Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 103

Pei Nanming's handsome face approached dangerously, his eyes were fixed on her pale cheeks, but Ruan Xi knew that it was not because of lust, but because of anger, she didn't say anything

   Saying a word, the gloomy and irritable eyes in his eyes will become more intense, which is reflected in his movements that at first he can move slowly

  Understand her buckle*, but in the end, she simply tore it.

  Although there are not many people here, it is on the side of the road. She can't believe that Pei Nanming is really going to be here...

  She went to grab his hand, with humiliation and pleading in her eyes.

  And Pei Nanming turned a blind eye, pulling her wrist away violently with one hand, while the other hand just penetrated into her

  * One pass, squeeze and knead hard.

  He was punishing her, she knew, she gritted her teeth in pain and shook her head at him, her eyes watered.

  Seeing her aggrieved and uncomfortable appearance, Pei Nanming's anger became stronger, and he pushed her away when she opened the car door.

   Get in the car.

  This time his car was ostentatious enough and had a lot of space. After he pushed Ruan Xi into it, he also dwarfed

  Sit in, close the door and lock it, the car suddenly became dark, and they could see the road

   pedestrians, but pedestrians on the road can't see inside through the glass.

  But these Ruan Xi didn't know it, they just felt tense all over.

   Staring at Pei Nanming in panic, "You can't do this, let me go! Pei Nanming, I don't owe you anything, let me go!"

   Open me! I am a human, not a beast! "She shrank back as she cried, but Pei Nanming gave her a cold look,

   Pulled her ankle mercilessly, and pulled it down fiercely, Ruan Xi immediately fell on the flat car seat.

   Then he was suppressed by Pei Nanming.

  She struggled and kicked wildly, but in exchange Pei Nanming said, "I'm a slut at heart, pretending to be innocent in front of me

  , is it playing hard to get? Let me tell you, the current you only makes me feel sick! "

   To Ruan Xi's ears, these words were tantamount to slapping her several times, even worse than slapping her.

   She couldn't stand it.

  She stopped struggling suddenly, and stared blankly at Pei Nanming for a while. The lights in the car were not turned on, and the space was dark.

  Although she was very close, she could only see Pei Nanming's vague outline.

   He said, I only made him feel sick?

   This consciousness has been in her mind for a long time, and the next moment there is a sudden pain in her heart,

  But she didn't know why it hurt.

   "Why, the point is on point, isn't it?" He pinched her chin with one hand, and slid down her chest with the other

   went straight to the depths of the flowers in the lower abdomen.

  She suddenly widened her eyes, and began to twist her body to refuse the encroachment of his fingers. However, in Pei Nanming's eyes, this

   is to refuse to welcome.

   "Don't touch me, I told you not to touch me!" Her voice became sharper and desperate than ever before.

  Pei Nanming's response was just a cold snort, but the next moment, there was a bit of a smile in his voice, "But

  Your body does love my fingers, doesn't it? "

   As he spoke, Ruan Xi stabbed hard, and Ruan Xi groaned in pain, even the tip of his heart trembled.

   "Pei Nanming, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" Ruan Xi cried, her voice becoming broken.

  Pei Nanming only felt as if the tip of his heart was firmly grasped by sharp claws with barbs all the time, and then he tore it apart indiscriminately.

  Twitching, the pain was unbearable, but in this pain, there was a *smoothness!

   Seeing Ruan Xi in pain would make his heart ache, but he couldn't stop her from suffering! He is like a plant growing without

  The number of thorny thorns hurts oneself and hurts others.

  A lot of women who are loose under him will also scream and cry, but this is the first time someone has

   time to cry and scream, "I hate you!"

  He seemed to be stimulated, and his fingers began to rampage quickly inside her, regardless of her feelings


  She gritted her teeth and endured it, but what made her feel shameful was that her body would

   Sensitization and slight startle after initial numbness.

