Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 95

"Go straight to the right after exiting the back door, and then turn left on the road with French sycamores. At the end of the road, there is a black BMW. That is the person who meets you. You are right to follow him."

  Ruan Xi hummed softly, "Song Li, you'd better leave as soon as I leave, Qin Zhiran and Pei Nanming are not good friends."

  Song Li visibly stiffened, looking at Ruan Xi with deep surprise.

Ruan Xi didn't raise her head, but continued, "Although you have done a good job in all aspects, I can tell at a glance that you were hired by Qin Zhiran on a temporary basis. This time, no matter whether it was set up by the person who hired you or not. I have to break through the trap once. You must be wondering how I can see that you are not the person around her. In fact, I didn’t doubt it at first, but, you know, people who don’t do hard work don’t have such rough fingers .”

  Song Li subconsciously looked at his fingers. In order to earn money, he even went to the construction site to hoe mud and move bricks. His skin naturally had thick calluses, which could not be concealed.

   "I didn't expect you to be so careful."

Ruan Xi didn't say any more, and when the song came to an end, Song Li suddenly said, "I'm only in charge of contacting you here, and then sending you to the designated place, and the things after that are not within the scope of my responsibility." Speaking of Here, his eyes flickered, he gritted his teeth and wanted to say something, but finally swallowed it back.

  He needs money, so he is not allowed to be kind. He is kind to others, but no one has ever been kind to him and his friends.

  The world is so cruel, survival of the fittest.

  Song Li suddenly smiled, a dance music has ended.

  At nearly nine o'clock, Qin Zhiran, who had been chatting with the rich wives, suddenly found Nan Ming and asked her to dance with him.

  Pei Nanming readily agreed, Qin Zhiran giggled, and walked away holding Pei Nanming's hand.

  Xu Chuyan was full of disappointment. She always wanted to dance with Pei Nanming, but Pei Nanming never agreed.

Ruan Xi poured red wine for Xu Chuyan, "Since you choose this path, you have to be able to bear it, but I think, if you have a better way of life, try not to do this, Qin Zhiran..." You can't beat her .

  Ruan Xi originally had good intentions, but when she heard Xu Chuyan's ears, that was not the case at all. In Xu Chuyan's eyes, she was showing off her might, showing off and provoking clearly!

  So, Xu Chuyan glanced at Ruan Xi, and poured the red wine into the vase on the table, "I dare not drink this wine, what if it is poisonous."

  Ruan Xi was not upset, but shook her head with a smile.

   Obsessed with obsession, she is another woman who wants to get into a wealthy family.

   At exactly nine o'clock, Song Li appeared in front of them again, but this time the invitee was Xu Chuyan, Xu Chuyan puffed out her chest like a peacock, and went very proudly.

  Ruan Xi breathed a sigh of relief, and looked in Pei Nanming's direction, only to see that the two had hugged and kissed passionately at some point, and Qin Zhiran was almost hanging on Pei Nanming.

  Because they are an unmarried couple, the people present did not find it strange, but applauded enthusiastically.

  The handsome man and the beautiful woman are indeed a beautiful scenery at the dinner party.

  She got up suddenly and walked towards the back door without hesitation.

   What I didn't expect was that I would meet the person I didn't want to meet on the way.

   Gu Chi seemed to have drunk a lot, leaning against the wall, reeking of alcohol.

  He took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth, and struck the match several times with his slender fingers before lighting it up.

  Cigarette smoke was lingering, and while puffing out the clouds, he smiled lightly and exhaled a long puff of smoke rings.

  Smoke slowly dispersed in the air, just like the fate between him and Ruan Xi.

  He thought that when he came back and met again this time, he would have a chance to redeem himself, but he didn't expect things to turn out like this.

  Hearing the sound of clucking footsteps, he turned his head slightly, and saw that Ruan Xi was obviously stunned.

  Ruan Xi also stopped immediately and stared blankly at him.

   "Ruan Xi, is it really you?"

  He stood up straight, but his body was still a little wobbly, and he almost fell down. I thought you would never talk to me again, I was really sad...

  Drunken eyes were hazy, seeing her, he pulled out an expression that wanted to cry and laugh at the same time.

   Seeing that he couldn't stand firmly, Ruan Xi panicked, as if she wanted to help him, but forced herself to take it back.

