Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 70

Tang Wenyi sighed, "If you insist on thinking this way, then I can't help it. I just hope you don't lose yourself, because of that hatred, you have trapped yourself for too long. You want to spend your whole life for revenge Are you alive? The Ruan family, Ruan Xi, and even your father may all owe Aunt Ting, but you are really making them suffer now, can Aunt Ting survive? As for yourself, you have to sacrifice to make them suffer Are you sacrificing your life?"

A person can live for many purposes, such as for ideals, such as for money, such as food and sex... In the beginning, he also had ideals, but since she saw her mother in pain and watched her mother die tragically, he had already made the most of it. Defeating the Ruan family took revenge on Ruan Xi as an ideal.

"I can't control that much. Since the Ruan family would rather let my mother suffer in the Pei family than let her leave the Pei family for the benefit of the family, then I will destroy the Ruan family. Since Ruan Xi made my mother have a mental breakdown, then I also Let her pay the same price!"

   Tang Wenyi refused to listen to Pei Nanming's persuasion, so he shut up.

   There was a moment of silence between the two of them, so when Pei Nanming's cell phone rang to receive a text message, it seemed particularly abrupt.

  Pei Nanming breathed a sigh of relief, picked up his mobile phone and read the text message, which was a message from the banking system. At that time, Pei Nanming laughed, like a devil in the dark night, bloodthirsty and ferocious.

  Even Tang Wenyi felt chills in his bones.

   "What text message made you laugh so terribly?" Leaving aside Ruan Xi's matter, the two returned to normal.

"A text message from the bank said that the bank card ending in xxxx was withdrawn for 15,000 yuan. She is really not greedy..." After speaking, Pei Nanming went directly to the study, opened the notebook and entered a long string of passwords , a gprs navigation map appears on the desktop, but this map is obviously different from the general map.

  Because it's actually a signal tracing graph...

  Ruan Xi has no idea that she is being tracked and monitored, and she is still complacent about successfully escaping from Pei Nanming's clutches.

When she used the bank card that Pei Nanming returned to her to withdraw money, the signal transmitter on the bank card had been activated, and Pei Nanming's study and office notebooks in every villa were equipped with signal receivers for this miniature transmitter device. That is to say, as long as Ruan Xi used this card to withdraw money after she fled, causing the transmitter to be activated, then Pei Nanming could track her wherever there was a receiving device, and then find her whereabouts.

  He had already replaced the phone number she reserved at the bank with his own.

  At that time, he didn't think that it would be of such great use, but now he is very glad that he made such a decision.

He doesn't care about money, it doesn't matter how much he gives her, but he wants every money in her hands to be transparent, and every move of hers cannot escape his control. Maybe this approach is despicable, but, For Ruan Xi, he didn't hesitate to do the thing he despises the most.

   Received the deduction notice and activated the positioning system again, he was already confident.

  Tang Wenyi followed him up, and immediately understood everything when he saw the picture, and secretly sighed for Ruan Xi.

  Ruan Xi arrived at the Oriental International Building the next morning, which is not far from Z University. She thought Zhang would not come to work so early, so she walked to Z University.

  Experience told her that as long as it is next to the university, there must be a cheap hotel. That's why she made this move.

  Because it was still early, only a few students got up early and were running or doing morning exercises.

  Her appearance is still the same as yesterday, because she didn't find a place to stay, so she hasn't had time to change her clothes yet.

  Z University has a complete infrastructure around it, shopping malls, accommodation, buses, etc. are complete. She was not in a hurry to return Zhang Yi's clothes. Instead, she bought clothes and a mobile phone first, and then applied for a mobile phone card. The kind sold is the kind that buys a card with how much call charges are included.

  After everything was ready, she took a shower and planned to sleep comfortably. After waking up, she went to the bank to transfer all the money to the new card.

  Some fates say whether they are deep or not, or whether they are shallow or not. For example, she and the man who called himself Zhang Yi. She had just come out of the hotel after a good night's sleep when she ran into him and two men walking over with basketballs in their arms.

