Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 76

Qin Zhiran was in a panic, and was about to explode, but she took a few steps back and fell to the ground.

Although Pei Nanming didn't see what was going on, he made his own judgment in his heart. The point was that the people outside were all busy working, and when they looked up, they saw Qin Zhiran covered in coffee pouring on the ground, and Ruan Xi happened to be pushing out when he pushed the door. , what others would think, one can imagine.

  Actually, Qin Zhiran's purpose is very simple, just to make people hate and despise Ruan Xi even more.

  At first, she didn't know that Pei Nanming brought Ruan Xilai, but when she went to the bathroom, she happened to meet two staff members whispering, saying that Pei Nanming wanted to arrange Ruan Xi to be her personal secretary.

  Those staff made rumors out of nowhere, and Qin Zhiran was originally a calm person, but Pei Nanming brought people to the company in a grand manner, of course she couldn't bear it, so she immediately ran to Pei Nanming's office to make a fuss.

  Ruan Xi put down the tea tray to help Qin Zhiran, Qin Zhiran opened her hand, sneered, "Don't pretend to be kind!" Then she stood up by herself, "I will get back the shame you gave me sooner or later!"

  Qin Zhiran left the company directly, but sent a text message to Ruan Xi after getting in the car.

  Ruan Xi felt the vibrating reminder but didn't look it up, but looked at Pei Nanming, "If this is the purpose you brought me here, then you have achieved it, can I go back?"

  Pei Nanming looked back at Ruan Xi indifferently, making it impossible to see his true thoughts. He watched this farce from the beginning to the end, but did not comment. It was a gesture of watching from the sidelines.

   This made Ruan Xi feel uneasy.

   "Go back? Do you think I brought you here just to let you perform this show?"

  Pei Nanming sat back, put his right leg lightly on his left leg and looked at Ruan Xi leisurely, "You are not born to play tricks, so what you say about enrolling in a cram school to be a qualified mother is an excuse."

  Ruan Xi didn't expect him to bring up this matter suddenly, and suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, and replied calmly, "You must think so, and I have nothing to say."

  Pei Nanming chuckled, "Since you think so, then I will give you this freedom. From today onwards, you will come to Pei's to work. As for the position..."

  He squinted at the coffee cup in her hand.

  Ruan Xi thought he just asked her to bring tea and water, but his arrangement surprised her, "Just be the cleaning staff on this floor."

   This position almost caused Ruan Xi to choke on his own saliva. It was so technical, and he admired it from the bottom of his heart, and Ruan Xi readily accepted it.


  Pei Nanming raised his eyebrows in surprise, and it's unbelievable that he agreed so readily.

  When he got off work, Tang Wenyi looked at Ruan Xiha dragging the floor with his glasses on, and almost dislocated his jaw. He didn't dare to go up to say hello to Ruan Xi, so he turned around and ran back to Pei Nanming's office to ask Pei Nanming what happened.

   "What do you think, that you are willing to let her do that kind of work?"

  Tang Wenyi leaned against the edge of the desk, looked at Pei Nanming's back, and asked.

  Pei Nanming didn't answer directly, but pointed to the brightly lit city outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.

   "Look, what a beautiful view this is."

  Tang Wenyi looked at it, "You don't get tired of watching it every day?"

  Pei Nanming suddenly turned back and smiled at him, "Tired? It never belonged to me, how could I be tired?"

  Tang Wenyi was depressed, and murmured, "How many industries in this city have secretly infiltrated your influence, and you still said that it never belonged to you, so it must be held in your hands to be yours?"

  Pei Nanming raised his lips, revealing a slight arc, but didn't say anything.

  Is it in your hand? It's not his ideal to hold these things in his hands, it's just a responsibility he has to fulfill. Apart from doing this kind of thing and achieving that goal, he doesn't know what else he can fight for.

  The first dream, the most ordinary wish, was unreservedly forgotten by him long ago when he decided to take revenge.

  The Ruan family and the Qin family, the two powerful families among the Five Hegemons, will fall sooner or later!

  From the beginning to the present, there is nothing he can't do, but now, some things seem to be getting out of control. He subconsciously looked towards the door.

  The door is ajar, and the soft sound of the vacuum cleaner can be heard.

  If people can also be compared to a landscape, then although the landscape outside the door is always in front of you, it still has a feeling that it will disappear at any time. Mingming has been very honest recently, but it is this kind of honesty that makes him feel that something is wrong.

  She's not the kind of person who gives in easily. If she wasn't afraid of hurting the old man and his father, she wouldn't have endured it for so long, right? Now that everything has been exposed, what else does she care about?

  Thinking of this, a panic that he didn't understand suddenly appeared in his heart, which was not strong but very clear.

   Tang Wenyi saw that he had been frowning slightly and looking out the door, so he couldn't help but rubbed his head forward meaningfully, "You really care, don't you? Since you care so much, don't pretend to be indifferent, and make people look aggrieved."

  Pei Nanming glared at him but didn't speak.

