Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 67

"I thought about it, but I still don't want to rely on the power of the family, so..." Qin Zhiran bit her cherry lips and looked up at Pei Nanming, "So, I want to participate in Pei's campus recruitment this year, and I want to join Pei's."

   Hearing what Qin Zhiran said, Pei Nanming's thin lips, which were originally not ups and downs, suddenly turned up a little, "Really? Don't you think that starting from the grassroots level is a waste for an excellent you?"

  Both of them kept silent about the unhappiness on the phone that day.

   "No. I want to join Pei's."

"Although the Pei family has developed rapidly recently and has a good momentum, and is also one of the five tyrants in e-city, it is still far behind the Qin family in terms of strength. Contributing to the family, but coming to the Pei family, I can't figure it out. If it is for better personal development, you should also go to the Ruan family, right?" Pei Nanming looked at Qin Zhiran thoughtfully.

In fact, Pei Nanming said this very modestly. The outside world is not very clear to what extent the Pei family has developed in his hands these years. They only know that the Pei family has risen at an unprecedented speed, and it has occupied the entire high-tech market and become a high-tech industry. Faucet momentum.

Qin Zhiran bit her lip, and finally laughed, "Since you've talked about this, I won't be cornered anymore, I chose Pei's because I think Pei's can give me better opportunities for development. This is from the perspective of development prospects, and from the perspective of personal purposes, I think working in Pei's can get closer to you. I want to see you every day, instead of making an appointment to meet each other. "

Pei Nanming really smiled this time, and looked at her with his hands in his pockets, "What to do, I don't like office romances. Office women, no matter how beautiful they are, for me, there are only two types, one is an excellent work machine , and the other is a waste-working machine."

   After all, it is still a working machine.

   "Even so, you still want to come to Pei's?"

  Qin Zhiran gritted her teeth, "Yes, even so, I will go to Pei's."

   "Then, you go to the campus recruitment." As soon as Pei Nanming finished speaking, Pei Yan came back, apparently seeing Pei Nanming a little surprised, then pulled his face, ignored Pei Nanming, and talked and laughed with Qin Zhiran.

  Pei Nanming actually didn't expect him to say anything. The father and son had been at odds for a long time, and they quarreled as soon as they met. After so many years, they were tired of arguing.

  Pei Nanming put down the fruit and didn't intend to stay longer. If Ruan Xi happened to be there, he would just say a few more nonsense, he put down his things and left.

  Pei Yan ignored Pei Nanming, but Pei Nanming didn't feel too uncomfortable, and got up to leave.

  Qin Zhiran was afraid that Pei Nanming would be uncomfortable, so she smoothed things out in the middle, hoping to mend the cracks between them. In this case, she would be considered a great achievement, laying a good foundation for becoming the Pei family in the future.

   But she never thought about how much she weighed.

   "Nan Ming, since everyone is here, come over and talk to Uncle Pei. I'll go and bring back lunch, let's eat together."

   What Pei Nanming hates the most in his life are self-assertive and nosy people.

  So she didn't even shake Qin Zhiran, she got up and left.

  Pei Yan can't bear it, he likes Qin Zhiran and thinks Qin Zhiran is suitable to be his daughter-in-law, she is smart and has good eyesight, knows how to advance and retreat, and is considerate, where can I find such a daughter-in-law.
  The teacup hit Qin Zhiran right on the forehead.

  Qin Zhiran screamed loudly at that time, the teacup fell to the ground, and the blood on her forehead also fell to the ground.

  Blood ran down half of his face from his forehead.

  Pei Yan didn't expect Qin Zhiran to block, and Pei Nanming didn't expect Qin Zhiran to be troublesome, but Qin Zhiran was not the kind of irresponsible person because of his injuries, so he turned around and helped Qin Zhiran go to the surgery.

  The diagnosis result came out, but there was nothing serious about it, except for a stitch.

  Everyone who has seen Qin Zhiran's face knows how good it is. Qin Zhiran knows better that if she needs stitches now, it means she will be disfigured. She is very scared. It is self-evident how important appearance is to her, otherwise she would not be rated as the school beauty, and she would not be able to swagger and enjoy the pursuit of many campus boys without even giving a single one.

