Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 93

I remember Gu Chi's clean and naughty smell at that time, he jumped in front of her like a prank, put his hands behind his back, leaned forward slightly, and deliberately asked in a sex-like tone, "Girl, guess what my hand is?" What did you take?"

  It's very casual for them to get along alone, but the school is catching up on puppy love. Although they do a good job in underground work, she still has a guilty conscience.

  Looking around for a while, with a straight face, "How do I know, this has nothing to do with me." Then he walked around him and walked out of the school gate.

  Gu Chi is still a bit petty, she knows that he only behaves like this in front of her, and he has always been polite and distant towards other people.

  She remembered that when she met Gu Chi for the first time, his distant and polite attitude made her think that he was really a person who couldn't smile, but it was only after she got to know him well that she realized what real inconsistency was.

  My thoughts drifted a little far away, and my fingers didn't know when to pull out a flower from the bottle, shaking it back and forth, which felt a bit boring.

   "Did you see it, did you see it, she is Ruan Xi who was kicked out by the Pei family." Several rich ladies gathered together, occasionally stole a glance at where Ruan Xi was, and then whispered a few words.

   Said it was whispering, but in fact, the voice was so loud that even Ruan Xi, who was wandering in the sky, could hear it clearly.

   Instinctively glanced at those women, and immediately received contemptuous and contemptuous glances.

  "I heard that there are still suicides. Since they have already crawled*, why are they pretending to be arrogant and playing those tricks of crying, making troubles and hanging themselves? It's so hypocritical, it makes people feel disgusting!"

   "That's right, that's right, if you really feel ashamed and don't do it, if you do it and feel really shameful, then you should jump off a skyscraper, cut your wrists, and do it deliberately for someone to see!"

   "That is, if you really want to die, you should die completely..."

  The words became more and more bitter, and Ruan Xi could hear every word clearly.

  Ruan Xi was still pinching the lily in her hand. It would be a lie to say that after dying once, she would be so detached that she didn't care about these words at all. She still felt embarrassed by these words in her heart, but this embarrassment soon became numb.

  So numb that she felt it was a waste to even look at those noisy women.

  Pei Nanming returned, glanced around subconsciously, and finally walked towards Ruan Xi with a smile on his face, and sat down with her at the spare table.

  His behavior immediately attracted a spotlight.

  Ruan Xi glanced at Pei Nanming, with resentment hidden in his eyes.

  Pei Nanming just glanced at her, and her heart was like a mirror. She hated him for attracting all eyes.

He reached out and took the lily in her hand nonchalantly, played with it for a while, and suddenly smiled, "Xie'er still likes lilies so much, I remember when you were in high school, there was a piece of dried lily in your textbook, and you were always reluctant to let it go." Throw it away, and later even put it in a special frame, and put it for a long time." The drowning in this smile can almost drown people.

  Ruan Xi's heart trembled, her fingertips trembled, and the shock and doubt in Pei Nanming's eyes surged like a tide.

   Wondering why I would know, right?

  This look made Pei Nanming both sad and angry.

  For whom is the heartbroken, and for whom is the anger? He suddenly laughed a little self-deprecatingly.

   What he doesn't want to admit but has to admit is that even if he doesn't pay attention to her deliberately, he can always remember everything about her.

  His memory is naturally good, and many things will not be forgotten once he has read them, but those related to her are often particularly profound!

   Stiffly pulling out a smiling face, Ruan Xi lowered her head slightly, "I really like Lily."

  Pei Nanming put down Lily, the smile on his face was as gentle as ever, but his tone cooled down, "But why are you throwing it into the attic warehouse now?"

  Ruan Xi's expression was about to be crushed by him, he could always find her weakness and stab her hard.

  “No matter how long you like it, you will get tired of it for a long time. Moreover, the flower has withered. I think, I need new flowers to replace it. It is human nature to like the new and dislike the old.”

  Pei Nanming glanced behind her and nodded, "That's right, just like him." He raised his chin.

  Ruan Xi turned her head and saw Anya walking slowly, holding Gu Chi's arm.

  The surrounding reporters picked up their cameras to take pictures of them, and some sycophants even praised them, saying how well they matched.

  Seeing that Ruan Xi's face turned pale again, Pei Nanming's eyes sank, and the lily on the table had already been squeezed out of its juice.

   Quickly adjusted his mood, he wrapped his arms around Ruan Xi's slender waist.

