Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 75

After that night, Pei Nanming kept ignoring Ruan Xi'ai, but he came back on time for dinner every night, and didn't go out after dinner.

  Finally, Pei Nanming looked up at her, "Well, it's the afternoon. I'll pick you up after get off work every day. Don't go anywhere. If you want to go out, tell me. I'll spend time with you."

   " cough cough" Pei Nanming's words made Ruan Xi choke on a mouthful of soup.

   "Why are you so excited?" Pei Nanming put down the soup bowl, wiped his lips with a napkin, and then gracefully put the napkin on the table, "I won't eat you or sell you."

"I, I'm just astonished, just as frightened. I'm afraid that if you always accompany me, your fiancée will be jealous, and I'm afraid that if you take care of me like this, I will really sink into your fake tenderness. Be proud of yourself."

   "Fake tenderness?" Pei Nanming stared at Ruan Xi, emphasizing these four words.

  Ruan Xi was eating, bit her tongue because of his weird tone, and looked at him tearfully, "I mean, I'm afraid that I will fall into your tenderness, and I will never recover. You don't love me, do you?"

  Pei Nanming found that Ruan Xi was a little unreasonable today, so he simply said nothing, got up and went to the study to deal with official business.

  Ruan Xi was frowning because he said that he would pick her up. The purpose of her request to attend the training class was just to have more free time. If he did this, she would not be as free as the training class.

   This proposal is shooting itself in the foot. After dinner, Ruan Xi sat in the living room watching TV, the volume of the TV was turned down very low, while Dr. Mo sat reading a magazine. Leaning on the sofa, with his slender legs crossed together, every movement is so elegant that people feel that watching him is an ultimate enjoyment.

  Ran Xi occasionally turned her head to look at him quietly, and then quickly turned her gaze back to the screen, like a thief, thinking about something on him.

  Although Pei Nanming didn't look at her, he knew that she peeked at him back and forth several times. It was nothing at all, but the number of times made him upset. He forced himself to read the magazine, but he couldn't read a word.

   When Ruan Xi peeped at him for the ninth time, he finally closed the magazine and threw it aside, catching Ruan Xi squarely, "Tell me, what exactly do you want to do."

Ruan Xi seemed to have done something wrong, her face flushed slightly, and then she pretended to be calm and cold, "It's nothing, I just want you to come back early tomorrow, I said I learned two new dishes, and I want to cook them for you .”

After hearing this, Pei Nanming rarely smiled in front of her, got up and sat beside her, stretched out his hand to touch her face, and dragged her pointed chin with his index finger, forcing her to look at him, "You have been looking at me for so long, just because you want to treat me Say this?"

His voice was low and *, originally it was a very spacious living room, with the lights on and the TV on, the atmosphere shouldn't be too cramped, but his voice seemed to have magic power, plus he was very close to her, his body Mixed with the vague smell of men's shower gel, it made her feel uncomfortable all over.

  Having been with him for several years, it was almost the first time they talked like this. Before, she was like a piece of clothing he threw in a box, and whenever he remembered it, she would immediately turn it out and use it.

  The relationship between them is so simple that as long as he wants to have sex with her, he can find her to overwhelm him at any time, and the next day, he leaves without any communication. Seeing them again is as if nothing happened.

  So, even though they have been together for so long and have done so much, what lies between them is only the long-lasting hatred and the most primitive pain or sense of entanglement.

  For those, it took her several years from pain to numbness to resentment. She had been in contact with him for so long and so much, but she had never felt so uneasy like today. This kind of uneasiness is different from the fear in the past.

  She always feels that she is stepping on a road of no return step by step, and every step is full of dangers, and if she is not careful, she will be doomed.

   Pei Nanming saw that she lowered her eyes and said nothing, and exerted a little force on her fingers, "What are you thinking?"

Ruan Xi was in pain, she frowned and raised her head to look at Pei Nanming, but she happened to meet his deep and quiet eyes. She couldn't see what he was thinking at the moment, but only knew that those dark eyes seemed to have a little something Ruowu's smile. Originally, this expression made Pei Nanming more charming and charming, but Ruan Xi shuddered from the bottom of his heart, as if seeing a devil, he reached out and grabbed his wrist to struggle!

Seeing her purpose, Pei Nanming twitched the corners of his lips, and suddenly put his other hand around her waist, hugged her in front of him, and firmly pressed her into his arms. At the same time, he lowered his head and kissed her lips valve.

  In this life, Ruan Xi has only kissed two men, one is the * in front of her, and the other is Gu Chi.

   She never deliberately compared their kissing skills between the two men, but she knew very well that Pei Nanming and Gu Chi were completely different.

  Pei Nanming seems to be very obsessed with kissing, but she is very resistant to kissing him. Even if they are in full swing, she will not hesitate to turn her face away and refuse his kiss.

