Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 68

Ruan Xi's heart was turbulent, she just kept nodding, but she forgot that the people over there couldn't see it at all.

   "Ruan Xi, where are you, tell me where you are! I'll go find you right away!"

   "I'm..." Pa——

  A hand appeared suddenly, pressing the hang up button, Ruan Xi's eyes widened suddenly, her whole body was extremely stiff, she didn't even have the courage to turn around, she just grabbed the microphone.

  My heart suddenly became icy cold, and my last hope was ruined like this.

Tang Wenyi withdrew his fingers, and said slowly, "I won't report this incident to the boss, and pretend it never happened. But, I hope you won't do such a stupid thing again next time. I know you are giving Tang Wenyi called, and what I can tell you is that he is now a mud bodhisattva crossing the river, and he cannot protect himself. The only one who can help you now is yourself, and it is useless to ask anyone else."

Ruan Xi turned around slowly and looked at Tang Wenyi. Her eyes, which were originally full of aura, were reddish now, showing a color of ashes, "I just want to be free, free like every normal person! What's wrong! What did I do wrong? You want to treat me like this! Pei Nanming hates me, I know, but those things are not my intention, he hates me, who should I blame! Why, why should he To imprison me! Even if I owe him, I have paid the most painful price for three years, isn't it enough?!" Ruan Xi roared crazily, trembling all over.

  Tang Wenyi just stood aside, watched and listened quietly, without interrupting.

  Passers who passed by were attracted by them and stopped one after another.

   began to whisper, what Ruan Xi said didn't know, and didn't want to know.

  She only felt that her world was on the verge of collapse and was approaching a desperate situation.

  Ruan Xi turned around and wanted to run, but Tang Wenyi took a step forward and grabbed her.

  At this time, the people watching the excitement became louder.

  Tang Wenyi put his arms around Ruan Xi's waist with one arm, and restrained her scratching hands with the other, and smiled politely at passers-by, "I'm making everyone laugh, this is my sister, she has some mental problems."

  When Ruan Xi heard this, she struggled even more angrily, and at the same time shouted, "Help me, please help me, I'm not sick, I'm in good spirits. I'm normal, I'm really not sick!"

  However, the passers-by who stood by and watched obviously chose to believe the well-dressed Tang Wenyi, rather than her crying, shouting and struggling woman.

  Finally, Ruan Xi was forcibly dragged back into the car by Tang Wenyi. Unwilling, she slammed into the car door all the way.

  However, Tang Wenyi had already locked the car door, and raised the tinted glass window, people outside couldn't see what was going on inside at all, no matter how much she made a fuss, it became meaningless.

  When she calmed down, she had already entered the manor, and her expression was a little dull, but after all, she didn't make trouble anymore and just went back to her bedroom quietly.

  Tang Wenyi looked at her back and sighed helplessly. To Ruan Xi, he is not hard-hearted, but what can he do?

  e City, in a high-end villa, Gu Chi's fingers trembled listening to the busy tone on the phone.

   No caller ID, obviously calling from a public phone booth. He suddenly remembered something, and immediately changed his clothes. When he went out, he happened to meet Ruan Dongyu leaning against the door, "Want to go out?"


   "Why are you in such a hurry, do you want me to help?"

   "No, just check a signal source."

   "This, I can help, I'll go with you."

  Gu Chi looked at Ruan Dongyu seriously for a moment, then said flatly, "It's up to you."

  Ruan Dongyu smiled, went back to his room, changed his clothes and went out.

  In the car, Gu Chi drove the car very fast.

   "Who is calling?" After a while, he said again, "Don't tell me, let me guess. It can't be Ruan Xi?"

  Ruan Dongyu sat on the co-pilot, seeing that Gu Chi's fingers holding the steering wheel were visibly tightened, and he raised his lips involuntarily, "Didn't she tell you where she is?"

   Gu Chi was silent for a long time before uttering a sentence, "She hung up before she finished speaking, she must have been discovered. If I guess correctly, Pei Nanming must have locked her up."

Ruan Dongyu leaned on the backrest, "It sounds a bit shocking, but it seems like something Pei Nanming can do. However, what makes me curious is why did he lock her up? Even if Yi Ruanxi is really his girlfriend, there is no reason to lock her up." Her? If she can keep silent with Pei Nanming for three years without saying a word, she will naturally be able to stay with him for longer. Even if the Pei family cuts off ties with her, as long as she doesn't want to become the young mistress of the Pei family, she will have that love-human relationship with Pei Nanming It's not hard to keep going..."