  The spare table was originally in the corner, and the tablecloth was so long that it fully covered the private parts of the two people. Pei Nanming's sudden movement made Ruan Xi's body stiffen suddenly, and even his face became paler. The way he looked at Pei Nanming was like looking at a beast that could chew her up at any time.

   Such an expression caused Pei Nanming to have two extremely contradictory emotions, on the one hand, he was secretly happy, and on the other hand, he was angry.

  Pinch Ruan Xi's waist, ignoring everyone's suspicious and strange eyes, "Pay attention to your identity, don't forget, you are my woman, you can't escape if you are alive, even if you are dead, it's the same."

  The bone-piercing cold made Ruan Xi shiver, unable to recover for a long time.

  Pei Nanming held her hand from below, and said in a hoarse voice, "Don't expect Gu Chi anymore, he can't save you, and besides, there are other women beside him, who are much more glamorous than you."

  Ruan Xi's heart seemed to be firmly grasped by something, tightly squeezed, and after the bang burst, only a vague coolness remained.

   "I didn't expect him to save me for a long time." Ruan Xi actually smiled, but this smile was uglier than crying. Seeing that Pei Nanming's head was whipped hard, he shrank rapidly.

   Are you so desperate? Did seeing other women beside him make you so desperate?

  He let go of her suddenly, and looked at Gu Chi's eyes looking this way with a smile.

  The anger in Gu Chi's eyes can still be discerned at a glance, and the heartbreak when looking at Ruan Xi is even more straightforward without any thinking.

  Pei Nanming straightened Ruan Xi's slightly messy hair by his ears as if nothing had happened, and then dragged Ruan Xi to the seat.

  Ruan Xi didn't resist either. When she got up, she was dressed in a royal blue dress. Under the light, she looked like a graceful mermaid. She instantly stood out among countless women and attracted the attention of many male guests.

  Qin Zhiran, who was chatting with the ladies, stopped at this moment, the jealousy in his eyes was poisonous, and the finger bones holding the cup turned pale.

  Ruan Xi, if I don't send you to hell, I'm not Qin Zhiran! You have been robbing me since you were a child, and now you are in the limelight again. I will ruin your reputation and make Pei Nanming not even bother to look at you!

  When returning to the special seat, he happened to be face to face with Gu Chi, Ruan Xi's fingers were cold, but Pei Nanming's hands were still hot.

   When we meet and greet each other, in the politeness and politeness there are hidden wits and sharp words.

  Gu Chi could not bear to lose his composure on such an occasion, so the arm resting on Anya's waist almost strangled her waist.

Anya looked Ruan Xi up and down, Xu Chuyan didn't know how to appreciate it, but Anya did. Although this sapphire blue dress looked very conservative, it was designed by an internationally renowned master. Still charming but not frivolous*, the dress with front and back open collars, paired with half rolled up, half down hairstyle, even earned a lot of attention in half concealed.

   This kind of design is just right for men. It is typical for you to see but not fully, and it can especially arouse people's curiosity.

  An Ya was jealous and stared at Ruan Xi with resentment, hating Ruan Xi's face to the extreme, and kept calling her a shameless vixen in her heart, but she had a bright smile on her face.

  Pei Nanming is a seasoned actor, so the confrontation he provoked was naturally easy to grasp.

  Only Ruan Xi, her heart seemed to be tormented on a frying pan, physically and mentally exhausted, she couldn't even pull a perfunctory smile, she just bit her lower lip and insisted not to let herself collapse.

   During the exchange of greetings between Gu Chi and Pei Nanming, his eyes glanced at Ruan Xi's face several times, but Ruan Xi never opened his eyes to look at him. He knew that the time in the mall made her feel completely chilled, but he couldn't say anything about his suffering.

  Is he feeling better?

  Gritting his teeth, he smiled triumphantly, hugged Anya, and thanked Pei Nanming politely and thoughtfully for the honor. He said something like flourishing, but he really wanted to tear Pei Nanming to pieces.

  Gu Chi walked away with his arms around Anya, but Ruan Xi seemed to be collapsing, and half of his weight fell on Pei Nanming.

   Pei Nanming narrowed his eyes slightly, and squeezed her waist warningly. She straightened her body immediately and followed him to continue to the seat.

  Xu Chuyan saw Pei Nanming come back with Ruan Xi in his arms, of course she was upset, but she didn't dare to show it, she just smiled and drank the red wine.


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