Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 107

"That's good, here's the check." Qin Zhiran took out the check from her bag and threw it in front of the man, "We won't know each other from now on."

The pharmacist laughed, with a particularly old and cunning face, "Miss Qin, it's wrong to say that." He glanced at the number on the check, his heart pounding, he may not be able to get this number in his lifetime However, he is a person who is easily contented, but he is smart, and he did not show his deeper greed, but said, "Don't get me wrong, I mean, you thought it was only once or twice Can it make a person addicted? To be on the safe side, I put a very small dose. Only long-term use will make a person unconsciously dependent. I saw it secretly, and Pei Nanming asked the hypnotist and doctor in the past to help him The medication plan made by that woman is for one month, that is to say, during this month, I must carefully add ingredients to the medicine every day..."

  Qin Zhiran looked up at the man, and waved impatiently, "What do you want to say?"

  The pharmacist smiled even more meaningfully, "Miss Qin is indeed a happy person, so I will just say that I have booked a vacation for two in two days, and please invite Miss Qin to accompany me?"

Qin Zhiran was extremely annoyed looking at the pig's face that was aggressive, but she knew that only this man could do it. He was the most experienced and trusted pharmacist in that hospital. Before the matter was finished, she Never annoy him. Qin Zhiran could tell what he thought of her at a glance, but in her opinion, he didn't have the guts to do anything to her, so she thought for a while before nodding her head in agreement.

  The intention in my heart is to abolish him first after the work is done!

  The man gladly accepted the check, "Then, can Miss Qin prepay a little benefit today, let's go to Ziqinglu to soak in a hot spring."

Ziqing Cottage is the most famous luxury hot spring in this city. It is specially aimed at the high-spending crowd. Everything in it is staggeringly extravagant. Qin Zhiran squinted at the man for a while, then suddenly smiled, "No problem." She snapped her fingers, Call the waiter to check out, put on the oversized sunglasses and go out of the bar first.

  On the way, she called her personal assistant and asked her to find two first-line movie stars signed under the name of the Qin Group, and first went to Ziqinglu to wait.

  The pharmacist's target was actually Qin Zhiran, but when she heard the names of those two movie stars mentioned on the phone, and remembered their faces and hot bodies, she immediately decided to date those two stars first.

  When Qin Zhiran made an excuse to leave, she gave the pharmacist a contemptuous look. If she hadn't had to use him, she wouldn't even bother to look at him any more!

  After Qin Zhiran separated from the pharmacist, she didn't go home, but turned to the emperor himself to celebrate.

  In order to pull out Ruan Xi's thorn in her side, she has already paid too much, and this time, she has a bit of determination to die.

  The table was full of delicacies, and she ate and drank alone, but she didn't feel lonely at all, instead she was complacent. This time Ruan Xi will definitely have a hard time.

  Thinking that Ruan Xi would become like that, she felt vicious in her heart, took a sip of red wine, and felt that red wine was so delicious for the first time.

  Xu Chuyan and a few newly-acquainted women who also do "underground work" finished their maintenance and made an appointment to come to the Emperor to relax together, but as soon as they went upstairs, they saw Qin Zhiran eating happily alone.

Since the joint banquet, Xu Chuyan has learned to be good. She knows that Qin Zhiran is the real deal, and her family background is very strong. I'm sorry, so don't embarrass me" gesture.

This time they met unexpectedly, Qin Zhiran didn't see Xu Chuyan at first, but Xu Chuyan ran over to say hello, and when Qin Zhiran looked up, she saw Xu Chuyan's face somewhat similar to Ruan Xi's, and the viciousness in her heart couldn't be suppressed Come up.

  Drinking a lot of red wine, Qin Zhiran was a little bit drunk, seeing Xu Chuyan directly took her as Ruan Xi, and then laughed, the confidence and calculations in that smile made Xu Chuyan alert.

   "Miss Qin, are you okay?" Xu Chuyan stood opposite and asked in a low voice.

   "I'm fine, you don't need to pretend to be kind, you'd better give yourself more blessings, haha..."

  Qin Zhiran stood up unsteadily, paid the bill and left.

  Xu Chuyan felt that Qin Zhiran's words were a bit weird, and Qin Zhiran's drunkenness made her not sure whether those words were meant for her.

