Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 69

Therefore, she hugged herself instinctively, stared at Pei Nanming in fear, panting quickly but suppressedly, the pain in her stomach was real, the fear in her heart was real, and the cold sweat on her forehead was unquestionable of.

   In such a short moment, the cold sweat on her forehead wet her bangs. There was no trace of blood on the pale little face, it looked like a ghost crawling out of a coffin.

  Perhaps it was because she looked so disappointing. Pei Nanming stared at her for a long time, but in the end he didn't do anything, and suddenly got up and left.

   Ruan Xi seemed to have gone through a life-and-death purgatory, and fell on the bed stiffly. She didn't dare to take a big breath for a long time, for fear that as soon as she relaxed her nerves, Pei Nanming would suddenly turn back.

  Actually, after Pei Nanming went downstairs, he ran directly to the garage and didn't show up for two months. He seemed to evaporate from her face suddenly, disappearing like a ghost.

After the two months of Liu Ma's careful care, Ruan Xi's body has finally recovered. Although her condition is not as good as before the miscarriage, she is still afraid of the wind and cold. Even in August and September, her hands and feet are often cold, but compared to I don’t know how many times better it was just after the miscarriage.

In addition, in the past two months, Gu Chi has almost turned N City upside down, and there is no news from Ruan Xi, and the reason why he didn't find the "cold" that Ruan Xi said was because of that Although the actual owner of Pian Manor is Pei Nanming, it is named after his personal assistant Tang Wenyi.

Except for a few executives loyal to Pei Nanming in the Pei Group who knew that Tang Wenyi was not only Pei Nanming's personal executive, but also the vice president of the three city divisions of the group's secret capital injection. Hired senior private butler.

  According to Gu Baochi's guess, Pei Nanming naturally wouldn't put Ruan Xi on someone else's territory. It was a matter of course that Ruan Xi couldn't be found.

  Gu Chi became extremely depressed because the clues he had finally obtained were suddenly interrupted, and there was no progress in finding Ruan Xi, so he became extremely depressed, dealing with tobacco and alcohol almost every day.

  Such a decadent* Gu Chi is suddenly far from his original image. Ruan Dongyu watched Gu Chi become like this step by step with his own eyes. Although he never said anything, his brows became more and more wrinkled day by day.

Finally, after Gu Chi's stomach bleeds, Ruan Dongyu gave Gu Chi a hard fist, then pulled Gu Chi's collar and said viciously, "I asked you to come in front of me, not to see you prove to me that an injured person can be decadent." *To what extent! You fucking better show me the status quo! Don't forget what you promised me! The press conference will be held next Friday, are you going to attend like this?!"

  Gu Chi drank so much that he couldn't tell who was who. In addition, he couldn't even straighten his waist due to stomach bleeding and pain, so he had no strength to fight back.

   But even at this point, he still kept clamoring for a drink.

  Ruan Dongyu simply stopped looking at him and called the hospital directly to have Gu Chi dragged away.

Jin Chengfeng didn't know when he came here. When he saw Ruan Dongyu's anger, he didn't say anything, but just folded his arms and said coolly, "Hey, when did Young Master Ruan become so irritable? Women always feel uncomfortable for a few days , it’s understandable to have a strong anger, could it be that Ruan Shao, you too..."

  Ruan Dongyu glanced over, Jin Chengfeng waved his hand immediately, "Forget it, I didn't say anything. Actually, I'm here to send you an invitation."

  Ruan Dongyu raised his eyebrows, "What invitation?"

  Jin Chengfeng handed him the invitation, "Don't tell me, you really don't know. If you say you forgot me, you can forgive you for Young Master Pei."

  Ruan Dongyu opened the invitation and looked at it, and immediately smiled, "It turned out to be a great event, and it seems that e-city is going to be lively again."

   "Yes, there hasn't been such a sensational happy event in E City for a long time."

  Jin Chengfeng patted Ruan Dongyu's shoulder rudely, "You must come, this is your cousin's engagement ceremony."

   "Of course, how can I be absent? Besides, I will give him a big gift." Ruan Dongyu smiled with ulterior motives.

   After a while of politeness, Jin Chengfeng left.

