Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 100

Ruan Xi was stunned for a moment, and replied somewhat unnaturally, "I did something wrong and I humiliated my adoptive parents, so I ran out."

  Her answer was so simple that it completely missed the point. Jiang Yi just exhaled smoke rings to watch the night scene outside the window, without asking any further questions.

   "From now on, outside, you can call me Xiaoxi."

  Jiang Yi nodded, "I'll go buy some ingredients and come back."

  Seeing that Jiang Yi didn't ask, Ruan Xi's heart loosened. It's not that she didn't want to talk to Jiang Yi, but she knew how embarrassing her matter was.

   "I'll go with you."

  That night, in order to celebrate the reunion after a long absence, both of them drank wine, Ruan Xi was a typical one-drinker, while Jiang Yi was a little drunk. But even if she is not drunk, she can't help but keep pouring down the wine. In the end, Jiang Yi was so drunk that she fell on the sofa, with one leg resting on Ruan Xi's lap.

  Ruan Xi was drunk and just leaned on the sofa, sleeping with her eyes closed.

  She had many dreams again that night. In the dream, a man was sitting on a bizarre bar counter drinking non-stop, with a pile of empty wine bottles beside him. That back figure is extremely familiar, with desolation and loneliness in the familiarity, Ruan Xi feels that her heart is tightening in one place.

She walked over in a strange way, trying to see the man's face clearly. As she walked in, the profile of the man's profile became clearer and clearer. At first it looked like Gu Chi, and her heart ached more and more. When Gu Chi's name was called, that face suddenly turned around, but it turned into Pei Nanming's.

  Pei Nanming has handsome eyebrows, a smooth jaw line, but her eyes are red with anger, and she was so frightened that her heart was shaking, and she wanted to run away, but found that her feet seemed to be nailed, and she couldn't move at all.

Pei Nanming looked at her, his originally red eyes suddenly changed, his eyes narrowed slightly, dangerous and evil, he got up and leaned into her ear and whispered, "Ruan Xi, I will not let you go! Even if you go to the ends of the earth , I will definitely catch you back! Just wait for me!"

   Then she felt her jaw tighten suddenly, but she was picked up...

   Struggling in a panic, she opened her eyes only to realize that it was a dream. The reality is that the sky is bright, and Jiang Yi is pinching her chin and frowning, staring at Ruan Xi with big eyes, a little cold.

  Ruan Xi couldn't react to the situation for a while, but Jiang Yi suddenly let go of her, "You're still so worthless, you can cry like this in your sleep, look at your swollen eyes like apricot stones."

   Throwing a towel to Ruan Xi, "I still have something to do, so I won't have breakfast."

  Carrying the bag and planning to go out, he took two steps and stopped, "I won't be back these few days, so I don't need to prepare my meal."

  Ruan Xi sat for a long time before starting to wash, and then cleaned up the room. When Jiang Yi's room was cleaned up, she was shocked.

  There are many small street advertisements under the cabinet in Jiang Yi's room, and all of these small advertisements promote how to make money faster, more and more easily.

   Seeing this, Ruan Xi's heart suddenly became colder.

  The portraits of * on those small advertisements, as well as the slogans of several thousand yuan per hour, several thousand yuan per session, almost made Ruan Xi fall to the ground.

   Is this why Jiang Yi appeared there? She remembered that Jiang Yi was so strong when she was a child, and Jiang Yi who was so strong and knew how to take care of others, how could she do such a thing?

  Suddenly, the words Jiang Yi said, "We often can't get rid of the pot..." floated in my ears. At that time, Jiang Yi's tone was very indifferent, but now that I think about it, how much helplessness is in this indifference! People always have to live, they have to eat to live, and they need money to eat.

  She often works outside, so she naturally knows that it is not easy to make money. No matter how expensive the management fee of this residential area is, there is no need to sell herself, right?

   Suddenly, an indisputable anger rose from the bottom of my heart!

   Chased out almost desperately, but there was no sign of Jiang Yi downstairs!

In the past few days, Ruan Xi has not been idle. She took the fake certificate that Qin Zhiran had applied for and started looking for a job. Although she didn't graduate from college, she still had some education. In addition, she studied hard and had a good foundation, so she wanted to find a job. Not too lucrative jobs are not difficult.

  After finding a job, she was naturally in a good mood, but thinking of Jiang Yi, she frowned, and began to regret that she tore up the check from Qin Zhiran. If I have a lot of money, maybe I can help Jiang Yi and let Jiang Yi give up that business, right?