  Gu Chi slammed on the brakes, turned to stare at Ruan Dongyu, "You are not allowed to say that about her, she was forced!"

  Ruan Dongyu was quite surprised. After Gu Chi came to join him, he had always been good-tempered. No matter what happened, he had never been angry. This time, he was outraged by saying Ruan Xi's words for him.

   "Forced? With Pei Nanming's status, is it necessary to force women to follow him? Only women have always chased and climbed him?"

   "Shut up!" Gu Chi's fists were crackling, his eyes almost burst into flames.

Ruan Dongyu felt that the joke was almost over, and suddenly changed his mouth, "However, Ruan Xi is a prospective diner of their house, and she didn't have the motive to climb Pei Nanming's*, so naturally she doesn't need to use that kind of method. After all, Pei Nanming has always been on her, This is something everyone knows, if he really imprisoned her, then the reason why he did so is worthy of attention?" Speaking of which, Ruan Dongyu stared at Gu Chi, "You and Ruan Xi have such a good relationship, she Didn't I tell you why Pei Nanming forced her?"

  Gu Chi didn't know about this either, he didn't know why Pei Nanming did something to Ruan Xi, and when he knew that Pei Nanming was treating Ruan Xi so much, he was so angry, how could he care about why Pei Nanming was doing so to Ruan Xi? He only thinks that Pei Nanming is a *, a *that would not be a pity to die.

   After all, Ruan Xi grew up with Pei's parents since she was a child. Even if she has no blood relationship with him, she should have feelings after living together for so many years. How could he have the heart to treat Ruan Xi like that?

   Could it be because of Ruan Ting's car accident? Thinking of this, Gu Chi immediately denied that it was impossible. After Ruan Ting's death, Pei Nanming's obsession with Ruan Xi reached a new height, so it was impossible to treat Ruan Xi like that because of Ruan Ting's death.

   But apart from this reason, he really couldn't think of any other reason.

  Ruan Dongyu leaned on the co-pilot, looking at Gu Chi puzzled, the smile on the corners of his lips gradually widened. Finally said, "Gu Chi, you are still too simple, as simple as Ruan Xi."

   What he said suddenly surprised Gu Chi, "What do you mean by that?"

  Gu Chi stared at him fiercely, as if if he didn't give an answer, he would jump over and beat him hard.

"Although you were born in a wealthy family, it is probably because you are the only child, and the central power of the Gu family is not in the hands of your parents. Your parents protect you very well, and they follow you and follow you in everything. Back then, you wanted When you go abroad, they will let you go abroad. If you want to pursue a piano career, they will let you pursue it. But now, you suddenly want to give up the piano and go into business, and they let you go. I have never seen such a child follow their own parents."

  Ruan Dongyu crossed his chest, looking at Gu Chi with an emotion that Gu Chi couldn't understand.

   "What does this have to do with simplicity?"

  Ruan Dongyu sneered, "This will make you full of willfulness, and you don't even understand how dark and dirty there is under the resplendent appearance of a wealthy family."

   And I don't understand why someone can be so innocent even though he was born in such a dirty place, so innocent that he wants to chase the so-called love. Do you think that the so-called freedom and ideals can really be indulged in such a family full of interests and money? I hate your simplicity, your innocence, and your ignorance of suffering!

Thinking of this, the smile on Ruan Dongyu's face became colder, "Forget it, I said too much. You don't understand these things at all. I don't care if you are going to save Ruan Xi or something, but don't forget what you promised me."

   Gu Chi's back was stiff, but he still nodded, "I will never forget."

"That's good."

In the e-city communication building, a communication engineer wearing glasses pulled out a long string of characters from the computer, then looked back at Gu Chi and Ruan Dongyu, and said very politely, "Mr. Ruan, Mr. Gu, from the analysis of the signal source, the call should be From the public telephone booth in the Xicheng District of City N. I don’t know which one it is.”

  Gu Chi was very excited, "Thank you, thank you, you have helped us a lot."

   "You're welcome." The engineer was polite and polite, then turned to Ruan Dongyu and said, "Shao Ruan and Gu Shao need anything, just ask, I will try my best to help."

