Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 81

I don't know why there is an uncontrollable depression in my chest, I stepped on the accelerator hard, and the car rushed out immediately.

   In the next few days, they remained the same, and their parents still played the role of family harmony lukewarmly. Until that day when the family was resting and the whole family went shopping, Ruan Ting got into a car accident because of sudden frequent accidents.

   A week later, Ruan Ting's funeral was over, and Ruan Xi was in a semi-autistic state this week, staying in the room and not coming out very much.

   Every time Pei Nanming passed her door, he would pause for a moment before returning to his own room.

  Even though he already developed hatred for Ruan Xi, for some reason, he still clearly remembered that three days later, it would be her birthday.

  Actually, at that time, he hadn't thought about what to do to Ruan Xi until he accidentally saw Ruan Xi standing at the school gate waiting again.

  Ruan Xi's spirit is not very good. Obviously, Ruan Ting's car accident has stimulated her a lot, but on her birthday, she still came to the old place to meet her first love.

  At that moment, the anger and hatred in his heart suddenly swelled to an unprecedented level. His mother had just been buried, and she actually wanted to meet her first love boyfriend to celebrate his birthday? !

  The veins in his hands were exposed, and the blood on his forehead was throbbing. He wanted her to pay the price!

  As soon as the idea arises, it will be put into action, so there is a catastrophe for Ruan Xi! With his endless revenge and oppression for so many years. There was also the driver who was recruited by Qin Zhiran to rape Ruan Xi.

  After the robbery, he knew that his revenge was imposed on an innocent person, but since he had already walked out, he naturally would not let himself regret it.

   Even if he was wrong, he also went all the way to the dark. In his opinion, it is only right and proper for the father to pay the debt. Ruan Xi deserved what she deserved today.

  Ruan Xi lay on the bed, unable to even move her body, the tears on her face were still wet, and new teardrops trickled down the corners of her eyes.

  How cowardly am I to be treated like this by Pei Nanming? !

  In addition to doing or doing, in addition to torture, it is still torture. Obviously, I am also a person with freedom and human rights. Why do I have to live this kind of life? !

   She gritted her teeth and looked at Pei Nanming, who had gotten up to wash up, and slowly closed her eyes.

   Even if you die, you will never endure it any longer!

  All night, Pei Nanming didn't say a word, and when he got up this morning, he just treated her like air.

  She is like an inflatable doll. In his eyes, she has no life and no consciousness.

  On the finger, the wound was cracked, and it was numb from the pain at the moment, just like her body that was almost falling apart, it was numb.

After tidying up, Pei Nanming walked up to her and said condescendingly, "From now on, you don't have to go to work or go out. If you need anything, just call me and I will arrange for someone to deliver it to you. Also, you Don't worry about suffocating yourself, next week is the party jointly organized by Gu Chi and Ruan Dongyu, and I will bring you with me when the time comes." Speaking of which, he bent slightly, stretched out his index finger to pick Ruan Xi's chin, left and right Take a closer look, as if looking at a commodity that is up for grabs, "Based on your appearance, even though it is a worn-out shoe, there must be many people rushing for it. And, I think, the men at the party are better than A duck you catch in a nightclub is much stronger. Since you like to let men fuck, I don't have to keep getting in your way like this. The relationship between us is officially broken when you find a new man .”

"What do you want?!"

  Ran Xi suddenly grabbed him and shouted.

  Pei Nanming squinted at her hands, as if they felt dirty, opened her hands quickly, and then brushed off her sleeves, "What do I want? I just want to satisfy your desire."

   After finishing speaking, Pei Nanming left.

  On this day, Pei Nanming didn't go to work, but instead went to Xu Chuyan's place.

  Xu Chuyan became more and more well-behaved. When she saw Pei Nanming, she entangled him like a beautiful snake.

   Obviously, Pei Nanming was not interested, and frowned and pushed her away, "I'm in a bad mood right now, so don't bother me!"

  Xu Chuyan met many girls in the etiquette class, and exchanged experiences with each other. Therefore, she has learned how to advance and retreat well.

  After Pei Nanming said that, she let him go immediately, "You look bad, take a good rest, I'll make you tea."

  Pei Nanming didn't respond either, he just threw his suit away and sat down outside.

  At this time, it was only eight or nine o'clock, and the sunlight was soft and slanted on Pei Nanming's well-defined body, as if coated with a hazy golden light.

