Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 94

Ruan Xi knew very well that now she was the public enemy of all women, and the chief culprit who made him a public enemy was Pei Nanming.

  Since she sat down, how many courtesans are looking at Pei Nanming eager to try?

  However, before he came, he had someone make himself into what he is now, not because she was boasting, but when she looked in the mirror, she knew that she would be very eye-catching today.

  Based on her experience, very few people would choose royal blue dresses, at least she has attended so many family associations and met so many women from the bottom up, but she has never seen anyone choose this color.

   And the design of this dress is very unique, and the price is absolutely sky-high. She doesn't need to think about the consequences.

  After Ruan Dongyu and Master Gu Chi talked, the dinner party was just beginning. Since the people who came were all well-known people in the political and business circles, after the opening ceremony, many people took the opportunity to chat with each other in order to make more friends and expand their contacts.

  Those socialites who were allowed to enter became even more busy at this time like bees.

  The first dance started with Gu Chi and Anya. Amidst the elegant sound of the violin, Gu Chi led Anya to the center, smiled gentlely and saluted Anya in a gentlemanly way, and the two danced ballroom dancing in rhythm.

  Beautiful and elegant, with their fragrant clothes and shadows on their temples, every step they take seems to be stepping on the tip of Ruan Xi's heart.

  Fingers clenched the goblet tightly, looking at it without ups and downs, but her heart was a little *cold, and finally at the end of a dance, Gu Chi took the initiative to hug Anya and kissed deeply. Just like a beautiful jade was broken into thousands of pieces from a high place, so completely, it can never be healed again.

At the beginning, she kept saying that she wanted him to find a girl to marry and have children, let him live a good life, and let him be happy. Only at this moment did she realize how ridiculous and hypocritical her words were. Those words were really pretending to be calm and magnanimous .

  It turns out that I am also jealous and resentful. At this moment, seeing Gu Chi hugging another woman, she didn't feel relieved at all, and she couldn't send her blessings. The heartache in the shopping mall was already aching, and she was determined to run away, but now she was still entangled in unbearable pain, wishing to escape from this place immediately. Sad banquet.

  Gu Chi, you and Ruan Dongyu initiated this banquet just to show everyone your love for Anya?

   Picking up the wine glass, she suddenly took a sip, but because she drank too much, she choked and bowed down, and tears were coughed to the corners of her eyes.

Pei Nanming looked coldly at the woman who was clearly in pain but pretended to be okay. The veins on her forehead throbbed suddenly, her face darkened a bit, and the aura around her suddenly became low pressure. However, the smile on her face remained unchanged for thousands of years. It looks very weird.

  Xu Chuyan noticed that Pei Nanming's complexion was not good, and there was a layer of cold sweat on his back. This was the first time he saw Pei Nanming's expression.

  He is obviously very angry, but keeps smiling, and the brightness of the smile is directly proportional to the coldness of the aura, which is definitely a precursor to getting angry.

  Looking at Pei Nanming, looking at Ruan Xi, and following Ruan Xi's gaze at the two people who had finished dancing and left the stage in an embrace, she suddenly understood something. So, fearing that the world would not be chaotic, he added some red wine into the goblet for Ruan Xi, and ordered some into Pei Nanming's glass.

  Ruan Xi got up, "I'm going to the bathroom."

   After speaking, she got up and fled without waiting for Pei Nanming's consent.

  In the bathroom, the female guests who come and go will subconsciously look at her twice, while she keeps her head buried in her eyes because of her sore eyes.

  The woman in the mirror finally shed tears, and the tears stained her light makeup. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand in embarrassment. As a result, her makeup became even more fancy.

   Splashed cold water on his face, patted and took a deep breath, waiting for his emotions to calm down, but when he looked up, he saw Qin Zhiran standing behind him with arms folded.

  Qin Zhiran smiled, seeing her looking at herself in the mirror, so she walked gracefully and calmly, "It's painful, isn't it?"

  Ruan Xi ignored it, wiped off the water drops on her face, and then touched up her makeup.

  Qin Zhiran didn't care either, "Actually, do you know that your mood now is the same as when I saw Nan Ming *indulging in you."

  Ruan Xi's powdering action paused slightly, and her throat was cold, "He doesn't * me at all. Others can't see this, don't you know?"

  Qin Zhiran looked at Ruan Xi, with a sarcastic arc on the corner of her mouth, she didn't know if she was mocking herself or something else.

