Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 80

She shook her fingers and wanted to call back several times, but she gave up and just stared at the string of mobile phone numbers in a state of confusion.

  Zhang Yi opened the door and came in carrying the newly bought clothes. She stood up immediately like a frightened bird, looking terrified, and was quietly relieved when she saw Zhang Yi coming in carrying the clothes.

   "Your complexion is very bad, is there something uncomfortable?

  Zhang Yi handed her the clothes, "I'm sorry, I just bought a set nearby. The quality is not very good, so you can just wear it. It's late now, and your family is probably in a hurry."

  Took the clothes, looked at him gratefully, and said sincerely, "Thank you, thank you for helping me." With slightly red eyes, he bowed deeply to him, and then entered the dressing room.

   While she was changing clothes, her mobile phone rang again. Zhang Yi picked up the mobile phone and looked at it, then looked at the closed door of the dressing room. After thinking about it, she put it down.

  However, the caller seemed to be very persistent. If one call was not answered, he continued to call the next one.

   It's impolite to answer other people's calls. Zhang Yi thought about it, and picked up his mobile phone to knock on the door of the locker room. Ruan Xi happened to be fully dressed and opened the door.

  At this moment, Zhang Yi's hand was stiff in the air, and Ruan Xi couldn't help turning pale when he saw him standing at the door.

   Zhang Yi knew that she had misunderstood, and shook the mobile phone in his left hand, "Please don't misunderstand, someone called you, and you just hung up on the second one, you should call back quickly."

  Ruan Xi nodded slightly, took the phone and looked at the caller ID. There were indeed two missed calls this time, but the numbers were very strange, and she had never seen them before.

   After thinking about it for a while, she still pressed the call back, and the speed of answering the phone over there was neither too fast nor too slow, just after the second beep and before the third beep.

   "Hello, may I ask, you just called me, what's the matter?"

There was only silence over there, and Ruan Xi's heart sank slowly. For a long time, with a hint of luck, Ruan Xi asked again, and the other side suddenly asked, "Where are you?" The voice was low and hoarse, like a creeping beast, Even though he didn't show his teeth and claws, the strong oppressive aura rushed over the phone line.

  Ruan Xi was so familiar with this voice that she had already guessed it, but when she heard it now, she still took a deep breath.

   "I, I... met a classmate from college, so..."

  The other side did not wait for her to finish, but simply said, "No matter where you are, within half an hour, you must appear in front of me!"

  At this time Zhang Yi just came out of the locker room, "Xiao Xi, your bracelet fell off."

  He had been in for a long time, thinking that Ruan Xi had already answered the phone, so he didn't deliberately lower his voice.

  Ruan Xi's brain exploded with a bang, like a thief who had done something wrong, his heart was jumping with fear!

  Pei Nanming must have heard what Zhang Yi said.

  At such a time and such a place, being alone with a man, no matter what the facts are, people's habitual thinking will think about the most nasty aspects. She suddenly turned pale, and took a difficult breath. Just as she was about to explain to Pei Nanming, there was a busy voice over there.

   Immediately, the blood rushed back and went straight to the forehead. Pei Nanming will definitely kill me! The thought made her flustered and overwhelmed.

  Tang Wenyi looked at Pei Nanming's livid face, and a cold current ran down his back. I have been thinking about what to say to relieve the high-pressure atmosphere at the moment. But Pei Nanming obviously didn't want to talk, he just kept fiddling with the lighter in his hand, lighting it on for a while, and then turning it off again.

  After repeating it no less than fifty times, Pei Nanming suddenly stood up, kicked away the second broken mobile phone under his feet, and strode out.

   Tang Wenyi looked at his mobile phone, really wanted to cry, this is a new limited edition iPhone. Who will reimburse the loss?

  Today, he shouldn't have run over to the gun!

   "Prepare the car"

  Pei Nanming said coldly.

  Tang Wenyi didn't even dare to ask more questions, and immediately went to the garage.

  Pei Nanming stood on the road leading to the garage, staring at the night, his eyes slightly narrowed, like a wolf in the night.

  In the distance, there are lights hitting the building, followed by the sound of cars getting closer.

  Stimulated by the strong light of the headlights, Pei Nanming's pupils only narrowed slightly, and he still stared quietly at the rapidly approaching car.

  When the car stopped and Ruan Xi got out of the car in a hurry, he still stood there without moving.

   After paying the fare, Ruan Xi almost jogged back. Obviously, she didn't see him.

But he didn't say anything, Tang Wenyi drove the car over, he smiled slightly at Tang Wenyi, "Go back the car, and you go back too, and, I don't go to work tomorrow, you call Secretary Li to help me cancel all the itinerary, Important appointments are pushed to next week."

  Tang Wenyi was taken aback, he didn't expect him to make such a sudden decision, just as he was about to say something, he glanced out of the corner of his eye and found that the lights upstairs suddenly turned on, he immediately understood, turned around and got in the car and returned the car.