  Gu Chi looked at her withdrew hand, the loss in his heart was like a dark night, so dense that he could not see any light. And that expression of wanting to cry and laugh finally settled into a heart-piercing bitterness, which slowly opened at the corner of his mouth...

   "You must hate me now, don't you?"

  Gu Chi spoke to himself, staring at Ruan Xi, expecting her to say yes, but afraid that she would say yes.

  If it is, it means that she still loves him, and love turned into hatred. However, being hated by her, how much pain my heart must have! How much pain she must have! If not, then she wouldn't be heartbroken, but she must not even bother to hate, right?

   "No, I don't hate, I don't love anymore, so where does the hate come from?" As if saying this with all her strength, she staggered past him.

If Gu Chi was struck by lightning, the next moment, he instinctively grabbed Ruan Xi's hand, pulled it into his arms, and held him tightly, "Don't go, Ruan Xi, please don't go." His voice trembled slightly, and he had a strong I have a hunch that if I give up this time, then I will never have it again.

  He took a quick breath, the breath was mixed with a strong smell of alcohol, and his heart was beating violently like a drum.

  Ruan Xi was hugged and imprisoned by him with all his strength, feeling that her waist would break under his arms, but this moment also plunged her into deep despair.

"Let me go, let me go!" Ruan Xi struggled to the death, the pain in her chest made her spit out the words that she had buried in her heart and never planned to say, "Since you have found the woman you love, why bother with her?" Hold on to me, let go, let go!"

"No, Ruan Xi, no, I know I hurt you, but do you know that hurting you is more painful than hurting myself! Give me time, please give me time, believe me, I will definitely give you The life you want, believe me, I am still the same as I used to be!"

   Trembling all over, she thought she would stop crying, but at this moment, her tears were like raindrops, growing bigger and bigger.

  Finally, the line of defense she had built with great difficulty collapsed under Gu Chi's eager explanation.

  Stretched out his hands and hugged his waist tremblingly, buried his face in his chest, what came into his breath was a familiar yet strange smell.

The smell of tobacco and alcohol mixed with a faint fruity aroma filled her chest, but her tears became more violent. In the past, he never smoked or drank, and his body always had a fresh fruity aroma, but now, he gave up his favorite piano, Abandoning the original comfortable life, going into business, and also pretending to be a snake at the wine table...

   It was also at this moment that she fully realized that they really could never go back!

Gu Chi held her face in his hands, and suddenly kissed her with fiery lips, chasing after her like never before, just like the night of the reunion, still like a trapped beast, but even more desperate than that night, more desperate heartbreaking.

  The unstructured kiss, like a blunt gnawing, quickly touched her gums to blood, she frowned in pain, and at the same time became more awake, and began to push his chest! Under the paralysis of alcohol, Gu Chi had completely lost his mind and refused to relax at all.

   "What are you doing?!"

  A scream made Ruan Xi's body tremble violently, and Gu Chi seemed to wake up because of the scream, and retracted his arms around Ruan Xi like an electric shock.

  At that moment, Ruan Xi's broken heart suddenly oozes blood, and then a bone-piercing cold, which made her shiver involuntarily. Gu Chi was so afraid that Anya would know! And after I was desperate, I would still believe his one-sided words!

  Ruan Xi bit her lower lip, staring at Gu Chi with wide eyes.

  Facing Ruan Xi's gaze, Gu Chi's heart suffocated, and the hope in his heart collapsed. That resolute look in his eyes, that kind of ashen-ashamed but endless mocking gaze pierced his heart. I wanted to explain something, but my throat was stuck and I couldn't say a word.

   While the two were staring at each other, Anya had strode over, completely ignoring her own image, grabbed Ruan Xi's arm, and slapped her hard.

Ruan Xi's already pale face immediately had bright red fingerprints, "Shameless little practice, you are addicted to *men, don't you dare to *my boyfriend? Do you have any shame?" Grabbing Ruan Xi's hair, Gu Chi suddenly grabbed Anya's wrist, "Have you had enough trouble?!"

Anya was stimulated by Gu Chi's sudden stern look, and the pain and concern she was looking at Ruan Xi, regardless of the fact that there were many famous people at the dinner party, she threw away Gu Chi's hand like a lunatic, and rushed towards Ruan Xi .


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