  Do you regret it? In fact, the moment she went to block the cup, she regretted it, and wanted to withdraw it, but it was too late.

  After taking the medicine, she kept crying.

  Pei Nanming looked upset, and comforted her a few words before leaving. Qin Zhiran is not capable, so he immediately held his hand and said, "Brother Nanming, can you stay with me?"

  Pei Nanming said patiently, "I'll buy you lunch."

  Qin Zhiran said, "I'm not hungry."

  Pei Nanming said, "I'm hungry."

  Qin Zhiran had no choice but to let go pitifully.

  As soon as Pei Nanming left, she suddenly felt that she had no regrets, because this would give her another reason to keep Pei Nanming. She has no family background with any lover around him, and she also has a proud appearance. Although this appearance has suffered a little damage, if this is the case, Pei Nanming will feel guilty to some extent, right?

  Thinking like this, before the tears dried up, he suddenly laughed again.

  Qin Zhiran got a blessing in disguise and finally entered the Pei family smoothly.

  Everyone knows that she is Pei Nanming's publicly recognized girlfriend, and there are rumors that they will get engaged soon, so everyone is very polite to her.

  This includes Tang Wenyi.

   Qin Zhiran was no stranger to Tang Wenyi, but he was definitely not familiar with it either.

   This Tang Wenyi is very mysterious. The first time we met, he was Ruan Xi's boyfriend, the vice president of the three cities, but now he is Pei Nanming's senior personal assistant.

  She didn't deny that Tang Wenyi was a very handsome man. A pair of gold-rimmed glasses complemented his gentleness. His handsomeness was completely different from Pei Nanming's. They were two completely different types and couldn't be compared. But no matter which one, it will make you happy.

   If there is any dissatisfaction with Tang Wenyi, it is his eyes. It's true that his eyes are actually very beautiful, but the kind of eyes that seem to be able to see through people's hearts made her feel particularly unhappy.

  She hates other people looking at her with those eyes, as if the thoughts in her heart can't be hidden in front of him.

  Actually, no matter who it is, they would not like such eyes, they are as sharp as a falcon and as clear as glass.

  Too sensible eyes make people look like him, but they feel like a machine and not a human.

  The second time I met Tang Wenyi, this was how Tang Wenyi felt to Qin Zhiran.

   "Who the hell are you?" This was the first sentence Qin Zhiran said to Tang Wenyi.

  Tang Wenyi looked at her with a half-smile, "Miss Qin, it's very impolite to ask such a question. Therefore, I refuse to answer."

   Are you polite? It was very polite, but Qin Zhiran felt that the depression in his heart was knotted, and he was very upset.

   "Sorry, I'm sorry." She had to bear it, even if she hated this person in her heart, she could still smile very decently.

   "It's okay." Tang Wenyi waved his hand, and walked away with his long legs.

  Actually, Pei Nanming asked him to come here, nothing special, just told him to visit Ruan Xi occasionally. Among the people around him, only Tang Wenyi and Ruan Xi are the most familiar.

  He will not be able to see Ruan Xi for a long time, because the Pei family's eyeliner is watching him very closely. Of course he knew that there were only two possibilities for the Pei family to make a move, one was Ruan Hetian's intention, and the other was Ruan Dongyu's order for Gu Chi's wish.

  No matter what, he will not visit Ruan Xi in the near future, not only because of the Ruan family, but also because his heart also needs to calm down.

  So after finishing his business, he went to Xu Chuyan's place.

  Xu Chuyan's little life is very nourishing. After being with Pei Nanming, she will have a lot of money to take home, and she can also look proudly at those neighbors who used to look down on them.

  This time when Pei Nanming came back, he didn't say hello to Xu Chuyan, so when Yan came back with big bags and small bags, she was surprised to see Pei Nanming sitting in the living room drinking afternoon tea.

   Chu Yan was a little afraid of Pei Nanming. In front of her, Pei Nanming was sometimes gentle and sometimes serious. A handsome man is very eye-catching. Of course, the first glance at a man who is not familiar with him is only judged by his appearance.

When Xu Chuyan saw Pei Nanming at first glance, she knew that he was not only handsome, but also really rich. However, she didn't know that his temper was not as good as his appearance, and she didn't know it now, because Pei Nanming had almost no Really lost his temper in front of her.