   After getting into the car, Tang Wenyi patted his heart involuntarily, then helped the golden eyes on the bridge of his nose, and looked sympathetically at the brightly lit room upstairs.

  Pei Nanming's smile just now, can he be called a smile? It made his bones feel cold.

  After Ruan Xi returned to her room, she searched the bedroom, kitchen and even the bathroom. Of course, she didn't find Pei Nanming.

  Finally, she walked towards the balcony. She didn't pay attention to her feet, only heard a cracking sound, and looked down, and there were mobile phone parts all over the place, and they were still in pairs.

  He actually dropped two mobile phones in a row!

  Suddenly, the blood flowed backwards, and he took a few steps back as if getting an electric shock, his scalp was numb.

But at this moment, the light in the living room suddenly went out. She trembled and was about to turn around, but one arm was already tightly around her waist, while the other hand grabbed her long hair fiercely, and she looked back. With a tug, she was forced to look up.

  Facing a pair of indifferent eyes in an instant, Ruan Xi trembled all over, "I'm sorry, I didn't come home late on purpose, I..."

  Pei Nanming didn't speak, but pushed her hard, pushed her to the nearest wall, then pressed her down cruelly, and stuck her between his body and the wall.

Ruan Xi was in pain, and the air in her chest was squeezed out by the impact. She began to struggle instinctively. The next moment, Pei Nanming pressed her waist against her waist and grabbed her hands and wrists together. , raised his head, and pressed hard against the wall.

  Ruan Xi's hands were injured, and now being pressed by him, tears flowed down the corners of his eyes in pain.

  For a person who is extremely angry, saying anything is superfluous. She has long understood this. If it was before, she might not have done useless work at all. But today, she tried her best to explain, because at this moment, she felt that the man behind him had lost his mind and turned into a wild wolf. If the explanation does not make sense, he may be chopped into pieces today.

   "I really didn't come home late on purpose, I just ran into acquaintances and drank a few more drinks."

  Her voice was already crying.

  Pei Nanming still didn't speak, and only used his actions to show that he didn't want to listen to her nonsense.

   On this day, Ruan Xi was torn off twice by someone. The first time was Qin Ziyuan, and the second time was the man behind her who she had silently endured for many years.

  Obviously he has so many *, obviously his * is so beautiful, one by one followed him wholeheartedly, but he just didn't let her go, only because of that crime that was basically imposed on her and ruined her!

  How could she not be resentful in her heart!

   "Please, let me go, don't do this to me again!" Ruan Xi finally cried out, and the people behind him didn't mean to let go at all, they just did what he was going to do more quickly and simply.

  The next moment, she heard the sound of a zipper, and this sound was like a stab in her heart!

   Panic and anger, restlessness and resentment, all kinds of emotions piled up, making her struggle desperately, and her struggle was insignificant to Pei Nanming, who was well trained.

  Holding up her waist, he penetrated hard from behind. Ruan Xi shook her body, the tearing pain made her whimper like a wounded little animal, she could only tense her nerves and endure.

   There is a kind of irritability that cannot be suppressed.

  Pei Nanming knew that his agitation had already exceeded the limit, and he knew that he could not turn back. However, he didn't want to admit it, he couldn't admit it.

  There is a kind of love that brings hurt, like the sharpness and coldness of a knife blade. If you fall in love with the warmth and flexibility of the skin, you will definitely get hurt if you touch it.

  He didn't know what else to do other than use this hurt to express his resentment and cover up his truest feelings.

  From the beginning when she couldn't see her having a boyfriend, to now she can't even tolerate her late return. This is a feeling of achieving love hidden in the dark in the name of hatred.

  In the name of hatred, severely imprisoned, and then hurt.

  Is it sick? He also knew that he was sick, and this sickness could not be reversed.

  Told himself to hate her all the time, but ended up paying attention to her movements all the time. Not afraid that she hates him, but afraid that she will disappear.

  At this moment, even though he was galloping in her body, he was still unsatisfied and unable to feel at ease. It was a feeling of wanting to rub her into his own flesh and blood, and tie her by his side all the time.

   But this kind of mood, when he is rational, he feels extremely contemptuous. He himself feels that he is a cheap person at all, and that torture can also express feelings? What a joke!

  But when she ran away again and again, laughing and laughing with others without restraint, but seeing herself like a wolf, the feeling of jealousy almost made him want to kill those people, and even more wanted to strangle Ruan Xi to death.

   I remember one time, Ruan Xi asked provocatively, are you in love with me?

  At that time, he felt annoyed after someone saw through his mind! Her triumphant provocation and the contempt in her eyes made him feel extremely humble. In the game between them, he was the first to launch an attack, always aloof, always occupying a condescending position, but was he the one who lost first? How is it possible, how is it possible!

