Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 73

At this moment, it sounded like she was a little drunk, and her voice was extraordinarily soft.

  Ruan Xi thought about it, Qin Zhiran would definitely act like a good sister-in-law in order to perform well in front of Pei Nanming.

"Oh, Miss Qin." Ruan Xi pulled the shawl on the dress while walking, "I'm here at Kailida Shopping Mall on Xiujie Road. There are so many people at this time that I can't get a taxi. See if you can arrange it." Someone come pick me up?"

   Qin Zhiran's mind seemed to become clear after hearing Ruan Xi's voice. After a moment of silence, Qin Zhiran replied with a smile, "Okay, wait a moment, I'll arrange for the driver to go there right away."

  At this moment, Pei Nanming's voice rang, asking whose call it was.

  Qin Zhiran immediately replied, "No one made a mistake." Then the line was disconnected.

  Ruan Xi frowned, and was very concerned about Qin Zhiran's typo in the last sentence, but after thinking about it, Qin Zhiran's jealousy was probably at work, so she didn't take it to heart.

  Ruan Xi walked along the road for a while, then turned around and walked back to the platform. After going back and forth like this three times, the car that picked her up finally arrived.

   It's a black Audi. There is absolutely no such car around Pei Nanming. Could it be that Qin Zhiran sent his family to pick it up?

  The car window was lowered slowly, and the driver inside stuck his head out slightly, "Miss Ruan?"

  Ruan Xi nodded. The driver had Mo Sheng's face, and he always kept a straight face, with a serious attitude.

  At this time, the driver opened the door and got out of the car, and opened the back door for her, "Please, Ms. Ruan, I am the driver arranged by Ms. Qin to pick you up."

  Because the face was unfamiliar, and Qin Zhiran said that before hanging up the phone, she hesitated somewhat.

   "Miss Ruan, please get in the car. In 20 minutes, I have to go back to pick up Mr. Pei and my miss."

  Ruan Xi just got into the car.

  The driver closed the car door with a bang, returned to the driving position, glanced at Ruan Xi in the rearview mirror, and a strange smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

  The whole day's tossing made her feel extremely tired, and she fell asleep drowsily while sitting.

  After Pei Nanming came back from the bathroom, he ended the celebration directly.

  After leaving the hotel and getting on the bus, Pei Nanming's first sentence was, "Don't answer my calls casually in the future."

  Qin Zhiran's expression changed, she bit her lip and remained silent for a while, then smiled coquettishly, "I answered because I saw you were not here. I'm sorry, I won't be in the future."

  Pei Nanming ignored her apology, "I'll take you back."

  This time Qin Zhiran had a look of resentment on his face, but he still tried his best to suppress it, and asked as softly as possible, "Aren't we together today?"

  There are a lot of vehicles in front of us, and it is the rush hour, and the speed of the vehicles is not as fast as walking. Pei Nanming's face was half-dark and half-bright in the vehicle lights, and Qin Zhiran's heart was beating wildly with this serious coercion.

   "There are other things to do today, don't worry about it right now, won't we have a long time in the future?" Pei Nanming turned his head to look at Qin Zhiran, the corners of his lips slowly raised.

  This was the first time Qin Zhiran saw such a charming gesture, her beating heart beat suddenly, and she nodded in a daze.

   "That's right." Pei Nanming reached out and stroked Qin Zhiran's hair, as if stroking a hair.

  Qin Zhiran became complacent about this—maybe, he really has something to deal with.

   After waiting for about ten minutes, the vehicle finally cleared up. Pei Nanming held the steering wheel with one hand, opened the call record at random with the other hand, and then casually threw the phone aside.

   "Suddenly remembered that there is still an important matter to be dealt with urgently. I will ask Tang Wenyi to take you back."

As he spoke, he parked the car on the side of the road, got out of the car and opened the car door for Qin Zhiran himself, "Tang Wenyi is working in this club, and he will pick you up on time in two minutes." He looked at his watch, "I'm running out of time, obediently be here Wait here."

   Then Pei Nanming got into the car and left immediately.

  Qin Zhiran frowned, restrained herself from making a fuss, waited for the car to speed away, but stomped her feet angrily on the spot.