"Forget it, let's not talk about it. It's 8:15 now. When it's 9:00, you go out through the back door of the hall. You've lived near here for a while. You should know where the place I'm talking about is very clear in your heart. I won’t repeat it. It’s up to you whether you go or not. Anyway, after 9:15, my people can’t see you, so they will naturally withdraw. If you miss this opportunity, don’t expect me to take risks to help you like this time again. .”

  Qin Zhiran walked up to Ruan Xi, washed her hands, and looked up in the mirror to observe Ruan Xi's reaction.

  Ruan Xi buckled the makeup box, looked up at the mirror opposite, and looked at Qin Zhiran through the mirror for a moment, "You are not helping me, you are helping yourself." After speaking, she smiled at Qin Zhiran, turned and walked out.

  Qin Zhiran's face sank immediately, she grabbed her handbag and slammed it at the mirror.

   There was a shattering sound, and the huge mirror in the bathroom shattered to the ground.

   A compensated dating girl who just opened the door came in and caught up with her. She was shocked, "What's wrong, this is?"

  Qin Zhiran dried the bottom of the water in her hands slowly, turned around calmly, and smiled brightly, "I don't know what happened, but it broke suddenly."

  The girl was taken aback for a moment, and watched Qin Zhiran's back leave, pouted her lips with a bit of disdain, "What are you pretending, it's obviously your fault, if you can't keep your fiancé's heart, why use the mirror to vent your anger!"

   After speaking, he took out his own small mirror and began to draw eyebrows and eyes.

  Outside the door, Qin Zhiran's complexion was blue and white, her slender fingers were clenched and creaking, and she stepped on her high heels for a moment and left angrily.

  The girl inside had half of her face ruined a week after the banquet, and she never appeared at the luxurious banquet scene again.

  Ever since returning from going to the bathroom, Pei Nanming found that Ruan Xi was always absent-minded, and his out-of-focus appearance made the anger in his heart even worse.

  However, he dealt with the people around him who came to chat very well, being polite, considerate and courteous, making it impossible for anyone to show any airs.

  But none of the businessmen or officials present was old-fashioned, and no one would draw a conclusion on the nature of this person based on the appearance. Regarding Pei Nanming's wrist, everyone is tacit. This seemingly gentle man has a handsome, resolute, and well-defined face. As the saying goes, love comes from the heart, such a man can only submit or shy away from him, but he cannot be defiant or provoked.

  Every businessman present knew that he, Pei Nanming, had a tendency to become the new emperor of the business world.

  When Ruan Xi came back, Xu Chuyan happened to return to her seat after dancing with others. It seemed that Xu Chuyan was very excited, and she still had something to say when she sat down.

  Pei Nanming didn't care much, otherwise no one would invite Xu Chuyan, so he nodded in agreement.

   Before Ruan Xi sat down, a man in a suit and leather shoes came over. The man was a little thin, but the suit on his body fit him very well. No matter in terms of clothes or manners, this man was very particular.

  The man stood still in front of Ruan Xi, and Ruan Xicai raised his head to look at the man, and his expression changed involuntarily. But the man stretched out his hand calmly and said, "Miss, can I ask you to dance?"

  Ruan Xi was agitated, and looked at Pei Nanming calmly.

  Pei Nanming also just looked away from the man and looked at Ruan Xi, and then a meaningful smile gradually appeared in his dark eyes.

  But Ruan Xi saw the suppressed cold anger from the bottom of his eyes, and suddenly felt like falling into an ice cave.

   "Go." Pei Nanming nodded and said, his voice could not hear anything strange.

  Ruan Xi got up, and kicked the corner of the table nervously, almost fell down. Fortunately, the man beside him stretched out his hand to help him, so he avoided making a fool of himself.

  Pei Nanming quietly watched them walk towards the center, his eyes became deeper and colder, and even his usual smile froze.

  Xu Chuyan saw such an obvious change in Pei Nanming, of course she didn't dare to speak, and looked at Ruan Xi and the man who invited the dancer curiously and suspiciously.

In the center of the hall, many people, men and women, are dancing ballroom dancing. The people spinning under the lights are like dancing butterflies. Their movements are elegant and dignified, embellishing everything around them, making people feel like returning to the feast of the European Central Palace. a feeling of.

  The man held Ruan Xi's hand with one hand, and put his other hand on Ruan Xi's shoulder, and the two spun along with the music.

  Every time it spins, the man will open his mouth and say a word in a low voice.

   "Someone will spill wine on you on purpose later, and you take the opportunity to get away."


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