Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 74

After the butler left, the two turned to the topic again.

Ruan Xi poured a cup of tea for Qin Zhiran, and put it in front of her, "Well, even if you don't mention it, I will do the same." She slowly poured a cup of tea for herself, and when the tea was full, she put down the teapot and looked up. Staring at Qin Zhiran, "But, after the driver incident, how can I believe that you will really help me and not harm me?"

Qin Zhiran picked up the teacup and put it down again, "As long as you really want to leave and swear that you will never come back, then why should I cause trouble for myself and insist on doing something shameful. Of course, if you are really worried For me, I can help you notify Gu Chi and ask him to arrange someone to pick you up. I'm only responsible for bringing you to him, how about that? You can't trust me, Gu Chi should always trust you, right? "

Ruan Xiduo took a sip of tea and thought about it, "After your vicious design, of course I can no longer trust you, no, I have never had any sense of trust in you. If I am not really desperate, I will never speak to you Yes, this point, I think you are also very clear. As for Gu Chi, he belongs to Ruan Dongyu, and Ruan Dongyu, we all know who you are, and some words can only be rotten in our stomachs. Believe in Miss Qin You understand the meaning of this sentence better than I do. Moreover, even if Gu Chi is still the old Gu Chi, is he really capable of helping me? Moreover, even if he is willing to help me behind Ruan Dongyu's back, I don't think he is capable It can make me feel at ease, because my perception tells me that Ruan Dongyu doesn't trust Gu Chi as much as he shows."

  Ruan Xi's words made Qin Zhiran's face look very bad. How many people in the wealthy family don't know that although her surname is Qin, she is actually a member of the Ruan family? Everyone is just tacit understanding!

  The appearance of a wealthy family is glamorous, but the filth on the inside is unimaginable to those who are not in it. Family reputation interests, personal interests, and money *all kinds of violence and imprisonment are like heavy chains, and they are like evil demons who commit crimes.

  How many of the people in it can often walk by the river without getting their shoes wet? This heavy identity has always been a thorn in Qin Zhiran's heart, and it hurts whenever he touches it.

  She would rather she really belong to the Qin family, but she is not. In fact, her identity is more embarrassing and ridiculous than Ruan Xi's diner.

  A young lady from the Ruan family who was adopted by the Qin family since she was a child, what a ridiculous identity! In fact, whether she was adopted by the Qin family, or whether she was born to Ruan Hetian and Mr. Qin's wife, this kind of thing, only the parties themselves know best!

   "How important do you think blood relationship is in a wealthy family?" Qin Zhiran smiled mockingly, which was her true emotion. "Do you think that if I keep the blood of the Ruan family, I will be protected by the Ruan family? My surname is Qin. I was raised by the Qin family. I will only protect the interests of the Qin family."

  Ruan Xi listened silently and watched quietly. In fact, this has nothing to do with her. She just needs to make sure that Ruan Dongyu and her are not wearing a pair of pants.

   "That's good. I'm restricted in my actions now. You can find a way to get Pei Nanming to let me go out, for any reason."

  Qin Zhiran grabbed her bag and stood up, "Leave this to me, wait for my good news."

  Ruan Xi stared at the back of Qin Zhiran striding away, her eyes were as dark as the night.

  Pei Nanming stayed in City B because of some official business. For Xu Chuyan, it was a great joy.

  When Pei Nanming was not around, although she was happy and leisurely, she was always left alone for a long time, which always made her feel like she would be abandoned at any time. But when Pei Nanming appeared, it was different, and her heart immediately settled down.

  What Xu Chuyan was thinking, Pei Nanming naturally knew, but his love for Xu Chuyan did not decrease at all, on the contrary, he indulged Xu Chuyan even more.

  When Pei Nanming came back that day, Xu Chuyan was staring at a white bugatti sports car in the computer, her eyes were daring, so that when Pei Nanming was behind her, she didn't realize it.

  Actually, before meeting Pei Nanming, she didn't even know what the license plate of Bugatti was, but after being raped by Pei Nanming, she began to linger around major luxury brands, and cars were no exception.

   "Like this car?" Pei Nanming said, holding her from behind.

  Xu Chuyan was startled, stood up immediately, and smiled stiffly, "No, no."

  It’s more than just liking, it’s a dream. If I can sit in this car, it’s also a luxury dream.

  She knows that Pei Nanming is rich and powerful, but she doesn't believe that Pei Nanming can be that rich, and even if he is really that rich, he won't spend money like water for her "like".

  In her impression, Pei Nanming is a very low-key person, even his most frequently used car is just an inconspicuous Audi.

