Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 86

Pei Yan's back froze, his body staggered slightly, and he suddenly turned his head, "Nizi! If you continue to behave indiscriminately and act recklessly, you must be the one who regrets in the end!"

   "Even if I regret anything in my life, I will never regret this one!"

  The sunlight seemed to be particularly dazzling. In an instant, Pei Yan felt his world spinning, his body's center of gravity shifted backwards, and then he fell backwards without stopping.

Pei Nanming was shocked, obviously he didn't expect Pei Yan to fall down at all, and instinctively stepped forward, but Pei Yan leaned against the wall and encouraged him to lean against the wall, "Don't worry about it! I, Pei Yan, don't have a rebellious person like you !” He took a quick breath, pressed his fingers firmly on his chest, and watched his face turn red and turn white again.

  Pei Nanming didn't care to contradict him, so he quickly called the doctor.

  In the dean's office, Dean Zhao frowned slightly, and Pei Nanming's expression was even worse.

   "You mean, his illness is already a serious illness?"

   "Yes, according to the results of the examination, he has been relying on drugs for maintenance all these years. This time, he was furious and his mood fluctuated too much, which led to the sudden aggravation of his condition."

   "So is there any way to cure him now? Using the most advanced technology, no matter how much it costs, as long as it can make him better."

  Dean Zhao looked at Pei Nanming in embarrassment, "Mr. Pei, it's not a matter of how much money is spent, but that no matter at home or abroad, there is no technology advanced enough to completely cure his type of heart disease."

  Pei Nanming fell silent, he never expected that Pei Yan would have a heart attack, and he hid it so well!

   "Now we can only control his condition and prevent his condition from getting worse. As long as he is not overworked and can maintain a peaceful mood, there will be no major problem."


   After coming out of the office, Pei Nanming didn't go to his father's room, but went outside directly. Tang Wenyi hurried over when he heard the news of Ruan Xi's suicide, and the two met at the door.

   "Are you okay? How is she?"

   "It's okay." Pei Nanming simply said two words, and said no more.

  Tang Wenyi opened his mouth, but didn't continue.

   "How is things going?" Pei Nanming looked down at the time and asked casually.

  Tang Wenyi immediately realized what he was referring to, and his expression immediately became serious. The gold-rimmed glasses reflected the dazzling light in the sun, which further brought out his ability and shrewdness.

"The branch companies have been registered in various places, and the legal representatives are all registered with my certificate. The equity is recorded in Pei's and her personal names respectively, of which Pei's accounts for 10% and her personally forty-nine percent. , I personally have 20%, and other shareholders do not exceed 5%. "

  Pei Nanming breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, "Your work efficiency is still as fast as before, and the quality is still as good as before, which is reassuring."

Tang Wenyi also had a vague smile in his eyes, "I got 10% of the shares for nothing, and I became a multi-millionaire in a flash. If this thing is not efficient or quality, then there must be something wrong with my brain .”

Speaking of this, she paused slightly, and suddenly sighed again, "I know, besides, you must think I'm too talkative, don't say you think so, even I think I'm too talkative, but standing in front of my friend I still have to talk about my position. Nan Ming, we have been together for so many years. I have seen your affairs. Since I can’t let go of it, it’s better to obey my own will. Why bother others and myself. You have It’s a difficult road, I know this. But you have a mirror in your heart, she is her, and her mother is her mother. If all the parents’ faults are blamed on the next generation, then how many murderers must there be? The children are going to be dragged out and shot?"

"I know you must feel in your heart that I am standing and talking without back pain. That's right, the matter is not on my head. You must think that I am not hurting or itching, and my mouth is light. But then again, it is precisely because I am a bystander, So on the contrary, you can see it more clearly than you. From the beginning when you took her in a fit of anger, to now, after so many years of tossing, can you tell why you are tossing her again?"

"Also, do you think you are torturing her or yourself these years? Seeing her happy makes you unhappy, and seeing her in pain makes you unhappy. Have you figured out what you really want? ?”

  Pei Nanming put his hands in his trouser pockets, and seemed to be listening casually, with a nonchalant expression on his face, but every word he got into his ears gave him a shock of shock.