  He laughed muffledly beside him, his voice was cold and full of disdainful sarcasm, but his breathing became rough and deep

  ,"Your body is very honest, but also very obscene, Xiao Xier, you hate me, but it doesn't hate me, but looks forward to it

  , want me! "

   As she said, she backed out, she shook, and was suddenly occupied by a huge emptiness, and that feeling of shock also climbed up

  A step made her arch her body uncontrollably.

  The next moment, Pei Nanming suddenly pushed forward heavily, pressing down hard, the violent movement made Ruan Xi scream, and

   In the daze, she had no idea what she had become.

  It was just a kind of cold discouragement that flooded into her heart when her body was immersed in extreme happiness, completely submerging her

  ——He's right, I'm really lewd... Otherwise, I wouldn't scream, I wouldn't pick him with one finger,


  She and Pei Nanming have been together for a long time, but Pei Nanming never gives foreplay, so she has been through a long time, and here

  Aspects are still simple, which in her view has become particularly shameful and unacceptable.

  After a decisive* mentality invaded, she gave up struggling and just let him play around

  , and she knew very well that the movements he repeated were all poses in the nude photos!

  His hair was wet with sweat, and it slipped down his firm jaw. Ruan Xi had no strength left, but he did not give up

   Pull his clothes.

  For Ruan Xi's reaction, he was surprised at first, but gradually became a little joyful and confused.

  Full of anger, just want to punish, to the final indulgence to go to the peak of happiness, this is almost a qualitative change.

  Ruan Xi finally tore off his clothes, opened to his strong shoulders in the dim light, then she smiled, her eyes wide

  Hands climbed to her shoulders and lips, but bit down hard, blood overflowing from her mouth, she still refused to relax.

  Pei Nanming frowned in pain, but he ignored it. Instead, he subconsciously pushed hard and sent it straight into her depths.

  There was a surge of waves, overwhelming the sea, her head was thrown back, her slightly parted lips were like a thirsty fish,

   There was a low groan.

  In the end, Ruan Xi ran out of energy and passed out, but Pei Nanming had many teeth marks on her body,

   Fortunately, there were only two bleeding spots. Although the back one was painful, but because she was too weak to close her teeth together, she just bleed.

   got away with it.

   This love was almost a bloody fight, he was bitten by her to bleed, but she was also bleed by him


   Pulled out, she trembled slightly, and then lay on the back seat without moving.

  He cleaned himself up, put his clothes in order, still in good shape, and then turned on the lights in the car,

   Sitting on the side and quietly lighting a cigarette, while smoking, he quietly looked at Ruan Xi, who was almost completely naked.

  The hickey marks on his upper body have witnessed how fierce they were just now. He never doubted his ability, but he never doubted his own ability.

  Which woman is so intense.

  He knew that he was hopeless, and perhaps the one who lost in the revenge against her was himself.

   But he has no retreat, and he doesn't want to retreat.

  Tang Wenyi persuaded him more than once, why make things difficult for himself? But apart from the name of revenge, he didn't know

  Is there any reason to keep her, and I don't know what else he can do besides revenge her.

  His family’s misfortune was all due to her mother. This is an undeniable fact, and no one can deny it.

  And the death of his mother Ruan Ting really had nothing to do with Ruan Xi?

  These things are in front of him, and he always aims at revenge. These are the hurdles he cannot overcome.

  Looking at Ruan Xi's blushing face and messy hair afterwards, the fire in his heart became vigorous again. perhaps

  , this is poisoning and addiction, right? Her charm and her beauty are different, and he knows that these belong to him

  Yes, but when the stack of nude photos unfolded in front of his eyes, it showed her captivating side

   is as vivid, which means that others have seen her like that, which makes him completely unbearable, besides

  , even if he didn't show it at all, he couldn't tolerate her being peeped like that!

   This is probably the so-called desire for monopoly.

  Flicked the cigarette ash, he blew on Ruan Xi, the smile on his lips was cold and evil

  Evil and ferocious, "Ruan Xi, it was you who had to run to cause this kind of thing to happen.