  Xu Chuyan stood behind Pei Nanming with a teacup in her hand. Such a back view seems to have magic power, attracting the heart to contract like a magnet.

  However, for some reason, she always felt that this figure was so lonely and lonely. For the first time, she found that Pei Nanming was actually very lonely, which made people feel distressed.

  As soon as this idea came up, she laughed at herself first, what is she in his eyes? It's just a mistress, I only come to the hotel to visit when I think about it, I live under his wings, and I count on the money in his hands, what qualifications do I have to talk about loving him like this?

  A feeling of inferiority rose from the bottom of her heart, and she couldn't help biting her lower lip.

  Actually, she knew that he had a fiancee, and also knew about the things between him and Ruan Xi. When she is bored, she also reads newspapers. And when she saw Ruan Xi's face in the newspaper for the first time, she understood why Pei Nanming wanted to get her out of there and put her in such a high-end place to raise her with good food and drink.

  The name she used in that place was also Xi’er, but the purpose was a homonym, Xi’er, and the most important thing is that she has a good face, which is almost like Ruan Xi’er!

  It doesn’t matter how beautiful the fiancée is and how rich her family is, this man only cares about a mistress named Ruan Xi.

  However, at this moment, seeing Pei Nanming sitting there without moving, she became more and more jealous of that woman named Ruan Xi.

Every time Pei Nanming came here, it was because of unhappiness with Ruan Xi. Every time he had sex with her after drinking, he would call Ruan Xi. No matter how long it takes, there will be no relationship.

She has been with Pei Nanming for half a year, and she has seen a few of those Yingying and Yanyan around him, maybe he doesn't know himself, no matter what kind of character those women are, there is always something similar to Ruan Xi, Maybe it's the nose, maybe the mouth, maybe it's the eyelashes, maybe it's a certain look.

  Placing down the tea set, Xu Chuyan put away all the tea for the first time, heated the cup again, and poured the tea in front of him.

   "Did something happen to Mr. Pei?" Xu Chuyan sat beside him obediently, "Can you tell me, although I can't do anything for you, but if you say it, you will feel much better."

  Pei Nanming suddenly turned his head to look at her, and his eyes suddenly narrowed. Now that she is like this, she really looks like Ruan Xi, even her hairstyle is the same.

  She was deliberately imitating her, he knew it, but he didn't point it out.

   "Have you learned the etiquette class yet?" He suddenly remembered that Ruan Xi had said that he was going to the nursery class, but nothing happened in the end.

   "Well, the class is over."

   "In this case, then, accompany me to a banquet next week."

  Xu Chuyan was astonished, but her face was calm and calm, "Okay." She tilted her head and thought for a while, "Is this good? Miss Qin will definitely be very angry if she finds out."

  Pei Nanming has seen this kind of gesture too much. He took a sip of tea, put down his cup slowly, and stared at her, "I can't tell, you are very considerate."

   This tone was definitely a compliment, Xu Chuyan smiled slowly.

  Pei Nanming continued, "However, if you are really considerate of others, if you are afraid that she will get angry, you shouldn't just live here obediently and be my wife. Do you think she really doesn't know your existence?"

  Xu Chuyan's smile stiffened before it fully bloomed, and her face became paler and paler.

What kind of person Qin Zhiran is, she has never personally come into contact with it, but when she was in the etiquette class, she heard people secretly discussing that Qin Zhiran is a femme fatale, regardless of her face and angel's demeanor, but what she did secretly It means how poisonous it is.

   Also said that Qin Zhiran once sent someone to rape Ruan Xi, and almost succeeded.

   She doesn't know whether these things are true, but she knows that the rumors are groundless, and the rumors will not be completely unfounded. She is ambitious, but this ambition is not strong enough for her to have the courage to confront Qin Zhiran head-on.

  A woman who can even send someone to rape others, how vicious she must be!

  Ruan Xi looked at herself in the mirror, and every time she wiped it, the person in the mirror became clearer, but soon the hot air in the tub of the wine glass blurred beyond recognition.

  She finally gave up and looked at the blurred shadow in the mirror, unable to tell whether it was a human or a ghost.

  The bright silver faucet is still dripping water gently, falling into the pool every now and then, with a clear and ethereal sound.

  Ruan Xi raised her head and looked at the lights on the roof. The glaring at the beginning became soft, and the dizziness gradually hit her. She raised the corners of her mouth slightly, and she would always be relieved.

  It would be better to die than to live without being human or ghost.


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