  Ruan Dongyu threw the invitation aside and started calling.

  After the connection over there, there was a burst of noise at first, and it quieted down after a while. Obviously, the other party changed to a quiet place.

   "I asked you to check the matter, how did it go?" Ruan Dongyu lit a cigarette while talking on the phone, and took advantage of the opportunity to lift his feet up on the expensive coffee table, shaking every now and then.

   "It's the person sent by the master. I heard my buddy muttered when he was drunk that he seemed to be secretly looking for a woman named 'Ruan Xi'. Could it be the adopted daughter of the Pei family in the newspaper?"

  Ruan Dongyu had a sneer on the corner of his mouth, as expected, but he said to the man, "Is this what you should inquire about?"

   "I'm sorry, Mr. Ruan, I was talking too much."

   "It's good to know. So, how is the progress on their side?"

   "I heard that there is some clue, but if I ask further, that buddy won't say anything more."

   "Then, you should pay more attention to your buddy." After speaking, Ruan Dongyu immediately hung up and threw the phone on the coffee table.

  Pei Nanming, don't think that I don't know why you are against the Ruan family, and why you don't say anything to Ruan Xilai, who specializes in looking for weeds near the nest, and force her to be your regular*.

  If Qin Zhiran knew that you hid Ruan Xi, her expression would be wonderful, right?

  Ruan Xi has recently become very honest, living a life like a pig every day, drawing pictures on the balcony after eating in the morning, then eating lunch, walking around in the afternoon, returning to draw, until after dinner at night*.

Her quietness surprised Liu Ma, and she couldn't help but feel very worried, so she secretly called Pei Nanming three times, the line was busy twice, and after one connection, she had to say "As long as she doesn't run or make trouble, just let her go" talk.

  When Mama Liu cleaned Ruan Xi's room, she took out a large stack of waste paper as usual, on which there were many dark but invisible things drawn.

  She doesn't understand art, she only knows that Ruan Xi has been painting for so long, but none of them are really satisfactory.

   That is to say, Ruan Xi tore up as much as he drew, and they were all waste products.

   "I want to go out for a walk today, and I won't leave this manor. If you are worried, you can send someone to follow me." Ruan Xi put down her brush as usual, stretched her waist, and looked back at Mama Liu.

  Her eyes are cold and indifferent, neither disgust nor joy, it looks like a pool of clear water, although beautiful, but a little less agile.

  Ever since Pei Nanming left, she has been like this. She no longer intentionally troubles them like before, and doesn't like to talk too much. The communication with her is very limited every day. Except when necessary, Ruan Xi can not say a word, and then just spend the day in peace.

   Faced with such a situation, Mama Liu is naturally worried all the time.

  However, she couldn't do anything about it.

  She could only watch Ruan Xi become silent day by day, and then pay more attention to Ruan Xi's movements.

   "Okay. Miss Ruan remember to come back earlier."

  Ruan Xi talked to that point, she naturally couldn't say anything more, besides, Ruan Xi can make such a request again to make her feel relieved, as long as she wants to go out to relax, it proves that the problem is not big. Moreover, the manor is so big, but there are walls and surveillance video installed, she thought, Ruan Xi can't escape.

  Ruan Xi didn't say anything more, just took a handbag and went out.

  Although Ruan Xi felt that carrying a handbag was a bit redundant, the housekeeper continued to tidy up the room without saying anything.

  After leaving the villa, Ruan Xi glanced back subconsciously, and then smiled ironically.

  The manor is really big, except for a few roads, it is all woods.

  Going out twice, she knew that the villas at the bottom of the mountain were all built next to the road, and a few of the more luxurious ones were built on the hillside, and all the villas where she was located had the widest view and the best scenery.

  She knows that the villa in this manor will be sold sooner or later, and the reason why it is still vacant now is because he is waiting for the right time, waiting for the best time to sell.

   Looking down from the mountainside, there is a condescending sense of comfort. Pei Nanming is indeed a person who knows how to enjoy himself. However, these have nothing to do with her.