  After getting in the car, Pei Nanming immediately turned on the recording clip on the phone and played back the call Qin Zhiran just answered. When he doesn't carry his personal mobile phone with him, the call recording function is usually turned on, so the calls Qin Zhiran answered for him have naturally been recorded.

  He would suspect that it was precisely because when he looked at the call log just now, the latest call log was a call from a group director with a good personal relationship an hour ago, not the wrong call Qin Zhiran said.

  She deleted the call record, how could she not make him suspicious.

  After listening to the recording, Pei Nanming frowned, turned the steering wheel and walked the other way.

  The black Audi was shuttling on the road, and there were fewer and fewer vehicles in the direction it was going, and it became more and more remote. In the end, only the occasional whistling sound of cars remained.

  It is still the main road, but the lights on both sides have become dim. Since this is a newly developed area, many real estates have not yet been sold. There is a lot of dust on the big glass doors of the shops at the bottom of the real estate, and the whole street is empty.

  Ruan Xi woke up from a nap, rubbed his eyes, looked out the window, and immediately felt that something was wrong, "Mr. Driver, we went wrong, my residence is not here."

  The driver glanced at her from the rearview mirror, but ignored her.

  Ruan Xi realized that something was wrong, and immediately opened the door, however, the door was locked.

   "Put me down, what the hell are you trying to do?!"

  Ruan Xi roared angrily, leaned over from the back seat and grabbed the driver's arm and shook it vigorously.

  The driver glanced forward, and suddenly stepped on the brakes. Ruan Xi's center of gravity was unstable, and when he was caught off guard, he hit his head on the roof of the car and fell back!

  The driver put down the back of the seat, turned around and crawled towards her, Ruan Xi was shocked, and suddenly realized the driver's purpose, "Don't come over, don't come over!"

  The driver grinned, "If you don't let me pass, I won't pass? You're such a rotten coin that can only climb men*, why are you pretending to be pure?! Now you are actually in a hurry!"

  Ruan Xi blushed with anger, and in panic, she slapped across the face, and the ring on her finger scraped a deep gash on the driver's face.

The driver covered his burning face, and then took a look in front of his eyes. There was blood, and he was completely irritated. A tiger rushed at the sheep, pinned Ruan Xi on the back seat, and slapped her twice, "Stinky bitch, how dare you Let's fight with Lao Tzu!"

  Ruan Xi kept kicking and kicking, but the space in the car was small, and the driver was riding on her lower body, coupled with the two slaps he slapped almost knocking Ruan Xi out, Ruan Xi was powerless to resist.

  The driver grabbed Ruan Xi's hair, raised his hand angrily and slapped Ruan Xi continuously, and hit Ruan Xi's belly hard with his knee. The pain was so painful that Ruan Xi couldn't even breathe, and tears flowed down the corners of his eyes.

   "Xiao Jianren, you are a man at a young age, and you pretended to be innocent. The most surprising thing is that you dared to slap Miss Qin at the engagement ceremony. I think you are tired of it!"

  The driver scolded and pulled Ruan Xi's dress, but was pricked by the brooch on Ruan Xi's dress. The driver ignored it and fell into a state of excitement, throwing the brooch and the dress fragments aside.

Ruan Xi suddenly felt that this driver seemed to have seen it before. When the driver took off her skirt, she suddenly remembered that this driver was the man who drove Pei Nanming when she was eighteen years old. Later, for some reason, this The driver was fired and has not been seen since.

   "Help, help!" She endured the pain in her stomach and cried out in pain and despair.

  The driver covered her mouth with one hand, controlled Ruan Xi's arms with the other, and moved his knees between Ruan Xi's legs to the sides. Then, the thing on his lower body pressed against Ruan Xi's body through the driver's pants.

  In this season, men and women are already wearing thin clothes, but this driver works under Qin Zhiran, and his attire is more formal. He has all kinds of trousers and ties, and he looks like a dog. But now, the trousers are obviously an obstacle.

  The driver was panting heavily, impatiently trying to pull the zipper on his trousers.

  Ruan Xi was terrified, desperate, angry and humiliated, rolling back and forth in her heart like lava, but no matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't resist the driver's strength, and no matter how much she called for help, her voice couldn't penetrate the car.

