Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 111

Several waiters turned pale with shock. After five years of hard work, their daughter-in-law finally became a mother-in-law, and they were fired just like that?

  You must know that it is not easy for them to work and live, and it is even more difficult to be able to become what they are today in Pei's family. The reasons for how many people are trying to get into Pei's are very simple. First, Pei's benefits are good. Second, there are many opportunities for training in various aspects, and there is a lot of room for promotion. Third, go out and say that you work in Pei's can satisfy their vanity well.

   Now that they are fired like this, of course their faces will turn pale!

  Ruan Xi followed Pei Nanming, looking up at Pei Nanming's profile from time to time. After coming out of the office, Pei Nanming's complexion was not very good, so Ruan Xi didn't dare to make trouble at this time.

  After entering the elevator, she stood quietly behind him. Pei Nanming held her hand harder than before. Ruan Xi frowned slightly in pain, but said nothing.

  Pei Nanming suddenly turned around and hugged her tightly, his usually sharp eyes closed gently, pain flashed across his face again.

  Ruan Xi couldn't see Pei Nanming's expression at first, but Pei's elevator has always been cleaned spotlessly, and it looks like a mirror.

  So, when Pei Nanming had a painful expression on his face, Ruan Xi saw his face from the elevator.

  Bitting her lips slightly, she still didn't say anything, but timidly and a little foolishly put her arms around his waist, and buried her face in his chest.

   After a while, Pei Nanming hugged her with one arm, gently stroked her long black hair with the other, and whispered, "I'm sorry, Xi'er, I'm sorry"

   This is the first time Pei Nanming said sorry to Ruan Xi, but it was after Ruan Xi didn't understand anything. If this had been said a month or two earlier, would there have been a different result? He kissed Ruan Xi's earlobe lightly, knowing that he would never apologize when she was in a normal state, his temper would not allow it.

  No regrets in the end, only he himself knows best, maybe at this point, being able to say these three words is already the biggest concession in his life.

  He understood that if Ruan Xi hadn't been made into what he is now, how would those waiters dare to bully her like that, but if she hadn't become like this, maybe, she was thinking about how to escape him again.

  Qin Zhiran has been very anxious these days, especially after seeing Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi blatantly going in and out in pairs in public places.

   Several times, when she was sitting in the car and saw Ruan Xi waiting for Pei Nanming to pick up the car, she had the urge to drive over there, but in the end she endured it.

  This time, seeing that Pei Nanming actually had the leisure to take Ruan Xi out to the shopping mall on a bicycle, and with an obsessive smile on her face all the time, she was deeply stimulated. Sitting in the car, she pinched blood on her palm with her fingers.

  When starting the car, she stepped on the clutch with one foot and the gas pedal with the other. If Pei Nanming hadn't appeared in time, she would have really rushed over like that.

  Seeing Pei Nanming treat Ruan Xi, who had become an idiot, more and more as her sweetheart, she felt jealous and felt that she was being tormented by the fire. That hatred and resentment urgently needed an outlet, and if this continued, she felt that she would be driven crazy by herself.

  Two days later, Qin Zhiran was sitting in the office, facing a list of dismissals of employees with a gloomy expression, as if trying to make a hole in the list.

  As soon as she entered the company this morning, she heard other professionals carefully gossip about Pei Nanming, which naturally included the matter that Pei Nanming took Ruan Xi to the mall that day. When she came in, the staff were talking enthusiastically, she listened to the whole thing, and when the staff found out that she had arrived, they immediately shut up and did their work.

  She wanted to get angry, but she still had to act nonchalantly, with an incomparably magnanimous look. When she got to her seat, the table was filled with the dismissal list of employees and the letter of self-criticism sent by the general manager of the big shopping mall.

  Although the review paper did not clearly mention the details of the matter, but after hearing what the gossiping employees said, she probably guessed the ins and outs of the matter. She didn't expect that Pei Nanming would get involved in official affairs for Ruan Xi's sake. After staying in Pei's family for so long, it's not like she doesn't know how much Pei Nanming separates public from private.

   Enduring her anger until after get off work, she looked at Pei Nanming's office, finally frowned, and left first.

  After picking up the car, the first thing she did was to make an appointment with the pharmacist.

  It was still the same bar, and Qin Zhiran was still alluring, drinking the red wine one by one.

  The pharmacist came slowly, sat down beside her, ordered a cocktail, took out a cigarette and lit it, took a deep breath before turning to look at Qin Zhiran, "What can Miss Qin want from me?"

  Qin Zhiran's last posturing guy, but he is still needed now, so she is very polite, "Of course I'm looking for you to have fun, and by the way, I'm asking how things are going."

