Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 91

It was the first time for Ruan Xi to see Xu Chuyan, and she never knew about Xu Chuyan's existence, so when Pei Nanming appeared this time, she was surprised to see such an extra face beside her.

  However, Pei Nanming has always changed * frequently, so she didn't care much.

  Of course Ruan Xi never expected that Xu Chuyan's codename was Xiaoxi when she was in the nightclub, and she didn't know that Xu Chuyan at that time was far less feminine than she is now.

   It can be said that Xu Chuyan's femininity now comes from Pei Nanming*.

   "Don't be afraid, there are no scourges inside that can't eat you, besides, I'm always here."

   Today's Pei Nanming is also extraordinarily gentle to Xu Chuyan, responding to almost every sentence, unlike before, eight out of ten sentences are met with cold air.

  Ruan Xi sat in the back seat without saying a word. Although she didn't interrupt, she could hear every word they said clearly.

  I can't explain why, but there seems to be a hole in my heart, and I feel chilly. Pei Nanming also spoke to her in this tone, and looked at her with such indulgent eyes, but it was all in front of outsiders, and his eyes were so gentle that water could be wrung out.

  He always said in a low and seductive voice, "Xie'er, tell me what you want, and I will give you everything I can."

   "Xie'er, I brought you a gift, guess what it is?"

   "Xie'er, tomorrow is your birthday. I heard that you like Van Gogh's oil paintings, so I asked someone to get a high-quality imitation of "Starry Night."

  Looking at the huge curly nebula and the exaggerated starlight in "Starry Night", she felt that her heart was also gently filled with a bright light.

  At that moment, she had the illusion that she was cherished and loved by him.

   What's ridiculous is that the painting Pei Nanming sent has a deeper meaning behind it! She remembered that "Starry Night" was the work of Van Gogh after he was sent to the Saint-Remy Asylum, and when he gave her this painting, he had already started his revenge. The next day, he really gave her a painting that was almost The blow that broke her down in despair!

  Thinking of this, she unconsciously burst into a sneer.

Xu Chuyan was still talking to Pei Nanming, but Ruan Xi was already extremely sleepy. She didn't understand why she had to follow her when she was clearly choosing a dress for Xu Chuyan. The manager is fine.

  When did Tang Wenyi screw him up?

   After thinking about it again, he suddenly realized that he just wanted to toss her back and forth! Make her uncomfortable!

It's a pity that she committed suicide once, and let her understand what is meant by the real peace of mind. If there is a chance to get rid of him, she will naturally not give up, but if the opportunity does not come for a long time, she will not be as stupid as before It hit hard.

   Now she is very open! Life is precious, she doesn't want to be hurt by the same man again, that's enough!

Pei Nanming looked at Ruan Xi's attitude of letting the wind blow and the waves beat me, and I didn't move, so he didn't get angry, but he always performed well when there were other people present, so At this time, even though Ruan Xi's casual look like a lazy cat can't be seen, he still behaves in a personable and gentle manner, a gentleman.

  Ruan Xi snorted coldly in her heart, cheat, you cheat hard! Pretend, you just pretend! A tyrannical man with the character of a wolf and the coat of a fox. You can deceive people for a while, but can you deceive them for a lifetime? !

  The old monk leaned against the car window calmly and calmly, watching the traffic outside indifferently. The sun was setting and the dinner party was about to begin.

   Very good, there is a traffic jam at this time...

Ruan Xi Yiran leaned on the back seat, the two of them looked at the cars parked side by side outside the car window, and realized that in this world, there are many rich people parked in front of a Porsche, and the driver inside was a very beautiful young*, blinked Blinking, startled slightly, couldn't help laughing, this world is really not ordinary, she remembered that girl, it was the "Little Pepper" beside Pei Nanming, who hadn't appeared for a long time, I don't know if she is still following her now Pei Nanming is just messing around, or he's climbing another branch...

   Having said that, it is really not easy for Gao Zhier to find another handsome and powerful Gao Zhier like Pei Nanming.

Xu Chuyan couldn't help but look out when she heard her snort, but she didn't find anything ridiculous at all, so she couldn't help being curious, and asked Ruan Xi with blinking eyes, "What are you laughing at, can you tell me?" Me?"

  The question was polite and cautious, with a harmless taste to humans and animals.