  On this wide but sparsely traveled avenue, she realized for the first time that besides Pei Nanming, there was something more terrifying that could devour her.

  The car lights flickered, the light and shadow changed, and the driver's body was pressed down like a huge rock. She widened her eyes in despair, knowing that she was really doomed this time.


  After a loud impact sound, there was the sound of glass shattering and then shattering. The driver suddenly screamed, clutching his shoulders and paralyzed aside, curled up in pain, and rolled back and forth in the small space with his shoulders in his arms.

The next moment, a slender arm opened the car door, pulled the driver out, and threw it on the ground like trash, then picked up the thing in his hand and hit the driver on the right shoulder, "You fucker, are you tired of work?" , my woman, you dare to move!"

   After finishing speaking, he kicked the driver's crotch twice fiercely, and the driver screamed in pain, that's all, and turned back to the car.

   Seeing Ruan Xi's appearance, Pei Nanming was stunned, and almost didn't recognize that the person in front of him was Ruan Xi.

  He himself was cruel to Ruan Xi, and he never felt bad, but he didn't expect that this driver was far more ruthless than him. This time, he felt as if someone had stabbed him hard, and the pain was boundless.

Looking at the dim light on the side of the road, he saw Ruan Xi lying motionless in the car, her hair was disheveled, her eyes were wide open, but she was expressionless, and the finger marks left after being slapped could be vaguely seen on her face. They were all broken, and the dress on his body was torn into rags by the driver!

  His fists tightened, rattling, and his face was gloomy for a long time without getting better.

  Finally, he didn't say anything, just took off his suit and wrapped Ruan Xi, carried her back to his car, and let her lie on the back.

   Along the way, Ruan Xi stared at her eyes, pursed her mouth and said nothing, neither wanted to cry nor angry, her face was dull at all.

  He knew it was over-scared.

  Although his heart was turbulent and his thoughts fluctuated, his expression was always calm, and he even lit a cigarette.

  Whoever looked at his current appearance would not realize that his heart had already been destroyed by landslides and tsunamis.

  Pei Nanming carried Ruan Xi back to the villa. The butler was dumbfounded when he saw it. When the butler came back to his senses and wanted to help, Pei Nanming refused. He only said that he would call a private doctor right away and keep silent.

  The housekeeper hurriedly called the private doctor.

Fifteen minutes later, the private doctor hurried over to see Ruan Xi. Pei Nanming just stood outside the door smoking. From the beginning to the end, he didn't say a single word except for telling the housekeeper to find a doctor. all over the place.

  After the private doctor came out, Pei Nanming threw another cigarette butt, then looked at the private doctor with his hands in his pockets.

  Although the private doctor is Pei Nanming's personal doctor in name, the relationship between the two has always been very good. They have been friends for nearly ten years, and the private doctor still knows Pei Nanming very well.

So, without waiting for Pei Nanming to speak, he said directly, "She's fine, and her body is only a skin trauma. Fortunately, you went there in time, otherwise, she might really be raped and raped. Now she's in a bad state of mind. She has been greatly stimulated before, and her mental state has just stabilized. This time, she was overly frightened. I injected her with a tranquilizer, and she should sleep for about 20 hours. During this time, don't wake her up. She, and also, after she wakes up, it is estimated that there will be a short period of mental depression, which is not too important, as long as she is not stimulated again, she should get better soon."

  Pei Nanming nodded, "Thank you."

"It should. You have been worried for so long, go in and see her." After finishing speaking, he stopped suddenly, "Since you care, don't always pretend to have deep hatred like the sea. You are like this now, I don’t even know who is tossing whom.”

  Pei Nanming frowned immediately.

  The private doctor accepts as soon as he sees it, "Forget it, just pretend I didn't say anything. I'll go back first, and call me if I need anything."

  Ruan Xi lay quietly on the bed without any movement, like a completely defenseless baby.

  Personal doctor's hypnosis was very successful, she slept very deeply, and her pale complexion due to fright had improved a lot at this moment.

