Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 77

Ruan Xi was dumbfounded, this is a newly built high-end community in the suburbs, and there are many houses with a high occupancy rate in the community, all of whom are from the upper middle class of economic conditions. It's good to live here, but the transportation is not convenient, so he just said he wanted her to work in Pei's, and he threw himself here.

   Unlike other residents, every family has a car.

   "So, how do I get to work?"

  Pei Nanming raised his brows, "Don't worry, the cleaning staff in the company are on shifts. You can go to work every one, three, five, and I will arrange it. I will sleep here every Thursday and Saturday, and I will drive you there the next day."

   This is completely treating her place as a palace!

  Ruan Xi turned pale and remained silent. I compared it in my mind: If I live in a villa, I have to meet him every day, face his strong but indifferent aura every day, and the anger that may explode at any time, it is too dangerous. You can live here far away from him, and the dangerous time is also very fixed. One, three, five can only hang around under his nose during the day, but they are free at night, while four or six days are dangerous at night, but they are free during the day. Most importantly, Another very leisurely Tuesday.

  Thinking about it this way, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised, and even the corners of his eyes are smiling.

  Pei Nanming knew what she was up to without even thinking about it. He really wanted to pour cold water on her, but seeing her clinking little abacus, he actually thought it was cute and couldn't bear to let her down.

When the words came to my lips, I just swallowed them back like this, and when I turned back to the bedroom, I still couldn't help but give her a vaccination, "When I'm not here, you'd better be honest, don't think that I'm not here and there is no housekeeper watching you, you just go It can be lawless.”

  Ruan Xi nodded his head, "Brother Nan Ming, don't worry, I will, I will."

  Pei Nanming looked at her, his eyes suddenly turned cold.

Ruan Xi was shocked, and quickly changed her words, "Nan Ming, I was wrong, and I will never call you Brother Nan Ming again. Well, although you are very old, you are very young. I will call you Brother Nan Ming to let you You feel like you're in menopause, don't you?"

  Pei Nanming stared at Ruan Xi, "You're looking for trouble on purpose, aren't you?"

  Ruan Xi also felt that her mouth was dirty, she was talking nonsense for nothing, but seeing his eyes turn cold, she made nonsense when she was nervous.

   "No, no, I have absolutely no intention of looking for trouble, Nan Ming, you are very young and handsome, no. 1 in every aspect, how can you be old, hehe..."

  Pei Nanming knew that she was anointing her mouth and smoothing his hair, but even though she knew that she couldn't help it, she was very pleased with her praise in her heart. After saying "it's almost there", he went back to the bedroom.

   A week passed in a blink of an eye. On Tuesday, Ruan Xi got up early in the morning to wash up, and then went out after dressing up in full spirit.

In Niijima Café, the ground is so smooth that it can reflect people's reflections, and the tables and chairs are all made of pure wood. It combines modern and classical flavors together, but it does not make people feel nondescript. On the contrary, it makes people feel a kind of Casual and elegant feel.

  Beside the bar counter just north of the coffee shop, a black piano plays elegant tunes under the finger of a slightly thin guy, which adds to the petty bourgeoisie atmosphere here.

Ruan Xi found a place far away from the floor-to-ceiling windows and sat down, looked at the time, it was 8:30 in the morning, in fact, there were not many people coming to drink coffee at this time, it was a weekday and it was morning, except for her who had an appointment People who are so bored and those who don't know what to do will not choose this time to drink coffee.

  The environment was quiet and quiet with few people, and almost only the sound of the piano was left in the whole coffee shop. She propped her chin and listened quietly, gradually narrowing her eyes, slightly lost in thought.

   What was it like when you met Gu Chi for the first time?

   It was also such a sunny day, it was a summer evening, the breeze brushed her cheeks with unsatisfactory warmth, and she went home alone with her schoolbag on her back.

  Junior high school is not far from her home, so she didn't stay at the hotel. She happened to be on duty that day, so she left later than usual.

  The red clouds in the sky dyed half of the sky red, blurred and dazzling.

When passing the music classroom, she heard a staccato unexpectedly. She stopped suddenly, turned her head curiously, and looked towards the classroom through the floor-to-ceiling windows. Then, a series of melodious and deep voices came out, and she saw a pair of Bai Xi's slender hands jumped on the black and white keys, like a dancing elf, wantonly.

  The boy was so absorbed that he didn't notice his existence. The red glow was reflected on the window from the corner of his eye, and reflected on Bai Xi's side face.

  When the boy noticed her existence, she was about to turn her face away as if nothing had happened, but the boy smiled lightly at her.

  She was not used to smiling at strangers, so she turned away with a paralyzed face.

   This boy is Gu Chi. She never expected to go to the same high school as him, let alone develop into boyfriend and girlfriend later.