But women all have an intuition. After seeing Pei Nanming, their intuition will tell her that a man like Pei Nanming is not easy to mess with. Chu Yan knows that he is the money owner. I don't know Pei Nanming's temper, and I won't anger Pei Nanming for no reason.

Pei Nanming saw that she was carrying a lot of things, but he didn't react. In his opinion, the money is hers if given out. She likes to use it to buy clothes and shoes, and even burn it as paper. That's her business. It doesn't matter.

  She just needs to make him look pleasing to the eye and make him comfortable.

   But the old lady who is here to serve Chuyan can't stand it anymore. Although she never said it, the old lady feels disgusted when she sees Chuyan's beautiful but increasingly materialistic face.

  She had never seen such an insatiable person.

   "Sir, your refreshments." The old lady brought the things up, and went to help Xu Chuyan carry things. Every time Xu Chuyan went out, she would pack a lot of bags when she came back, wishing she could bring the shopping mall home.

  Xu Chuyan didn't even think about seeing Pei Nanming, and immediately stuffed the things in her hand to the old lady, sat beside Pei Nanming in a well-mannered manner, and listened to his orders.

  Pei Nanming didn't seem to want to say anything, but just ate in silence.

  Xu Chuyan felt a little restless. When Pei Nanming fell silent, her aura immediately became oppressive. Of course she was restless.

   "Starting tomorrow, you will go to the etiquette class for training, and you will need to attend some entertainment with me in the future." After eating, Pei Nanming looked up at Xu Chuyan and said.

  Xu Chuyan was very surprised, she was not good enough to learn anything, but when it came to attending a party, she suddenly moved in her heart, does this mean that she can go from the underground to the ground, and she can see the light?

   "Okay." She agreed immediately.

  Pei Nanming ignored the excitement on her face, and only asked, "I'm relatively free these days. Is there any place you want to go in particular, and I can take you there."

   "Really?" Xu Chuyan's eyes lit up, and the excitement in her eyes was all written on the surface. People like Pei Nanming can see her thoughts at a glance.

   "Of course it's true." Pei Nanming waved at her and let her sit on his lap, "Where do you want to go?"

   "I heard that the Aegean Sea is very beautiful, can you take me to the Aegean Sea? Well, Hawaii seems to be very good, can you go to both places..."

  The old lady who came out of the kitchen glanced at Xu Chuyan with an indescribably contemptuous expression on her face.

  Mr. said that he is free for a few days, not a long vacation. He can take you out on vacation, and return to the Aegean Sea and Hawaii. The two places are separated by hundreds of thousands of miles. Do you think you are traveling around the world? !

  Pei Nanming didn't have a particularly big reaction. He just said, "Although there aren't many things going on recently, they can't do without me, so I can't go to places that are too far away. You can choose one in China."

  Xu Chuyan leaned on Pei Nanming's shoulder, "Well, then, let's not go out. It's hard for you to rest. Why don't you just walk around and watch a movie or go shopping or something."

   When it comes to watching movies and shopping, Pei Nanming can't help but think of Ruan Xi, and the face in front of him, which is somewhat similar to Ruan Xi, makes him unable not to think of her.

  However, watching movies and shopping are simply torture for Pei Nanming.

  Going around with Ruan Xi for a day and watching a movie once was already a torment. In fact, what he didn’t want to admit was that he was quite happy that day. The point is, what Ruan Xi gave him at the end made him feel angry when he thought about it.

  < Kissed him on the eye.

  Her eyes are most similar to Ruan Xi's.

  The opportunity to go out to play was so wasted, Xu Chuyan felt a little bit unwilling, and Pei Nanming didn't bother to pay attention to it.

  Ruan Xi sat on the balcony with her knees hugged, frowning slightly.

   As a junior, there is still one year left, and she can get her diploma in just one year. Now, she has to start from scratch, all by self-study. But before that, she had to leave Pei Nanming's control.


  She bit her lip and lowered her head to caress her stomach. It's been three months, and the child is growing up day by day. If she doesn't make up her mind, Mama Liu will soon see the clues.