  It's been like this since the first time, and the strange thing is that Pei Nanming didn't force her before, but later, for some reason, he was very stubborn about it. He could stop doing it, but he didn't allow her to refuse his kiss.

  His kisses are always domineering, and kisses seem to be just for biting to vent.

  So, this time, his gentle kiss made her dumbfounded. Only then did she realize that Pei Nanming's kissing skills are not so good.

This gentle, provocative and provocative kiss made her body soften quickly, her cheeks flushed, the air in her chest seemed to be sucked dry quickly, and the feeling of suffocation made her grasp Pei Nanming's clothes involuntarily, as if only this Only then can we support ourselves.

  And Pei Nanming closed his eyes lightly, but his arms tightened even more. The kiss was so deep and long that he, who had always been calm and self-sufficient, was a little out of breath.

  The next moment, he let go of Ruan Xi, looked at Ruan Xi's rosy cheeks, and frowned in satisfaction, "It seems that my skills are not bad."

  Ruan Xi got up immediately, as if running away, "I'm going back to my room first."

  Her mind became very confused. After closing the door, she covered her beating heart with one hand, and stroked the lips kissed by Pei Nanming with the other. Suddenly, she shivered again, as if she had been splashed with cold water.

  This is not right, this situation makes her feel dangerous and out of control.

  She covered her mouth in panic, locked the door, and fell on the bed.

   Whoever falls in love first will be defeated, and if she loses, not only will she be defeated, but her bones will be gone! Pei Nanming... He is a devil, a poppy that exudes lust, and to her, it is a deadly poison!

   Could it be that you have not been addicted for so many years, but you are going to become addicted at this critical moment? She hugged the pillow and rolled on the bed, sat up, no, never!

  At this moment, there was a knock on the door of the room. She shook, then calmed down and opened the door calmly.

   It really was Pei Nanming. When she saw her open the door, she walked into her room without saying a word, and then swaggered into her *. The meaning was obvious, you have to take me in tonight and take good care of me...

   "Well, you know, I'm pregnant, and if I have intercourse, it will be bad for the child." Ruan Xi said dryly, her throat seemed to be blocked by something, and when she said this, her face still couldn't help but blush.

  Pei Nanming looked at her with his head propped sideways, "As far as I know, you are less than two months pregnant, and intercourse now has no effect on the child."

  Ruan Xi was tongue-tied, as expected of a man who has lived among thousands of flowers, not only is his kissing technique extremely good, but he also knows these things like the back of his hand.

  What she didn't know was that when Pei Nanming was with other women, he didn't kiss at all.

  Ruan Xi suddenly became a stuffy prawn, blushing and backed away, "Even if there is no impact, we should take precautions, right, just in case..."

  What if? Ruan Xi didn't have a chance to say what happened next, so she was thrown down by Pei Nanming, "There is no case, I will pay attention."

  Ruan Xi tossed and tossed in vain for a while, and had no choice but to accept his fate.

  This*, both of them were naked, and neither of them took any protective measures.

  Ruan Xi originally wanted to buy the after-event contraceptive pill the next day, but Pei Nanming took her by his side and insisted on taking her to the company with her.

   "I'd better not go, it will have a very bad impact, and Qin Zhiran will definitely be angry when she sees it. You just got engaged, if you do this, it will make her unable to step down."

  Ruan Xi stood behind Pei Nanming, with an honest look, like an angry little daughter-in-law.

  Pei Nanming adjusted his tie in front of the mirror. Hearing what she said, he glanced at her in the mirror, and then said flatly, "Since when have you been so considerate of me?"

  Ruan Xi rolled her eyes in her heart, slandering, who is thinking of you, I just don't want to win the lottery again, the pregnancy test stick is just to deceive Pei Nanming's eyes, if the fake this time comes true, she won't have to live.

   "I have always been thinking of you, but you were blinded by hatred, and you just haven't noticed it."

  When Ruan Xi said this, she showed an aggrieved expression, but kept a straight face on purpose.

  Pei Nanming moved slightly in his heart, and said with a smile, "Okay, for the sake of my son, I won't argue with you, but you must accompany me to the company today."

  Looking at Pei Nanming, who was domineering and unnegotiable, Ruan Xi knew that what she said would be a waste of time, and that it might make Pei Nanming impatient, and end up asking for trouble.

  So shut up obediently, changed clothes and went out with Pei Nanming.

  The traffic conditions along the way were fairly good, and it only took 40 minutes from home to the company. After following Pei Nanming for so long, it was the first time to come to the company's headquarters, so when she got off the car, she was dazzled by the skyscrapers of Pei's Group in front of her.

   Subconsciously, she reached out her hand to block the light reflected from the glass, and calmly followed Pei Nanming in.

  Since entering the lobby on the first floor of the building, the employees who came and went kept bowing to Pei Nanming, and Ruan Xi naturally became the object of attention of the employees. Although they didn't stare at her blatantly, she still found that everyone's eyes were full of inquiry and curiosity.

