Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 83

Qin Zhiran felt a pain in her heart, but smiled, "So what, your wife will only be me, and if I help her run away, you will only miss her for the rest of your life, why don't you let her go?" There is a lot of noise around you, and one day you will get tired of it. No matter how deep the love is, it can't stand the noise, besides, is there really love between you?"

  The last sentence obviously hit Pei Nanming's sore spot, and the fingers pinching her chin suddenly increased a little bit of strength, "Do you really understand what's going on between us?"

Qin Zhiran frowned in pain, but smiled gracefully in the blink of an eye, "Of course I have to pay more attention to my husband's affairs. That Xu Chuyan is just a substitute for Ruan Xi. I'm really worried, there is a relationship between you and Ruan Xi." Intentionally, concubine is ruthless."

Hearing this, Pei Nanming's face darkened, and he turned into a smile for a moment, "You are getting more and more courageous, but even if what you said is right, no matter between us, whether it's a man who intends to concubine is ruthless, or a concubine who intends to be a man Ruthless, or pleasing each other, or being ruthless, it's none of your business. You don't even want to get a little affection from me in your life. I marry you because I want you to guard the new house as a wife, Of course, you can choose not to marry, but are you willing?"

  At this moment, Qin Zhiran was trembling with anger, looking at Pei Nanming's face with a bit of bitterness, that handsome face was smiling at the moment, but this smile was so cold and cruel, so vicious and deadly.

  Qin Zhiran endured it, and tried to bend the corners of her mouth to smile a few times, but the muscles at the corners of her lips were so stiff that she couldn't even make a fake smile.

   "You hate me so much? You hate the Ruan family so much. My surname is not Ruan. I'm not from the Ruan family. My surname is Qin!"

  Qin Zhiran was hysterical.

  Pei Nanming snorted coldly, "Yes, your surname is Qin, but the blood of your surname Yi is flowing in your body. This is an undeniable fact!"

  Qin Zhiran clenched her fists, "Then, her surname is also Ruan!" She shook her hand, pointing at the unconscious Ruan Xi on the bed, and shouted.

  Pei Nanming squinted at Ruan Xi, "That's right, because of this, she is lying here now, almost dead."

  Pei Nanming looked like a devil, turned and left with a smile.

  Qin Zhiran suddenly felt cold all over, and Pei Nanming's coldness was so terrifying.

  However, she still couldn't stop her love and jealousy. Knowing that there was a fire pit ahead, she still walked forward without hesitation, and she still hated Ruan Xi so much that her teeth were itchy.

  She knew that Pei Nanming actually loved Ruan Xi, moreover, that love was a little bit sexy because of its depth, otherwise, with Pei Nanming's character, she would have completely driven Ruan Xi to death instead of letting her lie here and receive treatment!

  With nowhere to vent her anger and jealousy, she took a few steps to the low cabinet and threw the fruit basket she had brought to the ground.

The fruit immediately rolled all over the ground, and she felt a little more comfortable. She shook her head and stepped on her high-heeled shoes to walk out the door. When she reached the door, an apple rolled right under her feet, and one stepped on it without paying attention. With this kick, the apple slid up and down, making her unsteady, she slipped backwards, her center of gravity shifted forward, and she was about to throw herself into the aisle outside the door, but someone happened to pass by, so she quickly gave her a hand , which saved her from the embarrassment of a dog gnawing on the ground...

  Qin Zhiran raised her head, and what caught her eyes was a young and vigorous face, handsome and gentle with an intoxicating warmth. She stood up awkwardly, "Thank you."

  She has seen countless beautiful men, but few of them can make people feel comfortable. The person in front of him has such magic power that people feel that looking at him will make them feel better.

   "You're welcome." Zhang Yi withdrew his hand with a smile, intending to walk away, but the corner of his eye glanced casually across the ward, saw the haggard face on the ward, and suddenly stopped, "Who is the lady inside?"

  Qin Zhiran glanced back, smiled gently, "It's my friend, she's sick. Why, do you know each other?"

  How could there be such a coincidence? Thinking of all the things he had met with Ruan Xi before, he subconsciously shook his head, "No, it just feels familiar."

  Qin Zhiran breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that he didn't know him, and his tone could not help but tinge with a bit of sarcasm.

"Of course you will find it familiar, she is a celebrity." Speaking of this, she showed a disgusted expression, "Deliberately raped Pei Nanming, a diamond-level man in this city, and even made his wife. This incident has long been known to everyone, and the major news The headlines have been published before. If it weren't for the fact that I grew up with her after all, I wouldn't even bother to look at her. His *man is my fiance."

  Qin Zhiran's words were harsh and vicious, and Zhang Yi frowned slightly. He had also heard about Ruan Xi's affairs, but he didn't pay much attention to those entertainment reports and gossip.

   Moreover, when he met Ruan Xi, Ruan Xi said that she was Xiaoxi, and now that all kinds of encounters were connected, he suddenly became pale, and looked at Ruan Xi with more pity.

   I don't know why, the few times I got along with Ruan Xi made him feel that Ruan Xi was not that kind of woman at all.

  He felt that there must be something hidden in it.

Good upbringing made him not show any disrespect even if he hated Qin Zhiran's words in his heart, so he smiled very politely at Qin Zhiran, "Since the lady is fine, then I'll go first. "

  Qin Zhiran just stopped, and showed a row of snow-white teeth to Zhang Yi. Her appearance was so pure that it made people think that what she said just now was a hallucination.

  After Zhang Yi returned to the dean's office, the dean was obviously relieved, and his expression was not as tense as before.

   "Where have you been?" Director Zhao asked when Zhang Yi came in.

  Zhang Yi smiled slightly, "It's nothing, I just visited the rest area. By the way, what is the identity of the girl who just had the blood transfusion?"