   Instead of going down the mountain, she climbed up the mountain. Since this villa is the tallest villa on the mountain, the road up the mountain is not as smooth as the road down the mountain, and the more you climb up, the narrower the road becomes. It took half an hour to climb to the top of the mountain, and sadly found that there was no road at all, only large areas of thorny vines and some dwarf thorns that she couldn't name.

  Actually, at this time, there are many snakes on the mountain, she is very afraid of snakes and especially at this time when she climbs and encounters that thing. In the past, she wouldn't go to this kind of place even if she hit her head to death, but now she would rather be bitten to death by a snake than stay in the villa and be tossed by Pei Nanming.

   This mountain is not considered unclimbed, but the local people gradually moved away when Pei Nanming started here. The local people hope to improve the conditions, and the government AA hopes the economy will take off. The demolition fees he gives the local people are very generous, and the projects planned can stimulate the development of the local economy. Therefore, although Pei Nanming has abandoned some twists and turns, he is still very fast. Take this piece of land.

  It has been about two years since he got it and when Ruan Xi climbed the mountain now. The mountain road where no one walked for two years will naturally be blocked by wild vines and trees soon.

  Standing on the top of the mountain, she was a little at a loss. The weather was very hot, and she was already sweating all over, and walking through the vines made her even more embarrassed, and her clothes were scratched in several places.

  The driver who delivered the home appliances said that there was a road leading to the broken wall of the temple behind, and now she is just betting on luck that the broken wall has not been sealed.

  Turning around on the top of the mountain for a long time, she found a very secret road, but she didn't have much courage to walk it.

   Never give up a chance! Ruan Xi, you can't go on like this anymore. If you expect to be tossed to death, it would be better to roll down here and fall to your death!

   Having pumped up her breath, she no longer hesitated, and slowly walked down the path.

  It was only then that she understood what it meant to say that going up a mountain is easy and going down a mountain is difficult. After walking for a long time, she felt that her legs were weak and trembling, and she almost knelt forward. And this road was steeper than all the roads she had walked before, and she couldn't go down without holding on to the tree next to her.

When she walked slowly for about an hour, she finally saw hope. There was indeed a wall that was not too high. Because it had been built for a long time and it was in the woods on the mountainside, the wall was covered with green moss. , looks damp.

  Probably to prevent people from climbing the wall to enter the temple without buying a ticket, a lot of sharp broken glass was inserted on the top of the wall.

   Which means she's now either spending time looking for gaps that might not exist, or climbing walls.

   She is not good at climbing walls, let alone with glass walls.

  Walking along the wall for about 300 meters, I could vaguely hear the sound of monks chanting scriptures inside. After walking another hundred meters, her eyes lit up. There was indeed a gap half a person's height in the wall. She got in and realized that it was dismantled because of the renovation of the temple. The houses inside hadn't been renovated yet. It is fresh concrete architecture.

  The temple should not be short of money, right? She thought, presumably the construction team hadn't arrived here yet.

  After that, her idea was confirmed. Because the temple is on the mountainside, the buildings are not concentrated, but there are a lot of them. The scale of this renovation is quite large, so the construction team has not yet reached the broken wall.

  She hugged herself subconsciously, rearranged her hair, and lifted her bag to block a serious cut in her clothes. She stomped the mud on her feet and walked onto the concrete road on the temple.

  There are many tourists in the temple, quite a few of them are new students, all of whom are still wearing school uniforms. Looking at the beaming appearance, you can tell that he is a freshman who has just entered the freshman year. There is also a part that comes with the tour group, all of them are in high spirits.

   And she looked very embarrassed in the eyes of everyone, and she was more terrifying than being robbed.

  The students who can come here to study are from good families, and the girls who love fashion can tell at a glance that her clothes, shoes and bags are the latest styles of the season, and whatever they pick up can be worth tens of thousands.

   Such a woman is in such a mess? The eyes of people passing by her were all weird, but no one spoke. She subconsciously lowered her head slightly. At this time, someone bumped her back suddenly. She was caught off guard, and she couldn't help herself and took two steps forward, almost throwing her handkerchief. Looking back hastily, it turned out to be a handsome young man, who was walking backwards with a camera. He patted the pedestrians behind him, so he didn't notice her at all.