  Ruan Dongyu has been leaning against the corner of the table with his arms folded. Now that the matter is almost over, he stood up, "Since we have found out, let's go."

   "Young Master Ruan, walk slowly." The engineer walked them all the way to the door, only to enter the office when they walked far away.

  Tang Wenyi was sitting in the lobby of the villa, chatting casually with Mama Liu, and the content was naturally inseparable from Ruan Xi.

  Mama Liu sympathized with Ruan Xi from the bottom of her heart, but she naturally wouldn't say that in front of Tang Wenyi.

"It's not good to keep Ms. Ruan here all the time. It's not good. Mr. Tang can see if he can intercede with Mr. Pei and let her transfer to a nearby university. On the one hand It’s easy to take care of here, and on the other hand, it won’t delay her future.”

Tang Wenyi glanced upstairs subconsciously, then helped the gold-rimmed eyes on the bridge of his nose, and said with a smile, "Well, it's useless for me to say it. If you can let her go to school, do you think Mr. Pei will be so extreme?" keep her here?"

   Mama Liu's heart skipped a beat, she also glanced upstairs, and then said awkwardly, "I'm sorry, I was talking too much."

Tang Wenyi picked up the coffee and took a sip, then put it back on the tray. Even the original orientation of the cup was exactly the same as when Mama Liu served it. "Actually, how Miss Ruan will live in the future depends entirely on Miss Ruan's own performance. Mr. Pei The original intention was not to imprison her, but just to keep her. Of course, Mr. Pei may not have realized this kind of thinking. That's why they have come to this point. The authorities are confused, although we are onlookers. But after all, I'm just a part-time worker, so why not talk too much, don't you think so, Mama Liu?"

Mama Liu was ten years older than Tang Wenyi, but her ability to analyze things was far behind Tang Wenyi's by a thousand miles. This made Mama Liu admire this young man from the bottom of her heart, but at the same time she couldn't help sighing that he was so sharp and sharp. Smooth people.

   "Mr. Tang said yes."

  Upstairs, Yi Ruanxi came down at some point. She was obviously not in good spirits, and came down in her pajamas.

   Mama Liu frowned, Tang Wenyi turned his head to look at her, then turned away as if nothing had happened, and picked up the coffee cup to drink coffee.

   "Miss Ruan, you should go upstairs and change your clothes first." Mama Liu couldn't help reminding.

  Ruan Xi glanced at herself. It was a silk robe pajamas with a belt around the waist. Now wearing it on her body, even when she saw it herself, she felt like she was deliberately killing others.

  However, she doesn't care anymore. No matter what she says or does, the people here will only stop her and blindly help Pei Nanming to do things for tigers!

  She is just a group of fish, and the only thing left is for them to slaughter!

   "Does Mama Liu have to ask how I wear my clothes?" Ruan Xi's words obviously carried a sharp smell of gunpowder.

   Mama Liu was choked by her, and her face was not very good. No matter how dissatisfied Ruan Xi was before, she would not lose her temper casually like now.

  She could see that Ruan Xi was a well-educated girl full of ladylike temperament. But today, Ruan Xi lost her composure.

  However, she doesn't blame Ruan Xi, whoever is locked here like a prisoner will go crazy, right? Ruan Xi's ability to endure until today is already remarkable.

   "Sorry, I was talking too much."

   Mama Liu turned and backed away.

  Ruan Xi looked at Tang Wenyi, no, not looking at, but staring viciously.

   Tang Wenyi drank the coffee slowly and put the cup back on the tray, but this time the angle deviated a lot from the original one, and he didn't notice it at all.

   "Still angry?"

  Ruan Xi just stared at him, not speaking.

  Tang Wenyi raised his head to look at Ruan Xi, and raised his eyes habitually with his fingers, "I know what I did in the city was a little too much, but there's nothing I can do about it, isn't it?"

   Standing in front of him, Ruan Xi smiled suddenly, then sat down next to him, that smile was very enchanting.

  Tang Wenyi gave way subconsciously, but she made an inch, and simply stuck to his side, stretching out her snow-white arms towards Tang Wenyi.

  Although Tang Wenyi had no special reaction on the surface, he was already screaming in his heart.