  Nan Ming sat gently on the bed, staring at Ruan Xi quietly, this was the first time he looked at this woman so calmly. In fact, Ruan Xi is very beautiful, she is the kind of calm and good-looking woman, even if you throw her in the crowd, you will not see her at a glance, but as long as you pay attention to her, you will be easily attracted to her. It won't make you feel amazing, but it will make you feel more comfortable the more you look at it.

  Of course, in Pei Nanming's eyes, since she caused his mother's death, she has never been at ease. The more he sees her, the more he suffers in his heart, and he is naturally unwilling to bear this suffering alone. He will always find ways to double the pain she gave him.

Under the soft light, Ruan Xi's fine and long eyelashes left two dark fan shadows on her eyelids. Her face was originally only the size of a palm, but now it is slightly sunken into the soft and white pillow, making her whole face even more petite delicate.

  If her personality was as delicate as her appearance, wouldn't there be so many troubles? Who would have thought that such a quiet and well-behaved girl with a demure appearance would be so stubborn in her bones?

  She works part-time to earn tuition fees, refuses to spend family money, and never asks for help from her family. Even if she has to go home during the holidays, except for the necessary greetings, she almost grows outside.

  He knew that since she was in high school, she never took the initiative to mention her family background to her classmates.

  Many times, he even doubted whether Ruan Xi really regarded Pei's family as his home.

  When did you pay attention to Ruan Xi? He himself is not very clear, anyway, he always hears about her inadvertently. When Ruan Xi came to the house for the first time, he completely ignored it, and even repelled it a little, but later he got used to it.

  In my impression, when she was at Pei's house, she was always cautious, like a well-behaved cat, quiet and interesting, not as coquettish and willful as other girls in the compound. He always thought that Ruan Xi was like this outside, but an occasional encounter made him realize that this was not the case.

  Ruan Xi outside is completely different from at home.

  It was a certain summer, and Ruan Xi happened to be in the second half of a semester of high school.

At that time, he had already started to prepare to go abroad. Due to the cumbersome application procedures, he had to do a lot of preparatory work. He happened to finish the last procedure for studying abroad that day. At school time, there were a lot of students, so he had to stop the car and wait for the students to leave first.

And Ruan Xi and a few students walked at the end, talking and laughing along the way, and completely restored the vitality of a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl. He clearly remembered that day, Ruan Xi was wearing a school uniform, and the breeze blew through her. The long hair and the skirt of the school uniform, everything was frozen into a particularly pleasing picture of the clothes in his eyes.

   Obviously the surroundings were noisy, but at that moment, in his feeling, the surroundings were so quiet that only the sound of Ruan Xi chatting and laughing with his classmates remained.

  And, that day was also the first time that Pei Nanming Seeing Gu Chi, but at that time, in Pei Nanming's eyes, Gu Chi was just a childish kid who hadn't taken off his eyes at all. Moreover, when he regained consciousness at that time, he was completely overwhelmed by a feeling of remorse and self-blame.

Obviously she is someone who should be resentful, obviously she has brought him such great harm and caused irreparable damage to his family, but when he saw her, he felt that way, all of this made him feel annoyed!

  It wasn't until the Christmas of the third year he went abroad that Mr. Pei was hospitalized due to illness. He heard the news and rushed back from abroad, but when he arrived, Mr. Pei was already fine. He specially asked for two weeks' leave to accompany Mr. Pei.

  Ruan Xi lived on campus in high school, but in order to take care of Mr. Pei, she applied for a dorm during that time. Even though Mr. Pei kept saying that she didn't need her to take care of her, she still insisted on me.

   It was during that time that getting along with Ruan Xi became more frequent, and it was the longest time since they lived together.

  He found that Ruan Xi was not only beautiful but also dexterous. When peeling apples for Mr. Pei, she could peel an apple in circles without breaking the peel. To put it bluntly, the peel was as thin as a strand of hair. Moreover, all the food supplements she sent were made by herself. Although he didn't eat them, he knew they must be delicious just by smelling them. In fact, even Mr. Pei, who has picky tastes, would eat every drop of the food Ruan Xi sent him every time.

  She is such a beautiful woman, why is she the one who destroyed his family and killed his mother?

  He narrowed his eyes slightly, staring at Ruan Xi, his originally full of reminiscence suddenly became cloudy and uncertain. Up to this moment, he still doesn't regret what he did to her that year.

