Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 99

After listening to Jiang Yi's simple self-introduction, Ruan Xi shook her hand, and some milk in the cup spilled out. He looked at Jiang Yi with some gaffe, the surprise and uncertainty in his eyes kept changing.

  Seeing her like that, Jiang Yi didn't speak for a long time, shrugged, "It doesn't matter if you don't." After speaking, she got up and took off all the makeup on her face, including the wig on her head.

  Ruan Xi still didn't speak, she stared at Jiang Yi in a daze, her eyes almost chasing Jiang Yi away.

Jiang Yi did things as simply as she spoke, and quickly cleaned up. Ruan Xi found that Jiang Yi looked much better after removing makeup than with heavy makeup. She had moist lips, big eyes and dark pupils. Unresponsive but stubborn and tough, there is a taste of being neither humble nor overbearing.

  However, soon she also found that Jiang Yi's straightforward behavior revealed a certain ruffian taste. When she said it, she felt like, like those girls on the street who would whistle at people from time to time.

  In fact, I guessed it a long time ago. Judging from Jiang Yi's dress, I know that she is actually the same as those girls on the street. She is probably engaged in the same industry for livelihood or other things.

   His eyes were a little sore, he blinked, and asked in a strange way, "How are you all these years?"

  Jiang Yi was shining her shoes, and when she heard her nonsensical words, she raised her eyes and looked at her, "What did you say?"

  Ruan Xi suddenly felt a bone stuck in her throat, but she couldn't say anything, and finally just shook her head.

  Jiang Yi saw that she would stop talking, and didn't bother to pay attention to it. In Jiang Yi's eyes at this moment, Ruan Xi looked extremely grumpy. She likes people who speak and act quickly.

  Bowing her head and continuing to polish her shoes, Ruan Xi took a deep breath, stood up and turned her face away, her eyes were already red.

  In the end, she still couldn't explain it to Jiang Yi.

  She never thought that after so many years, she would reunite with Jiang Yi under such circumstances. After finishing Jiang Yi murmured "A Bei", she thought she had heard it wrong.

  From the situation of this encounter, she knew that Jiang Yi was having a very bad time. She was a little worried that if she rashly identified her, would she feel embarrassed and embarrassing.

  This neighborhood is so poor and dirty, and now she appears here, and Jiang Yi also appears here, so they meet again like this, is it fate?

When she was a child in the Xinzhou Orphanage, Jiang Yi ran away with Ah Bei, but she was timid and afraid of starvation, and she still did not believe the fact that her mother had committed suicide, and even deceived herself to obliterate that fact, and stubbornly stayed and waited, believing that her mother would never die. One day her mother would come back to pick her up, but she waited for a long time for her mother, but instead she waited for Pei Yan, and the fate of colliding with Pei Nanming!

  If, if Jiang Yi and the others ran away together, wouldn't everything be different? Seeing Jiang Yi busy packing her bag and preparing to leave, she just sat there blankly, unable to say anything.

   What about Ah Bei, does Ah Bei also live here?

  Seeing that Jiang Yi opened the door and was about to leave, she stood up suddenly and grabbed Jiang Yi's wrist mysteriously, "Xiao Jiu, don't go. It's me, I'm Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi."

  In the past, she thought that even if she really had the fate to meet Jiang Yi and the others again, she would be able to treat them calmly, but at this moment, her voice and fingers were trembling. I have been persistently donating to the Xinzhou Orphanage for so many years. In fact, I can’t let go of the time when I was cared by Jiang Yi and Ah Bei when I was a child. I can’t let go of these two friends who would rather go hungry than share the food with her. .

  However, after more than ten years of separation and absence, she didn't know if she was still qualified and qualified to be friends with them again. She should have run away with them in the first place.

  Jiang Yi was also taken aback, slowly returning to her senses and looking at Ruan Xi, her eyes were filled with surprise and suspicion, full of uncertain suspicion.

  Is there such a coincidence in the world? She looked at Ruan Xi and didn't speak for a long time.

Ruan Xi's heart was a little cold, a little uneasy, and asked in a low voice, "Ah Bei, how is he? I have been to the Xinzhou Orphanage many times, but I have never met you once. I will ask the director, and she said You never went back, and later, many people were taken away, and even the aunts were changed countless times, I..."

Jiang Yi looked at her for a long time, and Ruan Xi's heart sank. Just when Ruan Xi almost thought that Jiang Yi would never forgive her for her original choice, Jiang Yi suddenly turned around and hugged Ruan Xi, "I I thought your conscience was eaten by dogs!"

