Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 98

"Of course I don't know."

   Zhang Tong answered crisply.

  He felt angry for a while, lost for a while, and finally there was only loneliness in his eyes. It turned out that she really wanted to never see me again, Ruan Xi, you are so cruel! However, since you have brought my seed, don't even try to escape from my palm. Do you think I can't find you if you hide? !

   A moment of loss, a moment of pain, a moment of resentment, a moment of loneliness, a moment of ruthlessness, it was the first time that Pei Nanming's mood was expressed so clearly and changeably on his face.

  Watching the changes in his emotions, Zhang Tong couldn't help but startled. Can a person have so many emotions in the blink of an eye?

  Seeing Pei Nanming's real emotions, she could hardly connect him with the * in Ruan Xi's mouth.

  Pei Nanming smiled politely at Zhang Tong, "I'm really sorry to bother you." After speaking, he turned and left gracefully. What's the point of the eager and out-of-control look just now?

The more changeable a person is, the more he wears many masks. At this moment, Zhang Tong suddenly became curious. How many masks does this man, who behaves like an aristocrat and behaves like an aristocrat, but has an indifferent and tough temperament? What about masks?

  Watching Pei Nanming drive away in the Lambo, Zhang Tong was still a little dazed. It wasn't until a colleague from the photo studio came out and patted her on the shoulder as a prank, that she suddenly regained her senses.

   "Why, who has been seduced by someone? Look at your unrepentant Sichun look?!" The colleague laughed and teased her.

  She blushed suddenly, "What are you talking about!"

   "Yeah, don't think I didn't see it. Who was that handsome man who drove the Rolls-Royce just now? Everyone has been lying at the window for a long time, and I have never seen such a handsome and scumbag man!"

  Colleagues were talking to themselves, but Zhang Tong's thoughts drifted away.

  Ruan Xi, you finally ran out, but why didn't you contact me? Suddenly remembering what she said during the last phone call, she asked for leave immediately, then took a taxi and hurried to work.

  When getting out of the car, Ruan Xi felt pain all over her body, as if she had just climbed out of a narrow wooden box, and she could hear the creaking of her waist bones even after stretching.

  Finding a hotel to stay in, she was not in a hurry to rest, but went shopping and replaced all the things that Qin Zhiran had prepared, even she hesitated to throw away that fake ID card.

She really didn't want her whereabouts to be discovered because her bank card was implanted with a chip like last time. After thinking about it, Qin Zhiran didn't need to control her whereabouts at all. What's more, what Qin Zhiran wanted to do had already been done and put it on the cabinet Those nude photos were evidence, and she didn't need to follow her tracks at all.

  Thinking of nude photos, I couldn't help feeling chills all over my body. When I was in a coma, I was secretly photographed in nude photos, and put on so many humiliating poses!

Qin Zhiran's ruthlessness and despicableness really can't be changed forever. It was the first time that he was raped by someone who failed, and then he found someone to design and take nude photos. When I came into contact with such a woman, I felt horrified when I thought about it. Fortunately, I will never do it again. Got in touch!

After shopping, she went to the barber shop, had a neat haircut, and then returned to the hotel. However, this time she did not live in this hotel, but checked out directly and changed to a small hotel near the train station. The next day, I took the intercity bus again and went directly to a second-tier city.

  The pattern of this city surprised her.

  The northern half of the city is absolutely affluent, while the southern half of the city is absolutely poor.

The place where she got off happened to be on the line of wealth and poverty. This line of wealth and poverty is not obvious, but anyone with a long-term eye can see that the buildings to the north of this street are luxurious, while the buildings to the south are dilapidated and dilapidated. It's still a bit short.

  In order to save money and hide it better, she chose to live in a slum south of the poverty line. The law and order in this area is not very good, and it is a bit chaotic, but because of this, the concealment here is relatively much better. Even if Pei Nanming finds this city by chance, he can find more opportunities to escape.

  She rented a local private house, which is a small one-story house, separated from the north and the south, and each door does not affect each other. The master's family lived on the side facing the sun, and she lived in the small single room facing north.

  Because the shade is on the first floor, the ground is still damp and the light is poor even though it is already autumn season. But although the conditions here are very harsh, she tidied up the room with great joy, bought new bedding and laid it out, and finally got a restful sleep, which lasted until the evening before waking up.