Tang Wenyi didn't say a single word wrong. He didn't know exactly what kind of mentality he had towards Ruan Xi before, but this time she cut her wrists and committed suicide. After realizing that she might disappear completely, if he still doesn't understand, then he is only the pig!

  But after all, the knot has been there for so many years. If he was locked up early and let him untie the knot suddenly, he is not so open-minded. Besides, he couldn't be sure what this locked heart looked like.

  Now, one thing he can be sure of is that Ruan Xi must never leave him for half a step. If she dares to die, he will dare to dig her grave!

  Seeing the sudden cruel look on Pei Nanming's face, Tang Wenyi knew that he was wasting his words again.

   "You don't need to worry about these things. You just need to take care of the other women for me, focus on coaxing Qin Zhiran, and then run the branch office."

  Tang Wenyi swallowed with difficulty.

  Is Pei Nanming generous? The answer is that he is very generous. He never treats Tang Wenyi badly when it comes to money matters. Is Pei Nanming humane? The answer is, very inhumane. Pei Nanming ordering people is no different from commanding a donkey. He can give you money that you can't carry, but he can really command you to death!

  Tang Wenyi is a typical working robot, wandering around his bunch of hot pink girls every day, not to mention charming*, now he has a new job!

  The vice president has to be in front of him, the housekeeper has to work, and * has to coax him. Sometimes he can't figure out whether Pei Nanming's pile of * is used to solve his physical problems or is it specially brought in to hone his ability to coax women!

   "Let me tell you, it's a waste of resources if you don't use this pile of *, or..." Or I can help you send the urban nobles to the platform, which will definitely be a lot of money.

  Not to mention anything else, just aiming at the sign of "Pei Nanming's *" can also ensure that the sons and young masters behind will continue to succeed.

  Of course, Pei Nanming stopped Tang Wenyi before he finished speaking.

   "Why don't I give you two for free, and I'll keep them there for as long as you can play."

  Tang Wenyi was also a character in Hundred Flowers, Huan Feiyan became much thinner, but he never flattered Pei Nanming's women.

   "Yes, you should keep it. Either Ruan Xi's nose, or Ruan Xi's eyes, if you really want to give it to me, give it to me Ruan Xi."

   Originally, this was just a joke, but as a result, Pei Nanming's face turned green and he was annoyed, so Tang Wenyi was forced, and was assigned by Pei Nanming to a rather impoverished city as the technical director of a branch factory for one year.

   This means that this year, Tang Wenyi will have to travel around his family, the head office, and Pei Nanming's various * dens.

Part of this incident was punished, but Tang Wenyi also knew in his heart that Pei Nanming chose this relatively poor place to build a factory with great intentions. First, this secondary city has a poor reputation because of its poverty, and the eyes of developers and investors It will definitely not be put here, especially for a big family like the Five Hegemons in City A, so the concealment is very good; second, because of poverty, the municipal government pays more attention to attracting investment, there are preferential taxes, and the labor force is abundant and cheap. Cost reduction; Third, Pei Nanming dared to make great efforts to hire many outstanding talents to put them there. Although the initial conditions were difficult, the salary was enviable, and those who were more difficult could bear it. Under the cultivation of the team, it quickly became a solid reserve force.

  In general, this humble factory is where Pei Nanming spends the most time, otherwise, he wouldn't have been sent there to be the technical director!

Understanding is understanding, but there is still resentment, so that, for many years afterwards, whenever Tang Wenyi saw Ruan Xi in private, he rushed towards Ruan Xi without any image, seeking comfort, and never felt that Pei Nanming was blamed, so he went straight to Ruan Xi. Pei Nanming was so angry that his internal organs almost exploded, so he had to threaten him, "If you dare to hug Ruan Xi any more, I will send your son to the city to be a cowboy..."

  Tang Wenyi let Ruan Xi go to hug his wife and son.

The guy who took the note and identified Liduan as Lirui, wandered around for a long time with a sad face but couldn't get a taxi. Finally, he was so angry that he lifted his foot on the gate of a certain villa. As a result, the chow chow in the villa Hearing the sound, the dog jumped out suddenly, chasing after Shuai Guo.

  The handsome pot is also evil, it seems that he was born with two scuds, but the dog is always one step away, just can't catch up.


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