Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 88

Speaking of this, her gaze became more vicious, "Ruan Xi's mother is a slut, and Ruan Xi is not much better. You like her so much, but she is not with Pei Nanming. You are a fart in her heart!"

  Brought Gu Chi up to her, she saw that Gu Chi Baixi's face was bright red due to drunkenness and slaps, her lips were even more gorgeous, and her sexy collarbone had a masculine vigor and a feminine delicacy.

  Ruan Dongyu originally wanted to continue cursing, but this time his voice rolled up and down, and he didn't scold anything. His eyes swept across Gu Chi's clean and clear face, and he suddenly threw him away as if possessed by evil, and left with a cold snort.

After that, Ruan Dongyu, who never took women by his side, seemed to have suddenly become a beautiful girl. Wherever he went, he would always have a female companion by his side. However, these female companions did not last long and would be replaced every now and then. .

  Ruan Dongyu's sudden change in his private life has become one of the most astonishing side stories of the year.

  Even Pei Nanming was surprised when he saw the newspaper, and asked Tang Wenyi who had just returned from the distribution place with a smile, "What do you think of this matter?"

  Tang Wenyi's answer was concise and to the point, "It's a deceitful attempt to conceal it."

Father Pei was discharged from the hospital soon. After that, he never came to the hospital to see Ruan Xi again, and Mr. Pei never got to see him. He didn't hear or see what happened to Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi. He should still dance and listen to the opera. Listening to opera, playing chess and chess, walking the birds, as if those things had nothing to do with him.

  In fact, in his opinion, children and grandchildren have their own blessings, and he will not worry about their affairs unfoundedly.

  As long as Pei Nanming doesn't take down the sky, he will let him do it. Besides, today's Pei Nanming, even if the sky is torn down, he can make it up by himself.

   During the period, Pei Nanming went back to see him a few times, and he never mentioned it. If he didn't mention it, Pei Nanming would not be stupid enough to say such a thing.

  Ruan Xi was in a coma for two full days, and she was not completely unconscious during the coma. After she woke up, she knew that Gu Chi had been here, and there were others, but she didn't know who they were.

  She didn't bother to guess, she just kept thinking why she was still alive.

  Holding the gauze on her wrist, she knew very well that with her mortal mood at that time, even if the wrist was healed, it would definitely leave scars in the future.

  Just woke up, she didn't have much energy, she stared blankly at the ticking in the hanging bottle, and fell asleep again after a while.

  It was already night when I woke up again, and the lights on the lawn outside the window were already on.

  It was very quiet in the ward, so quiet that she could almost hear the sound of the water in the bathroom dripping non-stop.

   This is an auditory hallucination, of course she knows.

   Not long after, someone gently opened the door, but it was the nurse on duty who came to change the bottle.

  The nurse is very dedicated, and she moves skillfully and gently from beginning to end. She only glances at her occasionally with a little sympathy in her eyes.

  Since she was specially taken care of, she must have seen the marks on her body. In addition, she committed suicide and was sent to the hospital. Even if she didn't have to think about it, she could guess what the nurse would guess.

Ruan Xi smiled at the nurse, and the nurse returned her a friendly smile, and then told her softly, "Miss, you only have one life, if you give it up easily, it will never be there again. You see the world is so beautiful, no matter how big the hurdle is, , as long as you are willing to break through, you will definitely be able to pass."

  Looking at this * who was about the same age as her, Ruan Xi suddenly felt that she was like an old tree that was about to die.

  She nodded to the nurse irresponsibly, and the nurse left, she turned her head and continued to look out the window.

  Of course she knew that the outside world was full of hope and beauty, but she was imprisoned in a glass cell by Pei Nanming, and she could only look out eagerly, envious to death.

  The wound on her wrist was aching. She leaned against the quilt, and suddenly her heart felt empty. There was no Gu Chi, no Pei Nanming, no resentment, no hope, it was a kind of emptiness from the vicissitudes of life.

   At this time, she was only in her twenties, which was the time when she was young.

  The door was pushed open again, and it was Qin Zhiran who came in. Ruan Xi felt fresh when he suddenly appeared at such a late hour.

  Do not go to the Three Treasures Hall for nothing, this sentence came to her mind the first time she saw Qin Zhiran.