  There are fire clouds hanging on the sky outside, illuminating the surrounding houses in red. Get up and comb, go out for food.

  At this time, the children who were going to school had already finished school, walking home in twos and threes. These children are not well-off, and affected by the environment, they dress in a somewhat nondescript manner.

  There are many brands standing on the street, there is a barber shop, dry cleaners, sauna shop, all kinds of them are very complete. I went into a snack bar and ordered a cold noodle, and ate it with a basket of small buns.

  At this time, the few mean-spirited men sitting at the table opposite her were picking their teeth while knocking their feet on the stool, chatting endlessly, and occasionally spit out a few words that made her feel very awkward and ugly.

"F*ck, a phoenix flew out of the chicken coop." A man with buck teeth in his forties said very unhappy, "That little bitch can climb up to that kind of young and rich man, how fucking old The sky is blind. You said that the man is also, why did he fall in love with her!"

   "Forget it, Boss. If it's easy to say anything to that girl and the two boys next to her, once you get involved with that man, let's bear with it. We can't afford to provoke that kind of person."

  The kid next to him quickly filled a glass of beer for the buck-toothed man, persuading him.

The toothpick that the buck-toothed man was holding in his mouth suddenly spit it out, and then gave a bah sound, picked up the wine glass and took a sip, "Bah, I don't believe it, that little bastard can keep hooking that man's heart, there will be One day, that man will get bored, and if he kicks her at that time, he must take good care of her!"

   The people next to him quickly echoed, "What the boss said is true, what the boss said is true."

Ruan Xi felt that her ears were not clean, and she wanted to finish her meal and leave, but she heard the buck-tooth continue to say, "Is it strange if you say it is strange, that little scumbag is a gangster who grew up on our street. Neither male nor female, not a bit of amorous feelings that a woman should have, that man wants money and fame, if he can't find any kind of woman, why did he fall in love with her?"

  Baoya is actually quite gossip, super curious.

   Can't help but glance at that buck tooth, not wanting to cause trouble, so he quickly lowered his head to eat.

  The people at that table were obviously very interested in this topic, so naturally no one paid attention to her.

"I heard that the man also came out of our neighborhood. He used to be a resident singer at a karaoke bar. Not only that, but he also seemed to have done some improper things. He was also quite poor at that time. After all, he was able to come from It’s really enviable to walk out of here and still mix so well.”

  The other person stuffed a mouthful of bean sprouts into his mouth, and said while chewing.

"There's nothing to be envious of." Big Bucky obviously couldn't bear the admiration and envy of his subordinates talking about other men, his face suddenly became a little unhappy, and he said sourly, "Isn't it just that he has a good face?" , even the inseparable manager next to him looks like an ancient man, I think they can have today, maybe they have slept with those rich women or powerful men with sex hobbies."

  These people are not shy about speaking, no matter how ugly they say, they still say it openly, which makes Ruan Xi feel both funny and admired.

  Before she came into contact with people, she kept her likes and dislikes in her heart, even if she wanted to tear you up and throw you in the cesspit to make dung, she still smiled and friendly to impress you.

   These people speak vulgarly and harshly, but their hearts are straight. Thinking of this, she raised the corners of her mouth, and the bowl of Liangpi soon ran out, and there were only two small buns left in the basket.

   Wiped his mouth, checked out and left.

  She hasn't had such a good appetite for a long time, and she burped indistinctly when she got out of the snack bar, and walked along the street. Although the law and order of this place is not good, the surrounding environment has to be understood clearly.

  I knew the law and order here was poor, but she didn't expect it to be surprisingly bad here. Before it was dark, the little*s running wildly on motorcycles on the street had already been dispatched. When meeting her, everyone whistled at her frivolously, and then ran close to her, scaring her back several steps, with her back directly against the wall, looking at the dust flying in front of her eyes, unable to recover for a long time.

  For the sake of safety, she still gave up getting familiar with the environment. Anyway, she will live here for a long time. There are many opportunities, and there is no need to go out and wander around when it is getting dark. Thinking of this, she turned around and walked back without hesitation. At this time, she had already walked a long way, and she seemed to be more cautious when walking back.