   What you deserve.

  He twisted Ruan Xi's hair scattered on the pillow, and a sarcastic and evil smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

  Yes, you deserve what you deserve, and a woman who destroys other people's families will never be forgiven!

  Ruan Xi, don't blame anyone, if you want to blame, blame your own bad luck, everything is your own fault.

  Over the years, the pain he has caused her to bear is far from a fraction of the pain she inflicted on him! Therefore, he swore that he would never let it go!

  After Qin Zhiran answered a call, she was so angry that she dropped the phone.

  Tang Wenyi turned to look at her, but didn't speak.

   This made Qin Zhiran even more furious, and she, who was always good at acting, couldn't help showing her true colors.

   "Tell me, what important matter does Pei Nanming have? He is in such a hurry that he doesn't even have time to send me back!"

  In fact, she received a call from the driver, saying that Ruan Xi was robbed by Pei Nanming, and the plan fell short.

  The driver's voice was hoarse and weak, and she knew that he had been punched by Pei Nanming.

  She was angry not only because the driver was ineffective, but also because Pei Nanming appeared so timely! He left in a hurry on the pretext that he had business to do, in order to save Ruan Xi.

  He already knew what she did, that is to say, he was wary of her!

   That hatred in my heart!

But in front of Tang Wenyi, who couldn't be shaken by lightning, seeing her furious and wanting to hack several people to death to vent her anger, she was still sitting firmly on the Diaoyutai, with an extremely gentle appearance, "I don't know about this, I'm afraid I'm going to ask his office secretary. It's just his personal butler, only responsible for dealing with private life issues."

  Qin Zhiran's face darkened, and he gave Tang Wenyi a hard look, but Tang Wenyi completely ignored it as if nothing had happened.

  The next day, Qin Zhiran's anger passed, and she began to tremble with fear, worrying that Pei Nanming would ask her to blame. Her feelings for Pei Nanming were complicated, it was both love and fear.

  Facts have proved that she was too worried. Pei Nanming handled business as usual, and didn't even mention what happened last night. Therefore, the last word of the excuses she racked her brains was useless.

  In the bar named City Hunter, amidst the luxuries, men and women cuddle up to each other, or crazily swing their bodies, or hide in the dark, shaking their bodies wildly in the dim lights.

  Qin Zhiran subconsciously raised the toad mirror on her face, as if she wanted to cover her face more tightly.

  Actually, in such a place and at such a time, no one noticed her at all. Everyone was just immersed in the loud music and flickering lights, completely on the verge of madness.

  After looking around, Qin Zhiran chose a corner seat to sit down, and a waiter came up to serve immediately.

  She deliberately lowered her voice, and ordered a cocktail unnaturally.

About ten minutes later, a young man with his hands in his pockets and dyed yellow hair looking sloppy walked over, still whistling, but the surroundings were too noisy, completely suppressing his whistling .

  Aside from the young man's undecent behavior, and ignoring the blinking blond hair, in fact, the young man's appearance is very handsome, and he can be regarded as handsome.

  When Qin Zhiran saw this young man for the first time, she was surprised, surprised by his appearance, she looked him up and down, and asked with some uncertainty, "Are you a frog?"

  The young man sat casually on the sofa opposite her, put his feet on the table, whistled again at Qin Zhiran, and asked frivolously, "Why, do you doubt?"

   As he spoke, he took out a pack of cigarettes, Qin Zhiran glanced subconsciously, and at a glance, he knew that the cigarettes were of inferior quality.

  The young man didn't seem to care about the contempt and disdain that flashed in her eyes when she saw the cigarette, so he naturally took out one and put it in his mouth, took a puff comfortably, and blew the smoke ring at Qin Zhiran.

   "Tell me, what is it, as long as you can afford the price I offer, I will do my best to do what you want for you."

  Qin Zhiran looked at the frog suspiciously for a while, and finally raised the corners of her lips, revealing her white teeth, "I don't need you to work hard for me, because this matter is actually very simple, and you don't need to risk your life at all."

  Frog only raised his eyebrows, motioning for her to continue talking.