His eyes followed her fingers, and finally her fingers reached for the coffee cup he had drunk, "Mr. Tang, your cup is placed crookedly. As a senior private manager who is more senior than a butler, such a low-level mistake will cause Makes people doubt your professionalism."

  Ruan Xi appreciated Tang Wenyi's reaction in a good mood, and at the same time adjusted the position of the coffee cup.

  If Tang Wenyi was not angry, he wouldn't be Tang Wenyi, but he still had a decent smile on his face, "If teasing me like this can relieve Miss Ruan a little, then I'm willing to bear it."

But Ruan Xi didn't give up, instead she stretched out her other arm, clasped Tang Wenyi's neck with both hands, then bowed her head and whispered in his ear, "As far as I know, you are Pei Nanming's most trusted assistant, right? ?Although, I don’t know what you do besides acting as a private executive by his side, what else you do to help him in business, but if he finds out that you and his lover are entangled, he must be very upset. Yes or no?"

  Ruan Xi's words made Tang Wenyi shudder from the bottom of his heart, and it spread to his skin like chicken skin.

  He suddenly felt that Ruan Xi suddenly turned into a beautiful snake, entwining him viciously and full of revenge.

   "Ruan Xi, are you crazy? If you continue to play like this, you will destroy yourself, so be sober! The real you shouldn't do this kind of thing!"

  Tang Wenyi frowned, tore off the superficial disguise, pulled her hands away from his neck, and pushed her away.

  She fell unsteadily on the large sofa, her posture a bit embarrassed.

  Tang Wenyi also realized that he had inadvertently hit a bit too hard, and wanted to help her up, but he felt that she would lose his nerve again, so he stopped.

  Ruan Xi laughed, "Yes, I am crazy, I am a lunatic, but you forced me to be crazy!"

  While laughing, she got up, swept all the tea sets on the coffee table to the floor, then overturned the coffee table, picked up the ashtray and threw it at the LCD TV opposite.

Tang Wenyi knew that Ruan Xi was really pushed into a hurry and couldn't bear it anymore. If this continued, she might really collapse, so she hurried over to stop her, but she broke away from him, "Don't touch me! You are all villains, You are all bad people! You all only bully me!"

  Mother Liu ran in when she heard the noise outside, and immediately changed her face when she saw the messy living room, and she was even more worried.

  Pei Nanming's personal doctor had already confessed that Ruan Xi was already pregnant.Pregnant, she can no longer be stimulated, and her own nutritional status is not very good, and she is always in a bad mood recently, let alone make her mood fluctuate too much. Pei Nanming didn't say anything on the surface, and seemed to be completely indifferent to this matter, but her years of experience in reading people told her that Pei Nanming cared more than anyone else in his heart. When his personal doctor told Pei Nanming the news, she happened to Serve them tea, so heard. At that time, she saw that Pei Nanming was shocked for a short time after hearing this, followed by joy that could not be concealed no matter how suppressed it was.

Later, Pei Nanming told her to pay attention to all of Ruan Xi's food and clothing expenses, especially her diet, and prepare her whatever can supplement nutrition, and as long as she wants to eat, as long as it is not harmful to the child, it is up to her mean to do it.

   But what is the situation now? ! These days, she has been carefully serving Ruan Xi, whether it is Ruan Xi's food and clothing, or her words and deeds, she is very careful, just in case something happens, but now, Ruan Xi is insane, smashing whatever she sees.

  Tang Wenyi also knew that the situation was serious, and Ruan Xi's reaction completely exceeded his expectations. There was no other way, but while hugging Ruan I, he said to Liu Ma, "Call the private doctor!"


  As soon as Ruan Xi heard Tang Wenyi say that he wanted to call the doctor, he immediately waved his hands and shouted loudly, "Don't call, don't call the doctor!"

  After hearing Tang Wenyi's words, her first reaction was that the child in her stomach must not be discovered by anyone, especially Pei Nanming, so she was more anxious than burning.

  At this moment, she didn't know at all that Pei Nanming actually knew about her pregnancy earlier than herself. Pei Nanming's personal doctor was not an idiot.

  Ruan Xi took advantage of Tang Wenyi's inattention, suddenly pushed him away, and ran upstairs as if fleeing for his life, shouting as he ran, "I don't want to see a doctor, I don't want to see a doctor! You are not allowed to come up, and no one is allowed to force me!"