   Biting his lip and looking at the employment notice in his hand, he couldn't help frowning even more.

  Perhaps, it's time to get back the card that Zhang Tong prepared...

  *Pei's skyscraper, top floor, CEO's office, Chi Yan'an, one of the president's secretaries, is still tremblingly standing opposite the desk, waiting for Pei Nanming to finish signing the documents.

  Pei Nanming's expression is actually quite soft, at least there is a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. When signing documents, they are also meticulous and have no distractions.

   But Chi Yanan just felt that the air pressure in the office was strong and the air was cold, with ice skates swishing in every inch of space. She was worried that if she didn't pay attention, she would be stabbed to the core.

  Standing for about 20 minutes, Pei Nanming finally signed all the documents, and pushed the signed documents to Chi Yan'an, "Is the appointment with President Qin's arranged?"

  As he asked, he closed his eyes and leaned back on the chair, rubbing his forehead, his tiredness could not be concealed between his brows.

"It's already been arranged. The appointment is the afternoon of the day after tomorrow. The venue is the Neptune Club." Chi Yan'an kept standing at attention and held his breath when answering, for fear that if he made a mistake accidentally, he would be bombarded by Pei Nanming's hidden anger. corpse.

Ever since it was revealed that Ruan Xi suddenly disappeared due to a joint misunderstanding, she has seen Pei Nanming not sleep a wink for a week. She knew that Pei Nanming was a workaholic before, but she definitely knew how to arrange her rest time reasonably, otherwise, she would not When I have time, I change the hair around me back and forth.

This time, Pei Nanming's desperation was completely different, day and night, he wished he could not come out at work, and sometimes he would hold meetings for a whole day, and basically every manager would be criticized by him for being too arrogant, so , Now when it comes to meetings, the executives are all terrified.

  Now, the entire Pei Group employees are suffering from Pei Nanming's rare anxiety. Chi Yan'an has been with Pei Nanming for so long, and it's the first time she saw Pei Nanming being so emotional at work. Thinking of the day when Pei Nanming suddenly smashed the glass, she even felt a miserable chill on her back.

   It would be great if Tang Wenyi was here, this was what Chi Yanan thought in his heart. In her opinion, Tang Wenyi was the one who could talk the most by Pei Nanming's side among all the employees. Of course, she had no idea that it was because Tang Wenyi and Pei Nanming had a good personal relationship.

   "Yeah." Leaning back in the chair, closing his eyes, he responded softly, and then said nothing.

Standing opposite him, Chi Yan'an couldn't figure out the situation for a while. Usually at this time, Pei Nanming would explain some other work and then let her go out, but today his simple response made it easy for Chi Yan'an, who has always had a delicate mind. Not sure, but finally seeing Pei Nanming's tired face, he still backed out gently.

  When he reached the door, he saw Qin Zhiran coming over with coffee, and Chi Yan'an bowed slightly as a greeting.

  Qin Zhiran glanced at Chi Yanan and smiled, but Chi Yanan clearly sensed the guard in Qin Zhiran's smile.

For Qin Zhiran, Chi Yan'an really doesn't like to see her very much from the bottom of her heart, but everyone in the workplace will become sleek and sophisticated because of survival, so even if she doesn't like Qin Zhiran, because Qin Zhiran is Pei Nanming's fiancée, in the future it will be the whole Pei Nanming's fiancée. As the hostess of the family group, she must treat her with a smile and humility.

  As soon as Chi Yan'an left, Qin Zhiran's face turned down. Now she finds every opposite sex around Pei Nanming glaring. A few days after getting Ruan Xi away, she was impatient to drive away the other women around Pei Nanming.

  Now, the woman she hates the most is Xu Chuyan, the woman who is seven or eight times similar to Ruan Xi!

She naturally disdains a woman like Xu Chuyan, but the tricky thing is that Xu Chuyan has a good face, and Pei Nanming takes Xu Chuyan around in public almost without hesitation, completely treating her as a fiancee as nothing, so Of course she couldn't bear to trample on her dignity.

   And that woman Xu Chuyan also has no self-consciousness at all, and she is complacent when she destroys people's feelings. Every time she looks at Qin Zhiran, her eyes are full of provocation, and she looks very arrogant.