  She was holding the abortion pill in her hand, her hand was shaking constantly. Without the courage to kill this child, even if this child is not approved by Pei Nanmingsheng, even if this child is not what she expected. Still didn't have the courage to swallow the medicine, after all, it was her child, after all, it was the life growing out of her body.

  In this world, she is so lonely, but the life conceived in her body is closely related to her. She (he) will be her only relative in this world.

  So, no matter how much she encouraged herself, in the end, she still didn't have the courage to take the child away!

  She knew very well that if the child was not taken away before it was conceived, there would be only one end, and that would be to be forced to go to the hospital for abortion. At first she was sure that she was really pregnant, and she was shocked. The child came at such an untimely time, and it shouldn't be her and Pei Nanming's child.

  When she went out with Pei Nanming that time, she deliberately tested Pei Nanming, and Pei Nanming's answer had already explained everything. He would not tolerate his lover giving birth to him, let alone this lover or her? !

   At that time, the consequences will still be the same. Not only will she not be able to keep the child, but she will also lose her last bit of hope and dignity. What dignity is there for a woman who can't even keep her own child? She must not go that far!

  She stuffed the abortion pills under her breasts, changed her clothes and went downstairs.

   Mama Liu took care of everything. She knew that Mama Liu was a careful person. She had been a housekeeper for many years, and everything was handled in an orderly manner.

  So, even if she deliberately turned over the living room in a mess, she can quickly restore it to its original state without any complaints.

   She has played this kind of game many times, and it can be said that she never gets tired of it, because this is the only game she has been under house arrest here.

  Even though she understood Mama Liu's difficulties, she still couldn't help getting bored after being followed by Mama Liu again and again. She can only find more things for Liu Ma to do in exchange for her own free time.

   Last time I agreed to go to the temple to have fun, because Pei Nanming said nothing, and it was ruined!

   "Miss, lunch is ready." Liu Ma bowed slightly, even the angle of the bow was impeccable.

  She didn't have the heart to find fault with her anymore, she had had enough trouble.

   "Okay. You all go out, I want to eat quietly by myself." She looked at the other two hired workers who were deaf and dumb, and then looked at Mama Liu and said.

   Mama Liu responded politely, and then hit the two deaf-mute workers.gesture, and the three of them went out together.

  Pei Nanming's extravagance has made Ruan Xi no longer amazed, completely numb. The butler is not only good at housekeeping, but also multi-functional, even dumb language!

  Ruan Xi looked at the table full of meals, but she had no appetite at all. For some reason, she always felt that all the meals arranged by the housekeeper were strange.

  Such as steamed eggs with minced meat, radish soup, creamy shrimp, steamed fish, bean sprouts kelp, and the most annoying apple juice. These things disgust her, she likes to eat spicy food, such as chili fried pork, sanjiao diced lotus root, etc., but after arriving here, she has never eaten chili.

   It's not that she hasn't told the housekeeper, but the housekeeper promised very well, but never served the table! She couldn't cheer up these things, she felt sick to her stomach...

   Outside, Mama Liu's cell phone rang in due course. Liu Ma hurriedly took out her mobile phone and looked at the caller ID, then stepped aside and connected, "Mr. Pei."


   "Very good, but I don't have much appetite. Every time I eat half and half of the meal. Moreover, since I was rejected last time when I said I wanted to go to the temple behind, I haven't been very energetic."


"Yes Yes."


   "Oh, I see, I will immediately notify the guard to let it go. Yes, yes, please rest assured."

   After Mama Liu hung up, she immediately dialed another number. After talking a few words, she guessed that Ruan Xi had almost eaten, so she went in.

   Ruan Xi basically didn't move the things on the table, and Mama Liu didn't show any special expression, she just advised, "Miss should eat more, it's good for your health."

  Ruan Xi's nerves suddenly tensed up, and she didn't know if it was an illusion. She always felt that Liu Ma's words had something behind the strings, but she couldn't tell anything from Liu Ma's face.

   Mama Liu was stared at by her suddenly, as if surprised, "Miss Ruan, is there something on my face?"

   "No, it's nothing." Ruan Xi managed to calm down and told herself that she must be superstitious, and she wouldn't know.

   "I heard you talking on the phone just now, did Mr. Pei call?"

   "Well, yes. He asked me to take good care of Miss Pei." Mama Liu said while clearing the table.