  The man also turned his head back, and seemed to be taken aback when he saw her, and then smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry, I didn't notice you were behind me at all, is it okay?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head in a daze, she found that this man had a pair of extremely bright and gentle eyes, clean and warm without any impurities, with a bright smile, it seemed that everything in this world became simple and easy.

"That's good." Then he looked at Ruan Xi again, "Did you get lost up the mountain? You are so embarrassed." After finishing speaking, put away the camera, "Well, to express my apology, I will lend you a piece of clothing Yes. Although the price is definitely not as good as your original one, it is definitely much better than what you have now."

  Ruan Xi longed for a change of clothes, she didn't care about the price, as long as it wasn't as eye-catching as it is now. Thinking of this, she suddenly realized a question, "Where do you get your clothes?"

  The man smiled even wider, and took out a coat from his travel bag, "My clothes will definitely be bigger when you wear them, but this can just cover all the openings in your clothes."

  Ruan Xi's complexion was reddish, these openings were enough for her to leak out. Fortunately, there is a bag blocking the most important chest.


   "You're welcome. Room 1605, Building C, Oriental International Building, Zhang Yi. Remember to return the clothes." The boy who called himself Zhang Yi waved to her, and then walked away gracefully.

   Before Ruan Xi had time to say anything, he had already walked away with his partner.

   It took her a long time to realize that a well-known place like the Oriental International Building is not in this city at all.

  She patted her head. Does this guy mean to tell her that she should chase there to pay back?

  Ruan Xi couldn't laugh or cry.

   When she reached the gate of the temple, she stopped suddenly, a little bit shy.

  A terrible discovery, two men in uniforms sat in the guard room at the gate, and the uniforms on them were exactly the same as those in the guard room of the villa!

  Pei Nanming actually set up someone here! She was sweating nervously, feeling like she didn't even know how to lift her feet.

   Also, he can’t install surveillance cameras on the walls of the temple, so he will naturally put “eyes” at the gate of the temple! So thoughtful!

   Can't be messed up
! She stood where she was and took a deep breath, then wrapped her school uniform jacket tightly, pretending to be nonchalant, and tried her best to walk out calmly and calmly.

To be honest, after she put on Zhang Yi's school uniform, although she is not as eye-catching as before, but it is not morning, the weather is not cold, and everyone is wearing T-shirts, but she is wrapped in a school uniform jacket, which will still attract people's attention .

  The closer she gets to the gate, the faster her heart beats. Success or failure depends on it. She is really nervous.

  In the guard room, two people were actually chatting and didn't look outside. Her worries were unnecessary.

   When Ruan Xi walked to the door, he turned his face to hold the teacup, and glanced outside unconsciously. In fact, he saw a lot of people at that glance. After all, it was a tourist area, and the flow of people was actually very large. He didn't notice Ruan Xi. Unfortunately, at this moment, the two tourists beside her had an argument, which angered everyone. All turned their gazes in their direction.

  Ruan Xi really wants to die, is she going to fail here? don't want!

   Almost without thinking, she lowered her head, pushed aside the people in front, and ran away.

  The road here is much flatter, and it is a cement road. Vehicles are not allowed to drive on the gentle slope road. This is simply a world for both feet.

   The two guards were originally focused only on the two people who were quarreling, but Ruan Xi's run attracted their attention, "Why did that woman run away suddenly?"

  One of them said to the other inexplicably.

   "Who knows, as long as it's not Miss Ruan..."

   Speaking of this, the guard suddenly shut up, and the two looked at each other, and ran after each other in unison.

  The downstream people were all dumbfounded, including the two who had the quarrel, "What's the matter, this is, one ran away first, and two ran away, it's the guard!"

   "Who knows!" Another tourist shook his hand, and seemed not interested in continuing the dispute.

  They didn't know that the farce they staged decided the fate of another woman.

  Ruan Xi became even more anxious when she found someone chasing after her. She bumped into seven or eight tourists in a row, causing a lot of stares, but she no longer cared about these, and just ran forward blindly.

   Seeing Ruan Xi's desperate efforts, the two guards at the back were afraid that she would run away, so they took out their bp phones to contact other people.