  Zhang Yi was taken aback when he saw her, as if he couldn't believe his eyes.

The two men next to him looked at Zhang Yi and then at Ruan Xi, and started to boo, "Yo, when did Zhang Yi start dating without saying a word? It's too disrespectful. Today I'm going to punish you and ask us to rub it together." pause."

  Ruan Xi was depressed. It was only the second time they met, and the two men called her sister-in-law twice very enthusiastically.

  Zhang Yi turned his head and slapped the two men hard twice, "You are everywhere, and this lady and I just met for the second time."

The two men became more enthusiastic, "I came to you when I met you, our Zhang Yi is very attractive." Then a monkey-like man approached Ruan Xi and said mysteriously, "Girl, Zhang Yi is the most popular hot pot here, many beautiful girls are staring at him, you have to watch closely!"

  Hou'er just finished speaking when Zhang Yi slapped the back of his head hard.

   "Don't mind, they are like this." After dismissing the two people, Zhang Yi said apologetically.

  Ruan Xi shook her head, her face full of envy. If it wasn't for Pei Nanming, she would have worked smoothly and everything went smoothly. She might not be as happy and innocent as them, but at least she wouldn't be so miserable. After all, she wasn't much older than them.

   "Don't you work in the Oriental International Building?" She suddenly remembered this, and looked at him in surprise.

  Zhang Yi smiled, "Yes, where do I work, but at the same time, I also work as a specially-appointed teacher at Z University, so I live in the school building."

   "So that's how it is." Ruan Xi stretched her waist, "By the way, I washed your clothes for you, or I'll take them for you now."

  Zhang Yi waved his hand with the basketball in his arms, "No need, just let it dry first." After a moment of silence, he said jokingly, "You didn't really come all this way to return my clothes, did you?"

  Ruan Xi blinked, "If I say yes, will you be very moved?"

  Zhang Yi deliberately asked, "Of course not. I lent you the clothes, so it's only natural to send them back. Besides, if you are moved, you should be moved. I helped you solve a big problem."

  Ran Hit nodded in agreement, "That's right, I'm just too conscientious, there's nothing I can do."

  Zhang Yi casually threw the basketball on the ground and clapped it twice, then picked it up again. He was actually very curious about her, but because of his quality all the time, he still held back, "By the way, I don't know your name yet."

  Ruan Xi was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, "My surname is..., you can call me Xiaoxi."

  Zhang Yi skillfully spun the basketball with his right index finger, "Okay, this is your first time at University Z, do you want me to be a tour guide and show you around?"

  Ruan Xi didn't need to be in a hurry when thinking about transferring money, and she was really in a good mood after running out this time, and she hadn't breathed the air of freedom so happily for a long time, so she readily agreed.

  z Dabi’s university is much more famous, the hardware facilities are not built, and the scenery inside is very good. At this time, students in twos and threes in the school walked by holding books, and it was a school with a strong learning atmosphere.

"Looking at you, you look a bit like a bird that just ran out of a cage. Everything looks fresh." Ruan Xi immediately became vigilant, and his eyes were full of vigilance when he looked at Zhang Yi. It's like being spied on.

  Zhang Yi didn't seem to expect such a big reaction from her, and couldn't help being surprised, "What's the matter, isn't it..."

   "No, it's nothing. I just remembered that I still have something to do, so I'm leaving first. Goodbye." Ruan Xi hurried away, Zhang Yi was puzzled, he didn't know if he said the wrong thing or something. He found that Ruan Xi's reaction was like being startled, giving him a feeling of running away.

  Even if the embarrassment last time was due to some bad things, there is no need to be so afraid, right?

   Could it be a psychological shadow? After thinking about it wildly, he shook his head and denied it. This girl is really mysterious!

   This is how he felt after seeing Ruan Xi twice.

  Ruan Xi left Z University and went directly to the CCB next door, then re-opened the card, transferred all the money in the account, and then returned to the hotel.

   Throwing the empty bank card on the table, I began to think about where I would go and how to live in the future.