  Ruan Xi didn't speak.

take good care of? In her opinion, Mo Pei Nanming's call was simply to keep abreast of her movements.

   "By the way, Mr. Pei also said that his personal assistant, Mr. Tang, will come to see Miss Ruan." He raised his hand and looked at the time, "Should have entered the manor by now."

  Ruan Xi felt a headache. If Tang Wenyi came, there would be another pair of eyes watching her, and it would be even more difficult for her to do anything.

   "Well, I see. In fact, I'm not familiar with his personal assistant." Ruan Xi wiped her hands with a napkin.

   Mama Liu just smiled and didn't talk too much.

  Ruan Xi always thought that the deaf-mute girls working here were cold-blooded animals, and there would be no other fluctuations except for facial paralysis, but Tang Wenyi did it.

  Ruan Xi stood on the balcony on the second floor with her arms folded and looked at the man who got out of the car. She was wearing a stylish white suit, which fit the image of Prince Charming in the hearts of girls.

   At least, among the many people she has seen, few people can wear a white suit so pleasing to the eye. Tang Wenyi still looks like he wants to die in front of people. Those eyes with gold rims will always make him look wise and gentle, not too sharp-edged, nor too sleek.

  When he stood at the door, he obviously touched the hearts of several deaf-mute girls.

  Tang Wenyi habitually helped his eyes on the bridge of his nose, and then walked very upright, turning a blind eye to the scheming girls around him.

  Ruan Xi knew what kind of person he was, so when everyone was confused by Tang Wen Yibo's appearance, she remained indifferent.

  To be honest, Ruan Xi really couldn't think of any reason why Pei Nanming could send a killer figure like Tang Wenyi here. Just to prevent her from escaping, that would be overkill, and she is not the stealthy thief in the novel, who can do anything by flying over the roof and walls.

   In other words, if he had that ability, it would be useless to bring Tang Wenyi here.

  She has been thinking about whether she can find a breakthrough in Tang Wenyi now that Tang Wenyi is here.

  Pei Nanming didn't let Mama Liu take her out because he was afraid that Mama Liu wouldn't look down on her, right? So what about Tang Wenyi? He dared to give Tang Wenyi the position of vice president of the three cities, and at the same time let Tang Wenyi be his personal executive. Does this mean that he has great confidence in Tang Wenyi?

   "What are you thinking? In just a minute, your face has changed in seventeen or eight ways?"

  When did Tang Wenyi come to her side, she had no idea at all!

   "Are you a cat? You don't make any noise when you walk?"

Tang Wenyi frowned slightly, pretending to be puzzled, "Is there a cat in the Chinese zodiac? Although I like cats very much, I am also curious why cats are not included in the zodiac, but in fact, cats are really not in the zodiac. right?"

  Look, this is the real Tang Wenyi!

  In fact, Ruan Xi really didn’t want to talk to him, but, thinking that it might be useful, she put on her old face and smiled, “Well, there are indeed no cats in the Chinese zodiac, mainly because cats are too lazy.”

   "Yeah, but how do I remember it was the mean mouse who took the cat's place in the zodiac?"

  Ruan Xi has one head and two big ones, every time he meets Tang Wenyi, as long as he opens his mouth, he will definitely say some nonsense, meaningless, pure waste of tongue.

   "As long as you remember." Tang Wenyi really didn't want to talk to him anymore.

Tang Wenyi helped his eyes, and watched Ruan Xi turn back to the room, "Miss Ruan seems to be in a bad mood, should I take you out to relax?" Ruan Xi's eyes immediately lit up when she heard this, but she tried her best to suppress it and let herself On the surface, there was no excitement at all.

   "Of course, but let me ask first, if you go out to relax, do you need to wear handcuffs and shackles? If so, then I'd better stay here obediently."

  Whoever heard Ruan Xi's words would be upset? The same is true for Tang Wenyi, but his professionalism over the years has allowed him to maintain his demeanor well, and he doesn't seem to be unhappy at all.

Because it is working time now, he smiled very decently, and he couldn't see the rogue attitude that was so angry that people would not pay for his life at all, but what he said was enough to make people depressed, "If Miss Ruan wants to bring , I will naturally not object, after all, this way I can save a lot of worry."

