Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 89

She couldn't tell what it was like, she just stared at the door in a daze for a while, then got down to wash up.

  Because her body had just recovered, she was not very strong, and felt a little weak after washing, so she sat down to rest for a while before going out for a walk, and she was accompanied by a nurse.

  Maybe because I died once, when I walked out again, I felt that the sun was shining brightly, the grass was full of vitality, and everything was full of vitality. In fact, this is the time when the flowers and trees are withering.

  Maybe because she was in a good mood, she sat on the chair outside for a long time, and didn't get up until noon, but when she turned around, she saw Zhang Yi standing behind her, and it seemed that she had been standing for a while.

   Zhang Yi saw that she found him, so he smiled and came forward to say hello.

  Although Ruan Xi was surprised, she still acted very calmly, "What a coincidence."

  Zhang Yi smiled slightly, Zhang Yixia's smile was bright and heart-warming, solemn and modest, "Yes, what a coincidence." He didn't say that he had already visited her, but just pretended to meet her by chance.

   "You've lost a lot of weight." She didn't ask what kind of illness she had, but just talked about some irrelevant topics.

  Naturally, Ruan Xi didn't want to talk about her own affairs. Seeing that he didn't ask any questions, she secretly breathed a sigh of relief, her tense nerves relaxed a little bit, and the atmosphere gradually became more casual.

  She found that Zhang Yi was calm but did not have the aggressive oppressive force of Pei Nanming, and Mingming would not appear weak and weak like Gu Chi because of being too pure.

   touched his face, "Really? It's probably like this when you're sick, and you'll get better soon."

  Zhang Yi took a deep look at her, then nodded, "Well, definitely."

Opposite, a five or six-year-old child was sitting on a lounge chair, but his feet always wanted to be placed on the ground, but his legs were short and he just couldn’t reach them, so he climbed up and down on the chair. Discouragement means that the more frustrated the more courageous.

Leaning on the bench, narrowing his eyes slightly, he looked at it with a taste of nostalgia, "When I was a child, my waist was not as high as the stool, and I watched adults sitting on the chair with their left leg on the right leg, and their posture was very chic. I wanted to imitate, so instead of sitting on a good stool, I always wanted to tap my feet on the ground and knock on my legs to look handsome." Suddenly laughed, "But the result is that I didn't show my handsomeness, and the number of times the dog gnawed on the ground is countless. I couldn't count, and I didn't know what I was thinking at that time. The more I fell, the more courage I had. After falling many times, I found that my legs were not long enough, so I moved a low stool under my feet, remembering that At that time, I felt a special sense of accomplishment. I even used a stool to knock on Erlang's legs when I was eating. I was afraid that others would not know how smart and handsome I was. When I was in my teens, I felt very stupid, but now I think of myself at that time. Especially courage and perseverance. The older you are, the more you worry, the more you pay attention to other people's opinions, and because of the constraints of the environment, you start to be constrained in doing things, but you don't have the courage to move forward with one mind."

Ruan Xi also looked at the busy child with a slight smile on her lips. She was neither stupid nor dumb. Of course she understood that Zhang Yi's words had deep meaning, and was moved in her heart, but she didn't take this level of emotion into consideration. To express it, he just lowered his head slightly and unconsciously tugged down on his cuffs.

Her subtle actions imply guard, but Zhang Yi understands that she doesn't blame her. People who have been hurt will be wary of people and things around them. Their vigilance is always much higher than ordinary people, and they are also much more sensitive than ordinary people. .

"Xiaoxi, we are friends. If you need any help, you can tell me, and I will do my best to help you." He has always hated trouble and is unwilling to get involved in complicated right and wrong, but this does not mean that he is afraid trouble.

  Why help her? For many years after that, he asked himself the same question, and then he smiled involuntarily.

   "Mmm," Ruan Xi responded softly.

  But she didn't want to implicate him. After all, she had seen Pei Nanming's tricks before, and even the Ruan family and the Gu family dared not provoke him easily, let alone Zhang Yi.

  Zhang Yi seemed to understand what she was thinking, but he didn't point it out. He stood up and said, "Then, take a good rest, and when you need me, let someone come here to find me, or call the number above."

  Ruan Xi took the business card, with only a black rose printed on it, below the black rose was a string of phone numbers, followed by the address, without a signature.

  Can't help but look up strangely, and glance at Zhang Yi, but Zhang Yi has already turned and walked away.