   "Why do you suddenly care about this, you are not someone who likes to meddle in other people's business."

  Zhang Yi didn't like trouble since he was a child, and he was a typical emotional cleanliness. As an elder who watched him grow up, Dean Zhao knew this best, so Zhang Yi suddenly asked about a stranger, which surprised him.

   "I'm curious, I've never seen anyone who can make you so nervous, Uncle Zhao."

Dean Zhao waved his hand, "You're wrong. If every patient here is in a critical situation, I will be so anxious. However, this girl does have some background, hey, don't mention it. "

  Zhang Yi propped his chin and stared at Dean Zhao, "Tell me, my curiosity hasn't been satisfied yet."

  Dean Zhao cursed with a smile, then suddenly sighed, "Speaking of which, it's evil fate..."

  Dean Zhao briefly told about Ruan Xi's affairs, and Zhang Yi was a little dazed. Although from the first meeting, he knew that Ruan Xi's experience was not simple, but he never thought that she was carrying so many heavy things on her body.

  The reason why Dean Zhao knew about Ruan Xi was partly from newspapers and partly from years ago.

  Ruan Ting was sent here for first aid after a car accident. As the hospital, although I have no right to intervene in other people's private affairs, I probably understand that there are always some. Moreover, the Pei family is a well-known family in this city, and has a very high exposure rate on TV and newspapers. Anyone who pays attention to current affairs will be familiar with the Pei family. If something happened to such a family, it would naturally attract more attention, and it was reasonable for Dean Zhao to pay attention.

   "How does your reaction seem to know her?"

  Zhang Yi smiled, "How could I know each other, we are inseparable."

Dean Zhao nodded reassuringly, "It's best if you don't fight. The affairs between the rich and powerful families are as sinister as they are. If you can not be contaminated, try not to be contaminated. The young master of the Pei family is a master who can't be messed with. .”

  Zhang also nodded, but he was a little absent-minded.

  Passing Ruan Xi's ward again, he stopped involuntarily, hesitated for a moment, and opened the door to enter. There was no one in the ward, and Ruan Xi was lying on the bed alone. He looked at the drip, stretched out his hand and pushed it slowly, and seeing her arm was exposed, he picked it up and put it under the quilt.

However, such a movement caused Ruan Xi to struggle uncomfortably. The arm under the hospital gown was exposed. It was a hickey wound around the not-so-serious blue color. Thick gauze was wrapped around the wrist and fingers. Seeing All of a sudden, it felt like something had scratched my heart, it was a sharp pain.

   This feeling made him feel strange.

  The door of the ward was suddenly pushed open, and a man walked in, about 1.8 meters tall, clean-looking and baixi, but with a somewhat melancholy demeanor, like a prince who had fallen into the folk.

  Seeing Zhang Yi, the man stopped, surprised and slightly suspicious, but still nodded politely to him.

  Zhang Yi got up immediately, "Hi, I'm Xiaoxi's friend, and my name is Zhang Yi."

  Although from Dean Zhao's narration, he knew that Ruan Xi had concealed something from him, and even deliberately omitted the middle word in his name, but this did not make him feel uncomfortable. He understands very well that in the current world, it is necessary to be on guard against others. It is very difficult for anyone to talk to each other without defense after only meeting twice.

  The so-called love at first sight is just a feeling, and this feeling can't make people let go of their defenses.

   Therefore, when introducing himself, he still called Ruan Xi Xiaoxi.

   "Hello, my name is Gu Chi."

  Gu Chi raised the corners of his eyes slightly, but he didn't introduce his relationship with Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi's condition has stabilized, but he is still in a deep coma.

  Gu Chi looked at her haggard and emaciated, and his heart felt as if he had been severely whipped by a thorny whip.

Ruan Dongyu told him the news of Ruan Xi's suicide. Ever since he agreed to Ruan Dongyu's conditions and transferred to Ruan Dongyu's banner, Ruan Dongyu put him by his side and became a department manager. This "official position" is not big or small. , is not considered an idle job, but it is definitely not a pivotal department.

  His purpose was not to make any great achievements under Ruan Dongyu, but just wanted to use the strength of the Ruan Group to fight against Pei Nanming and ask Pei Nanming to pay the due price. Therefore, if he can't gain an important position in the entire Ruan Group, he can only be restrained by Ruan Dongyu.

Now, with his ability and timing, it is not the time for him to be alone. Therefore, he can only endure. Ruan Xi naturally knows nothing about how much hardship he has endured and how much pressure he has endured in Ruan's family. Moreover, he And never let him know.

  When he met Ruan Xi in the mall, how did he harden his heart to help Anya? He didn't know it himself, but when she resolutely left, a pain like despair spread in his heart, almost obliterating him, but he finally survived!

  However, at this moment, seeing Ruan Xi like this, he didn't know if what he did was right or not!

  If Ruan Xi was not forced to die, how could a strong and tolerant person like Ruan Xi commit suicide? !

  Thinking of this, his eye sockets were sore.

  Zhang Yi looked at Gu Chi and then at Ruan Xi, quietly took two steps back and exited the ward without a sound. Just as he was about to leave, he heard a deep and steady voice behind him, "This gentleman is..."

   Zhang Yi turned his head when he heard the sound, and saw a slender man wearing a well-tailored handmade suit, who stopped two steps away.

Zhang Yi shines on him through the bright window outside the window, and his dark hair is illuminated with a light brown halo. Even though Zhang Yi is a man, he still feels that Pei Nanming's appearance is very dazzling, especially when he smiles. Compared with the resolute appearance when he was silent, his gentle temperament is completely different.

  First feeling, Zhang Yi had a very good impression of Pei Nanming.

   "I'm Xiaoxi's friend. I heard that she is ill, so I stopped by to have a look. Are you..."


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