Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 90

Jin Chengfeng almost bit his tongue.

  What role is Pei Nanming in people's eyes? The character who is gentle on the surface but actually ruthless, once mentioned, there are many words to describe him, and the descriptions are very contradictory, but when you think about it carefully, they are all quite appropriate, what kind of smiling wolf, black-hearted fox , *all refers to him, he himself has heard of it, and he laughs it off every time, that magnanimous, but just turning around makes that person lose his job, or ruin his reputation...

   Hearing Pei Nanming say such a thing, can he not bite his tongue?

   "Looking at how hard I live, you have to help me too."

"I can help you if you are busy." Pei Nanming flicked the cigarette ash, "However, you pass a message to Gu Yinlin for me, just say that the Gu family lives and dies, just in his mind, and..." He sat up straight leisurely, Looking at Jin Chengfeng, "Tell him, if his son's friend is not idle anymore, don't blame me for being rude."

   "What do you mean by that?" Jin Chengfeng straightened his posture and looked back at Pei Nanming in a daze.

   "What do you mean? If you don't know, go back and ask Gu Yinlin. If Gu Yinlin doesn't know, just ask the *er next to him. If *er doesn't know, you will naturally ask someone who knows."

  Jin Chengfeng frowned for a while, "Where is this? Why are you wearing so much like a grasshopper?"

  Pei Nanming smiled, "This is originally a rope with many grasshoppers on it, so it's normal for there to be so many."

  Jin Chengfeng shrugged, "Okay, you are advanced, press this matter, what about the performance?"

   "After you ask about this, Gu Yinlin will naturally go to the show."

   "How did you see it?"

   "Let's make a bet if you don't believe me."

   "What bet?"

   "If I win, you will grab the position of chairman of the Jin family. If I lose, you can do whatever you want?"

  A sharp light flashed in Jin Chengfeng's eyes, "Why do you want to bet on this?"

  Pei Nanming smiled, "I'm a businessman, of course I do this because it can bring me enough benefits."

   "I don't agree?"

   "You will definitely agree." Pei Nanming was confident, "Because you can't see Gu Yinlin suffering..."

  Jin Chengfeng felt ashamed to be found out, so he left without saying anything.

  Pei Nanming got up and walked to the floor-to-ceiling windows to look downstairs. Looking down from here, everything on the ground was as small as ants.

  In the evening, all kinds of luxury cars were parked in the underground parking lot of the manor.

   Young men and women in twos and threes walked gracefully into the banquet hall.

  In the hall, carved pillars are lined up in two rows, and the lanterns on the pillars are bright. The whole banquet scene is as luxurious as the midnight banquet where Cinderella meets the prince in the fairy tale world.

  Between the pillars, the tables and chairs are in order, and the waiters in red cheongsams shuttle between the white tables and chairs, just like the bright colors on the white roses, dazzling and gorgeous.

  Between the clothes and temples, there are leaders in the business world, young masters from aristocratic families, and stars in the art world, and the most dazzling star is the current shining star Sayuri.

  Qin Zhiran was holding a goblet, leaning against a carved pillar with her arms folded, her eyes slightly squinted, and she occasionally raised her eyes to check the time.

  In order to arrange Ruan Xi's escape, she told Pei Nanming long ago that she didn't have to wait for her and that she would come to the dinner party by herself. Now, the dinner party was about to start, but Pei Nanming didn't show up.

  Of course, Pei Nanming didn't show up, and Ruan Xi couldn't come either.

  Ziyuan Manor, at such a close distance, she couldn't figure out whether Pei Nanming arranged Ruan Xi here on a whim or for some other purpose at all.

  The former is the best, but the latter makes her feel uneasy.

Determined to help Ruan Xi, she placed a big bet. She is not a timid person, but Pei Nanming cares too much about Ruan Xi. If Pei Nanming finds out that she is doing something wrong, I am afraid that they will not be in love with each other in this life. It will be happy, and this is the last result she wants.

  However, she is also very clear about one thing. If Ruan Xi is here, she will always be among them. Then, she will never be able to enter Pei Nanming's heart in this life.

The former may have a chance, but the latter has absolutely no chance. According to her temperament, of course she has to give it a go. Moreover, to help Ruan Xi, she has another plan. If Ruan Xi goes out, she will never come back The plan, and this plan will allow her to repay all the hardships she has suffered at Ruan Xi's place.