  Ran Xi was so angry that his face turned blue, and he calmed down after a while, "In order not to let you worry, I will never bring those things with me."

  Tang Wenyi didn't say anything, just smiled formally at her.

  He came here this time because of the work assigned by Pei Nanming. Since he was doing work, he himself felt that there was no need to show his true colors. Maintaining professionalism is very important.

  So, this time Tang Wenyi didn't plan to chat with her anymore, but bowed to her forty-five degrees gracefully, "In this case, Miss Ruan, please prepare a little bit, I will wait below."

   After finishing speaking, Tang Wenyi straightened his back and walked away very upright.

   Ruan Xi stared at his back, not knowing what it was like for a moment, but just felt very uncomfortable.

   She felt uncomfortable with Tang Wenyi and her talkative, so polite and indifferent, she still felt uncomfortable, and she didn't know what was going on with her.

   Or, pregnant women will have a bad temper? Or, did he really become irritable after being locked up here for too long?

  Ruan Xi changed her clothes and went straight to the garage with her bag.

   Mama Liu stood at the door, "Miss Ruan, I wish you a good time."

  Ruan Xi turned around and smiled, then got into Tang Wenyi's car.

  Tang Wenyi's car is not as expensive as Pei Nanming's, but in Ruan Xi's eyes, it is enough to attract attention.

  At least, if she works honestly and honestly, she might not be able to afford this car for half her life!

   "Where does Miss Ruan want to go?"

  Tang Wenyi looked at the road ahead, that posture is called not squinting.

  Ruan Xi turned her head and looked out the window, absent-mindedly, "Whatever, I'm not familiar with this place at all."

  Hearing this, Tang Wenyi subconsciously glanced at her in the rear view mirror, and then looked at her in front of her as if nothing had happened.

   "Since Ms. Ruan doesn't know where to go, let's go to the mall and supermarket."

   "Yes." Speaking of shopping malls, Ruan Xi suddenly turned her head and looked at his profile from the back seat, "Is there a shopping mall in this valley?"

   Hearing that Ruan Xi called this place Shan'ao, Tang Wenyi's forehead obviously had several veins popping out. At that time, his first thought was, what would Pei Nanming's reaction be if he heard Ruan Xi's name like this? Did his face instantly turn into coal balls, or did he turn his head and stare at Ruan Xi in an extremely gloomy manner, or did he just say nothing and show her face with a livid face?

  Here is named Nalanska in China.

  Nalanska is a large district of Dubai, Lazio is to the south, Umbria is to the east, Dinisna-Romagna and Liguria are to the north, and the Tyrrhenian Sea is to the west. Its capital is Florence. Naranska is known for its beautiful landscapes and rich artistic heritage. Of course, there is no rich artistic heritage here, but Nalanska, which can be called China, shows how beautiful its scenery is.

   Moreover, so many Italian-style buildings have been built here, attracting so many tourists to come and watch. There are many wealthy people who want to live in this place. Ruan Xi simply summed it up with the word "Shan Col". If Pei Nanming, the planner behind this place, knew about it, he would be able to understand what kind of face he would have.

   "Except for the airport, train station and dock, there is everything here." Tang Wenyi said coldly.

   Ruan Xi could tell that he was upset no matter how dull she was, not to mention she was not slow at all.

   "You don't seem very happy?"


   "You still say no? The veins on your forehead are twitching. But, what did I say that made you so upset?" Ruan Xi was puzzled.

  Tang Wenyi still insisted that no, Ruan Xi knew that it would be useless to ask any more questions, so she simply stopped asking.

   "I don't want to visit the nearby shopping malls, why don't you take me to the city? I haven't been out of this mountain yet."

   "Are you sure you want to go?" Tang Wenyi has already become resistant to the mountain depression that Ruan Xi said. Although the veins on his forehead are still there, they are no longer jumping.

   "I want to go, won't Pei Nanming not allow it?"

  Ruan Xi looked at Tang Wenyi, a little worried.

Tang Wenyi smiled, "He didn't allow it, but before I go, let me tell you, you must be honest, otherwise Boss Pei will find out, and you will probably never want to step out of the villa in your life. "

Ruan Xi's back turned cold, and he said nonchalantly, "I told him long ago that I would never think of running away again. Now I have no education or family background, and I can't even find a job without him. I don't even have the ability to support myself, so how can I be so stupid that I can't live a life of pampering, but instead run out to ask for trouble?"

