Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 72

She thought that after the blow of this failed escape, she could face everything in the past calmly and plan a new way out for herself. However, when she saw Gu Chi, she realized that she still hadn't been able to escape from the past. Come out, at least, Gu Chi's existence made her still unable to escape. In this life, she was the one who failed Gu Chi's true feelings.

  Gu Chi was walking beside Ruan Dongyu, seeing Ruan Xi was there, his expression changed obviously, he wanted to go forward but was pulled aside by Ruan Dongyu's seemingly unintentional shoulder on the first floor to greet other guests.

   I don't know why Gu Chi didn't resist anymore, but followed Ruan Dongyu obediently, only occasionally looking back at Ruan Xi.

  Ran Xi could feel his gaze but was unwilling and didn't have the courage to look him in the eye again.

  Everyone present knew something about the unusual relationship between Pei Nanming, Ruan Xi and Gu Chi. Since today was an engagement ceremony, and the heroine was Qin Zhiran, everyone held back their arguments and just said something irrelevant.

  Of course, Pei Nanming saw the "eyebrows" between Gu Chi and Ruan Xi, but this time he was not very angry, but very gracefully led Qin Zhiran onto the red carpet in front of everyone.

  Ruan Xi tried to find a place to stay away from people's sight, but this is the green lawn of the resort, with a wide view, no matter where she stands, it is easy to attract people's attention.

  Qin Zhiran smiled happily in the crowd. Although her expression was so impeccable, Ruan Xi could still feel that she was looking at her intentionally or unintentionally, and that gaze was proud and provocative.

  Ruan Xi shrugged amusedly, took a sip of champagne casually, then stood behind the crowd, watching them exchange engagement rings with cold eyes.

  All the guests focused on the couple, but Gu Chi always looked at Ruan Xi subconsciously, while Ruan Dongyu subconsciously paid attention to Gu Chi.

  Ruan Xi forked a piece of dessert and chewed without taste. At some point, a shadow covered her sight.

   Subconsciously looked up, but saw Gu Yinlin standing in front of him holding red wine.

She immediately got up and smiled, "Mr. Gu, long time no see." It has indeed been a long time. Since the last time we met, she has experienced a few months that almost subverted everything. Others think it is not long. For her, it is more than a few lifetimes. It's still long.

  Gu Yinlin raised his eyebrows, didn't speak, but drank red wine, and remained silent for a long time before saying, "I know a girl, a very stubborn girl."

  Ruan Xi looked at him unexpectedly, not understanding why he suddenly said something irrelevant.

   "That girl is just as unyielding as you, it's a headache."

  Ruan Xi tilted her head slightly, staring at Gu Yinlin like a hedgehog with sharp thorns all over her body, "We don't seem to know each other well." How do you know that she is like me?

   For Ruan Xi now, no one is trustworthy. These people are all with Pei Nanming.

  Gu Yinlin smiled, "Well, I'm not familiar with you, not at all, but after meeting you, I feel like old friends at first sight."

   "This method of striking up a conversation is really not clever." Ruan Xi picked up the wine glass and turned to lean on the edge of the table, taking a sip very gracefully.

   "That girl is as clumsy as I am in approaching. To be honest, when I first saw her, I completely thought she was a boy."

   "That's interesting, introduce me if you have the opportunity."

  Gu Yinlin raised his glass to her, "No problem, I'm afraid you will think I'm unnecessary."

   After saying these inexplicable words, Gu Yinlin walked away. Only Ruan Xi was left as monk Zhang Er.

  In the middle of the banquet, Ruan Xi left the scene on the pretext of making it easier for her to leave, and Pei Nanming immediately called to leave.

  Qin Zhiran had long been simmering with anger in her heart, and now seeing Pei Nanming on the phone, she turned around and deserted with the same excuse as Ruan Xi. It's just that her purpose and Ruan Xi's purpose are completely different.

  She wanted to humiliate Ruan Xi, but Ruan Xi was looking for an opportunity to be alone with Qin Zhiran.

  She knew that according to Qin Zhiran's character, on such a happy day, she would definitely find an opportunity to show off to herself.

  And she decided to take this opportunity with Qin Zhiran, and use this opportunity to negotiate with her.