  The pharmacist took another puff, and then blew out a smoke ring at Qin Zhiran, "I'm doing business, so don't worry, Miss Qin."

  Qin Zhiran frowned slightly, and waved her hand to flash the smoke, "But, I haven't heard any news about her."

The pharmacist smiled cunningly, "Miss Qin, don't be restless, this thing has to be done step by step. If the amount is too large at one time, it will kill people, and it is easy to be discovered. If Pei Nanming finds out, I'm afraid that the At that time, no one can expect to have a good life."

  The pharmacist said, touching Qin Zhiran's knee dishonestly with his fat hands.

  A look of disgust flashed across Qin Zhiran's eyes, but she still smiled at him sweetly, "That's what I said, but how do I know if you lied to me? What if you didn't do anything at all?"

The pharmacist smiled, "It's a fool not to make money. Miss Qin's price is so good that I can't make money in this business for the rest of my life. Why don't I do it? Also, after another week, if that woman If there is no response, I will spit out everything I ate and return it to Miss Qin, how about it?"

  The pharmacist's fat claw moved towards Qin Zhiran's thigh again. Qin Zhiran twisted her body unintentionally, and said to the bartender, "Give this gentleman a glass of your latest product, and charge it to me."

  The bartender nodded and went to bartending. The pharmacist was upset because of Qin Zhiran's hiding, but the gloom in his eyes only lasted for two seconds, and he immediately changed his expression, picked up the cocktail he ordered and made a toast to Qin Zhiran, "Enjoy your cooperation."

  Qin Zhiran nodded, and drank it with dignity.

  The nurse injected Ruan Xi with the nutrient solution with a tray. Ruan Xi hid far away, looking at the nurse pitifully, "Can I stop the injection, I can eat a lot, and I don't lack nutrition."

  The nurse looked at Ruan Xi and shook her head, "No, come here quickly, this is the last time, Mr. Pei said, as long as you get this injection, you don't need another injection."

   "You lied, lied! You said the same thing last time!" Ruan Xi didn't believe her words at all. Pei Nanming was away on a business trip for the past two days and was not at home at all. There are still several pinholes on her arm, which are all swollen, and the swelling has not subsided after several days.

   "I really won't lie to you this time."

Ruan Xi still shook her head, at this time the housekeeper came in to deliver afternoon tea to Ruan Xi, saw that * was there, still holding a tray in his hand, he couldn't help frowning and asked, "Didn't Mr. Pei tell her not to inject her with nutrient solution anymore? "

*Looked at the housekeeper and replied, "The doctor said that Miss Ruan is in poor health and is pregnant. She must supplement nutrition. Today is the last injection. Originally, we didn't need to force the patient to accept it, but, for the sake of I am responsible for the patient, so I decided to stick to this course of treatment before stopping the injection.”

  The butler felt that it made sense after hearing what * said, so he didn't say any more, "Miss, your afternoon tea."

When Ruan Xi saw the housekeeper, she acted as if she had saved a savior. She stepped on her slippers and ran to the housekeeper, begging and looking at the housekeeper, "Housekeeper Li, please, please tell her not to give me an injection. I am fine and healthy. ..."

Seeing her pitiful appearance, the housekeeper couldn't help but feel soft-hearted, but seeing Ruan Xi's skinny appearance, he still shook his head, "This is the last time, bear with it, look how thin you have become, you If you want to eat well, there is no need to suffer this."

  In the end, Ruan Xi was held down by the doctor and given an injection. For this injection, she cried for a long time.

  At night, she felt exhausted, so she fell asleep with a blanket on her head without eating dinner. She slept until noon the next day.

  When she woke up, she felt that she had no energy in her body, and her spirit was also very low. When the housekeeper came in, she gave the housekeeper a sleepy look, turned over and continued to lie down.

  The housekeeper saw that her face was not good, and was a little worried, "Miss, is there something wrong, your face is very bad."

  Ruan Xi didn't even have the guts to speak, she yawned, shed tears and closed her eyes, and lay limply on the *.

  The housekeeper was worried, so he went downstairs and called Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming hadn't returned from his business trip, and the housekeeper didn't dare to be careless. He was afraid that something might happen to Ruan Xi, so he called Pei Nanming's personal doctor over on his own initiative.

   These days, Pei Nanming is not around, and the doctor of Shunkang Hospital has been in charge of Ruan Xi's affairs, so Pei Nanming's personal doctor went on a short trip and just got off the plane when he received a call from the housekeeper.

  When the private doctor saw Ruan Xi again, he almost couldn't recognize him. Now Ruan Xi is much thinner than before, and his face is not big at all, and now it is even more like a slap.


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