  Because Ruan Xi didn't come back, Mama Liu had already called the monitoring room and the guard. She was considering whether to notify everyone to find someone. The guard called and told her that Ruan Xi had escaped.

  This news made Liu Ma's heart hang in her throat immediately. She really never thought that Ruan Xi would choose to escape. The security here is so strict and surveillance is everywhere. Where did Ruan Xi escape from?

  She was about to ask, but it was reported that Ruan Xi had escaped from the temple. She suddenly remembered that Ruan Xi once asked to go to the temple to play. It turned out that everything Ruan Xi did had a purpose, so what is the purpose of quietly painting those unknown paintings these days? Paralyze her, let her relax her vigilance!

   Mama Liu immediately sneered. It turned out that this Miss Ruan is not so easy to deal with, at least much harder than those people she used to serve.

   No wonder Mr. Pei transferred her here to watch, this is not a fuss or superfluous.

  For Ruan Xi, she used to just sympathize with her, but now she admires her more.

  In this materialistic society, which woman would do everything possible to escape after catching a big money like Pei Nanming? Yi Ruanxi is one of them. She doesn't want to know what happened between Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming. She only knows that Ruan Xi is a woman who is unwilling to be raised by a man, sells her body for money, and is even willing to be a canary.

  She likes such a woman from the bottom of her heart.

   "Okay, I got it, you all go after her immediately, and bring her back no matter what, otherwise Mr. Pei finds out, and none of us can think about it."

  The other side responded obediently.

  After hanging up, she thought whether to tell Pei Nanming, or tell Tang Wenyi directly, and let Tang Wenyi handle it. After thinking for a while, she still called Tang Wenyi.

  From the attitude of Pei Nanming in the previous calls, she could see that since Pei Nanming left last time, she had been unhappy. If she called him at this time and told him that Ruan Xi had escaped, she would probably be furious.

  At that time, it would have been fine if Ruan Xi hadn't been caught. If she had been caught, she would have been half-disabled if not killed by Pei Nanming. From her own point of view, she certainly hopes that Ruan Xi will be caught and brought back, so that her work will not be considered a fault, but from the perspective of a basic human morality, she still hopes that Ruan Xi can go as far as possible. Far.

   She has seen too many messy things in these wealthy families, but it is the first time she has seen the relationship between Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi. Pei Nanming's attitude towards Ruan Xi is complicated.

   But Ruan Xi had naked fear and fear for Pei Nanming, and he only wanted to run away.

  After explaining the matter to Tang Wenyi, she immediately hung up the phone, left the villa, and followed to find Ruan Xi.

Ruan Xi knew that her chance of escaping had become slim again, but she was still unwilling to give up halfway. She knew that the bus stop was not far from here, but if she took the bus, she would be overtaken, and if she took a taxi, she would have to go to the scenic spot. Only outside the area.

  She was so anxious that she just wanted to cry, she turned her head and saw the shopping mall next to her, and went in without thinking. I chose a set of cheap clothes, bought a box of cosmetics and hid in the bathroom to change.

  Trace eyebrows, apply lipstick, put on a wig and false eyelashes, wear high heels to pull up a popular hairstyle, etc., and the transformation is complete.

  All things included, it cost more than 300 yuan in cash.

Here, she can't swipe the card. If she swipe the card, she will be noticed by Pei Nanming, and the account may be frozen. Before that, she must leave here, and then withdraw all the money and transfer it to another account to go.

  After everything was tidied up, the person in the mirror seemed to be a completely different person, a gorgeous little goblin born in the 1990s. If it weren't for someone who knew her very well, she wouldn't be able to recognize that it was Yi Ruanxi at all.

Such a change made her feel a little more at ease, and then she put all the documents and wallets in the bag into another satchel with poor design and poor quality, and then stuffed the original clothes, shoes and bags into the big trash can next to her. Calmly out of the women's toilet.

  She told herself that she must not be like just now, a mistake that would cause eternal hatred. Be calm this time.

   It is undeniable that the people Pei Nanming hired were very efficient in their work. It was only time for her to change clothes, and those uniformed guards were already wandering around the streets and alleys.