  After returning home that day, she drew the only portrait of a person in her life.

  A boy playing the piano, and the red glow reflected on the floor-to-ceiling windows, everything in the painting is as peaceful as what she saw with her own eyes.

   "Miss Ruan?"

  Just as her thoughts were wandering, she was suddenly awakened by a voice from above her head.

   Looking up, I saw a man in a suit and leather shoes standing in front of him. Although he was formally dressed and wearing sunglasses, Ruan Xi could tell at a glance that this man was young, and he could even be said to be a big boy.

  Even his voice was a bit blue.

   "Yes." After looking at the man suspiciously, he asked, "Who sent you here? Qin Zhiran, or someone else?"

  The man's movements are elegant, and his speech is also very reserved, "Mr. Gu sent me here. What would Miss Ruan want to drink?"

  The man sat down opposite her and asked politely.

   Behavior and etiquette are impeccable.

  Ruan Xi was a little relieved, but she didn't completely let go of her guard.

  After Qin Zhiran broke into Pei Nanming's office and made a fuss that day, he sent her a text message not long after he left, saying that he had arranged for Gu Chi's people to meet her, and the time on the text message happened to be on Tuesday, when Pei Nanming was not around.

   "Latte. Did Mr. Gu tell you what to do?"

Qin Zhiran has always been in touch with Gu Chi. She can't move freely, and Pei Nanming is very disgusted with her contact with Gu Chi. She is afraid that if she is self-defeating again, in the end, Pei Nanming will really use the iron chain chain up.

  The man ordered two lattes, then turned around, took off his sunglasses, and said with a smile, "Of course I have an explanation, otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here today."

Ruan Xi was taken aback by the appearance under the sunglasses. This man really didn't look very old, and he looked very good. However, although his face was handsome, he still looked a little young because of his age. She was sure that when he When he becomes an adult, he will definitely be the master who harms the majority of female compatriots.

   What does it mean that Gu Chi sent a boy here?

   "What's your name, sir?"

   "Miss Ruan can just call me Song Li, after all, I am a few years younger than Miss Ruan."

   "Mr. Song, since Mr. Gu sent you here, you must have a good understanding of my situation. In the future, I will have to rely on Mr. Xue's painstaking arrangements."

   "Miss Ruan, you're welcome, I'm just doing what I should do." After speaking, he handed over a document.

"This is the design drawing of Ziyuan Manor, as well as the surrounding layout. Next month, Ruan Shaohui and Mr. Gu will jointly hold a dance party. All the princes and young masters of the major families in City A will be invited, and there will be many political figures and film and television stars. Participate. We are not sure whether Mr. Pei will bring Ms. Ruan to attend, so we must make two-handed preparations. Ms. Ruan is familiar with the layout of the scene and the surrounding environment. Mr. Gu said that many details must be discussed with Ms. Ruan in person, and he will wait for you there. If Ms. Ruan cannot attend, please ask Ms. Ruan to come to the meeting before the end of the banquet Waiting in the old place when I was young, he will find a way to find you."

  Ruan Xi took a sip of coffee and frowned slightly, "There's no need to make it so complicated. It's okay for him to come to see me now. Pei Nanming didn't send anyone to watch me at all."

  Song Li smiled, "Really?" He turned his head slightly and looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows. There was a black Jetta with tail number 68 parked on the side of the road outside. Ruan Xi's heart jumped suddenly and he was shocked.

   "Actually, what you do every day is under his supervision."

  Ruan Xi had a pale face, didn't speak, just drank coffee in suspense.

   No wonder he put her here so reassuringly, it turns out that there are people staring at her all the time.

   "They've found you."

  Song Li smiled, "It doesn't matter, I can certainly deal with them if I can come. Moreover, they will definitely not be able to find Mr. Gu through me."

  The two said a few more words, Ruan Xi got up and left first.

  Song Li sat on the seat and drank the rest of the coffee before slowly getting up. The posture with his hands in his pockets was completely different from the impeccable posture in front of Ruan Xi just now.

  As expected, as soon as he went out, two people got out of the Jetta and got him into the car.

   It was not until he was thrown down in the sparsely populated suburbs that a fat man grabbed him by the collar and asked, "Who are you, why did you want to see Miss Ruan, and what did you say?"

Song Liliu whistled to the two men, "I'm short of money. I can tell she's a noble lady from her attire. I saw her sitting there alone with a lonely expression, and I thought she was in need of a man." Love, so, go up and hook up. I want to have a sex, and make some money by the way. Unexpectedly, she is still a very conservative woman in her bones, so she just said a few words, and then she blew it."