In fact, Pei Nanming is indeed very low-key. He is not the second generation ancestor. He shows off when he has power and money at home. However, his real car is naturally not an Audi. He only deliberately changes cars when he comes to Xu Chuyan's place. .

His favorite car is actually a Rolls-Royce. He bought that kind of car to show off his wealth because he once saw Ruan Xi staring at the pictures in a magazine for a long time. So, a week later, he bought that car without hesitation. car.

   "I didn't like it at first, I thought you would like it very much. Since you don't like this, is there anything else you like?"

  Xu Chuyan immediately widened her eyes and looked at Pei Nanming in surprise.

  Pei Nanming put his arms around her waist, "What kind of expression is this?"

   "You, are you going to give me a car?" Xu Chuyan was astounded. In fact, Pei Nanming had already provided her with a car, and she couldn't get that car in ten years with her own ability.

The reason why she opened the station to look at the car again today is purely because she went out and met a group of newly acquainted rich ladies. Many people surrounded the rich lady's new car and sighed. She came back to look for that car out of curiosity. Thinking that Pei Nanming would actually bring it up.

   "If you want." Pei Nanming kissed her on the forehead, but frowned slightly.

   "Can I choose by myself?" Xu Chuyan was so excited that her entire face turned into a flower.

   "Of course." Pei Nanming let go of her suddenly, then loosened his tie, took off the suit casually, and hung it on the hanger.

   "You can read it yourself. After reading it, tell me, and I will send it to you after it is finished." He paused at this point, "Today I am very tired and need a good rest. Go to the guest room to sleep."

  Xu Chuyan was clearly in a state of excitement, and she was not unhappy with Pei Nanming's order. She nodded and agreed immediately, "I'll go prepare dinner for you. Since I'm tired, take a rest first. When I'm ready, I'll call you."

   After finishing speaking, Xu Chuyan happily walked away.

  Pei Nanming sat on the side, squinting slightly to look at Xu Chuyan's back. Xu Chuyan and Ruan Xi were almost similar in figure and back, but their personalities and feelings for him were completely different.

  He was baffled by his behavior of doting on Xu Chuyan. This woman was obviously thrown aside and she couldn't even think about it.

  If he hadn't come here to do business, and Ruan Xi hadn't been stimulated, he might have forgotten about this woman.

  There are always many women around him, and it's the same now, Xu Chuyan and Ruan Xi are just one of his many lovers, he doesn't know why he unconsciously fell in love with Xu Chuyan.

  Obviously he can have more choices, but among so many *, except for being similar to Ruan Xi, Xu Chuyan has nothing outstanding at all.

   Just when he was thinking about it, the phone suddenly remembered, and he took it over to have a look. He was a little surprised, but he quickly pressed the answer button.


  The name made his heart skip a beat, and his body felt a little hot.

  He remembered that at the most passionate moment between him and Ruan Xi, he had forced her to call herself Nan Ming, but she always stubbornly bit her lower lip and refused to say anything.

  However, at the end of the day, she still couldn't bear his torment, and yelled his name softly with a crying sound.

   This sound obviously didn't have the charming and normal tone of that time, but he almost immediately thought of the happiness at that time.

   "Huh? What's up?"

  He leaned on his head, put the back of his hand on his forehead, and asked softly.

  The other side was obviously surprised by his soft tone, and paused for a moment before saying, "When are you coming back?"

   These words made Pei Nanming's mouth unconsciously tickle, but soon he realized that his performance was really abnormal, and even his voice became colder, "What?"

  The other side seemed to think about the wording, and after a moment of silence, he spoke again, "I learned a few new dishes, and I want to make them for you to try."

  This time, Pei Nanming was even more surprised. They knew the relationship between Ruan Xi and him best, so Ruan Xi suddenly called and said this, which made him feel like it was raining red.

   Soon he went to the balcony and looked up at the sky, "Is this the end of the world? You actually think of cooking for me?"

  There was another silence over there, which made Pei Nanming feel very upset, "Since you have asked me to go back to taste, then I will, you'd better not do too badly, otherwise, I will look better than you."

   After speaking, Pei Nanming hung up the phone by himself.

   Then immediately took the clothes and went downstairs.

  Xu Chuyan heard footsteps, and immediately ran out of the kitchen, "Do you want to go out?"

   "Yes, you can eat the meal yourself. After you choose the car, tell Tang Wenyi directly, and he will send someone to buy it for you."

  Pei Nanming went out without even stopping.

Xu Chuyan stared blankly at Pei Nanming's departure. She was obviously by his side only for money, and she never expected to occupy a place in his heart. However, at this moment, her heart suddenly felt empty. For the first time, she felt that he was leaving. Lost and sad.

  She knew that he was a handsome man, and she was just playing with her, so from the beginning, she never thought of getting anything other than money from him.