   This is the second time someone said this to himself, right? Am I really acting like I care? How could it be possible that I wouldn't care about her. I treat her better now, but it's because he's pregnant with my seed, otherwise, I wouldn't care so much.

  Thinking of this, I felt a little more at ease, "I'm treating you tonight."

  Tang Wenyi's eyes suddenly lit up, "Are you treating me?" This happened so suddenly, even though he was still upset just now, he actually thought about treating him now.


   "Where are you going? Night, a nobleman or a lord?" Regardless of their work relationship, the two are friends, so Tang Wenyi never refused Pei Nanming's invitation.


  Picking up his coat, Pei Nanming walked ahead, "Just follow me."

   It never occurred to me that Pei Nanming's so-called banquet was in an 80-square-meter house he recently bought, and the chef was a newly appointed cleaner.

  Ruan Xi was also a little dumbfounded. Looking at the vegetables in the kitchen for a long time, she finally understood why Pei Nanming insisted on her coming along, and that she wanted her to be a free cook.

  Pei Nanming stood at the door of the kitchen with arms folded, "You owe me this. Didn't you say that you learned two new dishes and want me to try them? Today is the time. I've got the ingredients ready early in the morning."

  Ruan Xi has never learned cooking, but she can cook a lot of home-cooked dishes, and her skills are quite good. However, she seldom cooks for Pei Nanming. There are too many women like Pei Nanming who want to catch his appetite, so she doesn't bother to join in the fun. Moreover, when she was with Pei Nanming, she didn't need to do it herself at all, the housekeeper would arrange everything in time.

   "Are you sure you want me to do it?" What she said that day was purely an excuse to ease the atmosphere between the two of them.

  Pei Nanming was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, so he turned and went directly to the living room.

  Tang Wenyi was very blind, and shamelessly sat in the living room watching TV, not feeling at all that his presence disturbed the atmosphere of others.

  Pei Nanming invited him here, so naturally he didn't want Tang Wenyi to watch himself and Ruan Xi being "warm" here

   Seeing Pei Nanming approaching, Tang Wenyi turned to look at him, his gold-rimmed eyes shining extremely brightly under the light. In fact, Tang Wenyi is a typical handsome man. He usually wears a formulaic smile when he is working. Even though he looks friendly, his detached demeanor still makes people dare not get close to him. But now the nerves on his face become active, making people I think he is a gorgeous and beautiful man, and people can't resist his smile.

"Are you sure using her to serve me well?" Tang Wenyi was a little unwilling, asking Pei Nanming to let out blood, and inviting him to dinner is not an easy task. If you don't go to places like night and sex, I'm really sorry for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity Opportunity.

  Pei Nanming sat down beside him, relaxed his whole body, and leaned back on the sofa, "If she doesn't satisfy you, then I have to fix her after I go back."

  After hearing this, Tang Wenyi's eyes flashed an evil light, and he instantly transformed from a gorgeous and handsome man into a black-bellied big bad wolf, "You put it that way, I really want to see how her skills are."

   As he spoke, he jumped up and ran to the kitchen.

  Is the cooking skill visible?

  Pei Nanming put his left leg on his right leg, flicked his fingers on the back of the sofa, and began to think about other things.

  Tang Wenyi entered the kitchen, saw Ruan Xi busy in the kitchen wearing an apron, and stood aside quietly watching.

  Generally speaking, Ruan Xi seemed to be a different person when she put on the apron, her whole body exuded a warm smell, which was quite different from the usual cold and alienated feeling. But any man, seeing her like this, would feel an indescribable sense of peace and tranquility.

  So Tang Wenyi was no exception. He had come to blackmail Ruan Xi, but now he stood and looked at her, and he became a little crazy.

It wasn't until Ruan Xi thought he was in the way and asked him to step aside, that he came back to his senses and said triumphantly, "Xiaoxi, Xiaoxi, you'd better be polite to me, you know, I'm a guest tonight, and It's your God, if you don't greet me well and don't make me satisfied with your cooking skills, the boss will blame you. So, you have to be polite to me."

  Privately, Tang Wenyi is so annoying, Ruan Xi frowned, but smiled like a peach blossom, "Then, my noble God, what do you want to eat?"

  Ruan Xi usually doesn't show off her mountains and water, but her grudge against Tang Wenyi has long been ingrained in her heart. If he hadn't helped Pei Nanming to do things for the tiger, she would not have been forced to where she is today.

Therefore, for Tang Wenyi's handsome face, not only did she not feel pleasing to the eye at all, but she also found it extremely annoying, but no matter how annoying he was, he was also the dignified "Chief of Internal Affairs" and was in charge of the "Chief Eunuch". Before Pei Nanming, if he wanted to live a better life, this person must not be offended.

   "My requirements are not high, just three, Dongpo elbow, mapo tofu, and

  There is Kung Pao Chicken. "Tang Wenyi smiled at Mimi.

  Looking at the face that deserved to be beaten, Ruan Xi almost wanted to put him in the pot as an elbow stew.