  Gu Chi and Anya walked into the scene arm in arm. As one of the hosts of the party, he was naturally the focus. As soon as he appeared, he was immediately surrounded by the media.

   Anya herself received much attention because she exposed the relationship between Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming, and secondly, because she tied Gu Chi.

  This time, the protagonists of the joint banquet were Gu Chi and Ruan Dongyu, but Anya didn't attract so much attention, so she took the opportunity to come to Qin Zhiran.

  The two of them were neither courteous nor dodging. They just found a corner with a little less traffic and talked with wine glasses.

   "I heard that Ruan Xi committed suicide?" Anya's words had a bit of pleasure and added insult to injury.

   "Well, I almost died, unfortunately..."

Qin Zhiran took a sip of red wine gracefully, with a pure and pleasant face and shallow dimples on her cheeks, her every move made people feel like a beautiful and pure elf. However, the drinking action and the viciousness flashing in her eyes just now made her become It must be a bit more ferocious than the devil.

  An Ya didn't miss the expression at that moment, and suddenly felt a chill in her heart, and she almost trembled. Fortunately, she was not completely new to the world, so she adjusted quickly and smiled like a flower.

"Since she wants to die, then she must be unable to take it anymore. If you hadn't told me about her being hated and tortured by Pei Nanming, I would have thought that she committed suicide this time because she was ashamed to live because she was exposed, not because of Pei Nanming I don't want to live anymore."

"If you think about it casually, you can know that she wanted to die because she was tortured by Pei Nanming. If she really wanted to lose face, would she wait until now to commit suicide? Put it on me, I would have rushed out and jumped off the building long ago. "Qin Zhiran swayed the red wine, and stared at the bright red liquid in the glass. The sharp and cold gaze made Anya feel that what Qin Zhiran was looking at was not red wine, but blood.

   Subconsciously stay away from Qin Zhiran, feeling very upset.

   Just use your brain to think? Are you calling me retarded? Hmph, where are you so smart? Put it on you, you rushed out and jumped off the building? Just kidding, if it really falls on you, you don't know how excited you will be! Don't think I don't know if you don't tell me, Pei Nanming doesn't like you at all! If you want to like you, you don't have so much thought to toss Ruan Xi for several years and refuse to let go. Finally, Ruan Xi committed suicide by herself, but he spared no effort to rescue her.

  If he really hated Ruan Xi, he would definitely let her die like that.

  We're not the same, Pei Nanming doesn't love you, Gu Chi doesn't love me, what's wrong with you!

  Qin Zhiran was immersed in her own thoughts, of course she didn't know that Anya was full of contempt for her at the moment.

  Gu Chi had already sent the media over, An Ya immediately went up to meet him, took Gu Chi's arm, smiled cutely and happily, and was very envious of some men and women who came to the banquet.

  Their appearances are quite outstanding, and they match very well when standing together. Many people who flattered Ruan and Gu began to praise them endlessly.

  Qin Zhiran looked at Gu Chi and Anya coldly, with a flash of calculation in his eyes.

   Another ten minutes later, a handsome waiter in white overalls, but still a bit green, came to her with a plate of fruit, "Miss Qin, choose a fruit."

She glanced at the fruit plate and smiled, "Okay." When she lowered her head to pick the fruit, she whispered, "After she comes, act according to the original plan, but the last link has changed, after you take her out of Ziyuan Manor , immediately take her to Room 516 of Grand Hyatt Restaurant, there will be someone to meet her, and you don’t need to worry about the rest, the money will arrive within fifteen minutes after you bring her to Room 516.”

  The waiter's eyes flickered slightly, but he finally nodded in agreement.

  Qin Zhiran raised the corners of her mouth in satisfaction, took a stick and forked an apple, "I want this, thank you."

  The waiter saluted gracefully and left with the tray.

  Ruan Xi sat in the back seat of the car and didn't speak. Her body has recovered, but her face is still a little pale.

  Pei Nanming glanced at her from the rearview mirror occasionally, but ignored her along the way, but Xu Chuyan in the co-pilot was chattering along the way, and was extra active.

   "Nan Ming, I'm a little scared." The voice was charming, but not coquettish. Compared with Qin Zhiran's, it was a bit more numb to the bone.


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