Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 109

Pei Nanming promised to take Ruan Xi out to relax and satisfy her desire for shopping, but when he saw her clothes, his face turned dark and he asked Ruan Xi to change. Instead, Pei Nanming was so angry that he had no place to vent his anger. In the end, he could only pat Ruan Xi's face in compromise, and said softly, "Just this time, did you hear me?"

  Ruan Xi nodded his head, "Yeah, just this time, just this time."

  That cheerfulness made Pei Nanming feel an indescribable joy in his heart, but when he thought that what she was like now was the result of being forced by hypnosis, he felt sad and distressed, but he didn't regret it.

Ruan Xi's dress is very naive, and it's still a very ordinary kind. You can buy more than ten pieces of floral skirts for 500. The floral skirts are floral skirts, and there is a cartoon big pig's head on it. He was very suspicious of the taste of the designer who designed this skirt, and even more suspicious of whether the decision-makers of the manufacturer who agreed to launch this skirt had their brains filled with lard!

  Pei Nanming didn't drive this time, but sent someone to send a bicycle over, and took Ruan Xi to go shopping in person.

  Ruan Xi walked behind Pei Nanming like an obedient child. Pei Nanming had a serious illusion, thinking that he was not leading his beloved woman out to relax, but wandering around the streets with a pet dog.

   Whenever passers-by stared at Ruan Xi up and down, he felt very unhappy and felt a little embarrassed.

   I never thought Ruan Xi's taste was so vulgar before, that's right, once there is a problem with the human spirit, then everything will go wrong.

   "Nan Ming, I'm thirsty..." Pei Nanming found that after Ruan Xi's brain became ill, besides the advantage of not being able to run away, he also called him by his name very easily.

   However, sometimes he also seriously doubts whether he has done a loss-making business. For example, in addition to the above two benefits, Ruan Xi can always order him with peace of mind, without any exception. But he is still a bitch himself, and he feels that being manipulated by her is not bad at all...

  Hearing what she said, Pei Nanming turned around and stopped at a milk tea shop on the side of the road.

  The waiter at the milk tea shop is a young girl in her twenties. At first glance, the person who is shopping is a handsome guy with an aura that is enough to fascinate people, and the little girl is immediately distracted.

The waiter greeted warmly with a red face, "What do you want, sir? We have three types of milk tea here: hot and cold and room temperature..." The little girl was about to introduce it endlessly when a head popped out behind Pei Nanming Gua Lai, "I want to burn jelly grass, it's cold."

  Pei Nanming turned his head, stroked her hair habitually, and coaxed, "Hey, don't drink cold ones, it's not good for your body and baby. Besides, iced ones are terrible and will cause diarrhea, huh?"

  Ruan Xi was upset, pouted, but didn't say much, just looked at Pei Nanming with tears.

   Now, basically, as long as the request is not too outrageous, Pei Nanming is willing to follow her, but in the current situation, he will not give in an inch.

  The little girl in the milk tea shop saw that Pei Nanming was so tender and doting to Ruan Xi, her envious eyes stared into stars, and she couldn't help thinking, if I have a husband who loves me so much, I will die in peace.

   While the little girl was looking forward to their future, Ruan Xi suddenly jumped out of the back seat, walked up to the clerk, and said aggrievedly, "Burning jelly grass, it's hot."

  Pei Nanming smiled gratifiedly, watching Ruan Xi's gaze dripping gently.

  Ruan Xi cried, swallowing the iced cold drink.

  The little clerk girl was dumbfounded. Looking at Ruan Xi's performance and that childish outfit with a peculiar style, she sighed, a flower was stuck on the cow dung. Needless to say, the flowers are naturally Mo*, and the cow dung is our poor Ruan Xi.

  Passing by the large shopping mall under Pei's, Pei Nanming took a look at Ruan Xi's clothes, and thought that he had never personally given her a gift after being together for so many years, so he saved the car and took Ruan Xi to the shopping mall.

  Ruan Xi was pulled by Pei Nanming with one hand, and poured the drink into his stomach with the other hand. The slow and leisurely look made people look a bit reluctant. But Pei Nanming didn't care at all.

He never intervenes too much in the specific affairs of the Pei family. He has always adhered to the principle of not being suspicious of people and not being suspicious of people. He is very open-minded in delegating power to the people below him. He will not be like some bosses who are always worried about some professional managers. People have too much power and their own positions are emptied.

However, sometimes, he still goes to the storefront of the shopping mall or the factory. Not many employees know him. He can always see the real working status of the employees without notifying the people below. .

