugs!"

Dean Zhao's face changed, and he stood up immediately, "What do you mean by Mr. Pei?" Shocked and angry, Pei Nanming's words, for this dean, were an insult to his life's integrity and medical ethics, as well as an insult. His two friends.

  Pei Nanming sneered, "It seems that Dean Zhao doesn't know what's going on?"

  Dean Zhao also became annoyed, "Mr. Pei must be responsible for what he says. As a doctor, I dare not say that I am noble enough to save lives and heal the wounded, but at least I am worthy of my conscience!"

Seeing that Pei Nanming lost his composure because of this incident, Tang Wenyi hurriedly said to Dean Zhao, "Dean Zhao, please calm down." Then he said to Pei Nanming, "I'll explain this to Dean Zhao, and you too Calm down and turn off the flame, I think as a dean, Dean Zhao will never get involved in this kind of thing."

Only then did Pei Nanming calm down a little. He also knew that he was wronging someone, but the person was introduced by Director Zhao, and the medicines and utensils were all from Shunkang Hospital. responsibility!

"The thing is like this..." Tang Wenyi told Dean Zhao what happened in detail. Dean Zhao's expression changed suddenly, and then he frowned seriously, "How could such a thing happen? Those two doctors, I can Guaranteed by their personality, they will never do such a heartless thing!"

"The most important thing now is not to pursue who is responsible, but to find the real instigator. The people who treated Miss Ruan and the medicines were all from Shunkang Hospital. Therefore, Dean Zhao must cooperate in this matter." Tang Wenyi organized. Speaking clearly, Dean Zhao immediately nodded in agreement.

   "Besides the nurse, there are two doctors who can get in touch with Ruan Xi. You can guarantee these two doctors. So, what about the nurse?"

Director Zhao said, "This nurse has been working in the hospital for nearly five years. She has always been the most conscientious and responsible among the nurses. She will be rated as an advanced individual every year. How about this? Anyone who has contact with Ms. Ruan should be carefully investigated. For a moment, including the two doctors and this *. I am in charge of investigating the dispensing procedures of the hospital pharmacist, since you said that the drug was injected directly into Miss Ruan, then the pharmacist is very likely..."

Tang Wenyi nodded, "It would be great if Dean Zhao could cooperate, but I also hope that the dean will keep it secret and let that * come to take care of Miss Ruan on time. I ask everything to be as if nothing happened, so as not to To scare the snake away."

  Pei Nanming's complexion has been very bad. When he came to the hospital today, apart from talking about it with Director Zhao, he also brought Ruan Xi over for an examination.

  He was anxious, his heart clenched tightly in one place with worry.

  Originally, Shunkang Hospital was one of the top hospitals in the city, otherwise, he would not have been so relieved to ask Director Zhao to introduce a hypnotist and a psychiatrist, and asked that Shunkang Hospital dispense all the medicines.

The results of it? It's because they believed too much in their profession that they did this kind of thing, which made Ruan Xi miserable, and it was unknown whether the child in her womb would be safe or not!

   If the mastermind behind the scenes is found out, he swears that he must die badly!

Tang Wenyi looked at Pei Nanming's expression which was always cloudy and uncertain, and it was difficult to calm down. He couldn't help feeling a little worried, "Don't worry too much, Ruan Xi didn't receive the nutrient solution injection for a long time, although it will affect the fetus, But I believe that the impact will not be too great, as long as we work together to help her get rid of drug addiction, she will gradually get better."

  Pei Nanming's complexion did not ease because of Tang Wenyi's comfort, his hands were tightly clenched into fists, and his finger bones creaked.

   It's been hard to get to today, it's hard to keep Ruan Xi, and they have a child again with Ruan Xi, but this kind of thing happened in the end, how can this make him feel better? !

  At this moment, he actually wavered and doubted. Is it right or wrong to find a hypnotist and a psychiatrist to deliberately make Ruan Xi into the current mental state?

  Yes, he is extreme, cruel and cold, but he has been suffering in love and hate for too long, and for too long, he will be tired and sad.

   And the hateful thing is that even if he is so tired and sad, he still can't give himself up to let Ruan Xi go or simply destroy her in one fell swoop.

  He still wants to keep her by his side in the end, no matter what she becomes, as long as she stays by his side.

  When he found out that she was pregnant again, the joy in his heart almost made him want to jump up and tell everyone in the world that he was a father, and he was going to be a father!

  The higher the expectations, the easier it is to be disappointed in the end, right?

  He looked anxiously and nervously at the door of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Ruan Xi was still undergoing an examination inside. He wanted to know if she was in good health, and if the child was still healthy!

   He really wants to know!

  Finally, the door of the obstetrics and gynecology department opened, and a middle-aged female doctor in a white coat came out.

  He immediately went up to meet her, "Doctor, how is my wife?"


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