   She told herself that she couldn't expect more.

  But at this moment, she understood that she had begun to expect more things, and those things seemed to have nothing to do with money.

  Ruan Xi looked at the cell phone that suddenly went dark, and was puzzled for a while, then threw the cell phone on the bed and went into the bathroom.

  The water was placed in the bathroom, and she lay comfortably in the huge bathtub to take a bath, picking up bubbles and blowing them out.

She also scribbled some lines on the mirror next to her that she didn't know what they were, but soon, those lines were covered by new mist, and she slowly crawled out of the bath after soaking so casually for an hour , put on the bathrobe, lay down comfortably on the bed and hung up the phone for Qin Zhiran, but only said a few words, "I have already started my plan here, for your happiness in this life, and for your childhood Your dream will become a reality, I hope you will not break your promise."

   After speaking, I hung up.

Only then did she go to bed with peace of mind. What she didn't expect was that just as she was about to fall asleep, the door of the room was pushed open. She reflexively sat up from the bed and turned on the desk lamp. When she saw that it was Pei Nanming, she was immediately dumbfounded and subconsciously He glanced at the time on his phone, it was actually one o'clock in the morning.

   "Why are you back?"

  Ruan Xi honestly said what was in her heart.

  Pei Nanming's original good mood suddenly became gloomy because of her words, "You don't seem to want me to come back??"

Only then did Ruan Xi realize that the question she asked was simply a lack of electricity, and immediately made up for it, "You know, I didn't mean that. I mean, I thought you would come back at least tomorrow. I was worried that it would be unsafe for you to go out at night, and Staying up all night is not good for your health."

Pei Nanming threw the suit jacket on the small sofa in the bedroom, and then fell on the bed, relaxing, "I've only been out for a few days, and your mouth has become so eloquent, and every sentence makes me feel comfortable. I have to suspect that your sudden meekness and hospitality are actually behind some conspiracy."

Ruan Xi's heart skipped a beat, and she secretly scolded the cunning fox, but her face didn't change, "If you have to think so, I can't help it. What I want to say is, I don't want to continue to stalemate with you, I know Your hatred for me is impossible to disappear, although I still have the previous point of view, Aunt Ting's death was neither my wish nor my intention, but since you must think that I can't get rid of it, and I can't leave you , So, of course I have to be good. Besides,..." She stopped talking suddenly, and just looked at the paper box on the front cabinet.

  Pei Nanming discovered the things on the top cabinet, and immediately felt a strange feeling in his heart, but he still looked at Ruan Xi suspiciously, and asked knowingly, "What is that?"

  Ruan Xi blushed slightly, but said nothing.

  Pei Nanming went over and pulled out what was in the box. It was a pregnancy test stick with two bright red lines on it.

   "Our grievances have nothing to do with children, so..."

  Pei Nanming's face was cold, but his heart was shaken. He couldn't tell whether it was joy or something else. In short, his heart was not as calm as it appeared on the surface.

   "I have a fiancee, you know that." Pei Nanming didn't know why he said this, or it was just to remind her.

"Yes, I know. I never thought of relying on my child to ask for anything from you. I know my identity. I just want to keep this child." Speaking of this, he paused slightly, "And, you said that I I owe you a child, so I will pay you back now."

   These words were obviously released by himself, and there was nothing wrong with Ruan Xi's words, but after hearing this, Pei Nanming felt very uncomfortable, so he was stabbed severely by a thorn.

  What is repayment? Is the child used to repay the debt? After all, what she meant was to tell him that the relationship between him and her was just a debt repayment relationship!

  He was angry, and the veins on his fist were exposed, but he miraculously endured it, "Since you have decided to return it, then take good care of it. If there is a mistake in this child, Ruan Xi, you will never be able to live safely in this life."

   Obviously came back full of joy, but in the end it still made me very annoyed.

  Pei Nanming slept in the opposite bedroom that night.

  After Pei Nanming left, Ruan Xi heaved a sigh of relief and immediately threw away the pregnancy test stick.

  After that, Ruan Xi had a lot of freedom of movement, and the cash in his hand was not so tightly controlled.

Two weeks later, she got a lot of cash for the reason of looking at platinum necklaces for two days, but she only bought two ordinary necklaces and threw them in the dresser drawer without them. Li, never mind.

  The rest of the cash was stored in a new Agricultural Bank of China card by her.

   "I want to enroll in a baby-care class and learn how to be a competent mother."

  During dinner, Ruan Xi looked at Pei Nanming anxiously.

  Pei Nanming didn't say anything, and there was no reaction on his face, but he was very happy in his heart. Realizing that he was happy for Ruan Xiken's dedication to parenting, he felt awkward again.


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