  Ruan Xi glanced at her, raised her chin, and pointed to the Porsche outside, "Did you see that beautiful girl? That's my brother Nan Ming's old friend"

  Pei Nanming naturally saw it too. Hearing what Ruan Xi said so plainly, he couldn't help but look back at her.

Ruan Xi shrugged innocently, smiled at him, turned her face away, and continued to introduce, "That's Brother Nan Ming's fifth person*, I don't know what it's called, but I always call her 'Little Pepper' because she has a very special personality. They are hot, and some like to wear red, and they are really beautiful, as beautiful as chili.”

   Regarding Ruan Xi's sabotage behavior, Pei Nanming did not express his opinion, but kept silent. He glanced at Ruan Xi from time to time, and seeing that she mentioned this purely in a calm mood of talking and laughing, he felt very uncomfortable in his heart, and he couldn't help feeling a little irritable.

   Therefore, when the red light turned to green, the vehicle inevitably started a little harder. Xu Chuyan and Ruan Xi were caught off guard and bumped into the back of the seat, their hearts almost burst.

  Xu Chuyan is fine, after all, she is in good health, while Ruan Xi is different, her body has just recovered, and she is still a little weak.

  Pei* finally breathed a sigh of relief. While smiling, his eyes became brighter and more charming, and the firm lines became much softer, not as sharp as before.

  Ruan Xi couldn't help being a little bitter, but she was quite content. Although this kind of behavior was childish, it was better than throwing her down like a hungry wolf in a rage.

  Eat a fall and gain a wisdom, she saw that this level was almost the same, so she skipped the little pepper and started to remain silent again.

   Xu Chuyan was Grandma Liu's first time participating in such a formal and grand dinner in the Grand View Garden. She was nervous, for fear that she would make a mistake or make a fool of herself and embarrass Pei Nanming.

  Thus, along the way, the desire to be jealous with Ruan Xi was not as strong as when they hadn't met before, and only thought about how to do the best.

  When they arrived at the manor, Xu Chuyan's hands were sweating, and after getting out of the car, she was short of breath and her legs were weak.

  Contrary to her nervousness, Ruan Xi was much calmer, not so flamboyant, but that quiet demeanor made Xu Chuyan, who was walking beside her, put aside her nervousness and become jealous involuntarily.

  Since meeting Ruan Xi, she has a more thorough understanding of what she means to Pei Nanming, and she understands that there are some things that she will never be able to compare with the woman in front of her.

  Ruan Xi doesn't need to be deliberately modified, just like an elegant and beautiful flower, neither gorgeous nor enchanting, but it can make people unable to move their eyes away after seeing it.

At this time, because her physical condition has not fully recovered, she still remains pale due to excessive blood loss, but this kind of paleness not only does not make Ruan Xi ugly, but also adds a bit of delicate and delicate feeling, which is natural and unaffected. It makes people want to feel more pity.

  Men are born with a strong desire to protect. When they see a weak and beautiful woman, they want to offer their shoulders.

  Ruan Xi, who is clean and sickly and delicate, is naturally the ideal object.

From the distance from getting off the car to here, almost all the men who passed by couldn't help but look at them. At first, Xu Chuyan held her chest up and held her head up in satisfaction. It made her even more charming, sexy, and radiant. Those gazes satisfies her nervous and vain heart very well.

  However, later, she found that after they looked at her, their eyes would always stay on Ruan Xi for a longer time~

Ruan Xi only wore a sapphire blue dress, which was conservatively designed and tightly wrapped around the chest and back, not revealing anything that shouldn't be exposed, even the shoulders were covered of.

  She was very satisfied that Pei Nanming had to buy this dress for Ruan Xi. It wasn't sexy or charming, and her hair was half up and half loose, which happened to half-hide Ruan Xi's slender neck, but it was quite graceful of a classical woman.

  However, it is no longer a conservative age, the more exposed the more it attracts the attention of men, this is what those sisters who have been in the business for a long time taught her by example when she was training in a nightclub.

  At this moment, she didn't understand how such a vulgar and backward dress attracted more attention.

  Later, she suddenly regained her balance, Ruan Xi, but what about the people everyone pays attention to, with so many scandals, can people not pay more attention? ! No matter how conservatively you dress, how well-behaved you are, you are still a slut at heart, this has been published and commented on by big newspapers and tabloids in the streets and alleys.

  Thinking about these things, she can't help being complacent, but she forgets that she herself is just raised by Pei Nanming, and she is out to sell!


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