What she thinks is that the place to go can only be small and medium-sized cities. It would be best if she can work in the countryside. In her opinion, the countryside is underdeveloped, but there will still be township enterprises. Generally speaking, the business volume of township enterprises It won't be too big, the interrogation of people won't be very strict, and it should be able to be safely hidden.

  This is the best choice.

  After thinking this way, she planned to carry it out further. After packing up her things, she took Zhang Yi's clothes away and went to Z University again.

When she appeared, Zhang Yi happened to be giving a theoretical class to his classmates, so she immediately caused a great sensation. There are two reasons. First, Zhang Yi himself is a sensational figure, and he is a teacher who attracts attention in every move; second. Two, Ruan Xi has a very sensational face and a very sensational figure, when sensation meets sensation, it is double sensation. At that time, everyone in the class regarded Ruan Xi as the legendary girlfriend of tutor Zhang Yi.

  Zhang Yi didn't care, but he was worried that it would cause trouble to Ruan Xi, so he kept denying it, but it was logical that he was treated as three hundred taels of silver here.

After finally getting rid of the commotion of the crowd, the two of them walked quietly for a while, Ruan Xicai suddenly turned and looked at Zhang Yi, "Thank you very much for lending me the clothes, which helped me a lot. In addition, I am going to buy clothes today. After leaving, I will definitely not have a chance to meet you in the future, thank you again."

   This time Ruan Xi bowed solemnly and bowed to him, her tone of voice and demeanor were 100% solemn and sincere.

  Zhang Yi was completely dumbfounded. He just lent her the clothes. There is no need to thank her so solemnly, right?

  Although, from the first time he met her, he knew that Ruan Xi was different from ordinary girls.

   This different feeling not only comes from the expensive clothes she wore when I first met her, but also because of her embarrassed image.

   She looked back for a moment, and he saw the panic in her eyes, as if there were tigers and wolves chasing after her. That may be his original intention to help her, such a charming girl who I feel pity for, but is troubled by that kind of fear, he can't help but want to do something for her.

  But after all, he is not a person who likes to meddle in other people's business, so he won't ask too many questions, besides, it would be presumptuous to ask about someone's personal affairs after only meeting him twice. He won't do such a thing.

Now, the urge to know her better comes back, but he is rational, and he has been irrational once, so he will never do it a second time, so he smiled and nodded, "Well, in this case, I accept it with pleasure." .Why don't you invite me to dinner as a token of your gratitude?"

   "Okay, what do you like to eat?"

  Zhang Yi tilted his head and thought for a while, then turned around and smiled brightly at her, "Just the casserole."

  Ran Xi stared blankly at his smile again.

  Zhang Yi looked at her inexplicably, "What's wrong?"

  Ruan Xi regained consciousness, shook her head and smiled, "It's okay, it's just that you laughed just now, and you are very similar to a friend of mine." His temperament is also so clean, so warm, and so reassuring.

   "Really, that's my pleasure..."

  Ruan Xi had a very comfortable meal, because she found Zhang Yi to be a comforting person. Obviously he had already found out that she was not simple, but he didn't ask anything, and he was a very caring person. The etiquette at the table is very good, it can be seen that his family background should be good.

  By the time I came out from dinner, it was almost dark, Zhang Yi put his hands in his trouser pockets and looked at her, "Although I know it's presumptuous for me to ask, can you tell me where you plan to go?"

  Ruan Xi looked at him for a while, "No, because if we have any contact, it is very likely to cause you trouble."

  Zhang Yi smiled and nodded, "In this case, then just pretend that I haven't said anything. I wish you everything you want in the future and live a happy life."

   "Thank you." Ruan Xi smiled, said nothing, turned and left.

  Zhang Yi also shrugged, none of them turned back.

  Fate has different depths, maybe their fate really only has so much, whether it is deep or shallow.

  Shallow, they may not see each other again in the future, deep, they can see each other's uniqueness with just one glance...

  Ruan Xi planned to take the last bus to the train station, and then find a cat in a second-tier city.