   "If you really think so, that's fine." Tang Wenyi kept looking at the road conditions without looking back. However, just listening to his tone, Ruan Xi knew that he didn't believe it at all.

  For Ruan Xi, it doesn't matter whether Tang Wenyi believes it or not.

   It was only after the legendary Nalanska Ruanxi found out that this is the city n that is adjacent to city s. Although it is adjacent, she has never been here.

   "So the school is so close here." Ruan Xi murmured.

  Tang Wenyi parked the car and looked back at her, "Don't tell me that you want to see the school."

Ruan Xi raised her eyes and looked at Pei Nanming pitifully, "I want to go back, but I'm not stupid enough to ask you to take me there. Besides, even if Pei Nanming is willing to let me go, you are willing to take me there, and I will Impossible to go back."

  Tang Wenyi suddenly turned his gaze away, "Just understand, let's go."

In fact, Tang Wenyi would also feel that Pei Nanming's actions were extreme, but it was a grievance between the two of them. What outsiders say will not help. If Pei Nanming can't see it, and Ruan Xi has always been so dull, he obeyed on the surface and resisted in his heart. If not, then they will only torture each other.

  The large shopping malls in the city are indeed very large. The first floor is for women's clothing, the second floor is for men's clothing, the third floor is for furs, the fourth floor is for exclusive sales of famous products, and the fifth floor is all world famous brands with prices exceeding 10,000 yuan.

   They walked in the mall for more than an hour before they finished shopping on the two floors. Ruan Xi remembered that Zhang Tong told her that boys can shoot basketball all afternoon without complaining that they are tired, but they cannot go shopping with you for an hour without clamoring to find a place to rest.

  Now, Tang Wenyi has been wandering around with him for more than an hour, but his face doesn't change color and heartbeat, and he still smiles like a spring breeze in March. She really admires this man's endurance.

   Or, in order to be a good senior private manager, he has already done professional training in this area?

  God knows, Tang Wenyi is actually very tired, and he really wants to find a place to sit down and not get up. He also hates shopping, especially with girls. When he was in college, in order to accompany his dormitory buddies in chasing their girlfriends, he was loyal to his dormitory buddies as a dog-headed strategist and advised them. Accompanying guests, so he took out the determination of a strong man who broke his wrist to die for his confidant, and accompanied his buddies.

  The girl dragged them around for an afternoon, and he hated shopping since then. Of course, there was another reason for this, and that was because he went shopping with his buddy, which caused his buddy to suffer a huge failure in chasing women.

   That woman didn't fall in love with his buddy in the end, but instead fell in love with him, and followed him for a semester. It really scared him enough, mainly because the woman was too aggressive. He refused for a semester, and the woman chased him for a semester. In the end, if he hadn't finished his studies and returned to China, he would have been tortured by that woman.

   This is a big embarrassment in his life, and he has always kept it secret. All in all, as of today, he hasn't been shopping in the street for six years, and he hasn't been shopping with a woman in the mall for five years.

   Arriving at the fur monopoly area on the third floor, Ruan Xi randomly entered a house, which was full of fox fur scarves, snow-white and snow-white. She squinted her eyes and looked at it for a long time, but she didn't pay attention to it at all, she was just thinking about how to get rid of Tang Wenyi for a while.

  But the seller didn't think so, and kept telling her how good their goods were, and how they matched her temperament.

  Tang Wenyi pursed his lips, actually he didn't want to laugh, but he couldn't help it, so he made such a gesture that looked like a smile but not a smile.

  Ruan Xi didn't pay attention at first, but after thinking about it, he suddenly realized that what the salesman said was almost like calling him a fox.

  If it is not a fox, how can it match the temperament of fox fur? Tang Wenyi always wanted to laugh at this, right? Just because of his smile, Ruan Xi chose three in a fit of anger, asked the salesman to pack them up, and stuffed them to Tang Wenyi.

   Afterwards, he picked out many more things, and put each thing into a bag, so that Tang Wenyi's hands were full. Still holding a stack of boxes.


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