   Tang Wenyi was naturally worried about her state, so she hurried to catch up. When he got upstairs, Ruan Xi had already entered the bedroom and locked the door from the inside.

  Turning around in the room, no matter where she was, she felt uneasy at all. She was like a child being chased by a hungry wolf, flustered and frightened, and at a loss what to do.

  Finally, she suddenly ran to the bathroom and locked the door again. The bathroom was smaller than the outside, but it was such a small space that made her feel extra safe, and felt that no one would find her if she hid here.

  Her mind was chaotic, and there was only one thought that was particularly clear, that is, absolutely not let the doctor see her, let alone let the doctor inject her with sedatives.

  She doesn't want anyone to know that she is pregnant, and she doesn't allow anyone or anything to hurt the child.

However, she locked the door and turned back too quickly, slipped on her feet, and fell to the ground abruptly. The moment the bathroom floor touched her body, she felt a cold and numb feeling from her tailbone through her whole body, and she took a quick breath for a moment. That numbness gradually turned into a piercing pain.

Immediately afterwards, her stomach throbbed with pain, and a large piece of blood flowed out of her body, sticky and warm. Soon, the whole bathroom was filled with the smell of blood, and she was in so much pain that she didn't even have the strength to shout, so she could only hold her hands together tightly. Clutching his stomach tightly, he tried desperately to get up, but his stomach hurts too much...

  When Ruan Xi opened his eyes again, he felt that he had no strength in his body, but Zhang Yi outside the window was fine, there was a little gap in the window, and the wind came in with a fresh smell.

   She was a little dazed for a while, as if she had returned to her own room, and it was the same window, and there was also a big cherry blossom tree outside, and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom at this time, pink.

  She even felt that everything was just a nightmare, and now she wakes up from the dream, nothing happened.

  When she involuntarily put her hand on her lower abdomen, and when the slightly raised lower abdomen was now completely flat, she couldn't help opening her eyes, and immediately sat up with her body propped up, but the result was a sharp pain in her lower abdomen.

   This burst of pain told her that what happened was not a nightmare, it was all real, it really happened!

  Bobobobo——after rhythmically knocking on the door, Mama Liu came in with soup, looked at Ruan Xi with helplessness and pity in her eyes, "Miss Ruan, the soup is ready, drink it while it's hot."

  Ruan Xi turned her head slowly, stared blankly at Mama Liu for a moment, it took a long time to realize, and then asked dryly, "You guys already knew that, didn't you?"

  Mother Liu nodded, "Yes, the private doctor was unwilling to give you a sedative, but considering that your mood swings are more dangerous to the child than the sedative, I chose to inject the sedative."

   "He knows it too?"

Mama Liu handed the pill to Ruan Xi, "Mr. Pei was afraid that you would not want to keep the child, so he just told us to take care of it carefully and pretended not to know about it. But I didn't expect the child to be... But Miss Ruan, don't worry. , the child will..."

Ruan Xi looked at Mama Liu and sneered, "Of course I'm not worried, there won't be a next time. I have no intention of having this child at all. I've even prepared abortion pills! Go tell him, and I'll die I won't give birth to him either! The child will be gone this time because I took the abortion pill! However, it seems that the time is a bit late..."

   Ruan Xi laughed wildly as she spoke.

  Mother Liu was startled and worried that Ruan Xi was really mentally ill, so she quickly called the private doctor who hadn't gone far and gave Ruan Xi another injection, and then Ruan Xi fell asleep obediently.

  Tang Wenyi went outside to buy a lot of supplements in person, and when he came back, he gave them to Liu Ma and gave them instructions for a long time before leaving.

  He didn't immediately call to tell Pei Nanming about Ruan i, but drove back to e to see Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming was taking Xu Chuyan fishing at a resort near e.

  Xu Chuyan sat beside Pei Nanming happily and watched. Although she didn't think fishing was any fun, with Pei Nanming around, no matter how boring she was, she would still pretend to be very interested. However, as the number of times increased, she gradually felt that as long as Pei Nanming was by her side, even boring things would become very interesting, and she didn't know when this feeling started. Now she is in an etiquette training class, and every day after class, she wants to go home quickly, probably because she knows that Pei Nanming is here these days, and his time by her side is precious.

  When Tang Wenyi called Pei Nanming, the buoy happened to move.