   Entering the office, I saw Pei Nanming slightly raising his graceful chin, with the back of his hand lightly resting on his eyes, without moving for a long time. Walking over gently, he tried his best to soften his voice and said affectionately, "Nan Ming, you are very tired. Have a cup of coffee and relax."

  Pei Nanming still kept his original posture, as if he didn't hear what Qin Zhiran said at all.

  Qin Zhiran was disappointed for a while, but she was not angry. Instead, she walked around behind him lightly, and stretched out her slender fingers to massage Pei Nanming's temples.

  Pei Nanming didn't refuse, but just took away his hands from his eyes, and still didn't open them.

  Qin Zhiran felt a little joy in his heart. When he was alone, he almost never treated her so tenderly. He either refused, or galloped on the bed, obviously when they were together, she could feel the joy of being filled, but when she woke up, her heart would always be empty and cold, and the bed beside her was even colder.

  He never stayed by her side for the night. At that time, she only had one feeling in her heart, that she was no different from those Yingying Yanyan who surrounded him, they were just a tool to satisfy his desire to vent.

  Now she feels an unprecedented hope, a little bit of joy is infinitely enlarged by her, and *rippling on her face.

  However, before she could fully smile, she was frozen because of Pei Nanming's words without any warmth.

   "Where did you get her?"

  Qin Zhiran's hands were stiff, and she immediately denied, "I don't know what you're talking about."

  Pei Nanming twitched his lips, opened his eyes suddenly, turned his chair, and faced Qin Zhiran, his eyes were dark and bright, but the light was as sharp as an eagle, as if everything would become invisible in his eyes.

   "You want me to say it myself?"

  He turned his head, picked up the coffee Qin Zhiran brought over, and took a leisurely sip.

  Qin Zhiran clenched her hands into fists, looked directly at Pei Nanming, and shook her head firmly, "I have nothing to do with her leaving. You can't accuse me like that."

  Pei Nanming has seen many people who lie without blinking an eye, but this is the first time Pei Nanming has seen a person who lies so confidently without giving up.

Pei Nanming put down his coffee and looked at Qin Zhiran quietly, "I knew your thoughts before, and I also knew that you always like to play tricks. To me, it's no big deal, even the last time you used my mobile phone to take her I lied to get into the car and almost raped her. I also chose to turn a blind eye. I thought that you have a bad temper, but your nature is not black. I didn't expect you to disappoint me to this extent. It doesn't matter if you want to be my wife or the young mistress of the Pei family." Speaking of this, Pei Nanming raised his brows even higher, and looked at Qin Zhiran with a colder look in his eyes, "Who It doesn't matter if it's not you, Qin Zhiran, but someone else. Since you've been dreaming of this position since you were a child, then I'll do as you wish. I thought that you should at least calm down a bit. I didn't expect that you were really dissatisfied, and you started to get worse. There are many women around me, and there are many who you don't like. I don't care if you want to deal with them, but now, you are the one I want to lock. To send it away, why, it's fun to fight against me, isn't it?"

Every word of Pei Nanming was like a knife, every time he uttered a word, Qin Zhiran's face turned pale, and when he said, "It's not you, Qin Zhiran, it could be someone else", the pain and resentment in Qin Zhiran's heart , to the extreme.

  He's telling me that he doesn't care who he marries, that he's not with me because he likes me! In his eyes, the role of a wife is just a decoration, not even a decoration! He can enter the palace of marriage with any woman, any woman!

   This idea hit Qin Zhiran's heart crazily, and finally she raised her eyes bitterly, looking at Pei Nanming, "You are pitying me, aren't you?!"

  Both eyes were sore and red, tears rolled in her eyes, "You only care about Ruan Xi, don't you?"

  She grabbed Pei Nanming's sleeve regardless of her image, and asked her hard.

  Pei Nanming smiled, his smile was as cold and sharp as a knife, "I have pity on you, are you worthy of my pity? I don't care about Ruan Xi, so what does it matter to you?" His tone was indifferent, and no displeasure could be heard.

And Qin Zhiran was so stimulated that he didn't care, and asked completely desperately, "You should hate her, shouldn't you! You should hate her! Her surname is Ruan, she killed Aunt Ting, and she is your father's* Qin Xin'er A natural daughter with Ruan He! Her mother destroyed the relationship between your father and mother, and she killed your mother!"

  Qin Zhiran screamed like a lunatic.