  Fruit, you know? "

  Ruan Xi felt thirsty, like walking in the desert for a long time, exhausted and thirsty for river water, but exhausted

   She couldn’t even raise her arms. The feeling of confusion in the vast desert and the fear of not being able to find her way oppressed her.

  She wanted to express her pain, but she couldn't even cry.

  In the extreme confusion, she began to be unable to restrain herself, and cried aloud, only to realize that it was another nonsensical scene when she opened her eyes suddenly.

  Dream in the head, I touched my face, but the face was full of tears, and my mind was a little clearer, only to find that I was lying on the soft bed

On the * of   , there is a large window opposite, and a row of black leather sofas are placed in front of the window, and Zhang in the evening also sees through the window

  Luo shot in, she couldn't get used to it for a moment and squinted slightly, only then realized that there was another person sitting on the sofa, because his back was facing

  Zhang Yi has been sitting still, almost making her ignore his existence.

  But even though Zhang Yi was still very dazzling, she couldn't see the man's face clearly, but she only saw a rough outline, she

  's body stiffened instinctively, blood flowed backwards all over his body, and his eyes immediately revealed the fear in his heart.

  Pei Nanming still did not speak, crossed his legs, leaned on the sofa and looked at her silently, with a motionless posture

  The air around him suddenly turned cold, and the invisible oppression made Ruan Xi's breathing stagnate for a while.

   Her heart was beating like a drum, this was her deep-rooted fear of him. Some people may say that such Ruan Xizhen

  It’s useless, you should stand up and resist, but it’s really not a matter of resisting or not when she’s really at her level.

   Instead, she was simply powerless to resist.

  Like ants and elephants, she is just a lonely ant with no relatives or friends.

  Moving an elephant is more ridiculous than whimsical. What Pei Nanming holds is not only money, but also power. He can

  Gravely turned her from her sister into an underground*, she can be placed under house arrest without any scruples and her freedom restricted,

  You can also drag her from the ground* to the surface to become a trample accused by everyone. All of this, she can hardly

  Dao really never thought about resisting? But how can she resist when she is alone? From childhood to adulthood, his father was his father

  Dear, grandpa is his grandpa, everything belongs to him.

  If it is said that she in Ning He has never underestimated herself or felt inferior, that is definitely a lie

  Yes, she is an orphan, orphans are sensitive, she is cautious, she is always self-reliant, she is desperate

  Desperately wanting to leave the Pei family, this is precisely the dual manifestation of her inferiority complex and pride.

  She was just being pitied by others, and she didn’t mind the one with an extra pair of bowls and chopsticks. Since she was a child, she has seen the most

  The sigh in Mr. Pei's eyes is the guilt in Pei Yan's eyes, and the hatred and fear in Ruan Ting's eyes.

  She didn't know why there were so many complicated emotions in their eyes, and she didn't want to delve into it.

  Men Xin thought, if one day she can support herself, she must leave this house.

   But as long as she is human, she will have feelings. The Pei family treats her very well, even though Ruan Ting treats her well in front of people.

  She is extremely gentle, but she doesn't bother to look at her when no one is around. Although Pei Nanming was a little cold at first, but later

   really accepted her, which made her gradually become dependent on this family.

   There was a time when she also felt that maybe living in Pei’s house was not a bad thing, but unfortunately the good times didn’t last long, Ruan Ting

   The dislike of her seems to become more and more deep-seated as she grows up, and even later pretending to be kind in front of others becomes

  It was very difficult...

   Everything was completely overturned because of Ruan Ting's sudden death in the end. In Pei Nanming's eyes, she

   Completely became a sinner, and since then began her real miserable life.

  Even though she never believed that the executioner was herself, she also understood that if she didn't stand upright

  If she was behind Ruan Ting and she didn't turn around, the tragedy would not have happened.

   "What exactly do you want?" Ruan Xi's voice trembled, but she revealed extremely tired. Even if she ran, she

   I am also tired from running. This kind of escape, which is always fearful and afraid of being discovered by him, but is still discovered by him in the end, she has already

   I don't want to do it again.


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