Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 97

She felt very uncomfortable, the uncomfortable chest was blocked, and the strong nausea made her instinctively want to vomit, but at this time, she didn't even have the strength to vomit.

   I don't know how long it took before everything quieted down, the sound of "clicking" disappeared, and the dazzling white light finally disappeared, and the surroundings were silent and pitch black.

  The next morning at nine o'clock, she sat up abruptly and looked around, but there was nothing around her. Her suitcase was still on the ground, and the man wearing sunglasses yesterday was nowhere to be seen.

Frightened, she hurriedly checked her clothes. The clothes were still the same as hers. Except for some wrinkles, there was no abnormality. When she lay down, she felt an indescribable soreness in her arms, legs, and even her waist, as if someone had been killed. It's like it was broken alive.

  Looking back at the messy *sheets, lifted the quilt to look at it, glanced around again, and then felt relieved.

  However, the moment he glanced away from the corner of his eye, he suddenly raised his eyes and saw the things on the top cabinet, his bloody face suddenly turned pale, and he fell to the ground like a dilapidated puppet...

  At the station, holding the ticket with both hands, she almost crushed the ticket. The big sunglasses covered half of her face, but she still lowered her head slightly, not daring to lift it up.

   Passengers around hurried past, and many people were still sitting in the waiting room waiting.

  She grabbed the suitcase tightly and bit her lip unconsciously, afraid that anyone would recognize her, but in fact, no one here recognized her. Qin Zhiran was very considerate for her, and the tickets she bought were all slow trains. The speed of the slow train is very slow, and the conditions are very poor, so Pei Nanming definitely did not expect her to escape so eagerly, and would choose the slow train.

  She understands everything intellectually, but she still can't help feeling jittery. She has failed too many times, and the consequences of failure are too unbearable. She couldn't bear the blow of another failure.

The voice of the flight attendant finally sounded, and the crowd waiting for the bus immediately moved into action. Many people were carrying big bags and small bags, regardless of the order, they jumped into the line and crowded each other. Ruan Xi was stepped on by the crowd several times, but there were too many people, and there was no one at all. Pay attention to these.

   frowned. After all, she used to take the train when she went home from school, so this situation was not difficult for her to bear. So as if nothing had happened, he followed the team and moved forward a little bit.

After passing the ticket gate, she was relieved heavily, but before she took two steps, the number of staff at the ticket gate suddenly increased, and they seemed to be talking to each other. Passing through the ticket gate to show ID.

  Ruan Xi was as frightened as a bird, hurriedly turned around, and dragged the box away.

  Until she got into the car, she was trembling and her eyelids kept twitching.

  There are a lot of people on the train, it can be said that it is crowded. The weather is already cool, but the cabin feels hot because of the large number of people, and the air in the cabin has become particularly unpleasant.

  Ruan Xi, who can endure hardships, couldn't help the urge to vomit.

  The car started, the people standing in the aisle gradually quieted down, and the messy salutes were all found to be packed away. Only then did the carriage become a little more spacious.

  Listening to the clicking sound of the startup, Ruan Xi knew that this time he finally escaped from the tiger's mouth.

  This city, I will never come back! Pei Nanming, Gu Chi, from now on, I will never meet you again.

  She silently swears in her heart, but she also has goosebumps all over her body because of the pile of photos on the hotel table. Don't need to think about it, she knows that Qin Zhiran arranged all of this, and the purpose is to make her never have the face to come back. She was very grateful for Qin Zhiran's kindness, but she just took a photo, and no one really took the opportunity to rape her...

   It's just that she couldn't swallow this breath no matter what, so she could only complain that Qin Zhiran had helped her a lot after all, and it was evened...

  Amidst the louder sound of the train moving forward, her uneasy heart gradually settled down, and she quietly looked at the scenery outside the window.

  The train pulls out of the station little by little, and gradually drifts away from everything behind it. All the humiliation, torture and unbearable love will gradually fade away with the departure of the train, right?

   Smiling in relief, she threw the phone Qin Zhiran had given her out of the window, and learned a lot from it, so she won't leave any hidden dangers for herself!

  The people in the car saw her throwing the phone, they all looked at her with monster eyes, and then looked out of the car window with painful eyes.

  That mobile phone is an iPhone, which is expensive, so it’s a pity to just throw it away like that, but in Ruan Xi’s mind, it is nothing worth mentioning compared to her future safe life.