  Unexpectedly, the first one to follow was not Qin Zhiran but Gu Chi.

  Gu Chi looked at Ruan Xi with a sad look in his eyes, she never thought that a person like Gu Chi, who is full of Zhang Yi, would become so sad.

  He was thinner than before, and his face was still slightly pale due to illness.

  None of them asked the other if they were doing well, because they both understood that neither was doing well.

   "Ruan Xi." It was Gu Chi who spoke first, with an indescribably sad voice, "Let's go together, shall we?"

  Ruan Xi looked at Gu Chi and shook her head slightly, "No, I think life is good now." Are you excited, of course, she really wants to leave here and leave Pei Nanming's side.

   Even if the heart dies, as long as there is still a breath, the desire for hope cannot be stopped.

  Gu Chi's originally hopeful gaze was disillusioned again - he was still rejected without hesitation.

  Xie'er, if you agree, I will definitely take you away at all costs and completely abandon everything. However, after today, I no longer have the qualifications and courage.

Do you know that this refusal is doomed that we will never have another chance in this life, but since this is your choice, then, even if I have absolutely unwillingness and pain, I will respect your decision, Just like when you resolutely said to break up!

  Ruan Xi smiled at him, but her eyes were slightly wet when she smiled. She didn't know what was going on in his heart, why he was so sad, but she knew that it must be because she refused so thoroughly without hesitation.

  She sniffed lightly, "Now, since you're standing here, can you do me a favor?"

Gu Chi looked at her in silence for a long time, and finally nodded, "Go to my work unit, help me find someone named Zhang Tong, and then give this to her." After speaking, Ruan Xi took back the bracelet and handed it to him, but Because of the action of withdrawing the bracelet, the bruise on her wrist was exposed.

Seeing it, Gu Chi suddenly couldn't restrain himself any longer, grabbed her, and lifted her sleeves up without resistance. There were bruises and hickey marks on her arms, as if she was irritated, he pulled her hard. , took Ruan Xi into his arms, and pulled off her collar, and her side neck and even her collarbone were all rose-colored marks.

   Enraged by his behavior, Ruan Xi pushed him away, "What are you doing?!"

  Gu Chi was stunned, and said for a moment, "I'm sorry." But his hands clenched into fists involuntarily.

Ruan Xi straightened her clothes, "Don't worry about my affairs, this bracelet is my last request to you. If you don't like it, then forget it." At this point, the more hesitation, the more worries, It's better to be more unfeeling!

Gu Chi looked at Ruan Xi with complicated eyes, and finally said softly, "Why don't you come with me, why don't you let me help you? Did I do something wrong or something that you can't forgive? thing?"

Ruan Xi suddenly laughed, with a look of disdain, "Why should I go with you? What can you help me? You can't do anything except play the piano, right? It doesn’t matter if you’re with someone you like, even if you’re hungry. But then I found out that talking about love, liking, and feeling is bullshit, and only money is the most real thing. I like money.”

  Gu Chi's face suddenly turned pale, and he stared at her blankly for a long time, as if looking at someone he had never known before, "You really think so?"

   "Of course you think so, don't you? Otherwise, why would you give up the piano and choose to go into business?"

  Gu Chi's face became ugly, he didn't answer Ruan Xi's words, but just kept denying, "No, no, you don't think so."

"That's what I thought. Otherwise, why would I have sex with Pei Nanming? You can see the mark on my body, right? I followed him since I was eighteen, and I'm still with him now. I just like his money and want to Find a way out for yourself. You know, I have been boarding at Pei’s house, but boarding is boarding. Pei Yan took me home from the orphanage on a whim, and it’s hard to guarantee that I won’t be driven away suddenly one day, so, I How can you sit and wait? You said there is no more direct and effective way than clinging to Pei Nanming? So, no matter what you do, it doesn't make any sense. Some people say that you gave up your favorite piano because of me. I think, you It shouldn’t be that great. I advise you to go back and continue playing the piano if you really like the piano. If you don’t like the piano, go into business. Maybe one day you surpass Pei Nanming, and I will turn against you.”

  Gu Chi's face turned blue with anger, his lips were trembling, and his fists were clenched.