  Ruan Xi was stunned, unable to react to the situation for a moment.

Jiang Yi's voice was still crisp, "Ah Bei is fine, and we have had a good life these years. In fact, we have all gone back once, but I heard that you have been taken away by a rich family." Speaking of which, she smiled , "So, we are relieved, of course there is no need to go back."

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, hugging her lost and recovered childhood friend tightly. Some fates are so wonderful, when she lost her family when she was a child, she met Jiang Yi and Ah Bei, now, she still lost her family and had nothing, and at this juncture, they met again.

  A long time later, Ruan Xi smiled and said to Jiang Yi, you are the blessing I cultivated in my previous life, and you always let me rely on me when I was at my worst.

  Jiang Yi smiled and patted her on the shoulder, it's good to know, so when I get married, you have to give me a huge red envelope...

  Ruan Xi moved again that day, but this time she moved to a high-end residential area. The environment of the community is very good, and the beautiful women around Xiangche often come and go.

   "This is the gap." After getting off the taxi, Jiang Yi suddenly said while helping Ruan Xi move things.

  Ruan Xi has been full of confusion since the car stopped, and wanted to ask Jiang Yi why she could live here, but she still ran to the south of the dividing line. But in the end, after all these years, I still couldn't ask Jiang Yi, did she have sex?

I have noticed that Ruan Xi hesitated to speak for a long time, Jiang Yi didn't explain, just wanted to see how long Ruan Xi could hold back, in the end, Jiang Yi couldn't hold her breath, "If you have any doubts, just ask, I think You feel suffocated."

  Ruan Xi was a little embarrassed, "I'm just curious, why did you make up like that and run to the south of the dividing line."

Talking Ruan Xi looked around, the decorations in this residential area are all very high-end, definitely not affordable by ordinary people, since Jiang Yi can live here, why would she still wear such cheap clothes and make herself look like that Being chased by a group of gangsters?

  Speaking of this, Jiang Yi didn't give her an answer, but stopped in front of the door to open the anti-theft door, and dragged things in.

  Ruan Xi doesn't mind, she knows that everyone has secrets that cannot be shared with others, and so does she, so she doesn't force it.

However, after Jiang Yi settled her things, she sat on the sofa, took out a cigarette and lit a cigarette, "This is Song Li's house, not mine." Speaking of this, Jiang Yi rolled her eyes, In the smog, Jiang Yi's eyes were a little blurred, a little decadent*.

   Looking at it, Ruan Xi felt distressed. Jiang Yi was also very strong when she was a child, but it was by no means what she is now. She wasn't disgusted, but felt powerless. Although Jiang Yi tried her best to conceal it, she could still see the exhaustion on Jiang Yi's face at a glance.

"Song Li, you definitely don't know him. He was met after Ah Bei and I came to this city. At that time, Ah Bei and I were children and had no place to live. We could only hang around south of the dividing line. You know , no matter where child laborers are taken in, and we were only six or seven years old at the time, so that dirty street was the best shelter for us." Jiang Yi leaned on the sofa, smoking one puff at a time, The left leg was casually placed on the right leg, "Later, we met Song Li there, and we had a fight, maybe this is the so-called no deal, since then, Ah Bei and I have moved here. Compared with other people, the three of us are very weird, we live in a very high-end place, but we can only hang around south of the dividing line, you know, property management fees, utilities are very expensive, and we often can't get rid of it..."

   Speaking of which, Jiang Yi smiled, but her somewhat self-deprecating smile made Ruan Xi feel heartwarming and uncomfortable.


   "So, in the future, I will cover all your meals, and you will pay the rent, okay?"

  Jiang Yi glanced at Ruan Xi, and nodded when she saw Ruan Xi's sincerity, "Of course, I won't have to go out for food in the future."

  Ruan Xi smiled reassuringly, "Where's Ah Bei?"

  Speaking of Ah Bei, Jiang Yi's eyes seemed to change, "He is a guitarist in the orchestra, and he won't be coming back soon. The owner of this house is on a business trip, and he won't be coming back soon."

  Speaking of them, Jiang Yi looked thoughtful and frowned from time to time.

  Ruan Xi knew very well that Jiang Yi deliberately ignored the reason why she dressed like that and ran to the south of the dividing line, and it was inconvenient to ask more questions, so she had to accept it without talking about it.

   "What about you, why do you live there?" Both of them were silent, but Jiang Yi suddenly asked about her.


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