Pei Nanming frowned slightly, but his expression was still calm. Looking at Qin Zhiran, who had completely lost his image and looked like a crazy woman, he felt a strange feeling in his heart, "You care too much, but I really hate her. There is indeed an inseparable relationship between her and my mother's death, but what does that have to do with you? Why do you remind me? How can I treat Ruan Xi that is between me and her. By the way, I I forgot that you also have the blood of the Ruan family in your body. You are also half-sisters. I hate the Ruan family and wish the Ruan family would soon collapse. Do you think you can run away? And in name , that Qin Xiner who knows how to seduce men, should be your aunt."

  Qin Zhiran froze instantly, staring blankly at Pei Nanming with red and swollen eyes, and it took a long time to find her own voice, complaining almost in blood, "Pei Nanming, you are so cruel!"

  Pei Nanming smiled gently, as if countless gossips were blooming in this smile, "Compared to your own father, I am far from cruel."

  If it wasn't for the interests of the Ruan family, her mother wouldn't have been suppressed by the Pei family for so many years, and finally had a mental breakdown. If it wasn't for Qin Xiner's appearance, Pei Yan wouldn't *, wouldn't *!

  What he has been unable to figure out is what kind of broken shoe Qin Xiner is, who can marry his father* and then give birth to Ruan Xi with Ruan Hetian!

  His father didn't even care about it. For Qin Xin'er, he completely ignored his mother Ruan Ting's feelings, and tried every means to bring the Ruan family's seed home to raise him, so that his mother would live in the shadow of a third party every day!

At first, he didn't know about these things of the previous generation. He really started to suspect and start to investigate when Ruan Ting had a mental illness for the first time. And there is strong disgust and fear in his eyes! That episode didn't last long, only ten minutes, but three days later, his mother died in a car accident.

After careful investigation, I found out that Qin Xin'er is not a simple woman. As a young lady of the Qin family, she has a very upright appearance. Although she often appears in social situations, she has never been ambiguous with men, but her behavior later proved that , she is simply a slut wearing a dignified coat.

  Among the five tyrants in city a, there are two sons who have the same relationship with her They are the former Young Master Pei and the current Master Mo, and the former Young Master Ruan and the current Master Yi.

This young lady who has always had a good reputation suddenly revealed that she had been secretly communicating with his father. At that time, his father had already married his mother. After another year, Qin Xin'er suddenly disappeared, and since then He never appeared again, and the information he got was not detailed. It is speculated that during that time, he hooked up with Ruan Hetian and gave birth to Ruan Xi. What is surprising is that Qin Xiner actually took Ruan Xi away later. , and later, Qin Xin'er committed suicide, Ruan Xi was sent to an orphanage, and was found and adopted by Pei Yan.

Qin Zhiran's lips turned pale, trembling all over, looking at Pei Nanming, almost gritted his teeth and said, "Pei Nanming, don't think that this will scare me off, I will not give up. We are already engaged, and I am your fiancee , no one can change this!"

Pei Nanming was not surprised by Qin Zhiran's reaction at all, he just smiled, "I never thought of changing, you follow me so hard, I'm too happy, why should I scare you off. I'm just telling you, I want to stay longer Son, just be acquainted. My patience is also very limited, I don't care how much other women torment you, but you can't move Ruan Xi and Xu Chuyan."

This time, Qin Zhiran was so angry that his face turned pale and pale, and finally turned his face instantly, smiled Mimi and said, "I know, one of them is your prey and the other is your plaything. Trouble them."

   As she spoke, she squeezed into Pei Nanming's arms coquettishly.

Pei Nanming stared slightly. Of course, he knew that what she said was not sincere at all, and he would definitely do something next time, but he didn't bother to waste words with Qin Zhiran. His goal would be achieved sooner or later, and at that time, the Ruan family and the Qin family would pay for it. The price of bleeding.

  Qin Zhiran came out of the office, attracting many probing and puzzled looks. The sound insulation of the president's office is very good, so no one knew Qin Zhiran's crazy clamor just now, but at this time her eyes were like peach pits, which of course aroused everyone's curiosity. Now she is no longer in the mood to pretend, her heart is full of Ruan Xi and Qin Zhiran, the kind of resentment, jealousy and anxiety made her finally find a breakthrough when she met everyone's probing eyes, and vented fiercely, "What are you looking at?" Look, look around during work hours, everyone has no bonuses this month!"

  These employees are all members of her team. When she said this, they all drooped their heads, and the resentment against her in their stomachs accumulated to a new height.


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