  Ruan Xi had no doubt that he really wanted to punch her flat.

  But he didn't do that in the end, he just said, "No matter what you say, I won't believe it. I won't make the same mistake again."

   After speaking, Gu Chi left holding the bracelet.

  Ruan Xi finally couldn't help trembling all over, and after Gu Chi walked away, she squatted on the spot and cried bitterly.

  If, at the age of eighteen, he said such words when she said to break up, would the result change completely? Will she not lose the courage to be with Pei Nanming just because she was raped by Pei Nanming for the first time?

   In the final analysis, at that time, she and Gu Chi didn't trust each other enough. She felt that he would not accept himself who had a relationship with Pei Nanming. He felt that when she said she broke up, she really would never look back!

  After all, they missed it for so many years because of their suspicion at the beginning, and they may continue to miss it in the future...

  If, at the age of eighteen, he said such words when she said to break up, would the result change completely? Will she not lose the courage to be with Pei Nanming just because she was raped by Pei Nanming for the first time?

  The sun shines brightly, it is really an excellent weather, and there is only the fragrance of flowers and plants in the air.

   But Ruan Xi still only felt that the world was dark, and she didn't even know if she really had the courage and perseverance to go to the end.

  After crying, her chest felt much emptier. After wiping away her tears, she saw Qin Zhiran standing behind her with her arms folded, her eyes full of mockery and sarcasm.

  Ruan Xi rubbed up the paper towels and tidied up the slightly wrinkled clothes, not wanting to talk to Qin Zhiran at all.

   Just when she was about to walk past Qin Zhiran, Qin Zhiran suddenly stepped in front of her, "Why, you feel very uncomfortable, don't you?"

Ruan Xi stopped, turned her head to look at her, with a cold smile in her eyes, "Yes, I am really uncomfortable. I have been thinking, why can't you catch a woman with background and appearance like you?" What about a man's heart?"

  Qin Zhiran's complacent expression suddenly froze, "What do you mean by that?"

   "It means, if you are really capable, take care of your man and don't let him harass me."

"You!" Qin Zhiran got up with a suffocation in his chest, and suddenly laughed, "Are you showing off your power to me? It's obviously you who was the first, but now you can show off so shamelessly, this is the first time I've seen you Such shameless trampling!"

The corners of Ruan Xi's eyes raised slightly, "Yes, I'm just shameless. If you have the ability, let Pei Nanming kick me away! Do you think you will be engaged to him for a long time? Of course, I really hope that you will be married for a long time. For a long time."

Provocation and showing off made Ruan Xi's face annoying, and Qin Zhiran became even more angry, and rushed towards Ruan Xi crazily, "You trample on others, you have been an eyesore since you were a child! Now you are even more shameless, the whole A vixen, he even fucked his own Pei Nanming!"

  Ruan Xi tilted to the side, Qin Zhiran caught the air, but her reaction was very quick, she turned back and slapped Ruan Xi twice, Ruan Xi didn't even have a chance to dodge.

  Ruan Xi didn't hold back any longer, and immediately raised her hand and returned it, hitting Qin Zhiran covering her face with surprise and panic in her eyes.

  At this moment, Qin Zhiran looked at Ruan Xi with only one feeling, that is, this woman is a lunatic, a lunatic who doesn't care.

  Ruan Xi slapped her, but at that time, Ruan Xi was still forbearing, with a look of swallowing her anger, which was completely opposite to the current high-profile impulse.

"Don't go too far! As I said a long time ago, control your man if you have the ability. Don't think that everyone will care about him. To me, he is just a garbage that can be thrown away at any time! You say I * him, Did you see me *him with your own eyes? Well, I don’t care what you think. You looked at me as an eyesore since you were a child, and it’s only because I’m by his side, and I’m still his sister. It’s easy for you to make me no longer an eyesore, as long as you can Let him stop harassing me, and I will definitely disappear from your sight. Of course, this requires your assistance. You can think about it carefully, whether you want me to continue to appear in front of Pei Nanming and you, to be a thorn in your side, or to let me Leave, and you can live in peace from now on."

   "What do you mean by that?"

