Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 108

He was ridiculed for a while by those children who had seen earthworms in the countryside. After that, he refused to go to his grandma's house even if he was beaten to death, let alone run around the street barefoot.

  For many years, he often dreamed that earthworms came to his door, but today Ruan Xi came to collect debts with earthworms.

  Tang Wenyi's face immediately turned pale, he jumped up and took a few steps back, pointing at Ruan Xi with trembling fingers, "You, you did it on purpose, didn't you?"

  Ruan Xi shook the earthworm, shrugged innocently and shook her head, "Where is it? I was afraid that you had never seen an earthworm, so I kindly picked it up to show you. Hehe, look how cute she is..."

   "You, you, throw it away!"

  He really didn't know how the flower-delivering gardening company cultivated green plants, and could actually grow earthworms in the flower pots. He almost immediately decided to close all the business of this gardening company from now on, and never communicate with each other.

  Ruan Xi saw that he was afraid of earthworms, so she pouted childishly, "I don't, earthworms can loosen soil for plants, what a treasure, how can I throw them away?"

   After finishing speaking, he carefully put the earthworm back into the flowerpot, and kindly covered it with a layer of sand, and then a person murmured something, but Tang Wenyi didn't hear clearly.

  He just looked at the pot of monstera with a headache. From then on, every time he came here, he would hide three meters away from the pot of monstera, for fear that the earthworm would crawl out and find him.

  After Ruan Xi planted the monstera, he patted the soil on his hands with a sense of accomplishment, and admired his masterpiece with his hips crossed.

  Tang Wenyi stared fiercely at the pot of monstera, thinking of some reason to talk to Pei Nanming so that he would agree to dispose of the pot of monstera.

  Later, he did tell Pei Nanming, and Pei Nanming agreed, but Ruan Xi quit, almost crying and clamoring to get the potted flower back.

  Pei Nanming had no choice but to ask someone to bring the flowers back, and Ruan Xi gave up, but these are all for later.

   While Ruan Xi was admiring the masterpiece with her back supported, a doctor in a white coat and a nurse's cap came with a tray.

When Ruan Xi saw her, she almost reflexively hid until Tang Wenyi stretched out his hand, grabbed Tang Wenyi's sleeves with both hands, and said to the nurse very warily, "You, don't come here, I'm not sick, I don't get injections, and I don't take medicine! "

  It is not the first time that the nurse has seen Ruan Xi like this. Before she came here to be a special nurse, the housekeeper specifically explained to her that Miss Ruan Xi's spirit is not good, so don't irritate her.

  Although someone vaccinated her, the first time she met Ruan Xi, *was frightened by Ruan Xi's strong reaction.

  * looked at Tang Wenyi in embarrassment, "Mr. Tang, look..."

  Tang Wenyi looked at the needles in her tray, shook his head, "Let's talk about it later."

  * hesitated for a moment, and said, "However, this nutrient solution must be injected on time. Recently, the young lady does not eat normally, which is very detrimental to the development of the fetus in the stomach."

   "You are right, but you make her nervous all the time, in fear of needles and medicine, which is also very bad for fetal development, isn't it?"

  * speechless, could only listen to Tang Wenyi's words.

  * As soon as he left, Ruan Xi immediately became active, pulled Tang Wenyi's sleeve and said, "Brother, you are so kind!" After speaking, she tiptoed to Tang Wenyi's profile and kissed hard.

   Tang Wenyi was dumbfounded, Ruan Xi giggled and ran away, and went to poison other flowers and plants.

   After a long time, Tang Wenyi looked at Ruan Xi's cheerful back and sighed. Is this right or wrong? Ruan Xi's spirit is good and bad for a while, and she is confused for a while and energetic for a while. Sometimes she is innocent like a teenager, and sometimes she doesn't say anything. She just sits on the rocking chair for a whole day.

   I don't want to run away, but that state makes people worry. He looks like this, so there is no need to think about Pei Nanming's mood.

  People can't help but think, he just thought of Pei Nanming, Pei Nanming came back, got off the car, and ran to him directly.

   "Come here to find me suddenly, what's the matter?"

  As Pei Nanming asked, he handed the coat to the housekeeper, but his eyes followed Ruan Xi's figure.

  Tang Wenyi restrained his expression, and said seriously, "All of our registered branches are listed, and the situation is very good. Recently, there are some strange things in the stock market. Recently, someone secretly bought our issued stocks from shareholders at a high price, and the price was nearly double the market price."

