Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 92

Xu Chuyan's complacency lasted until Pei Nanming parked the car and walked slowly.

   Along the way, many people greeted him, but he always responded with a calm and polite smile.

  Xu Chuyan looked at Pei Nanming from a distance, and the sense of vanity in her heart sublimated to an unprecedented height. As soon as Pei Nanming walked in, she immediately hugged Pei Nanming's arm very charmingly.

Ruan Xi followed them two steps behind them on the left without saying a word. Pei Nanming had a smile on his face and glanced at her with slightly frowned eyebrows. He couldn't explain why, but when he saw her calm and careless face, he felt very upset. .

  But he was very skilled at controlling his emotions on important occasions, so he kept his expression still and let Xu Chuyan walk in with his arm.

  There are so many media and social activities along the way, which can be described as competing for beauty.

  Pei Nanming was comfortable in such an occasion, but Xu Chuyan was so nervous that she almost didn't know how to move her legs. Fortunately, the etiquette training class was not in vain. She knew that she was going to attend the banquet, so she paid extra attention, and she advanced and retreated properly along the way, very decent.

If it was in the past, Ruan Xi would feel overwhelmed when facing so many people, although she would not show it, but now, because she has experienced so many turmoil and even died once, she is calm and pale The smile on his face was half-open, which attracted the attention of men.

  Of course, on such an occasion, behind Pei Nanming and Xu Chuyan, the whispers hidden behind the polite smile still penetrated into her eardrum along the air.

  She smiled quietly, as if she was already an impenetrable King Kong.

  The dinner party is about to open, and everyone has found their own seats. Pei Nanming is the guest of honor at the front, and the female companion he brought is naturally at the same table.

  Ruan Xi didn't want to join in the fun, so he looked around and walked towards the spare tables and chairs on the side.

  Pei Nanming looked at Ruan Xi's back but didn't speak, but there was already faint anger in his eyes, which was tantamount to tearing him down in front of everyone.

Xu Chuyan felt that Ruan Xi didn't know good and evil, and was gloating in her heart, when she saw a dazzling woman in a snow-white dress walking gracefully, with a slight smile on her face, she was as beautiful as an angel, but, for some reason, Xu Chuyan Seeing this woman sent chills down the spine.

  Qin Zhiran walked towards Pei Nanming, and the eyes of everyone present also cast their gazes in unison.

  Since Pei Nanming brought Xu Chuyan and Ruan Xi into the arena, everyone has been paying attention to them intentionally or unconsciously.

  This dinner, as Miss Qin and Pei Nanming's fiancée, Qin Zhiran will definitely attend, but Pei Nanming didn't come with Qin Zhiran, but brought his sister who had an affair with him and the girl who should be hiding in the golden house.

   "Nan Ming, you're here." Qin Zhiran sat down on Pei Nanming's right, smiling beautifully and gracefully. She didn't even give Xu Chuyan a straight look.

This made Xu Chuyan feel a little resentful, and at the same time she relaxed a little from her nervousness. The first time she saw Qin Zhiran, she knew that Qin Zhiran was not someone to be messed with, and then she looked at Qin Zhiran's expensive dress and well-maintained skin , and a noble but somewhat self-willed temperament, and he understands that Qin Zhiran's background is definitely not ordinary.

  So, she was quite obedient and witty, and sat on the side obediently, not talking.

   "Yeah." Pei Nanming's slender fingers gently shook the Martell in the goblet, then took a sip gracefully and then finished.

"I saw the young master of the Ruan family just now, but Gu Chi and her girlfriend haven't come over yet." He raised his hand and looked at the time. It was a watch with a unique shape. Shining brightly under the light. Small beads were worn on the chain of the watch, and the edge of the watch dial was bordered with diamonds. The movement of raising the hand made the light reflected from the corners of the diamonds hurt Xu Chuyan's eyes.

  Xu Chuyan stared at the watch intently, envious and jealous in her heart, knowing that Qin Zhiran was actually trying to show off, but she still stared at it disingenuously, unable to move her eyes away.

  Qin Zhiran lowered her wrist and put it lightly on the table, then raised her eyes to look at Xu Chuyan, then subconsciously looked at Pei Nanming, the look in her eyes was obvious, your taste is really bad, you want this kind of gold digger.

  Pei Nanming smiled at the corners of his lips, raised his eyebrows slightly, and smiled warmly, but with a demeanor. Qin Zhiran's heart beat a beat slower when he saw his handsome face.