  Qin Zhiran was surprised and suspicious, Ruan Xi's words made her feel confused.

   "It means that either you help me get out of here, or you watch me continue to be a nail between you."

While talking slowly, Ruan Xi found out the makeup box and lightly applied a layer of foundation on her face to cover up the marks of slaps, "Today we don't owe anyone, and I don't want to find you on your big day I hope you will not be as unreasonable as before. I have been forbearance since before, hoping that big things will become small and small things will become small. But I will never do it again in the future. It is just what you said that makes me feel uncomfortable Yes, I will definitely get it back. Think carefully about what I said just now, and don't ask me why."

   After finishing speaking, he buckled the makeup box, turned around and walked away with his head held high.

  Qin Zhiran was completely caught up in Ruan Xi's words, and couldn't guess what Ruan Xi wanted to do. But what Ruan Xi said made her feel very upset. Ever since she was a child, no one dared to provoke and demonstrate so blatantly in front of her!

  Squinting her eyes and staring at Ruan Xi's back for a long time, she suddenly understood that all Ruan Xi's words expressed a meaning, that is, in her heart, Pei Nanming is nothing at all, and she really wants to stay away from Pei Nanming!

   But why? She, Qin Zhiran, also saw Pei Nanming's love for Ruan Xi, otherwise her jealousy towards Ruan Xi would not have reached the level it is today.

  But today, Ruan Xi's words made her feel that Ruan Xi actually hated Pei Nanming. Could something be wrong? No, those are not important, the important thing is how to get Ruan Xi to leave completely, as long as it keeps her away from Pei Nanming, what does it matter if it is to help her once?

  Under the sun, Qin Zhiran gently rubbed her face with her right hand, but no matter what, these two slaps must be returned!

  Back to the scene, many guests in suits and leather shoes had already gathered in twos and threes to chat.

  Ruan Xi sat down at an edge of the ceremony site, then drank drinks and ate dessert as if nothing had happened.

  Gu Chi stood beside Ruan Dongyu, socializing and greeting with him, since he came back, he never looked at Ruan Xi again.

  The roses on the table are still Delicate and charming, the fragrant fragrance attracts a few bees, lingering on the flowers non-stop. She stretched out her fingers and twirled a few petals, the red color of the petals reflected the slender whiteness of her fingers. A little bored, he raised his eyes to look at the people around him, and finally his eyes fell on Pei Nanming. Among the people, he was obviously a dignified figure, and he was still so dazzling in the crowd that people could see it at a glance.

  In front of people, he is always deep and elegant, calm and wise, and polite in every way. With such an image in front of people, people will never be able to believe that his other side is so cold and cruel.

  This is the so-called mask, right? She casually threw rose petals on the white tablecloth, and the corners of her mouth were slightly raised, looking a little fierce.

  Elegantly picked up the glass and took a sip of champagne. In just a blink of an eye, Pei Nanming had dismissed the people around him and walked towards her with a smile on his face.

  When he stood still in front of her, she slowly looked up at him, stood up for a moment, and raised her glass to him, "Nan Ming, I wish you a happy engagement."

  Pei Nanming looked at her with a smile, that handsome godlike face had a perfect smile like a painting, and even the lust in his eyes seemed to be overflowing.

"Thank you." Pei Nanming stroked her hair gently as before, his slender and bony fingers slid along her silky hair to her cheeks, as if he wanted to pinch her chin, but He seemed to have suddenly remembered that this kind of intimacy was not suitable for this occasion, so he passed his fingers over her ear, and gently pinched her earlobe, "I received your blessing today, best gift."

   This sentence, to other people, they will feel that they have deep feelings, but to Ruan Xi, it is just a means for him to show his elegant demeanor.

   "In the future, I will definitely find someone who loves me. I want to be like you, no, I want to be happier than you." Ruan Xi smiled innocently and elegantly, and the brilliant Zhang Yi came alive on her face.

  She seemed to have really become a little girl who was loved by Pei Nanming so much that she didn't know how high she was, she was pure, honest, and extremely romantic.

  However, her words sounded so vicious to Pei Nanming, which was simply deliberate provocation and deliberate anger!

  Especially when she said that she wanted to find a man who loved her and live a happier life than him.

