Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 78

Ruan Xi looked at the girl who came out from the opposite side and twitched her lips mockingly. If it wasn't for her, maybe the matter between her and Pei Nanming wouldn't be known all over the world, but if it wasn't for her, she wouldn't know that she would still be under Pei Nanming's clutches How long to endure.

   Is this a blessing in disguise?

  The girl obviously recognized Ruan Xi immediately.

  She looked at Ruan Xi with the same contempt and hostility as always, "I didn't expect to see you here!"

  Ruan Xi smiled impeccably, "That's exactly what I thought, the world is really too small."

"Well, it's too young. Originally, I wanted to be a stay-at-home girl at home for a day, but Gu Chi insisted on asking me out, saying that he wanted to buy me an engagement ring." Speaking of this, she deliberately paused, quietly Looking at Ruan Xi intently, he smiled happily with the corners of his mouth raised for a moment, "That day, I thought Gu Chi was angry with me, but unexpectedly, it turned out that I was worrying too much. Later, he came to me and told me that he was so angry at that time. It was all because I spoke too inappropriately and ruined the image. He explained to me that he was angry at my disappointment. He said that as the object he cares about, he must behave decently. I think so, I was really ashamed that day. You slept with Pei Nanming, what are you doing to me? "

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, her face turned pale for a while, this girl had a pure and innocent face, but it happened to be the most deceptive cover, her heart was completely contrary to her face.

  Ruan Xi thought that she had already cultivated an indestructible body, and she would never get angry no matter what kind of harsh words she said, but this girl's harmless face and tricky mouth still made her furious.

She hates this kind of pretentious woman the most, but this is basically the case with all the people she meets in her life. The first one is Ruan Ting, who obviously hates her to the point of death, but she still has to pretend that she likes her so much in front of Pei Nanming and Pei Yan The second one is Qin Zhiran, who secretly puts on shoes for her almost every time, but when he comes to others, he looks like he is eager to take care of her as his own sister. The third one is the one in front of him, who is out of reach , actually caused the most embarrassing and despicable disaster in her life for a boyfriend who had broken up!

Ruan Xi is not a saint. It is just a joke to let her not hold grudges against this girl named Anya. She didn't say those things on purpose at the banquet. She might be able to wait until graduation and leave Pei Nanming far away. !

   "Don't go too far!" Ruan Xi clenched her fists, her fingers crackling.

At this time, Anya glanced behind her suddenly, then lowered her voice and laughed, "I'm not going too far, I'm just telling the truth, it's none of my business that you accompany Pei Nanming*, I shouldn't talk too much Talking too much will cause the dirty relationship between you to be exposed, and you shouldn’t say such things in a place with so many people, causing you to drop out of school and be abandoned by your family, leading to such a miserable end today.” Said the words With so much, Ruan Xi's patience finally reached its limit.

   Anya shouldn't have said one word, but every sentence has a needle for quenching poison, specially piercing Ruan Xi's sore spot, no one can stand this kind of verbal attack! Ruan Xi suddenly took two steps forward and grabbed her wrist with one hand.

  An Ya didn't shake her hands to resist, but suddenly turned her face, showing a look of shock, and at the same time, tears welled up in her eyes, and said "I'm sorry" inexplicably

  Where did Ruan Xi care about her weird reaction and words, her raised hand was already on the verge of an arrow, she simply kept doing nothing, and slapped Anya twice without hesitation.

   Anya obviously didn't expect that she would really strike, and the strike was so heavy that Ruan Xi completely stunned her.

  Qin Zhiran once told Anya that Ruan Xi's personality was exceptionally quiet and introverted, and she was very tolerant. No matter how you provoke her, she would not resist. Now it seems that Qin Zhiran's words are completely nonsense.

   Rabbits bite people when they are in a hurry, let alone people!

  An Ya covered her face and looked at Ruan Xi in horror, then suddenly pushed Ruan Xi away and ran behind her, Ruan Xi tilted her body and almost fell, looking back, the direction Anya was running to was actually Gu Chi's embrace.

   Apparently Gu Chi just arrived, she must have been seen grabbing An Yayang's hand and slapping her face.

  Gu Chi's unexpected gaze and slightly furrowed brow confirmed Ruan Xi's guess.

  In fact, he did just arrive, and he only heard Anya say sorry, and then saw Ruan Xi slap the girl angrily, and he didn't know what the girl said or did!

   "An Ya, what's the matter?" Gu Chi glanced at Ruan Xi, hesitated for a moment, and still hugged Anya, with a worried look in his eyes.