   On the surface, it is impossible to tell that they are looking for someone, because their posture is much more leisurely than before, and at first glance it looks like they are leisurely shopping.

   Was it because she was afraid of being found that they had illegally restricted her freedom? A look of sarcasm floated on her cold face, then she turned around and walked away, stepping on her high heels.

It took her an hour to walk outside the scenic area. She frowned and looked at the high heels on her feet. It hurts. She still doesn’t quite understand why women like high heels so much, let alone why some people can wear high heels so much.” "Foot" is here.

  There were many taxis parked outside the scenic area, most of which were empty waiting to pull people. She chose the nearest one, "Go to the city, any CCB in Xicheng District will do."

   "Okay!" The elder brother was very helpful, so he drove away without saying a word.

  When the car was twenty miles away, a very flamboyant car came in the twilight. My brother’s eyes lit up, he looked at it twice, and finally shook his head and sighed, “These days, there are more and more rich people, but such rich people are rare. I’ve been renting out here for more than ten years. , In the past two years, the bullock carts here are not uncommon, and the one just now is really rare."

  's elder brother sighed for himself, and didn't realize that Ruan Xi's face turned pale when he saw the car. Ruan Xi was sitting in the co-pilot seat, although it was only a blink of an eye when the two cars passed by just now, she still saw the people inside.

  Yes, that car belongs to Pei Nanming, that is to say, Pei Nanming already knows that she has run away.

  The news spread really fast, no, not too fast. It should be that Liu Ma didn't dare to report to Pei Nanming immediately after she found out that she had escaped. Otherwise, he would have arrived about an hour earlier.

  She regretted it. She regretted that she had chosen the co-pilot position. Pei Nanming probably didn't see her, right? !

   "Really? I don't know anything about cars."

  Ruan Xi answered absent-mindedly, and the next moment, another car light flashed by, and she immediately tensed up. As expected, it was Tang Wenyi's car!

  's brother started whining again, and Ruan Xi couldn't listen anymore.

   "Brother, can you hurry up, I'm in a hurry."

  brother stopped complaining and smiled, "Miss, no matter how fast I drive at this time, the bank has already closed."

Ruan Xi bit her lip and forced a smile, "No, I don't plan to go to the bank anymore. I have a friend waiting, and I don't want her to wait too long. As soon as you go downtown, put me at the most convenient taxi. Just the place."

  Brother glanced at Ruan Xi through the rearview mirror, then shook his head.

  Ruan Xi stopped talking, but her heart was shaking.

  She really wished that the car could fly and fly all the way to the city.

   "Brother, can you lend me your mobile phone? I was too hasty when I came out and forgot to bring my mobile phone." What is too hasty, because there is no one at all!

  The driver looked at her hesitantly through the rear view mirror. There are many liars in this world, and Ruan Xi could understand him like this, so he quickly promised, "I really forgot to bring my mobile phone, how about I pay you for the call?"

  The driver saw that her face was sincere, not like lying, so he nodded and handed her the phone.

She was so grateful that she took the mobile phone and dialed a number that she had memorized. It beeped for a long time but no one answered, and finally a mechanical female voice rang out, "Sorry, the number you dialed was not answered, please try again later." Dial..." Her heart sank following these words...

  She dialed three times in a row, all three times.

  In the end, I could only shake my hands and return the phone to my brother.

  Brother saw that she was depressed, so he took it for granted that she was having a fight with her boyfriend, so the other party didn't answer the phone. Can't help comforting, "Young man, don't worry, it's common for two people to quarrel. A person's life is so long, such a small matter is nothing..."

  Ruan Xi couldn't listen to it at all, so she couldn't tell him that she was running for her life now, and he wouldn't believe it if she told it, and he would probably think of her as a lunatic just like the passers-by who watched that day.

   So she just hummed.

   "It's almost there." My brother said.

  Ruan Xi also vaguely saw the world of feasting and feasting in front of him, and couldn't help but relax a little, thinking that Pei Nanming didn't even notice that it was her.

  She has become so thoroughly cross-dressed, how could she possibly recognize it.

  When she arrived in the city, she took out the money to pay the fare, and when she looked at her wallet, she found that there was only fifty yuan in cash in it.