  She had just entered the hotel, and the original female receptionist looked up at her, with a surprisingly envious look in her eyes. Ruan Xi was puzzled, but she didn't pay much attention and went upstairs directly.

  She lived in room 211. As soon as she opened the door, her eyes widened in panic, and she couldn't help taking two steps back, looking at the man in the room who was sitting in a chair and knocking his feet on the low table casually.

   Her mind was suddenly bombarded, empty, without any thoughts, she turned and ran away completely out of instinct!

  Pei Nanming sneered with the corners of his mouth raised. He was still sitting in the chair, and Ruan Xi backed away without even changing his movements.

There were two men in front of her, they didn't know when they appeared, they didn't look at Ruan Xi, they just leaned in the aisle with their arms folded, she had never seen these two men, but she knew from their clothes that they were not Righteous people.

  They are different from those gangsters or gangsters on TV. They don’t have trench coats, pistols, or knives.

  They were no different from ordinary people, but as soon as they stood there, Ruan Xi felt that if she forced her way through, they would pounce on her and kill herself at any time.

  Backing to the door, Ruan Xi turned her face and saw Pei Nanming puffing out a cigarette, and then squinting at her.

   She has never seen Pei Nanming like this.

  No matter at any time, he will maintain his posture and never put his feet on the table. He will always give people the impression of being calm, steady, elegant and decent. But now, Pei Nanming is a little more ruffian, and looks a little rough. He looks like a demon who has been lurking in the dark night for a long time, staring at her quietly at this moment.

  If it wasn't for him sitting here alive, if it wasn't for the so-called disguise technique in this world, she would really doubt whether this man is the real Pei Nanming.

She subconsciously looked over to the other side of the corridor, when Pei Nanming finally threw the cigarette butt and said, "Run as long as you want, as long as you have the courage, as long as you are sure that you have wings to fly out from here, or you can be sure that you I'm really tired of living!"

  Ruan Xi trembled in fright at his words, and that little bit of courage flowed away little by little in his words.

"come over!"

  Pei Nanming loosened his tie. In fact, he just arrived here not long ago. In order to hurry, he has been chasing after her from yesterday to today without even closing his eyes.
No matter how good the temper is, it will become irritable due to fatigue, not to mention that Pei Nanming has always been irritable in front of her.

  Ruan Xi didn't move for a long time, her heels seemed to be rooted, and she remained motionless.

  Pei Nanming looked at Ruan Xi and sneered, "Do you want me to invite you over there?"

  Ruan Xi's body also began to tremble, and she wanted to say something, but she opened her mouth but couldn't say anything.

  What to say, nothing will end well! Why, why did he find him so quickly even though he had already run out?

  She had calculated the time, even if he found out her location through her transfer of money, there was no way he would come here so soon!

  Pei Nanming finally got impatient with waiting, got up and strode to her side, without any explanation, pulled her into the room, slammed the door shut, and directly pushed her against the door panel.

  It was different from any time before, he didn't pinch her neck or her chin, but reached out and pulled her skirt!

  Of course Ruan Xi knew what his action meant, almost without thinking about it, she tried her best to push him away and shrink back.

   "Don't come here! Don't come here!" Like a frightened deer, she stared at Pei Nanming in great fear, she couldn't be more frightened.

Pei Nanming just looked at her and sneered, "I've been fucked so many times by me, and now you actually tell me not to touch you, you're obviously a bitch, what are you pretending to be innocent!" As he spoke, he strode over, grabbed her wrist, and flicked her , and pressed her directly on the low table where he had raised his feet before.

  The ashtray made her back hurt, but Pei Nanming didn't care about it at all. He was quick with his hands and feet, and peeled her clothes as skillfully as peeling a banana.

  This time, he didn't look at her so angrily, and he didn't say anything unnecessary to her. Everything was as simple as brushing his teeth and washing his face.

  At this moment, she knew how cruel Pei Nanming could be. It was also at this moment that she knew how kind Pei Nanming was to her before!