Qin Zhiran didn't say anything more, but took out a document from her bag and handed it to frog, "Write down everything you have to do, and there is my contact information at the end. If you don't understand anything, just call that number and ask me." , However, this number can only be used after one o'clock in the morning and before four o'clock."

Frog took the document, glanced at it twice, and closed the document, "No problem." After flicking the cigarette ash, he looked up at Qin Zhiran, "Miss, in order to show your sincerity, you must pay one-third of the salary first." To my account. Of course, if you don't want to, you can find someone else."

  Qin Zhiran said without hesitation, "Of course I would."

  She could tell at a glance that this frog was in urgent need of money. First, his clothes were worn out. Second, the cigarettes in his hand were less than three yuan a pack. Third, she had already asked someone to investigate the condition of this frog.

This frog is a child who grew up in a family whose parents divorced a long time ago. Although both parents are there, he is actually no different from an orphan. He has three very good friends who are all orphans. But a year and a half ago, he had two friends at the same time. He was seriously ill, and in order to treat them, he and another partner tried their best to raise money. He even mortgaged the house left by his parents to the black market, but later, he did not know where his other partner got the money. The house was redeemed, and the medical expenses were collected.

   After several twists and turns, Qin Zhiran's subordinates found out that another partner of his seemed to have signed some kind of contract with some powerful person and got the money.

  Frog is very annoyed by this, and now he is so desperately trying to make money, by any means or method, just to collect enough money and return it back in exchange for the freedom of his partner.

  Actually, she can let her own people do it, but after learning the lesson from last time, she decided to hire people who have nothing to do with her.

This frog is her final candidate. Although this kind of person who likes friends is a gangster, he will never betray others at will. Although she does not rule out that frog may not do it for friendship at all, but purely because he likes her. The mean girl who betrayed herself to save her friend.

  In Qin Zhiran's eyes, the frog and even his friends are nothing more than ants, because they have no money and are inferior to others. She wasn't moved at all by the friendship between these little bastards.

She always treats them like a beggar. If it wasn't because she had more important plans to implement, but she couldn't do it herself, so as to leave people with excuses, she thought, she would never be like this kind of mouse in this life. There are intersections of street gangsters.

As the private doctor said, Ruan Xi really slept for two full days before waking up, and after waking up, her mood was not stable, she was gloomy and speechless for a while, and trembling with her head in her arms. Fortunately, this situation lasted only for a while. After half a day, it gradually returned to normal in the afternoon.

   This made Pei Nanming, who had rushed back from the company, quietly breathe a sigh of relief.

  When the butler delivered porridge to Ruan Xi, Pei Nanming happened to be in Ruan Xi's room, so he naturally brought the porridge bowl and asked the butler to go out.

  The butler closed the door knowingly and left. Pei Nanming scooped up a spoonful of porridge and blew it in a decent manner, and brought it to Ruan Xi's mouth. Ruan Xi didn't respond for a long time, and just stared blankly at the wind chime on the balcony.

  Nan Ming followed her gaze, frowned, then put down the porridge bowl, got up and took off the wind chimes on the balcony.

  The wind chime made a tinkling sound immediately, but it was completely different from the sound made by the wind, and it seemed much messier and hoarse.

  Ruan Xi looked at the wind chime, then at Pei Nanming, and finally his eyes fell on the wind chime that Pei Nanming stuffed.

   "Take it, eat well. Now that you have calmed down and there is no real damage, don't keep thinking about it." Pei Nanming scooped up a spoonful of porridge and brought it to her mouth.

  Ruan Xi looked at the man squatting in front of him, he was really a handsome man, calm and calm, handsome and rich, wise and decisive, such a man is the dream object of many women.

   But only Ruan Xi knew how cruel and cruel this man's nature was. At this moment, this gentle illusion was so charming that it even gave her the illusion that maybe he really cared about her.

   She obediently lowered her head and took the porridge in her mouth, and swallowed it after a while.

  Pei Nanming smiled unconsciously, and even the lines that seemed a little cold and sharp just now were completely softened.

   Scooped another spoonful for Ruan Xi, who ate obediently as before.

   Come and go again and again, Pei Shao, who has never been busy serving others, unexpectedly patiently fed a woman a whole bowl of porridge for the first time. He himself felt incredible afterwards.