  Won't lose everything like this! This time, he was ruthless and almost crushed her, just like a wolf tearing up his food wantonly, chewing frantically, her trembling, her pain, every gasp she could not hold back, made him excited Also more out of control.

  He knew that she was bleeding, whether it was her body or her fingers, but at this moment, he only wanted to make her suffer, and let her remember this trembling pain.

  For so many years, he has been suffering like this every day, unable to face his own thoughts, unable to control his emotions, constantly tossing and turning, constantly torturing himself.

   While he was in such a predicament, she met friends, laughed and laughed with them, and even had her first love not long after!

  That summer, he was thirteen years old and she was eight years old.

   It was the first time he took the initiative to bring her into the gang, playing with the children in the compound.

  She always followed him quietly, like a porcelain doll. Even if she didn't dress up deliberately, she still became a beautiful scenery in his eyes.

  Everyone in the compound likes Qin Zhiran, because Qin Zhiran is lively, has a good mouth, and always likes to be around him. After Ruan Xi came, Qin Zhiran became even more attached to him.

  He took Ruan Xi to play, and Ruan Xi was very happy, he could see this, even though she never said it.

  Every day, when the sun goes down, he is used to walking in front with his head held high, and then let Ruan Xi follow behind him. Even if he doesn't look back, he knows that she is only one step away from him.

  Because their backs were facing the direction of the sun, when the sun set, the shadows of her and him were stretched very long, and sometimes her shadow would overlap with his own shadow, casting a shadow on the bluestone slab.

   For a moment, he even naively thought that maybe their shadows could always be entangled like this. This kind of thinking, as many women as there are women, later, he thought he was funny.

  Back home, their state has almost completely changed because of their mother Ruan Ting.

Ruan Ting didn't say anything sarcastic to Ruan Xi, nor was she inconsiderate in any way, but he could feel that the atmosphere between his mother and Ruan Xi was always a bit weird. Seeing Ruan Ting, Ruan Xi would become very restrained and cramped. When Ruan Ting sees Ruan Xi, especially when she inadvertently turns her head and suddenly sees Ruan Xi appearing, she will always be startled, as if Ruan Xi is a little ghost.

  Although Ruan Ting would always return to normal quickly, he still keenly captured the disgust and panic in his mother's eyes the moment his mother turned her face away.

   This situation is getting worse day by day.

  He took her to play for two years, and he started his third year of high school.

He doesn't know how high his iq is. Anyway, in his impression, he spent his studies in skipping high school. After graduating from high school, he went directly to study abroad. In the summer five years later, he went to I came back directly from school, thinking that I might be able to surprise my parents.

   That day, Ruan Xi was not there. As soon as he entered the house, he saw the butler running towards the garage in a panic. He was puzzled, but he didn't pursue him. I went directly into the house and upstairs, but when I passed my parents' bedroom, I heard the sound of throwing things and arguing.

"Send her away, send her away immediately! I can't take it anymore, I can't take it anymore! She looks more and more like that vixen! You brought her back just to torture me, didn't you?!" The first time he heard The normally decent mother spoke in this almost screaming voice.

   "Don't do bad things, don't be afraid of ghosts calling the door. If you have a clear conscience, why would you be afraid of Ruan Xi's face that is getting more and more similar to Qin Xin'er!"

   This was the first time in his life that he heard the name Qin Xin'er, and it was also the first time that he discovered that the relationship between his parents was not as loving and harmonious as they usually appear.

  And he immediately grasped the key point of their conversation, this Qin Xiner is the root of their relationship breakdown, and Ruan Xi has a lot to do with this Qin Xiner, and may even be this Qin Xiner's daughter!

  All kinds of doubts took root in his heart instantly.

  He turned and left without disturbing them.

   This year, he was twenty years old.

   Five years later, during these five years, he went home once, when he was twenty-three years old.

   But this time, instead of celebrating grandpa's birthday, they held a funeral for mother!

He couldn't remember what it was like when he met Ruan Xi for the first time when he was twenty-three years old. He only knew that there was a saying that a female student had undergone eighteen changes. It's not like when I was a child, I would follow behind him and secretly step on his footprints.

  She smiled at him, but called Brother Nan Ming with a little alienation.

  At that moment, what was he thinking in his heart—this is Qin Xiner's daughter, the daughter of the mistress who ruined his family!

  He looked at Ruan Xi with complicated eyes, because at that time, he knew very well that Ruan Xi was innocent, and only her mother was guilty.

   Therefore, his reaction was only a slight nod. But later, when I happened to pass by City No. 1 Middle School, I happened to meet her standing at the gate of the school. The school had already left, but she kept standing at the gate as if waiting for someone. When a young man with a clean temperament came out, Ruan Xi immediately smiled Go up.

  The smile at that moment was so bright that it hurt his eyes. In his memory, Ruan Xi had never smiled like this in front of him since he was a child.


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