  Ruan Xi stared at this strange business card in a daze, always feeling weird. The pattern of black roses had never been seen, let alone heard of.

  Tang Wenyi walked with a straight posture, a serious face, and a personable demeanor that interpreted the posture of a professional housekeeper to the extreme. When he walked to Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi was still in a daze.

  Tang Wenyi's eyes under the golden wire frame glanced slightly, and a slightly shocked but somewhat sharp light flashed in his eyes, and he quickly returned to the attitude of not squinting at work.

   Ruan Xi noticed someone behind him, and immediately covered his business card, "Why are you here?"

   "Of course it was Young Master Pei's order."

  Ruan Xi raised her eyebrows slightly, "And then?"

   "Mr. Pei said that the hospital is not suitable for convalescence after all. Let me pick you up to Ziyuan Manor, and the time for the joint banquet is coming soon. It will save you the trouble of running back and forth when attending the banquet."

  Ruan Xi sneered in her heart, is there any difference between running around now and running around then?

   There was a friendly smile on his face, "Okay, I'm tired of staying in this hospital."

  When Tang Wenyi was working, he was always dedicated and unsmiling, so when he became serious now, he had a special aura that made people have to obey his arrangements.

  Ruan Xi thought, this is probably one of the reasons why Tang Wenyi was able to subdue so many women around Pei Nanming. Tang Wenyi is very good at combining grace and power.

  He is really worthy of the post of Chief of Internal Affairs.

   Along the way, Ruan Xi didn't open her mouth at all, she just propped her chin while driving, everything in front of her made her feel that it was good to be alive, she was extremely desperate, and after dying once, she was not so hopeless.

  My heart is at peace, but my yearning for free breathing is stronger than before. However, no one can see it.

  Pei Nanming looked at the uninvited guests, and didn't feel surprised. He just put the documents in his hands aside and said, "I'm surprised that Hua Shao came here to look for me."

  Jin Chengfeng didn't care about the indifference in his tone at all, "Your expression makes me feel that you are not surprised at all. If you are really surprised, at least act a little surprised, okay?"

  Pei Nanming leaned on the leather chair, reached out for a box of cigarettes, lit it with a match, took a puff, and then spit it out after a long while, but just looked at Jin Chengfeng without speaking.

It is true that Jin Chengfeng is the young master of the Jin family, but because of his rebellion, he left home since he was a child, and he became Gu Yinlin's agent after he grew up. Therefore, the industries he and Pei Nanming are in are very different, although each has its own Circles, but the world is so big, there are only those rich people who look down and don't look up, and the days when they grow up are not as insecure as they were when they were young.

Jin Chengfeng and Pei Nanming's way of getting along is a bit strange. They usually meet each other in nightclubs or at the poker table. They say they are acquaintances. They have drank wine twice and talked privately a few times. I can't remember once in a hundred years.

   And Jin Chengfeng never went to the company to find Pei Nanming, and Pei Nanming had never been Jin Chengfeng's guest.

   "Am I not surprised enough?" Pei Nanming smiled, but his eyes were calm and slightly cold.

   "Anyway, I can't see that you are surprised." Jin Chengfeng was not polite, and sat down directly without waiting for Pei Nanming to move.

   "Tell me, what's the matter?"

  Jin Chengfeng looked up at Pei Nanming, "Please do me a favor, it's not a big favor, I ask you to pick up girls."

  Knowing that Pei Nanming's most indispensable thing besides money is girls, so he talked about picking up girls.

   "Why, Gu Yinlin refused to perform at a joint banquet?"

Jin Chengfeng nodded furiously, with an angry expression on his face, "Sooner or later, I'll be pissed at him. I had agreed to act in the meeting earlier, but when I went back that day, I didn't know what happened suddenly, and I threw things and bowls. Those are all money, if you don’t make money, it’s fine, and you waste things. If he doesn’t feel sorry for me, I will feel sorry for him. According to my estimation, it was that rebellious son who made him angry again. Before I met that son, how much A gentle person, after encountering that thing, he became a dynamite bag, exploding every now and then, that is to say, my rough skin and thick flesh can withstand his bombing, and I have been used as cannon fodder many times and I can still survive tenaciously..."

Pei Nanming listened to Jin Chengfeng spit out his bitterness here without any image, without interrupting. After a long time, after Jin Chengfeng finished vomiting his bitterness, he calmly said, "You really have a cannon fodder face. , gave birth to a Xiaoqiang, you are the most invincible cannon fodder..."


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