  She didn't know what it was like to be bullied, but she was sure that Pei Nanming was bullying her now!

  The ground creaked and the eardrums hurt from being so short, and the ashtray under her back almost broke her spine, but she couldn't do anything with her hands.

  He tied her hands as before, and then did whatever he wanted on her, but she could only stand there like a dead person and let him take whatever he wanted.

  Different from before, he was even more violent this time, but she bit her lip and refused to snort.

  She knows how painful it is, but her heart is as numb as her body hurts.

  She knew that his punishment was more than that, and she no longer wanted to grovel and beg for mercy.

  The more she insisted, the more furious Pei Nanming became, but his anger was not shown in his eyes, but only in how fierce he was when he bumped into her body.

  Tearing, entanglement, biting, every movement of his wished to crush her and turn her into dust!

   They have done it many times, but he never asks her at the table. This time, his madness went far beyond the bounds.

  If he was so angry just because she ran away, she always felt a little impossible, but she couldn't think of any other reason.

"Ruan Xi!" He suddenly grabbed her hair, held the back of her head, and forced her to look at him, "Remember, you found all of this yourself! If you are willing to be honest, maybe someday I'm tired and tired, and I might let you go if I think it's enough. But you just want to run, do you really yearn for freedom, or are you deliberately playing tricks to get you? If, you think you are in my woman If you are special, then you are very wrong. You are no different from them. If you insist on finding out the difference, it is that I hate you, I hate you so much that I want you to live or die! Don’t think that I have no other way to deal with you other than xing you, don't push me into a hurry, otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

  Pei Nanming had sweat on his forehead, and his body was also drenched with sweat from strenuous exercise.

  He still didn't take off his clothes at all, so the shirt was already attached to his body, and his tight chest muscles could be seen faintly.

Ruan Xi bit her lip because it hurt so much, she let go of her teeth when he stopped talking, "I never thought I was special, let alone playing hard-to-get games! If I could, I really hope I have never met you in this life! You always feel that I owe you, but I still say that, your mother’s death has nothing to do with me! I don’t know why she suddenly went crazy! If you must say that I owe you If anything, I owe the Pei family for their upbringing. But now the Pei family has severed ties with me, hasn't it? Besides, Pei Nanming, I'm a human, not a beast! It's not that you want to lock me up, so I will I have to lock you up obediently!..."

  Pei Nanming couldn't bear it anymore, raising his hand was a slap in the face without any hesitation.

"It's only been out of my control for a day*, and you've become more courageous. It's really good. Let me see if it was Gu Chi who gave you courage, or the kid who had dinner with you just now gave you strength. I admire you very much. I made new friends just one day after I came out. I underestimated your charm. You must be in pain and uncomfortable now, don’t you? Do you want to call for help? Call Gu Chi or that kid just now, whichever is yours Life-saving straw, right?" Pei Nanming reached out and pulled the bag she had packed, and poured out all the contents, the phone fell on Pei Nanming and picked it up, there was only one number in the call log, and this number was still fresh in his memory!

Pei Nanming pulled the corners of his mouth, his face full of coldness and sarcasm, "On the night of your 18th birthday, this number kept flashing on the screen of your phone, didn't it?" He still remembers the expression of her staring at the screen of the phone at that time, full of Hopeful but full of despair, it was an expression that made him feel extraordinarily comfortable, and that expression gave him a taste of revenge.

  Ruan Xi heard him mention his eighteenth birthday, and his whole body was like broken porcelain, which was so broken that he couldn't put together a complete expression.

  Pain, fear, shame, resentment... All kinds of complex and intense emotions are like several strands of twisted wire ropes rubbing against each other to produce barbs, destroying each other, and not giving in to each other.

She stared at him, the firmness and determination in her eyes gradually turned into despair, and it was no longer pure despair. That kind of expression made people involuntarily think of a jade that was on the verge of breaking. .

   "Madman, Pei Nanming, you are a lunatic at all. You have no humanity and no emotion. You are a cold-blooded lunatic!" Ruan Xi stared at him, her eyes widened, "How can you be so cruel, how can you..."