In this place, not only are the houses dilapidated and there are many homeless people, but the atmosphere at night is also very strange. There are actually not many people on the street. *Like an elf, she still wears her school uniform to go to school obediently during the day, but changes completely at night, either with yellow or blue hair, or eye circles, which makes her feel weird that she accidentally broke into a fairy world.

These children all walk in the direction of the dividing line between the rich and the poor, in small groups, talking and laughing together, occasionally lighting a cigarette and pretending to be deep and decadent, which looks ridiculous, but for some reason she can't laugh at all .

  She is not a fool, she can tell what these people are going to do at a glance, and after looking at the surrounding environment, she can understand why they are like this.

  Suddenly felt very sad, and at the same time sad, I remembered Xiao Jiu and Xiao Tang who tried every means to escape from the Xinzhou Orphanage. These children with parents have to live so hard because they are really poor, so what about them, as helpless orphans, what will they live on after leaving the orphanage?

  She even felt a chill down her spine. In today's society, there is still such a place. What is the hardship of working part-time in the past?

  She didn't dare to imagine the situation of Jiang Yi and Ah Bei, she could only silently hope that their original choice was right, and that they would meet someone with good intentions who would take them in and raise them.

Thoughts were wandering along the way, and she had already passed the previous snack bar. When she passed a narrow T-junction, she was about to walk straight, but suddenly heard a few scattered footsteps. It was a woman, because there were only high-heeled shoes He could only make a sound, and from the sound, the man should be drunk, his steps were messy, and he really wanted to mess up the drumbeat.

One more thing is worse than one less thing. She wanted to leave directly, but she took a step back involuntarily, turned her head to look at the alley on the right, and saw a woman running feebly while holding on to the wall in the alley, and while running Retching, it seemed like she wanted to vomit but couldn't vomit, just looking at the behavior of the woman, Ruan Xi even mentioned that she was uncomfortable.

   Soon, there was a sound of footsteps following the woman, also messy, but this time the mess was caused by the large number of people.

  Ruan Xi was slightly startled, the woman had already run up to her, knocked her away and continued to run forward, running in the same direction as Ruan Xi was going back.

   "Hurry up, that little girl is right in front, this time we must not let her escape!"

   This voice was unfamiliar but familiar, and suddenly remembered that it was the voice she had heard when eating just now, and the owner was that forty-something with big buck teeth.

  In order not to cause trouble, she ran away without thinking. Fortunately, the house she rented was not far away, and the location was relatively remote. She had to go through the small door at the back to directly enter her house, so they naturally wouldn't run in.

  Back in the house, Ruan Xi breathed a sigh of relief, and drank a cup of cool water. She felt that life here was much more thrilling than before, so she began to wonder whether she should move to a safe place to live. The chaos here really made her feel uneasy. She lived alone in this unfamiliar and chaotic place, and she really couldn't sleep well.

Before she could make up her mind, she remembered the lonely sound of high-heeled shoes outside. It was still as chaotic as before, and the noisy footsteps behind her were also moving from far to near. Ruan Xi opened the window and looked out, and saw the one knocking her sideways drunk woman.

   I don’t know what it was for smoking. When the person passed by her door, she suddenly turned off the lights, opened the door and pulled the woman into the room, then closed the door and locked it, and silenced the woman by the way.

  Although the woman was drunk and distorted, she was very obedient, and she squatted behind the dark door with her, making no sound.

The sound of footsteps outside rolled back and forth several times before subsiding. Ruan Xi breathed a sigh of relief, her legs became numb from squatting for too long, and she lost her balance when she stood up. .

   But the woman she pulled into the room felt very relieved, and fell asleep like that, with her head resting on her shoulder, and when she fell, she slid along her shoulder and into her arms.

  She was a little helpless, and a little annoyed that she was meddlesome, and she would somehow help a woman of unknown origin and smell of alcohol.

After drawing the curtains, she lit a small desk lamp, dragged the woman to an old recliner, and took a breath. The woman seemed to be very uncomfortable, she frowned slightly, turned over, and then A dozen bright red bills fell out.

  Ruan Xi was a little dumbfounded, and it took him a long time to recover and pick it up, and put it back into the girl's pocket.

I looked at the girl under the light for a long time. The girl's face is not big, but she looks very good, but she looks very stubborn. Moreover, the girl wears heavy smoky makeup. She is about the same age as her, but she is in the small waves. The curly hairstyle and slightly old-fashioned and gorgeous makeup gave people the illusion that she was nearly thirty.