   "Thank you for watching and ordering!" Ruan Xi gritted her teeth and smiled.

  Tang Wenyi went out triumphantly, Ruan Xi stared at his back, wishing to goug him out.

   Sad reminder, does he think she is really a chef? Or did he do it on purpose at all, he was born with a horoscope, and even ordering food, she couldn't do it at all?

   Well, in fact, she does not know one of these three dishes!

  Pei Nanming and Tang Wenyi pressed the remote control to change one program after another. An hour later, Ruan Xi was still fiddling in the kitchen.

  Tang Wenyi's stomach growled twice, and finally he couldn't help but glanced at the kitchen. Ruan Xi finally came out with a plate, Tang Wenyi almost jumped up when he saw what was on the plate.

   Stir-fried cabbage with green peppers, stewed cabbage with vermicelli, stewed cabbage with pork, plate after plate of Chinese cabbage.

  Tang Wenyi and Pei Nanming have probably never been so sad since they were born.

  Pei Nanming couldn't help but look up at Ruan Xi, "Is this your new dish?"

  Ruan Xi blinked her innocent eyes, "Yes, these are."

  Tang Wenyi turned to look at Pei Nanming with sympathy. If she really married such a wife and went home, within three months, Pei Nanming would definitely feed Ruan Xi a Chinese cabbage!

  Pei Nanming looked at the plates on the table with a blue face, as if he had some deep hatred with them.

   It's not that he's a picky eater, but that these three dishes look really unappetizing.

   "Do you think this is feeding pigs?" ·

  Pei Nanming finally held back his breath and asked calmly.

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "How could I feed pork to pigs? I wouldn't do such a cruel thing." She squinted her eyes and smiled.

  At this moment, both Tang Wenyi and Pei Nanming had the urge to shoot Ruan Xi to death.

   "It's really hard for you. Such a small cabbage can make you three dishes." Pei Nanming smiled.

  Ruan Xi shivered energetically, and even Tang Wenyi on the side was shocked by his aura and stopped talking.

   "Don't get excited, don't get excited." Seeing that the situation is not good, Ruan Xi quickly waved his hands, "If you don't like these, then eat the last two dishes."

   After speaking, he hurried back to the kitchen and brought out the two finale dishes, one steamed fish and one spicy tofu.

  Pei Nanming finally looked a little better.

   "If you have time to make three dishes to cheer us up, why don't you save some time and rest."

  Pei Nanming saw through his little thoughts, and Ruan Xi was not embarrassed. Anyway, the purpose of teasing them was achieved, but it was a pity that food was wasted. People like Pei Nanming and Tang Wenyi who have been in the wine and meat market, how could they like to eat fried cabbage, stewed cabbage and boiled cabbage?

  However, Ruan Xi was surprised later, Tang Wenyi actually ate only cabbage after picking up the first chopsticks, and Pei Nanming treated all dishes equally, including vermicelli, cabbage and pork.

  Satisfied with wine and food, Tang Wenyi wiped the corner of his mouth and put down the napkin, "I didn't expect the cabbage you made to be much more delicious than I imagined."

  Ruan Xi watched Tang Wenyi smack his belly without a smile on his face, "Yeah, that's for you!" Is this man who slapped his belly really Tang Wenyi, the chief of internal affairs? God! Ruan Xi looked up to the sky and howled, how could there be such a big difference between one person? !

  After Tang Wenyi left, Ruan Xi looked at the plates on the table in a daze. Is it really that delicious?

   After Pei Nanming went to the bathroom and came back, seeing her still in a daze, he said unhurriedly, "You don't really think that the cabbage you make is delicious, do you? Tang Wenyi is doing it for you."

  Ruan Xi looked at Pei Nanming's empty job, "You are also very generous."

  Pei Nanming glanced at her, and Ruan Xi immediately jumped up to clean up the dishes.

  Seeing Ruan Xi like this, Pei Nanming was a little amused. On a whim, he folded his arms and leaned against the door, watching her busy in the kitchen.

  While washing the dishes, Ruan Xi lowered her head slightly, her soft hair slipped mischievously to her chest, exposing her Bai Xi's neck.

   Squinting his eyes slightly, he watched for a long time, suddenly his throat tightened, he cleared his throat uncomfortably, and suddenly realized that his immunity to Ruan Xi seemed to be getting weaker and weaker.

  Ruan Xi realized that he had been looking at her, with dangerous flames dancing in his eyes, and couldn't help but take a slight wrong step, "Well, what are you looking at?"

   A little embarrassed, a little timid, she no longer wants to have sex with him. The more times, the greater the possibility of winning the lottery. Although there are morning-after pills, it is better not to do it anyway.

   "It's nothing." Pei Nanmingjun turned slightly cold, turned and left.

  Ruan Xi let out a long breath, quickly cleaned up the kitchen, wiped his hands and came out, seeing that he was still sitting in the living room watching the news, so he asked in a low voice, "When shall we go back?"

  Pei Nanming looked back at her, and said for a while, "From now on, you will live here."


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