  He had set it to the silent mode, but the two special numbers still rang in the silent mode. When it rang, he handed the fishing rod to Xu Chuyan without thinking, and went to the side to answer the phone.

Before Pei Nanming said anything, Tang Wenyi asked him his address first, and he immediately had a bad feeling in his heart, and his brows immediately twisted up, but he has always been calm, and Tang Wenyi chose not to report first, so he will Ask, and directly ask Tang Wenyi to come to the resort to find him.

  After Wen Yi arrived at the resort, he was worried about how he wanted to explain to Pei Nanming. He didn't know about Ruan Xi's pregnancy.

This time, Ruan Xi's miscarriage had something to do with him. Although he didn't think about evading it, he didn't like it in the bottom of his heart. Moreover, he felt that Pei Nanming's attitude towards Ruan Xi was very complicated, and he might not hate it, but it was definitely not complete. hatred. Just like what he said to Liu Ma, bystanders can tell, he has been with Pei Nanming for so long, and he has been in charge of Pei Nanming's affairs for so long, but he has rarely been allowed to intervene in Ruan Xi's affairs.

   "What's going on, you have to come here to tell me?"

  Pei Nanming stood under the willow tree and looked at Tang Wenyi.

   "Ruan Xi's mental condition is very bad, and..."

   Said the word "and", Pei Nanming's face, which was already not very good, became even more gloomy.

   "And what happened?"

Stretching out the head and shrinking the head is also a knife, Tang Wenyi simply finished, "Besides, she had a miscarriage. When I came back, her condition was still unstable. Would you like to go and see her? I think I can't shirk this time." Responsibility, if I hadn't taken her to the city to go shopping without authorization, probably such a thing would not have happened."

  Pei Nanming barely calmed down, took out a cigarette and lit it twice before lighting it up, "What's going on?"

Tang Wenyi knew that Pei Nanming was forced to hold back in order to calm down, so he recounted what happened that day in a long story, "Don't blame Ruan Xi, in fact, anyone who is guarded in a place and is not allowed to move freely will not be able to bear it. ..."

  He originally wanted to say a few words to help Ruan Xi, but he didn't expect it to be counterproductive, and instead added fuel to the fire.

   "She still wants to run, right? I knew she wouldn't be so honest! If you want to run, don't tell me, but still pretend to be crazy, good, good!"

  Pei Nanming threw away the cigarette he had only smoked twice in annoyance, and crushed it hard, "I'll go and see her! Send Chuyan back!"

  Tang Wenyi still wanted to say something, but he chose to shut up. Whatever he said now would make Pei Nanming even more angry, so it was better not to say anything.

  n The east side of the city is known as the Chinese Lynasca in the col. The scenery is beautiful, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the area of the col is also very large. There are many new Italian-style buildings in it.

  On the mountainside, in a luxurious villa, Ruan Xi sat on the bed with her legs crossed, the curtains of the whole room were tightly closed, and the room was completely dark.

  She needs an absolutely quiet environment where she feels absolutely safe to think about things.

  This time, she didn't need to think about how to hide the news of her pregnancy, but how to escape from Pei Nanming's control more safely and thoroughly.

  She is completely tired of this kind of life, even if she was really responsible for Ruan Ting's car accident, it should be enough to pay such a painful price!

   Yes, enough is enough!

  She was thinking about it, when the door was kicked open suddenly, and the light from the corridor came in, which made her feel uncomfortable.

  There was a person standing at the door. She squinted her eyes for a while, then buried her head in her knees, turning a blind eye to the person at the door.

  Pei Nanming came here with intense anger and hatred for several hours of crazily racing. After getting off the highway, he ran a red light a few times and overtook and jumped in line dozens of times. He just wanted to hear what she had to say.

   But after seeing her, he couldn't control his hatred anymore!

To be honest, the child in her womb was not what he was expecting, because he never thought about having a child at all, but when he heard from the private doctor that she was pregnant, he still felt a little bit happy because he didn't know what was wrong with her. Then he wanted her to give birth to the child in a strange way!

  He knew that he had a convulsion to make such a decision! Now that the child is gone, it's good!

   But even if the child wants to be taken away, he should make the decision. Why should she make her own decision? ! Now that she owed him two lives, how could he not hate her?