  Gu Chi's every move, every word and deed, made Ruan Xi feel as if she was being shocked by an electric shock. Perhaps, what this girl said about buying a ring was true, but the ridiculous thing was that she still didn't want to believe it. No matter how cruel and hurtful what she said at the engagement banquet between Pei Nanming and Qin Zhiran, she still misses the past in her heart, and still can't forget Gu Chi.

  So at this moment, the pain in her heart was insane. She felt that her legs were filled with lead, and she couldn't move a step.

"I passed by here and happened to run into Miss Ruan. I thought that at the last banquet, I was the one who talked too much and hurt Miss Ruan by saying things I shouldn't have said. She apologized..."

Speaking of this, Anya suddenly bit her lips, and tears finally fell from her aggrieved eyes. No one would have imagined that just a minute ago, she was pinching Ruan Xi's pain, so cruel and mean. Say Ruan Xi is shameless.

"It's nothing, I think it's just that I hurt Miss Ruan too much." Speaking of this, Anya straightened up from Gu Chi's arms, turned to Ruan Xi, and bowed respectfully, "Miss Ruan, I'm sorry, I was wrong, I don't expect you to forgive me, but for Gu Chi's sake, please forgive me this time. If you can't forgive me, Gu Chi will definitely be sad."

  Ruan Xi's whole heart was torn apart because of her sentence "for Gu Chi's sake", it was a kind of messy pain.

  Although she tried to be calm, her eyes still revealed the unspeakable pain, and this painful look was more exciting to this girl than eating her favorite cheesecake.

   Anya straightened up slowly, because her back was facing Gu Chi, but she was facing Ruan Xi, so, with tears still hanging from the corners of her eyes, the corners of her mouth raised a provocative and triumphant arc.

Gu Chi couldn't see Anya's expression, he just stared at Ruan Xi. From the beginning until now, he hadn't said a word to Ruan Xi. At this moment, although he looked at Ruan Xi directly, there was some doubt in his eyes after all. .

   It was this hesitant expression that suddenly made Ruan Xi feel his heart go cold. What are you expecting? This kind of entanglement and constant temperament suddenly made her feel a little annoying.

   Asking him for help was a mistake!

Gu Chi suddenly said, "Xi'er, since Anya has admitted her mistake, please forgive her. She didn't mean it." He didn't know how he said those words, he only knew that he had to say them. No.

  As if being hit by a huge boulder falling from the sky, his heart suddenly became a bloody mess. After a long silence, Ruan Xi suddenly stood up straight and looked at Anya with squinted eyes. The corners of Anya's mouth that had been raised were raised a little higher at this time, looking at Ruan Xi contemptuously, like looking at a defeated general That look seemed to tell her, "Ruan Xi, you can't beat me. Gu Chi is mine, and you will never try to take it away!"

  Ruan Xi pursed her lips tightly, and suddenly laughed, without saying anything, she just turned her eyes away, gave Gu Chi a cold look, turned around and left.

  Gu Chi stood on the spot, motionless for a long time, but Anya came back to her senses, and turned into that lovely and pitiful look again. Leaning in Gu Chi's arms, she said in a low voice, "I'm sorry, it's all my fault. If it wasn't for me, Miss Ruan wouldn't be ruined, and you wouldn't be misunderstood by Miss Ruan because of me." After she finished speaking, she subconsciously Looking up at Gu Chi's face, Gu Chi still looked at the direction Ruan Xi left without speaking.

Anya gritted her teeth secretly, got into Gu Chi's arms again, and added intentionally or unintentionally, "Miss Ruan's eyes were so cold when she left, she will definitely not forgive us, right?" The word "us" was specially emphasized All of a sudden, a look of pain flashed across Gu Chi's eyes.

  But Gu Chi didn't say anything after all, he just put his arm around Anya's shoulder and patted it lightly.

  An Ya also looked at the direction Ruan Xi was leaving, but what flashed in her eyes was an extremely cruel light.

  Ruan Xi, you will never turn around. Even though Gu Chi still has you in his heart, one day he will completely forget you.

  I am his only one! If I hadn't left back then, do you think you would have had the chance to get close to him? !

  In the noisy environment, the lights flickered, but the swirling neon lights dazzled, making it impossible to see anyone's face. Everyone was writhing their limbs and venting as they wished. At first glance, they looked like a group of dancing demons.