  This time, he wanted to buy a gift for Ruan Xi on a whim. In fact, a small part of the reason was to examine the service attitude and quality of the staff.

  Because the large shopping malls under Pei's are divided into different levels from bottom to top, and are oriented to different classes, every Sunday, the customers are like water and crowded.

However, the most crowded floors are concentrated on the first floor to the third floor, and the third floor and above are all luxury goods areas. The decoration inside is so high-end that it makes one's legs weak. Customers who occasionally go shopping instead of buying things, After going there once, I was reluctant to go again, because I was really short of breath, and I always felt that the waiters looked at people with probing eyes, as if they were always researching whether you have the ability to buy the products here. And customers who go shopping and really have the ability to buy the things inside, after the first time, they can't wait to go to the second or third time. Because the waiters inside have a good attitude, they are very enthusiastic, the explanations are detailed, and the service is thoughtful. The most important thing is that the quality of the products inside is really good.

  People with different identities have different feelings when entering inside, and in fact, those waiters are indeed treated differently. This is a fact that everyone tacitly understands.

  When Pei Nanming pulled Ruan Xi up to the fourth floor, Ruan Xi suddenly clutched her belly and shook Pei Nanming, "I...I'm urgent to urinate..." When she said this, she actually blushed.

  Pei Nanming looked at her, amused and had a headache, and finally patted her head submissively, "Hey, where is the bathroom, come here quickly when you're done, don't run around. I'll be right here waiting for you."

  Ruan Xi bit her lips embarrassedly, "Well, I'll be right there."

  Pei Nanming patted the back of her hand, and she suddenly jumped up and cried out for pain.

  It was only then that he realized that he had patted the needle hole on the back of her hand, and looked at her with distress and guilt for a moment, "Starting tomorrow, I won't let them give you an injection, okay?"

  Ruan Xi was overjoyed, and nodded fiercely, as if afraid that he would regret it, "Okay, you have to keep what you say, and don't play tricks."

   "Of course I won't play tricks, but you have to promise me that you will eat well in the future. You are not allowed to be picky eaters, and you are not allowed to eat things that you are not allowed to eat."

  Ruan Xi smiled at Mimi, "No problem, deal."

  Walking to the bathroom, Ruan Xi stared blankly at herself in the mirror, with a smile still on the corner of her mouth, and the nondescript clothes on her body made her feel unsightly.

  Patting her face subconsciously, she felt like she didn't know who the person in the mirror was in a daze.

The person inside is very thin, with a pointed chin, very white skin, long, black and smooth hair, perhaps because of a lot of weight loss, the big eyes of the person in the mirror occupy a large part of the face, and the black pupils , slender eyelashes, the whole person is like a man-made doll, a little less angry.

   She squeezed her chin, feeling a little stingy, is this really me? She looked at herself suspiciously, and then looked down at her slightly swollen but not obvious belly, her eyes flashed a little dazed.

Patted her face with cold water, combed her hair twice, she turned around and walked out, after passing a few rows of the latest women's clothing of this season, a figure caught her eyes, and that figure said generously, "This, this, and No need for this, wrap up the rest and send them to my residence." The woman also looked up at this moment and saw her.

  Xu Chuyan was a little surprised, then squinted at Ruan Xi for a long time, then glanced around again, and then walked towards her with arms folded and high heels.

  Ruan Xi bit her lip and flinched, then took two steps back and stood still.

  Xu Chuyan looked at her condescendingly, looked at her carefully for a long while before smiling and said, "Oh, it's you, you came out by yourself?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head, looking at Xu Chuyan with watery eyes.

  Xu Chuyan became angry when she saw Ruan Xi's silly and pitiful look. Ever since it was rumored that Ruan Xi became insane and became an idiot, her life was no longer as good as before. This is not to say that Pei Nanming gave her less money or treated her badly in other material matters, but that Pei Nanming was taken from Ruan Xi again. After being captured, I never went to her place again.

She also had the courage to call Pei Nanming's private mobile phone, but she made ten calls, nine of which were answered by Pei Nanming's newly hired acting private executives, and the rest of the time Pei Nanming answered and gave her an answer But he didn't have time recently, and he clearly told her not to call his mobile phone without authorization.

Because of this, she was sullen for a long time, and went to bars and discos for seven days in a row. Today, she finally felt a lot better, and was willing to go out to the shopping mall, but it happened that the enemy's road was narrow, and she ran into the culprit who caused her to be like this culprit.


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