  Pei's skyscraper, the president's office, and the president's secretary stood in front of Pei Nanming tremblingly, not even daring to breathe.

  Although Pei Nanming was very quiet, his face was gloomy and ashen, and even the fingers holding the coffee cup were exposed with blue veins.

  He held the coffee in one hand, and flipped through the photos on the table one by one with the other. Before he flipped through a photo, the veins on his forehead stood out, and the surrounding temperature seemed to drop by one degree.

  Even though he had already reached this level, he still flipped through the pages one by one.

The protagonist of the photo on the table is Ruan Xi, and in the photo, Ruan Xi is completely naked, her eyes are closed, every skin on her body has been photographed by the photographer, even her snow-white body Under the double front, even a small red mole can be seen clearly.

  In the photo, Ruan Xi was put into various poses, each of which was extremely provocative, enough to make any man who saw it bleed and lose his mind.

At this moment, Pei Nanming's blood was rushing, and his veins were angry, but it was not because of a man's desire for a woman, but because of anger and resentment. At this moment, his heart seemed to be filled with magma. Anger entangled with each other and softened together, almost burning his heart to ashes.

But at such an angry level, he still held the coffee in one hand and continued flipping through the photos with the other, but his expression became colder and colder because of the flipped photos one by one. According to the photo, there is an extra man in the back stack, and the man is also naked and hugs Ruan Xi, and makes obscene actions towards Ruan Xi.

   Turning over one by one, when the last one was reached, Pei Nanming suddenly got up and threw the coffee cup in his hand to the ground.

  The cup shattered with a bang, and the strong black coffee splashed everywhere. The president's secretary who had been with him all the time was frightened by Pei Nanming's anger, and looked up at Pei Nanming in a panic.

   This is the first time that Chi Yan'an has been with Pei Nanming for five years, seeing Pei Nanming get so angry that even his eyes are bloodshot.

  What was in that thick envelope?

  She subconsciously glanced at Pei Nanming's desk, but because the president's office was too big and she was too far away from the desk, she couldn't see clearly. She only knew that there were photos on the table, but the content of the photos couldn't be seen clearly.

   Fearing that the fire would spread to her, she glanced at it and immediately lowered her head. But I wondered in my heart, since the president received the package without the sender's signature in the morning, he has been in a bad mood.

  Actually, in the past, all emails sent to the president with unknown sources would be filtered out, but early this morning, he ordered that all phone and email packages addressed to him be accepted.

   At first I thought it was strange, but now it seems that something happened, right?

  Chi Yan'an has always been quick-witted. Thinking of this, he immediately thought of the tired and gloomy expression on the CEO's face when he came to work in the morning, and immediately determined that something must have happened.

   But she is just a secretary at work, and Tang Wenyi manages private affairs. Although Tang Wenyi has been assigned to a factory in a poor county, her position is still there, and she cannot exceed her authority.

  So I thought about it, looked at it, and went out to get something to clean up the broken cup. Unexpectedly, after taking a step, Pei Nanming sat back suddenly, put away the photos, put them back in envelopes, and put them in the drawer, but it was locked.

  Chi Yanan was stunned for a moment, Pei Nanming had already got up, and returned to his usual smiling face, "Today's schedule is all postponed, and tomorrow's and the day after tomorrow's arrangements are also postponed. I will go to work in two days at the latest."

   Before Chi Yan'an could respond, he had already left the office first.

   "Tell me, where is Ruan Xi?"

  At the entrance of Shi Luohua Studio, Pei Nanming suddenly grabbed Zhang Tong's wrist and asked.

Zhang Tong frowned and looked at Pei Nanming's indifferent handsome face, and suddenly shook off his hand, "How do I know! I haven't seen her for a long time, why did you suddenly come to ask me, don't you tie her by your side every day? , you should know best!"

  When Zhang Tong thought of Pei Nanming treating Ruan Xi like that, he became angry, and felt that Pei Nanming had such a handsome and elegant face for nothing, and what he did was even worse than *!

Ignoring the disgust and contempt in Zhang Tong's eyes, he still refused to move away, "Although you haven't seen each other for a long time, I know you are her best friend. Since she ran out, I can only go to you .”

Zhang Tong looked at Pei Nanming and sneered, "It's funny, go to me, you can think that she will go to me, then she can't think that you will find me? If I were her, in order to avoid you, I would definitely hide far away Yes, to a place where you can't find anything you can't think of."

  Pei Nanming was stunned, "You really don't know?"


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