Pei Nanming frowned, "Someone is so willing to put their blood into buying our stocks? It seems that they are really determined." After a while, Pei Nanming's eyebrows stretched and he smiled happily, "Our Pei family's influence is really not small, and someone actually values it so much Us. Fish come in, our busy work is finally not in vain, and there is no need to rush this matter, let them have a good dream for two days first, and don't startle the snake."

Tang Wenyi nodded, but the worry between his brows did not disappear. After a moment of deliberation, he said to Pei Nanming, "I know what your wish is, and you have been moving towards this goal for so many years, but doing so this time is risky. It's too big. No matter how strong we are now, it will be very difficult to compete with the two families."

Pei Nanming is not very worried about this, "Do you think their relationship is really that strong? Gu Qing is radical, and he has always wanted to secure the power of the Gu family. I am afraid that one day when Gu Yinlin comes back, he will not get any power. He will find the Ruan family The main reason for the cooperation is that the Ruan family holds most of the shares of the Gu family, and the business contacts are inextricably linked. He supports the Ruan family and opposes the Pei family. That is also a helpless thing. He needs Ruan Dongyu's support too much. As for Ruan Dongyu, this is a little fox. Gu Qing needs his support. He needs Gu Qing to go ahead and help him charge and find the way. Otherwise, do you think he likes Gu Qing? Gu Qingdu is more playful than Gu Qinghei, and Gu Qing is far worse than Ruan Dongyu. If my analysis is correct, this secret acquisition is actually a smoke bomb that Ruan Dongyu asked Gu Qing to throw out. Watch our actions."

  Listening to what Pei Nanming said, Tang Wenyi nodded in agreement, "You mean, now we should stay the same for all changes, and just wait and see?"

   "Well. When the time is right, we will proceed to the next step."

Seeing Pei Nanming's stubbornness, Tang Wenyi also knew that it was Pei Nanming's long-cherished wish to destroy the Ruan family, so he didn't say any more, "I'm on the plane this afternoon, and I'm afraid I'll have to work there for a year when I go to the factory..." The head of internal affairs If you have a job, let someone else take care of it for the time being.

Before Tang Wenyi could say this, Pei Nanming waved his hand first, "It's okay, even if you are a newcomer over there, with your ability, you will be on the right track soon, so it doesn't matter if you take annual leave. When you come back, continue to help me deal with it." those women"

Tang Wenyi was in a cold sweat. He really doubted whether Pei Nanming raised such a group of people for fun, or because he thought it was a good way to do it, or because he felt that those women had worked hard, and he was kind enough to pay them all with tickets. ? Obviously, I may not go once a year, so what are you planning? Just to let him coax those women every day for fun?

   "Why don't I help you take care of this one in front of me? You can see that she is getting more and more imbecile. If she keeps hanging around you, how troublesome you are."

  Tang Wenyi risked his life to see her, and Pei Nanming rolled his eyes in return, "Don't even think about it, I have to keep her by my side even if I worry about it."

  Tang Wenyi shook his head, "You are hopeless. Could it be that you have to turn her into a qualified idiot or lunatic one day before you are reconciled and regret it?"

  Pei Nanming's complexion became very bad, and he pointed at the door, "You go now, you don't have to come back until the new factory is fully on track!"

  Tang Wenyi knew that this had hit Pei Nanming's sore spot, but he didn't think there was anything wrong with what he said, so his expression was not good. This was the first time in many years that the two had an unpleasant relationship.

   "Do you think I really want to come back? Seeing you deceiving yourself every day is enough for me!" Tang Wenyi pushed back without any hesitation, "You love her but dare not admit it, you are a coward!"

Pei Nanming was furious and was about to shake his fist. At this moment, Ruan Xi ran to his side and hugged his arm coquettishly, "Nan Ming, Nan Ming, can you take me out for a walk, I'm going to suffocate to death! "

  Pei Nanming raised his fist and put it down again. He reached out and touched Ruan Xi's head, and said softly like a child, "Don't worry, I'll take you right away, okay?"

   "Okay, don't quarrel..."

Tang Wenyi looked at Ruan Xi and sighed. If she was still in a normal state, she would wish that Pei Nanming would beat him to death. How could she speak up for him? He knew that although Ruan Xi didn't say anything, he helped Pei Nanming detain her many times and let her If he failed to escape, he must have hated him to death.

  He also thinks that Ruan Xi should hate him. As any woman, if she is bullied like this, she would have wished to die early to be relieved. Ruan Xi has been brave enough to survive until now.

  This time, if Pei Nanming still can't see his heart clearly, then he will never help Pei Nanming blindly again. How can a person who dare not even face up to his truest thoughts make the most correct decision?


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