  Xu Chuyan was still wondering, but the women who came together had already beckoned to call her.

   "Isn't that Qin Zhiran?"

  Xu Chuyan nodded, "Well, it's her, my man's fiancee." In front of people of the same status, Xu Chuyan said such words without shame, even with a sense of pride.

And the women who came together, when they heard that her man was Pei Nanming, immediately filled their eyes with envy, and said together, "You can do it, you can actually catch this big fish Pei Nanming, since you have already caught it, then let's do it again." It's best to kick that real card away and straighten yourself."

  Xu Chuyan originally had this kind of thought, but she just dared to think about it and dare not do it. Now when she heard someone's urging, her eagerness to try, coupled with her already expanding ambition, made her even more eager to move.

"However, how can I set things straight? First of all, I don't have the huge family behind Qin Zhiran. Furthermore, I don't have the confidence to make Pei Nanming completely surrender. His mind is hard to grasp..." Xu Chuyan pretended to be unconfident and melancholy .

  Actually, Pei Nanming's mind is not difficult to grasp, mainly because she is not the one in Pei Nanming's heart, so she knows very well that she may be cleaned up by Pei Nanming at any time.

"That couldn't be easier." A woman with a coquettish appearance suddenly came close to her ear and said mysteriously, "As long as you work harder and steal his seed, what else can he do to you? No matter how hard you are, No matter how cruel a man is, he will not disregard his own children."

  Xu Chuyan's eyes lit up, and she deliberately shyly said, "I know..."

Ruan Xi was sitting in the yard playing with a newly-delivered monstera. In fact, this monstera was not very good, but Ruan Xi liked it very much. I've been playing with it for a long time, but I don't feel tired at all.

  Tang Wenyi stood aside, watching Ruan Xi play house like a child, and happily smirked at the monstera, completely unable to tell what it was like in his heart.

  This afternoon, he is going to fly to the newly opened factory again, but now Ruan Xi is almost a fool, not the same as before.

   Is this what Pei Nanming wants? He sighed helplessly. Both Pei Nanming and he knew that Ruan Xi would become what he is now, but Pei Nanming still sat down, and he still chose to support Pei Nanming. Whether he was in a mess or helping the tyrant, he couldn't see Pei Nanming being sad.

  He was wandering alone in his thoughts, Ruan Xi suddenly turned around and smirked, and then beckoned to her mysteriously, how cute it was.

  Tang Wenyi looked at her and asked, "What's wrong?"

  Ruan Xi didn't answer, just said, "Come here, come here, let me show you something good."

  Tang Wenyi shook his head, smiled wryly, what good things can be dug up from a pile of soil and a monstera? Could it be said that money can grow out of monstera?

  Although she thought so in her heart, she still couldn't bear to spoil Ruan Xi's interest, so she walked over slowly.

Ruan Xi still turned her head to look at him, her smile was very mysterious, her white teeth were just right exposed, it was a very innocent and lovely expression, but Tang Wenyi didn't know if he was a little nervous, he always felt that Ruan Xi's smile There is conspiracy.

   Sure enough, when Tang Wenyi walked up to Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi still refused to speak, but waved him to squat beside her.

Tang Wenyi thought, even if there was a conspiracy, it would not pose any real threat to him, but just as soon as he squatted down, Ruan Xi suddenly shook his hand, and Bai Xi's fingers were covered with sand, and his thumb and index finger were just clinging to each other. With a thick and long earthworm.

   This thing is really not scary, but it is suddenly thrown out when people are unprepared, and anyone who falls on it will be shocked.

   Tang Wenyi has nothing to fear, except earthworms. Speaking of earthworms, it was a nightmare that plagued him throughout his childhood.

  He is a child from the city, and his family background is quite good. The only time he went back to the countryside, he followed his mother back to see his grandma.

  The children in the country are wild, they play with bare feet all over the ground, and they all have a great time playing. He hadn't been so wild since he was a child, he was interested, and he happily joined the team of Sa Huan'er.

  People use feet and mud, he also learns from others, okay, come and go, there is something wriggling under the soles of the feet, at first he didn't pay attention to it, and then mixed the two sides to form a fine earthworm.

  Where did you see him in the city? Plus he was young at that time, only five years old, so he jumped up in fright and ran back to find his grandma in tears.


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