  His heart was scalded fiercely by a red-hot iron. The initial intense pain made his expression turn from sunny to cloudy in an instant, and he even felt like a mountain rain was about to come.

  However, no matter how angry he is, he still controls his emotions very well. As long as he is not alone with Ruan Xi, he can control his emotions rationally, even every cell on his face can be perfectly controlled.

   Therefore, the gloomy expression on his face didn't last long, and it became cloudy and sunny, even more gentle and tolerant than before.

  Ruan Xi felt that her blood was running cold, and she knew that she had done something stupid again because of her temper. She shouldn't have provoked him on purpose, she felt that she was so stupid that she would live to such a degree.

His smile is still there, but his obsessive eyes have completely changed, becoming a little evil and domineering, and the atmosphere around him has also changed solemnly with such eyes, "Yeah, Xier should indeed be happier than me. I hope you will soon I can really rest assured that I can find such a man." He leaned slightly close to her ear, and whispered in an extremely quiet posture, "But this man will definitely not be Gu Chi. What a pity. No matter, who made him rely on Ruan Dongyu when he was most helpless? Who is Ruan Dongyu? He waited for so long, and finally waited until Gu Chi came to him by himself, how could he let him go so easily, my favorite Girl, you have to think about it."

  Ruan Xi's body was stiff, and the blood all over his body was flowing backwards crazily, which stemmed from the fear of Pei Nanming and the shock caused by his last sentence.

But soon he deliberately smiled even more exaggeratedly and brightly, "Gu Chi? I have given up on him a long time ago, and I will not turn back. Besides, what is a man who can only play the piano and yearn for empty ideals? Is it worthy of my entrustment? Now is the economy and society, and what I want is a high-quality life. I have given up on love a long time ago. If you, Nan Ming, satisfy what I want, I can maintain the status quo."

  Although he said this on his mouth, and seemed to be holding on calmly on the surface, his heart had already become a mess.

  Gu Chi has joined Ruan Dongyu, she has known for a long time that Ruan Dongyu's hobbies are different, and she has heard of it, but he never thought that Ruan Dongyu would have a desire for Gu Chi.

   Who is Ruan Dongyu? She doesn't really understand, but the Ruan family is a big family that can be ranked among the top five e-city like the Pei family. As the new generation heir of such a big family, it is natural to have brains and means.

   Although the Chu family that Gu Chi belongs to is also among the Five Hegemons, its strength is far inferior to that of the Ruan family. Moreover, Gu Chi is a branch of the uncle, so the Gu family will definitely not tear themselves apart from the Ruan family for Gu Chi.

  Pei Nanming stood up straight, held the wine glass in one hand, and randomly took out a red rose from the vase on the table with the other hand to Ruan Xi, "In this way, I can deal with them freely."

  When Qin Zhiran came back, seeing Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi*'s unclear situation, the jealousy and hatred in her heart almost burst out, but the next moment she was ready to walk towards them quickly.

  Her acting skills are so pure that no one can see the slightest difference.

   "Ruan Xi, we will be a family from now on. You don't know, I've been waiting for this day for a long time." Qin Zhiran held Ruan Xi's hands tightly, looking frank and friendly.

  Ruan Xi looked at Qin Zhiran, then subconsciously watched them holding hands together, and suddenly grabbed Qin Zhiran's with his backhand, "That's right, I need you to take care of me in the future."

"Of course, even if Xi'er doesn't say it, I will definitely do it." Qin Zhiran was smiling, but her eyes were saying, Ruan Xi, you are just a bastard with no father or mother. One thing is to kick you out!

  Ruan Xi smiled nonchalantly and looked back, let's wait until you enter Pei's house...

  The two of you talked to each other, completely leaving Pei Nanming aside.

  Pei Nanming just watched them act without saying a word. He knew very well in his heart that Ruan Xi didn't like Qin Zhiran since he was a child, and Qin Zhiran hated Ruan Xi even more.

  At this time, the two of them said insincere words with fake smiles on their faces. Pei Nanming wasn't surprised that Qin Zhiran would say such a thing, but what made him feel novel was that Ruan Xi had become more and more adept at dealing with falsehoods and deceiving snakes recently.