"Why can't I?!" Pei Nanming suddenly pressed the phone in front of her, "Don't you really want to run, don't you really want him to save you? I'll help you, call him and tell him you're here Here, tell him that you are waiting for him to pick you up! Tell him that you can live together in the future, and you can have many birthdays together!"

   Every time Pei Nanming said one more word, Ruan Xi's eyes shattered.

   "Why, don't you dare? Doesn't he already know what you look like? Doesn't he care that you are a broken shoe?"

  Ruan Xi's eyes were finally completely shattered, and she raised her head like crazy and bit Pei Nanming's neck fiercely!

Pei Nanming suffered from the pain, but he didn't push her away. Instead, he repaid the other person in his own way, and also bit down. The difference was that Ruan Xi bit his neck artery, while he bit Ruan Xi's collarbone .

  The two people who had been guarding the door outside heard the noises in the room from the beginning to the end. Although the two of them had already practiced the ability to keep an expressionless face, the thrilling in the room still made them wipe away their sweat.

  While they were quietly breathing a sigh of relief, the door was suddenly opened, and Pei Nanming walked out of the room clutching the side of his neck. The two bodyguards subconsciously tilted their heads to look into the room, but Pei Nanming closed the door casually, then dialed the phone and said a few words before hanging up. Then he turned his head and said to the person on the left, "Go and buy a set of women's clothes right away, and be strict and upright."

  When the boss speaks, the person immediately executes it.

   After finishing speaking, he turned back and said to the person on the right, "You go to a doctor first and ask for a woman. Then ask the driver to drive the car down and wait for me."

  The person on the right nodded expressionlessly, but the muscles at the corners of his eyes twitched slightly.

  Is this boss overplaying? Even if you play s.m, you shouldn't choose this time and this place. Not even a private doctor can keep up.

  After sending the two of them away, Pei Nanming retreated to the room, then leaned against the door panel with his hands on his neck, and looked coldly at Ruan Xi who was thrown onto the bed by him.

  Ruan Xi was played quite miserably this time, and it was inevitable that he would be naked. What was worse than this was the ashtray wound on his back and the body torn.

  Now Ruan Xi is like a rag doll, it hurts to the bone even when she moves, on the collarbone, the blood flows from Pei Nanming's teeth marks to her shoulders, adding a touch of seductive charm to her.

  But as Ruan Xi herself, if she knew that her current appearance would still arouse the reaction of men, she would definitely be killed.

  Except for her birthday a few years ago, today is the most miserable and demeaning two days in her life.

   And the culprit who caused her to be like this is the same person - Pei Nanming!

Pei Nanming leaned against the door panel for a while, walked slowly to the side and sat down, then leaned over Ruan Xi, looked down at her, "If you tell me now that you know I was wrong, and swear that you never want to run away again , I might consider making you suffer less in the days to come."

  Ruan Xi turned his back to the sky, standing upright like a dead person, and slowly opened his eyes when he heard him speak.

  His face changed from blurred to clear in sight, it was still that face, it was still the face that had confused countless women, it was still the pair of deep and peaceful eyes, with a slightly elegant and gentle smile. Anyone who sees such a face will never think how hot he is just now!

   "I know I was wrong, and I swear I will never run away again. Please let me suffer less."

  Ruan Xi's voice was hoarse, and her voice was far from the original voice.

Pei Nanming looked at her with a smile, then took his right hand away from his neck, and raised her chin with his blood-stained fingers, "That's right. Actually, if you were so obedient from the beginning , how could I suffer so much in vain. Even if I hate you again, I won’t toss a woman who is obedient to me until half of her life is left.” He leaned over and kissed her lips lightly, and then Sit up and smile at her.

  Humble gentleman, gentle as jade. Who knew that when this gentleman turned around, he was already a demon.

  Everyone in e City knows that Pei Nanming has found Ruan Xi who left without saying goodbye. However, it was rumored that Ruan Xi had been hit hard by the fact that the Pei family had separated from her, so she stayed behind closed doors and refused to see guests.