"Ruan Xi, you lunatic! Did you do it on purpose?!" Almost without thinking, he threw her down as if meeting an enemy, and choked her throat, "Didn't you keep pretending to be crazy? Then, you should really be crazy and stupid!"

  Ruan Xi was pressed on the chest by him, and was strangled by the neck. She couldn't breathe at all, and could only struggle and kick desperately.

   "Didn't you want me to give you a happy time? Now I am merciful and make you happy, so you can die!"

  Pei Nanming's forehead was throbbing with veins, his eyes were red, like a mad beast, he really wanted Ruan Xi to die.

  Ruan Xi didn't have much strength in the first place, and she just had a miscarriage, which made her look even weaker. After struggling twice, she lost her strength, and gradually stopped struggling.

And Pei Nanming seemed to be hit by a hammer suddenly, completely lost strength, and slowly let go of her, "Tell me, you didn't mean it. As long as you tell me you didn't mean to take away the child, I will let you go. "

  Ruan Xi was almost strangled by him, but now he coughed violently while covering his throat. Hearing what he said, he opened his eyes and looked at him for a moment, then sneered, "Is it so important on purpose? I remember you said that you would not let your * give birth to your child. I just made a piece for you It's just to save you trouble."

  Pei Nanming was taken aback after listening, and suddenly remembered what she asked him that day.

"That's right, you did save me some trouble. But, do I need your help for what I want to do?!" He suddenly grabbed Ruan Xi's collar and brought her up in front of his eyes, "I hate women the most Pretend to be right in front of me!"

"Yes, I'm just so self-righteous! Don't you hate me? Either you kill me, or you let me go!" Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming looked at each other in the dark, unwilling to show weakness. The two of them were like two wild beasts. The eyes are fighting each other.

Suddenly, Pei Nanming smiled strangely, "Very good, very good. I didn't expect to see you for a few days, but you became more courageous. Not only dared to resist me, but also dared to talk to me like that. Kill you? You want me to kill you?" Kill you? That's too easy. If I want to kill you, it's as easy as killing an ant. But what's the point of letting you die like that?!" Pei Nanming suddenly stood up and pulled away the heavy and then adjusted his collar, "Don't you want to get along with Gu Chi? I just won't let you get what you want, I want to show him how good we are. Don't you want to give me a baby? , I will let you have one! If you dare to lose one, I will let you conceive one!"

Ruan Xi fell on the bed, covering her eyes with the back of her hand. Hearing his words, the hairs all over her body stood up. Finally, she sat up screaming and threw herself at the well-dressed Pei Nanming, punching, kicking, pushing and biting. "You devil! You are the lunatic, you are the real lunatic!"

  Any man who sees Ruan Xi like this will definitely think that this Ruan Xi is a fake, or he is simply a lunatic.

  Who would have thought that Ruan Xi, Pei Nanming's favorite girl, would be forced to this point? !

Pei Nanming grabbed her both hands, dragged her to the mirror, made her face the mirror, then passed her other hand through her waist from behind, hugged her, kissed her side of the neck with great intensity, and then lifted her Eyelids, looking at the two figures in the mirror, "Tell me, which one of us is more like a lunatic, huh?"

  Ruan Xi looked desperately at the pair in the mirror. Pei Nanming was still as handsome as before, and even his smile was so proud and elegant, but what about her? His face was pale, his hair was disheveled, and his pajamas were half-folded. Anyone who reads it will point to her and call her a lunatic!

  She knew that if she didn't leave Pei Nanming, sooner or later she would really be driven crazy by him.

  She never knew him, didn't know what he was thinking, and didn't know what his weakness was. His thoughts have been hidden very deeply since he was a child. She couldn't see through, so even though she wanted to get along with him and play with him when she was young, she didn't dare to approach him.

  Looking at the woman in the mirror who slowly closed her eyes, an unknown emotion flashed across his dark pupils. He tilted his head and still kissed her neck, leaving a string of his own marks.

  What he can never let her know is that he will torture her so stubbornly and imprison her not only because Ruan Ting's death is related to her, but also because she is the daughter of a sinner. He knew very well in his heart that what happened to Ruan Ting could not be completely blamed on her, so if it was only because of Ruan Ting's death, he might not have been so cruel and extreme at all. Now, the real culprit is dead, but she is left alone, so he will naturally want to recover all the debts from her!

  Slightly closed his eyes, his breath became rough, belonging to a man


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