  He was really curious about how far Ruan Xi could develop. If it was Ruan Xi from before, if he met someone he didn't like, he would definitely be able to hide as far away as possible.

  However, there is one thing that he never thought that Ruan Xi would use Qin Zhiran to escape from him.

  Master Pei did not attend the engagement ceremony. He did not object to Pei Nanming's decision, but he did not support it either. After all, it was his grandson, and Pei Nanming's attitude towards Qin Zhiran was as clear as a mirror.

Pei Yan showed up, and knew that Ruan Xi was here. After all, it was the child he raised. Although he had announced to the outside world that he had severed ties with her, he still had feelings in his heart. Maybe he didn't want her to be too embarrassed, and he didn't want to see her. Ruan Xi was despised by others, so after Ruan Xi entered the banquet, he excused his business as urgent and left first.

  The Qin family relied on climbing up to the Pei family. Although they felt somewhat uncomfortable, they did not dare to blame.

   Until the end of the engagement ceremony, Ruan Xi stayed at the scene honestly and never left.

  The way everyone looked at her naturally wouldn't change because of Pei Nanming's obsession, and even more deeply misunderstood Ruan Xi because of his attitude.

   But Ruan Xi was no longer troubled by their eyes. Instead, he wholeheartedly planned a capture game before leaving.

   She doesn't know exactly what Qin Zhiran will do, but she has to make two preparations. She won't be so stupid anymore, just use the most clumsy way to escape from Pei Nanming. She wants to do a play seriously...

  But she never imagined that a well-planned trap actually trapped herself.

  After the wedding ceremony, Pei Nanming and Qin Zhiran left hand in hand, showing off their affection along the way.

Ruan Xi didn't know whether there was love between the two. To them, she was always an outsider. Moreover, it didn't matter to her whether they were in love or not. All she cared about was that Qin Zhiran became Will Pei Nanming's fiancée be able to give her a little freedom?

  She hoped that after Pei Nanming and Qin Zhiran got engaged, they would be more restrained because of the engagement relationship. In that case, she would be able to live a much more relaxed life, and then, the hope of realizing her goal would be greater.

  After the wedding ceremony, Pei Nanming didn't send anyone to watch her.

In this society where you have to show your ID card when you want to buy a bus ticket, it is impossible for a person who has his ID card and bank card confiscated and only has 300 yuan in cash to escape, and she never thought about running away, at least Can't run like that.

  In the evening, when the lights came on, Ruan Xi strolled around the shopping malls slowly, but because she only had 300 yuan in cash, she was so aggrieved that she only bought a box of instant coffee.

  When she left the gate of the shopping mall, it was already full of traffic and lights outside, and the bustling scene gave her a strange feeling.

  When she was with Pei Nanming, there were only a handful of people around her. In the past few months, the only time she went out was that she was treated as a mental patient.

  Thinking of this, she involuntarily raised the corners of her mouth, showing a cold and self-deprecating arc.

She didn't own a car, and Pei Nanming didn't send a driver to follow her, so she could only squeeze the bus, and standing under the bus sign, she found sadly that there was no bus stop where Pei Nanming's villa was located. From the nearest bus stop sign It took more than 40 minutes to get off the car to reach the villa.

  At this time and this place, taxis are simply not available! Every time the taxi passed by, it had full load written on it. She stood on the platform with instant coffee in her hand, and kicked the iron bench next to her angrily, thinking that she would just take a ride.

From shopping malls to now, her expensive dress has attracted a lot of attention. If it weren't for the greater stimulation at the wedding ceremony before, she would not be able to stand in front of everyone as calmly as she is now, and let everyone Stare with that kind of curious or weird look.

  Ruan Xi fiddled with her phone, scrolling back and forth in the address book. In fact, there were less than ten numbers stored in her phone.

Up to now, she still feels a little baffled by Pei Nanming's sudden consent to her wearing a mobile phone. She has thought about many reasons, and the most likely one is because she has been posted by Zhang Yixia, so who she contacts is no longer very important . What makes her feel uneasy is that now she can't see what Pei Nanming wants to do next.