  She smiled at her brother embarrassedly, "Please take me to the nearest cash machine, I don't have enough cash."

  's brother didn't say anything, just did it.

She knows that as soon as she withdraws money, Pei Nanming will definitely find out that she has been here. She has withdrawn money three times in a row, each time with a single maximum limit. After paying the fare, she immediately changed to a taxi and asked to go to Z University, the city where Z University is located is far away from City E and City S, she believes that it is much safer there, and Pei Nanming must not have thought that she would go there.

  This brother is not as talkative as the one just now. When she heard that she was going to Z University and wanted to go to the city, she immediately waved her hands and refused to do it.

  Ruan Xi didn't force it, just said, "If you really don't want to, forget it. I originally planned to double the extra money as a tip for you."

  When this brother heard this, his eyes lit up immediately, and he nodded and bowed to ask her to get in the car immediately.

  When Pei Nanming arrived at the villa, Liu Ma stood aside with a look of anxiety on his face. Pei Nanming looked very bad, but he didn't get angry with Liu Ma and the others.

   "When did she run away?" Pei Nanming smoked irritably, but his tone was calm.

  Tang Wenyi sat on the side and did not speak. Liu Ma bit her head and said, "I'm not very clear about this. Today she suddenly said that she wanted to go out for a walk alone, and said that if she was worried, she could have someone follow her. I thought she hadn't talked much these days, just kept going. I was worried that she would get bored, maybe she just really wanted to relax, so she didn't let anyone follow her, I didn't expect..."

  Pei Nanming waved his hand, "I don't want to hear this, I just want to know, when did you know she ran away?"

   "At 4:38 this afternoon, the doorman called."

  Pei Nanming looked at his watch, "I received the report at 5:30, one hour and eight minutes of it, what did you all do, why didn't you say it earlier?"

  His tone was still tepid, but cold sweat broke out on Mama Liu's back.

  She is an old employee by his side. In the past ten years, Pei Nanming has never questioned her like this. It seems that this time he is really angry.

   The more stormy it is, the calmer it is. She thought that this time she must not be able to escape the responsibility.

   "I'm worried about disturbing Pei..."

  Pei Nanming flicked the cigarette ash, didn't want to hear anything more, just said, "You can pack up and leave."

  The housekeeper immediately changed his face, but Pei Nanming always spoke the same way, so she didn't say anything, just replied, "It's Mr. Pei."

  As soon as Liu Ma backed out, Pei Nanming immediately picked up the ashtray and slammed it on the ground.

   But there was a carpet on the floor, and the ashtray was just broken in half, not so tragic that it was smashed to pieces.

   "She has grown up and dared to run away. Before, she swore to me that she would stay by my side and would never run away, but now she is going to be a jerk. Her wings are stiff!"

  Pei Nanming panted heavily, "Don't let me catch you in the end, or I'll kill you!"

  Tang Wenyi sat on the side, maintaining his posture, the elegant posture of putting his hands on his knees made people feel that it was a kind of enjoyment. It wasn't until Pei Nanming said that he was going to kill Ruan Xi that he turned his head slightly and looked at Pei Nanming thoughtfully.

"Actually, you're going to be engaged to Qin Zhiran soon, so there's no need to hold on to Ruan Xi. Even if your mother's car accident was really related to her, she has been punished enough for so long. What's more, even if the court decides, she is not guilty. At the beginning, she just happened to be standing behind your mother. It was your mother who had a mental breakdown after seeing her and got into a car accident. From the beginning to the end, Ruan Xi didn't know anything. Didn't do it, did it?"

  Pei Nanming looked at Tang Wenyi condescendingly, and suddenly sneered, "Since when did you become keen to excuse her?"

Tang Wenyi's face remained unchanged, and he looked directly at Pei Nanming, "I'm just standing in the position of a friend to help you analyze the facts. You have fallen too deep, but you don't admit it yourself. If you continue like this, you will not only hurt Ruan Xi and yourself. I don't want you to go that far. That's all."

"I'm in too deep? Yes, I'm in too deep. I hate her. This hatred is not so easy to eliminate. I wanted her for three years, but she ruined my mother's life. If not her words


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