  Ruan Xi followed Pei Nanming without changing his expression. At first he thought that Pei Nanming would evade because of Qin Zhiran, but it turned out that he not only did not evade, but also gave up the special elevator and directly squeezed the elevator with the staff.

   No matter how thick-skinned she was, she tried to persuade herself to think about it, but she still couldn't show composure in the eyes of many suspicious, contemptuous and even disgusting eyes.

   For a moment, she even hoped that there was a mouse hole where she could hide and catch her breath. This invisible oppression made her feel painful, but this pain could not be expressed on her face.

  Because she doesn't want anyone to see her vulnerability.

  Pei Nanming's office is more spacious and bright than she imagined, but not as luxurious as she imagined.

  His office is as clean and tidy as his personality, without any extra decorations, except tables, chairs, coffee tables and documents. The only thing that makes people feel relaxed is a set of coffee tables next to the large picture window on the right.

  Ruan Xi stood in the office waiting for Pei Nanming's order, but as soon as Pei Nanming sat down at his work position, he kept looking down at the documents without even raising his head. She was a little angry but dared not speak out, so she simply sat down opposite him, while he was concentrating on his work, she lowered her head and fiddled with her mobile phone.

  A new message was displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. It was not signed, but she remembered the number clearly. It belonged to Zhang Tong.

   It said that at the engagement banquet, she asked Gu Chi to bring Zhang Tong a bracelet, and Zhang Tong had already received it. She smiled with the corners of her mouth raised. What a blessing it is to have such a good friend in this life. She is so lucky that she still has such a classmate and friend as Zhang Tong who will never leave.

  Ruan Xi read the information carefully, remembered it, and pressed the delete button decisively and calmly.

  At this moment, Pei Nanming just raised his head, "Why are you so happy to watch?" As he spoke, his eyes subconsciously swept towards the phone screen.

  Ruan Xi laughed, "Shouldn't you be excited if you won the game?"

  Pei Nanming was noncommittal, then lowered his head and signed the document while saying, "Go and bring me a cup of coffee."

  Dare to bring her here just to let her run errands! Leave the beautiful secretary outside the door alone, just to torment her, right?

   After going out reluctantly, Pei Nanming signed the last stack of documents, and glanced at the door thoughtfully.

   Sure enough, the next moment Qin Zhiran came in with her high heels, and asked arrogantly, "What do you mean?"

Pei Nanming leaned on the back of the chair and looked at her lazily, "It's not interesting. She has been boarding in our Pei's house since she was a child, and I love her as my younger sister. Are you also saying that she is your younger sister? I I remember that you have always had a good relationship with her. I brought her here today just to let her get acquainted with the company environment. "

Qin Zhiran's face was blue and purple, and finally she couldn't pretend anymore, "You know everything, why pretend to be confused! I will never tolerate her being so arrogant, let alone let her come to the company! You can only stay with her. one!"

This is interesting. Pei Nanming got up suddenly, put his hands on the desk, leaned forward slightly, and leaned forward in front of Qin Zhiran, "Are you a threat? I can only choose you and her. It's so funny. Are you putting You and her are too important. Besides, what do you mean you won't let her come to the company? Don't forget, this is Pei's, not Qin's. Should she come, or should she stay? , it seems that it is not your turn to decide, right?"

  Qin Zhiran's eyes widened suddenly, she stared at Pei Nanming fiercely, and said with trembling lips, "You! Are you really not afraid that I will ask my father to withdraw all the shares?!"

  Qin Zhiran dared to be so arrogant, in addition to her own capital, but also because of the shares of the Pei Group, the old Qin Group held 30% of the shares, which was second to none among the shareholders of the entire Pei Group. If the Qin family withdraws its shares, the Pei family will suffer heavy losses and even lead to a debt crisis.

  Pei Nanming smiled, this smile was extraordinarily gentle and kind, so kind that Qin Zhiran felt that what he was standing here was not facing a person, but a cunning and cruel wolf that would tear her into pieces at any time.

  The sharp contrast between this expression and temperament is simply creepy.

Qin Zhiran, a spoiled and arrogant young lady like Qin Zhiran, has never been under such coercion. She immediately took a step back and looked at Pei Nanming with a pale face. She was also blinded by anger and ran to quarrel with Pei Nanming while she was fat. If it were normal, how could she have the guts? !

   "Go ahead and ask your father to withdraw his shares, will you see if he will listen to you?" Pei Nanming was completely unmoved.

Qin Zhiran bit her lip, and found the steps by herself for a while, "Hmph, I won't do such willful things lightly. Pei Nanming, you are my fiancé, I can forgive your occasional sex, but what you did today is really a shame. It's too much. Ruan Xi's shameless trampling, I will never make her feel better!"

  After Qin Zhiran finished speaking, she turned around angrily, and when she opened the door, she bumped into Ruan Xi who was about to enter. As a result, a cup of hot coffee splashed Qin Zhiran all over her body.


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