   And, for his incredible behavior, he was secretly annoyed all night.

  He had a clear understanding - he had gone far off-line completely without realizing it. It's dangerous to go on like this.

Realizing this, he jumped off his bed almost immediately, changed his clothes and went out, because it was midnight, everyone in the villa was asleep, and he got up all dressed up by himself, always very weird, when he passed the door of Ruan Xi's room , He paused unconsciously, looked sideways at the door, the door was closed, there was no light inside, he must have fallen asleep.

  He no longer hesitated, quickly picked up the car, and left the villa.

  In fact, Ruan Xi didn't sleep, but sat on the balcony with her knees hugged, watching the night outside.

It is said that it is night, but in fact, the street lights in the villa area and the neon lights installed in the villa are on all night. She sat with her mind empty, thinking nothing, and she sat like this until midnight. Pei Nanming's car drove out of the gate and walked away , she suddenly realized that Pei Nanming left.

  Leaving in the middle of the night, why, where are you going?

  She couldn't help looking at the direction he left and guessing, and then she suddenly laughed at herself, wondering where he went had nothing to do with her, so she guessed him nervously.

  Ten minutes later, she tiptoed out of her room and went to Pei Nanming's study.

  His study is very solemn, with many books, a notebook on the desk, several western management books and a financial magazine.

   These are not what she cares about.

  She sat in his place, bent over and opened the drawer.

   After turning over, carefully restore it to its original shape.

   As a result, she worked in vain, and didn't find what she was looking for at all.

  She bit her lip, a little angry and aggrieved, why did she want to live such a life even though she was a living person? There is no freedom, and because of an accident, I have to bear a debt that does not belong to me!

  She trembled a little, and when she turned over the last drawer, she pulled the ring several times but failed to pull the drawer out.

   Not even the last drawer!

  She stood up in disappointment, and looked back at the bookshelf behind her. There were so many books, and she couldn't easily find them in any book.

  Actually, she doesn't need too many documents, all she needs is an ID card.

  In this way, at least she has the opportunity to leave here, so she can move easily.

  She got upset and decided to start flipping through the books from the left. She couldn't finish the pages today, and she will continue to read them next time she has a chance.

  Perhaps God favored her this time. When she was flipping through the third book, she really sent an envelope under a book, and inside the envelope was her ID card.

  She breathed a sigh of relief, and after taking out her ID card, she put the envelope back intact, making sure everything was the same before she quietly went back to the room.

  As soon as Pei Nanming left, he left for a week. During this week, he neither called nor sent any messages back.

  Ruan Xi's spirit is getting better and better, and occasionally he will go to the garden to strike up a conversation with the gardener who manages the garden.

  The housekeeper turned a blind eye when he saw it. When the private doctor left, he told her to make her happy, which would help her recover. She can take the initiative to come out and walk around, which is exactly what the housekeeper wishes for.

  After lunch, an uninvited guest came, but in Ruan Xi's view, it was unexpected and reasonable.

   "I'm so happy to see you getting better." Qin Zhiran was smiling in front of the housekeeper, a typical image of a good sister-in-law in the future.

   "It makes me so happy that you are happy for me." Ruan Xi looked at Qin Zhiran, also smiling, as if she didn't know that Qin Zhiran was behind her instigation.

  After the butler brought Qin Zhiran in, he went down to make tea. As soon as the butler left, the atmosphere between the two of them changed immediately, cold and sharp, as if a sharp knife was about to separate them.

   "What you said that day, I went back and thought about it carefully. I promise to help you."

  Qin Zhiran didn't look outside, as if she was already the hostess here, and she swaggered and sat on the main seat.

  Ruan Xi didn't care, and sat down opposite her, "Oh? Really? I thought you had to think again."

   "I've already thought about it. It's okay for me to help you leave, but I have a condition. After leaving, I will disappear completely and never appear in front of me and the Pei family."

   At this time, the butler brought tea.

  Ruan Xi stood up and took the tea path, "My sister hasn't come to see me for several days, I'm almost suffocated."

  Qin Zhiran immediately continued, "It's my fault, I didn't immediately


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