He was engaged to Qin Zhiran, but he still didn't show any intention of letting her go. At least she didn't see him relaxing in the slightest today. Otherwise, he should at least send someone to change her place instead of grandiosely putting her in the villa. .

   I don't know if I continue to live, will I become a thorn in Qin Zhiran's eyes? She fiddled with her phone, thinking absently.

Qin Zhiran has been holding back all this time, because she wanted to secure the position of Mrs. Pei Shao. Before she really became a husband and wife with Pei Nanming, she would never disobey Pei Nanming. Therefore, even if Qin Zhiran hated her so much that she wanted to bite her throat, she would still continue. Be friendly.

  Thinking of this, Ruan Xi raised one corner of his mouth, and unconsciously shook the instant coffee box in his hand. No matter how good the surface is, the contents inside are not the same at all, just like this box of exquisitely packaged instant coffee.

This wedding is also the same. Pei Nanming deliberately let her participate. On the surface, it seems that he attaches great importance to her, an orphan who used to live in Pei's family. In fact, it is just to let her face the contemptuous and contemptuous eyes of everyone. Try to put mental pressure on her.

  And what he knows better is that everyone's attitude is not the most important thing. He simply wants her to face the embarrassment and pain of facing the elders of Pei's family who have severed their father-daughter relationship again!

  This engagement ceremony is the most important ceremony in his life besides his marriage. Father Pei and Mr. Pei will definitely attend it! As long as he loves her a little bit, he won't let her face this situation, right?

   It's just that, until the end of the engagement ceremony, she didn't understand why Mr. Pei never came to attend, but Father Pei chose to leave early at such an important banquet? Were they worried that seeing her would be embarrassing instead?

How can it be? ! She felt that she was being self-indulgent.

  Mr. Pei loves Pei Nanming very much, and everyone in e City knows that, so if his engagement ceremony is such a big event, will he not attend? Although Pei Nanming doesn't have a good relationship with his father, but anyway, Pei Nanming is his son, how could he leave early without giving face?

   Looking into it, the most fundamental reason is that he was too disappointed in her, so he didn't want to run into her at his wedding ceremony at all, right?

  Suddenly, a kind of grievance and pain surged in her heart. She obviously didn't want to cry, but her eyes were sore and astringent uncontrollably, and then her eye sockets were filled with tears, but she couldn't even find a corner where she could cry in peace!

It's a lie to say that she doesn't care. After all, she has been raised by the Pei family for so many years. What she doesn't want to admit but has to admit is that she actually loves them as family members a little bit in her heart. Although for so many years, the Pei family has never been formally Confirmed her identity.

  So, at this moment, her heart is extremely painful, but no matter how painful it is, what else can she do except endure it? Could she rush to them and say, "Pei Nanming raped me, not me * him!"?

  Who will believe it? ! How can you say such a thing? ! Besides, under Pei Nanming's repeated reminders, sometimes she really began to feel that Ruan Ting's death was indeed inseparable from her.

  The numbers stored in the mobile phone, turned over and over, only those few, Pei Nanming, Uncle, Zhang Tong, Grandpa Pei, and a number without a name.

  Among these numbers, two cannot be dialed, one is useless, and the other has no name. If Pei Nanming finds out, he will probably be killed by Pei Nanming. After many calculations, only Pei Nanming is left.

   But, if he dials, will he really come to pick her up? Moreover, on such an important day today, he will never walk away from Qin Zhiran, right?

  Thinking of this, she felt a little cold, and she didn't know why she felt cold, maybe it was because she had lived for more than 20 years, but she didn't even make a friend?

Her thoughts were flying wildly. In the mall, another wave of customers came with big bags and small bags. Some of them accidentally bumped into her elbow. It has already been dialed out, and the gorgeous word "*" on the screen is extraordinarily dazzling!

   He bit his lip nervously and wanted to hang up immediately, but the answer was already answered.

   Her scalp was numb, she left the bus stop, walked aimlessly forward, and talked to Pei Nanming bravely, "Nanming"

  There was obvious noise over there, and the sounds of women laughing and wine glasses clinking could be vaguely heard.

  Qin Zhiran must be there too, it should be Pei Nanming's buddies pulling them


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