   "Do you like it very much?" The next moment, Pei Nanming turned to look at Xu Chuyan and asked a very gentle question.

  Xu Chuyan looked at Pei Nanming, then at Qin Zhiran, and nodded shyly.

"Then I'll have someone make a custom one for you in Switzerland tomorrow." Pei Nanming said a little casually, but Xu Chuyan's eyes widened in surprise, and she didn't know where to put her hands excitedly, and she hugged Pei Nanming's arm the next moment , regardless of so many people present, he pressed a kiss on Pei Nanming's side face.

  Pei Nanming readily accepted.

  At this moment, Qin Zhiran's face was ashen. Even if she could act and pretend, she would definitely not be able to bear watching her fiancé flirt with ** in front of so many people and show her affection.

   Almost jumped at the table, wanting to turn against that shameless little hoof on the opposite side.

   Deep breath, deep breath! She forced herself to calm down in her mind, but the nails on her left hand still broke due to the tight fist.

After about thirty seconds, Qin Zhiran suddenly smiled, and looked at Xu Chuyan instead of Pei Nanming, "This watch is indeed made in Switzerland. If Miss likes it, I can give it to you." He took off his watch with a smile and pushed it over.

  Xu Chuyan looked at Pei Nanming and cast a questioning look, Pei Nanming just nodded casually.

   "Sit down first, I'll go to the bathroom." After speaking, he put down his wine glass, got up and left.

  Qin Zhiran saw Pei Nanming leave, and Xu Chuyan reached out to pick up the watch. Just as she was about to get the watch, Qin Zhiran suddenly let go of it, and the watch fell on the table with a thud.

  Xu Chuyan froze for a moment, and her face became ugly.

  Qin Zhiran smiled slightly, withdrew her hand, and said very gently, "This watch is very expensive, and it's not something anyone can wear if they want to. Be careful not to break your wrist."

  Xu Chuyan's face was ugly, and just about to retort, she heard Qin Zhiran say slowly, "Also, I forgot to tell you, I am Nan Ming's fiancée."

  Xu Chuyan's face suddenly turned pale. These days, because Pei Nanming has been caressing her intentionally or unintentionally, she has become more and more courageous and self-willed, and she is a bit arrogant.

   Now that Pei Nanming took her out to such a grand dinner for the first time, she felt that she was very important in Pei Nanming's heart, but she never expected that there would be her fiancee at this banquet.

  No matter how pampered she is now, she still lacks confidence in her heart because she is a shady mistress. In addition, she met Pei Nanming's fiancée the first time she came out, so she naturally felt more guilty and uneasy.

  Qin Zhiran was very satisfied seeing her expression, and had already concluded in her heart that Xu Chuyan was not a good person, and it would be easy to get rid of her, so there was a little more disdain in her eyes.

"You don't have to be nervous. Nan Ming has a lot of women around him. I don't mind if you have one more, or one less. I don't mind." Wei Wei lowered her voice, "However, you should restrain yourself, or one day he will get bored. Now, you, a rich woman, will lose your life. He hates those women who don't know how to advance and retreat, and who are aggressive, and your behavior just now made him very embarrassed." After speaking, he glanced at the diamond-encrusted watch on the table, got up and left.

  Xu Chuyan watched her walk towards a group of rich ladies with her head held high, and suddenly realized that she was still far behind.

  One day, I will integrate into this circle, so what if you are her fiancée, married and divorced, there are many! Don't think that being a fiancée is so great, the person Pei Nanming has in mind, I'm afraid...

  Thinking of this, she subconsciously looked towards the spare table beside her.

  Ruan Xi supported her chin with one hand, looked at the lily in the vase, and took a deep breath.

  The aroma filled her nose, and she completely made her forget the hustle and bustle of the banquet scene.

  She remembered that the first flower that Gu Chi gave her was not a rose, but a lily. In fact, she didn't particularly like lilies, but because of Gu Chi, she fell in love with this flower, even though it looked a bit delicate.

  At the end of the spring of the second year of high school, the summer has not yet come, and the weather has become a bit hot.

  Sewing weekends, boys and girls have already taken off their school uniforms for a week and put on their favorite denim T-shirts to have fun around the world. That feeling, um, is as exciting as a prisoner who has been imprisoned for a long time and is suddenly free.

  She was wearing a long pink dress with short sleeves on top, and walked leisurely towards the school gate.

  Friday evening, there was still some residual heat in the air, which felt very ironic. The pages of the book in my hand rustled in the evening wind.



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