   Speaking of this, she shrugged her shoulders and looked regretful, "It's a pity that she is a big fat sheep. I think the satchel in her hand should be the latest LV of this season. There are tens of thousands of them."

  The two of them looked at each other, then beat Song Li, then got in the car and left.

Song Li lay on the ground and didn't move for a long time. He didn't move until he recovered slightly, then he got up and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth with his hands. It's worth it, at least the first phase of the plan is completed. Ms. Ruan, don't blame me. If you want to blame it, blame the world for being so unfair. Have you ever thought that there are still people who don’t have enough to eat, don’t wear enough clothes, get sick and have no money to treat them, and are forced to sell themselves?…”

  Ruan Xi was walking on the street, under the sunlight, the vehicles passing by glistened, which made her a little bit dizzy. When passing the public telephone booth, she hesitated for a moment, but still made a call.

   A long-lost voice came from the phone, and she suddenly felt full of grievances. Before she could speak, her voice choked.

   "Hello?" Zhang Tong's voice didn't change, except for some more noise from the microphone.

   "Tongtong, it's me."

  As soon as she opened her mouth, there was a sudden silence over there, and a moment later she broke out, "Ruan Xi, where did you go, you stinking girl, and you didn't say hello when you left, do you know how worried I am?!"

  When Tong Tong said this, Ruan Xi burst into tears suddenly, and forced herself to calm down, saying nonchalantly, "I'm fine, I'm just not in good health, and I need to take a break from school for a while."

  Tongtong fell silent again, Ruan Xi called out with some uncertainty, "Hello? Tongtong?"

   After a long time, the other side sighed, "Xi Er, am I that untrustworthy in your heart? Actually, I already know about your affairs. But, I don't believe it. There must be some misunderstanding, isn't it?"

  Ruan Xi shook her fingers, almost dropped the microphone, and simply admitted, "What the newspapers said is true."

   Zhang Tong over there immediately retorted, "You're talking nonsense, it's impossible, you wouldn't do that kind of thing."

  Ruan Xi bit her lip, her eyes were red, and tears fell silently down her cheeks.

  In this world, no one believes her, but Zhang Tong still believes that she will not do such shameless things. But in this matter, no matter whether Pei Nanming forced her or she took the initiative to commit suicide, in the end it couldn't change the fact that she was Pei Nanming's wife!

   "Ruan Xi, tell me that it is not true, as long as you tell me, I will believe it!"

   Facing such words, Ruan Xi trembled all over, "Tongtong, that's true, but, do you believe it, I was forced, and I have no room to resist..."

   There was silence again, and every second that passed, Ruan Xi's heart sank and became colder.

   Sure enough, even Zhang Tong doesn't believe it, can't he forgive him?

When she was about to rush to despair, Zhang Tong's voice finally came from the other side, "Ruan Xi, don't think too much, I believe, as long as you say, I believe, you are not a liar. "

  Ruan Xi suddenly squatted on the ground with the microphone in his arms, weeping uncontrollably.

   Zhang Tong over there called her anxiously, but she just hugged the microphone and cried. In the end, Zhang Tong calmed down, but did not hang up, and just kept talking quietly.

   It took a long time before Ruan Xi calmed down, "Thank you, Tongtong, meeting you in this life is my greatest luck."

Zhang Tong over there comforted her, "Ruan Xi, trust me, everything will be fine. Last time you asked Gu Chi to give me something, I have already received it. I also did it under my account name according to your needs." Card, put the cash exchanged from that bracelet into it. The password is your birthday. When you need it, go to Grandma Xie to get it. I'm worried that when you need it, Pei Nanming will also be there to find you I've placed people here to monitor it, so it's safest to put it in Grandma Xie's hands."

  The so-called grandma Xie is actually an old lady who is free at school and downstairs in the dormitory. The old grandmother’s son and daughter are all abroad, and they rarely come back once a year. When they have free time, they occasionally go to help, so they get along very well.

"um. Thank you."

"Okay, which one of us is with whom? I can't help you more, and I can only do what I can to help you. Xi'er, you must be strong, if you need me, just tell me, I will definitely I will do my best to help you.”

   "Well, thanks."

  After hanging up the phone, Ruan Xi hurriedly took out the mirror and looked at her eyes. It was really red and swollen, which couldn't be covered up without makeup. Of course, she was not afraid of strangers seeing her swollen eyes, but she was afraid that Pei Nanming would see them. Although I know in my heart that at this time, Pei Nanming should be staying in the office to handle official business.

  Just in case, she immediately went into the bathroom of the big shopping mall across the road to wash her face, then put on her makeup meticulously, and did not come out until the red eyes were completely covered up.

   There is a word called Yuanjia Luzhai, and she only now knows how to write this word.

  In such a big city, there are so many shopping malls to go to, so I just met here.


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