  Everyone in e City knows that Pei Nanming placed Ruan Xi in his newly purchased villa regardless of his father's objection, and his obsession with Yi Ruan Xi remained the same as before, even worse.

  Everyone in e-city knows that Ruan Xi's dependence on Pei Nanming is extraordinary. There are even rumors that she is faking the so-called blows, and the purpose is to win Pei Nanming's sympathy, so that Pei Nanming can't sink to the bottom and let her go.

   But what about the facts? The fact that no one saw was that Ruan Xi was completely watched by Pei Nanming, and she couldn't even leave his sight!

  Ruan's house, restaurant.

Ruan Dongyu shook the milk in his hand slowly, and subconsciously glanced at Ruan Hetian, "I didn't expect that Pei Nanming actually found Ruan Xi back, and even kept her by his side against the pressure of public opinion, as in the past. "


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  Ruan Hetian paused slightly with the fork in his hand, and then smiled, "This is really unexpected."

Ruan Dongyu nodded, "I heard people say that while Gu Chi was frantically inquiring about Ruan Xi's whereabouts, there were people who were also anxious to find out Ruan Xi's whereabouts. How about paying attention to Ruan Xi? Even the kidnappers wouldn't put their minds down on a woman who had broken ties with the Pei family, right? I've been wondering if this person might be Qin Zhiran, but although Qin Zhiran has some tricks, But the gang she wins over is basically a bit better than trash, so it is impossible for her to find City N."

   Side-knocking, there is sound outside the string.

  Ruan Hetian looked at his only son, a trace of complexity flashed in his vicissitudes eyes. In his heart, Ruan Dongyu is very good, he is resolute and never procrastinating, and he has his own demeanor. The only regret is that this child has a very flawed character.

  Like many wealthy families, Ruan Hetian and Ruan Dongyu's mother were married in business and politics. He married Ruan Dongyu's mother in order to make the Ruan family stronger. This made the Ruan family, which has always been in the business world, have a relatively strong backer in the political world.

  But he himself doesn't love Ruan Dongyu's mother.

   As for Ruan Dongyu, he is a child after all, and has been very dependent on his mother since he was a child. Unfortunately, his mother's attitude towards him has always been strange, always maintaining a lukewarm state. Later, when Ruan Dongyu grew up day by day, he didn't seem to care much about his mother's alienated attitude, but, for too long, a child's sincere heart would always cool down a little bit. Although until today, Ruan Dongyu treats his mother with a sense of attachment, but the politeness and respect in it have prevented them from getting too close.

  The relationship between him and his father is completely different, it can be said to be completely incompatible. From the time when Ruan Dongyu was sensible, their father and son seemed to be very harmonious on the surface, but in fact they were extremely alienated.

   Others can't see it, but Ruan Hetian and Ruan Dongyu know it well.

  Ruan Dongyu doesn't like Ruan Hetian, not at all, because since he was a child, he has watched his father busy with entertainment and stay out all night, while his mother stays at home desertedly. What happened later? Mother became more and more indifferent, and then there were piles of * outside.

  When he was ten years old, he even witnessed his mother's betrayal with his own eyes.

  He didn't even know what the point of maintaining such a marriage was, until one day he finally understood that everything would become like that because the Ruan family was too rich.

  Grandpa needs the financial resources of the Ruan family, and the Ruan family needs grandpa's power. Therefore, no matter how bad the relationship between the parents is, they will still have sex, give birth to him, and then find their own comfort zone, and no one will interfere with the other. When they get together, they will still clean up each other and go crazy together.

   That kind of relationship once made him feel disgusted and disgusting, and even felt that he was dirty, but now, he just feels numb.

  In his opinion, the relationship between men and women is actually so dirty and cold. Therefore, when Gu Chi got stomach bleeding because of Ruan Xi, he felt it was completely unnecessary with a cold face.

  He also has many women, who are fat and thin, but even if the sex with them is ups and downs, as long as the sex is done, he will never have any nostalgia.


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