Qin Zhiran came in on high heels, sat directly on the side, without saying anything, first took out an envelope from her bag and handed it to Ruan Xi, "There is a check inside, you fill in the numbers yourself. Nan Ming will take you to the weekly At the prom on the 1st, you must not be in a good mood at that time, and you can’t stand tossing. You don’t have to worry about anything else, I will arrange someone to pick you up, you just need to go out from the back door of the prom scene, go straight, there is a private club there, go in Then someone will help you."

  Ruan Xi opened the envelope and took a look, then looked up at Qin Zhiran, "Why did you suddenly make up your mind?"

   "Your suicide made me believe that you really want to leave Nanming, rather than playing hard to get."

  Ruan Xi sneered, "I don't believe the person you arranged."

"You don't have to go if you don't believe me. In short, this is your last chance. I also took a big risk for helping you. Nan Ming hates you so much. If I know that I helped you escape, my life will not be comfortable. Moreover, Who can you trust if you don’t believe me now? Gu Chi? Last time I contacted him, he had already promised to help you, but later, for some reason, he suddenly regretted it, and said that he no longer loves you, and now he only has An Ya in his heart. Therefore, we have decided to withdraw from this operation.”

  Qin Zhiran's words were tantamount to sprinkling salt on her wound, and the surging pain made her unable to tell whether what Qin Zhiran said was true or not.

   There is already a gap between lovers, not to mention that in the mall, she saw Gu Chi defending Anya with her own eyes.

  Qin Zhiran carefully observed Ruan Xi's reaction, and finally smiled with satisfaction, "Think about it yourself, I'm leaving."

   After speaking, I really didn't delay, got up and left.

At night, Ruan Xi slept very restlessly and kept dreaming. In the dream, she seemed to return to the dark room again. The room was full of fishy smell. Terrible blood red.

  She was too scared to cry, but just stood there helpless.

  At that time, I didn’t know the concept of death, or I was really too young. At first, I would keep repeating the same dream, but later I didn’t even have that kind of dream. It’s just that such a dream will suddenly appear once in a long time.

However, I don't know why, although I don't have such a dream, but whenever I paint, especially the characters, I draw dark and bloody paintings, so that when she recovers from the state of full concentration However, the painting I saw was a woman covered in blood with a blurry face!

  Pei Nanming said, you can't draw people, can you?

  Yes, she can't draw people, it's like a deep-rooted disease, and her hands will never be able to draw living people, which is destined to never become a painter in her life.

  Just as she was sweating and tossing and turning on the bed, the door of the ward was gently pushed open, and Pei Nanming walked in slowly, smelling of alcohol on her body, her steps were not very steady, but her eyes were clear.

  He stood by the side and looked at Ruan Xi quietly.

   There was no light in the room, only the cold moonlight slipped in through the gap between the curtains and fell on the ground, blurring their faces.

He stood quietly for about five or six minutes before sitting down beside the bed, then squeezed into the bed, hugged Ruan Xi lightly with one hand, and patted her slowly and rhythmically with the other, as gentle and full as coaxing a child pity.

  Ruan Xi seemed to have found support, and unconsciously leaned against his solid and warm chest, and became strangely quiet.

  In the dim light, Pei Nanming stared sideways at Ruan Xi's petite Bai Xi's face, and moved slightly closer to her, vaguely smelling the fragrance of her hair.

  People are warm, with breathing and heartbeat, she is still so fresh, not the pale and cold look that day.

  At this moment, his heart was pounding, so grateful that she was still around in this world, still within reach.

  It was also at this moment that he realized so clearly that she was not afraid of death, but he was afraid that she would really die.

  He knew that he had already suffered a crushing defeat.

   He tightened his arms and kissed her forehead, so attached and cautious.

  Perhaps, from the beginning, I was the loser. However, there is one thing that he couldn't forgive even though he tried his best, that is, in order to get rid of him, she even gave up the child in her stomach. Although the doctor said that she was in the early stages of pregnancy, the baby was fine.

  His eyes shone brightly in the night, but he was quiet but couldn't hide the joy and pain in his eyes.

   How ironic is it to fall in love with a woman who should never be loved?

   His brain gradually became dizzy due to the stamina of the wine, but he did not forget to hold the person in his arms tightly.

  When Ruan Xi woke up in the morning, Pei Nanming had already left. She knew that it was Pei Nanming who came, and that faint fragrance was only found on him.


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