   Staring at the girl for a long time, he actually had the illusion of deja vu, smiled and shook his head, simply washed up and planned to go to bed. At this time, the girl turned over, muttered something indistinctly, and fell asleep again.

  Ruan Xi trembled when she heard her murmur, subconsciously glanced at the girl, and finally shook her head a little disappointed and self-deprecating. It can't be such a coincidence, after all, the world is so big, right?

  Maybe it’s because the window faces north and is on the shady side. It’s bright outside, but the light in the room is still very dark, which looks similar to when the sky was just dawn.

  He opened his eyes habitually, feeling a little confused for a moment, and couldn't tell where he was. After a moment of stupefaction, he realized that he had escaped from Pei Nanming's control and was free.

While she was happy, she also had a feeling of emptiness that she couldn't tell. This feeling was very bad, and she instinctively avoided it. She turned over, stretched herself, and combed the messy clothes casually. Hair, start washing.

The girl hadn't woken up yet, her eyes were closed, the makeup on her eye sockets was a little mottled, and there was a faint smell of alcohol on her body. She seemed to be having some kind of dream, her brows were furrowed all the time, just looking at her, she felt that this was a stubborn girl The girl who hit the south wall and never looked back.

   Realizing that she was thinking too much, Ruan Xi immediately turned to After tidying up the room, he began to prepare breakfast in the small cubicle.

  Heated two bags of milk, bought two baskets of steamed buns from the street, and put breakfast on the table. The girl just woke up and yawned with her mouth covered. Seeing Ruan Xi seemed a little surprised, he couldn't help raising his eyebrows at Ruan Xi, looking a little rebellious and frivolous.

"Who are you?"

  Ruan Xi glanced at the girl dumbfounded, "I am the master here."

The girl curled her lips slightly, "I know, you helped me yesterday, right?" The girl looked at the two breakfasts on the table, and without waiting for Ruan Xi to speak, she sat down opposite Ruan Xi, and deliberately Say thank you.

  Ruan Xi looked at her with a little surprise in her eyes, and always felt that this girl had been seen before.

  The girl noticed that Ruan Xi was staring at her, she was neither embarrassed nor embarrassed, she reached out and picked up a small steamed bun and took a bite, "Mmm, it's delicious."

  I didn't wash and wash at all, so I just saved the chopsticks and started eating with my hands, which made Ruan Xi somewhat uncomfortable, but she didn't say anything, and she didn't show it. In her opinion, this is someone else's habit and has nothing to do with her.

  My forehead was cramped yesterday. Going to save this girl already made her feel impulsive and reckless. Now that I think about it, although I don’t regret it, I still feel scared. If those people find them hiding in the room, they will probably beat them to death.

  Ruan Xi took a sip from the milk cup, then picked up the buns with chopsticks, and ate them bite by bite. She has never deliberately paid attention to her own eating, but in a family like the Pei family, she is careful every step of the way, because she is afraid that she will embarrass the Pei family, so if she does not pay attention to her usual behavior, she will be subtly affected.

Therefore, the girl couldn't help wrinkling her nose when she saw Ruan Xi's eating, and snorted, "You really look like a lady from an aristocratic family when you eat, let's not be so particular about it. Seeing your elegant movements, I feel like It’s an earth leopard, even though I am one.”

  Ruan Xi didn't expect the girl to be so straightforward, and she was a little embarrassed. In fact, this was the first time someone said that she ate gracefully and ladylike.

Suddenly I thought of Pei Nanming. Although this man showed his true nature in front of her, he was so irritable that he wanted to rub her to death, but he never lost his demeanor in front of others. He was always the kind of gentle man who made you feel like a spring breeze, a gentleman. It makes you feel that such a wise, handsome, humble and polite man in the world is blessed and a masterpiece of God's partiality.

  Obviously he was a very rebellious child when he was a child. After studying abroad and returning to China, he abandoned politics and went into business. He became smoother and changed completely.

  In fact, his temperament has not changed at all! She didn't pay attention deliberately, but she just knew it in her heart.

   "My name is Jiang Yi, what's your name?" Jiang Yi quickly wiped out the food in front of her, and then asked.


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