  Ran Xi was sitting on a high stool, leaning over the edge of the bar, staring at the bartender in front of him with a blurred gaze and smirking, "Have another cocktail."

  The bartender took a look at her and kindly persuaded, "Miss, it's better not to drink, too much alcohol will hurt your health."

  I have worked in nightclubs for many years, and there are countless people who have seen them. There are many people who are unhappy in their lives and relationships. Among the men and women who have been lying in this position, which one is not to drink to relieve their worries? It is precisely because he has seen too much that the bartender can tell at a glance that Ruan Xi is a person who has hardly touched alcohol.

  Her drinking capacity is very poor. From the very beginning, when she drank the first sip of wine, he knew that she was a layman at all from the way her brows were frowned by the alcohol. So far, she has ordered five times, and by the third time, she was completely drunk.

  In this place, people without a family background will not come easily, and those with a family background are basically not a fuel-efficient lamp.

  He is just a bartender. I don't know why he would try to persuade a little girl whom he met for the first time this time, and he was even a little worried that she would be tainted by the luxury here.

   That's right, he looked at Ruan Xi's blurred but still pure eyes, and finally understood that from these eyes alone, he could see the purity that is rarely seen in this world.

  This kind of cleanliness is not naive, but a feeling that makes people feel that the surrounding air will be clean after seeing it.

   "No, I want to drink, I must drink! Do you know, this is a grand memorial ceremony, how can you not drink it?" The memorial service to those who have been obsessed with it all these years can finally give up completely.

At that moment, a look of pain flashed in her eyes, "After the innocent dream is over, we have to face the reality. How can a person not grow up, how can he keep standing still. I am too simple, so, I have decided to become an adult today."

  The bartender looked at Ruan Xi, and finally sighed slightly, not disappointed, but regretful.

  He obeyed, mixed a good wine for Ruan Xi, and put it in front of her, "Even if you want to grow up, you don't have to pay such a high price. Once you lose that purity, you can never get it back."

  Ruan Xi didn't know if she understood his advice, but just bit her wine glass and smirked.

  The bartender went to serve other customers, Ruan Xicai slowly raised his head, and murmured, "It's not up to people to decide how much they have to pay for growth..."

  The wine passed down her throat, and there was a burning feeling, she was really drunk. Therefore, she didn't even notice that the phone in her pocket was vibrating over and over again, and the noisy sounds around her even covered up the ringtone of the phone.

The man next to him who had been drinking secretly looked at Ruan Xi several times, seeing that she was so drunk, he suddenly got up and came to her side, "Yo, girl, drinking alone, lonely or not, come, let brother accompany you ..."

  The man has long chestnut-colored hair and a very white face. A frivolous light flashed in a pair of Danfeng's eyes. After saying this, his fingers have already lifted Ruan Xi's chin, and the other hand also touched Ruan Xi's waist.

Ruan Xi was in a daze, not knowing where she was or what she was doing, she just felt that something was touching her and felt extremely uncomfortable, so she closed her jaw, twisted her waist, and struggled to open it. Suddenly, he vaguely saw a strange and frivolous face, alcohol rushed to his forehead, and thought that Gu Chi would actually help Anya, anger and grievance welled up, and his true nature suddenly revealed, "Get away! Don't mess with my aunt!"

  Ruan Xi got up suddenly, and pushed the man hard, but he didn't push anyone else, and he was unsteady and fell backwards.

  When the man heard Ruan Xi say such words, the quiet temperament around him also changed, and he felt full of interest. He quickly grabbed Ruan Xi's arm, grabbed Ruan Xi's arm, and held Ruan Xi in his arms.

   "Let me just say, there are a few girls who come here who are not pretending to be innocent. At the beginning, they looked at you like that, and they really deceived you, making me think that you are the same as the outside world."

  Ruan Xi was shaken like this, suddenly felt that the sky was dark, and the wine he drank turned into magma, which made his stomach very uncomfortable, and the feeling of nausea could not be suppressed, vomit——

   Without warning, Ruan Xi vomited at the man.

  The man was caught off guard, and Ruan Xi just vomited all over his body.

The man pushed Ruan Xi away almost immediately, and grinned at the dirt all over his body, "Smelly woman, I'll come back to clean you up after I clean it up!" Went to the bathroom.

  Ruan Xi slammed into the wicker chair behind her, barely stood still, didn't hear what the man said at all, directly took out her wallet and pressed the cash on the bar, and staggered out of the nightclub.

  It was already dark outside, and as soon as she went out, the cool night wind blew over, she shivered, her mind became a little clearer, and she still swayed left and right when she walked.

This is a place where celebrities and rich people gather, everyone has a car, so taxis rarely come, she naturally can't wait for a taxi, and she doesn't seem to have any intention of renting a taxi, just a headless fly on the street with a bag Walk around like crazy.

  When she came to a corner, she felt nausea again. She leaned on the wall and began to vomit, not noticing that someone was following her from afar.

  Drunk feeling very bad, she almost vomited and convulsed, her face was as white as a ghost that just crawled out of the ground.

   Leaning against the wall and panting for a long time, I felt that the strength in my body was exhausted. Moreover, there was a feeling that the world was spinning and overturning, no matter how I shook my head, it would not stop.

   "*er, you run pretty fast, huh?"

   There were annoying mosquitoes buzzing around her ears, Ruan Xi frowned and looked up, and saw that strange face with frivolous red phoenix eyes again, but this time, this face also spun along with the world.

   "Don't bother me, I'm in a bad mood, be careful I'll give you enough punches!" Ruan Xi waved her hand like chasing flies, signaling the man to get away.

Instead of rolling away, the man stuck upside down, pulled Ruan Xi up, and hugged her in his arms, "*er, you are a very pretty woman I've seen, although at first glance there is nothing special, but the more you look The more flavorful it looks. Brother, I like chewy ones. It seems that your temper is quite aggressive, then Dare to feel better, if you are really the same as you just pretended, it will be disgusting..."

Even though Ruan Xi was drunk, she still found it interesting. She had never been described as "spicy" in her life, so she felt very fresh when it came out of this man's mouth, "I'm spicy?" She shook her arm, trying to break free from the man's hand.

  The man has great strength, but she was drunk and couldn't get rid of it at all.

   "Why, aren't you spicy? It doesn't matter if you are not spicy. My brother has a very broad appetite and can eat anything. It doesn't matter even if you feel a little off."

  The man didn't want to talk nonsense with Ruan Xi any more, so he pulled Ruan Xi to the less-traveled alley.

  The economy in this area is prosperous and developing rapidly, but in order to maintain the original appearance of the ancient city, many old-fashioned streets and alleys have been preserved. In these old-fashioned alleys, there are often many hotels with small facades. Although these hotels are not as good as star-rated restaurants, they are reasonably priced and elegantly furnished, so they are very popular among people, especially foreign tourists, who like to stay in such hotels.

  Struggling all the way, Ruan Xi was still staggering and dragged forward by the man.

  Finally, Ruan Xi simply cheated and squatted on the ground and refused to leave. She was paralyzed by alcohol, completely unaware that she was in danger at the moment.

  The man suddenly smiled when he saw her like this, and looked at Ruan Xi with a little more inquisitive gaze. A drunk person really shouldn't be treated with common sense.

  Suddenly picked up Ruan Xi and strode towards the nearest hotel.

   While Ruan Xi was in a daze, she suddenly realized that something was wrong, and began to slap the man vigorously.

   "Let go of me, I want to go home!" She yelled, belching heavily, looking naive, not like a rebellion, but like a little girl who is having trouble with a little *.

  The man looked at Ruan Xi's blushing face and tight throat after he was drunk, and the lower part was also completely tense under the dim light.

  He simply ignored them and strode into the hotel. The owner of the hotel looked suspiciously at the state of the two of them.

  The man smiled, "My girlfriend is angry with me, so she drank too much, and she is playing crazy."

  The boss dispelled his doubts and opened a room for them.

   "He, he is talking nonsense, I don't know him, he lied to you, I didn't quarrel with him!" Ruan Xi kicked his legs and yelled with his tongue.

  After they went upstairs, the boss shook his head and sighed, "Young people nowadays are really..."

  At the door, the man had to put Ruan Xi down and open the door.

Ruan Xi seized the gap, turned around and ran, the high heels rattled on the floor tiles, the man stepped forward to grab him, "Honey, where are you going." open the door.

  Ruan Xi's eyes were red with anxiety, she lowered her head and bit him hard on the arm. The man was furious, and slapped him across the face, "Jianren, have you had enough of drinking and playing crazy!"

   "You *, I don't know you, let me go home!" Ruan Xi waved and scratched.

While avoiding her nails, the man opened the door irritably, and stood in a stalemate for another minute, the door was finally opened, the man pushed her into the room involuntarily, Ruan Xi grabbed the door frame and did not let go, "I won't go in, I won't go in! Big*, big*, let go of me, help me!"


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