Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 66

In order to repay, she endured, endured, and even lost her own happiness, let down Gu Chi, and ruined her future. She will also be wronged and tired!

  At this moment, she felt more tired than ever. She really really didn't know what to do?

   "I never thought about it, never." Her voice trembled slightly, and there were tears in her eyes but they couldn't flow.

  Pei Nanming felt a sudden pain in his heart, as if he was being grabbed and ravaged back and forth by something. He hates this feeling, this feeling of being unable to control himself, and he hates this feeling even more because he saw the face in front of him.

"Whether you think about it or not, the fact is already like this. After killing someone, can you just say that it was not my intention, and shirk all responsibility?" Pei Nanming suddenly put her in his arms and stared at her. Looking at her, "No one in this world can be so irresponsible. Pay back money for debts, and pay for life. I am so kind, so I won't let you die."

  For the first time, Ruan Xi saw something other than anger in Pei Nanming's eyes. It was not resentment, but more like sadness.

   And that emotion was so fast, so fast that she thought she was delusional.

  The next moment, Pei Nanming pushed her away, "Let's go, the amusement park is just ahead."

  Ruan Xi took two steps back and stood firm. Pei Nanming has already walked forward by himself.

Ruan Xi looked at the pharmacy again, and reached out to touch the pocket of his clothes. There was only one hundred yuan in it, and it was taken out of his wallet. When he buys a ticket later, he will soon find that there is less money. ?

  She ran over suddenly, hugged Pei Nanming's arm, and acted like a baby, "I'll buy tickets later, okay?"

  Pei Nanming turned to look at her, "You?"

   "Well, me. Now you are my benefactor, and you are here to relax with me. Of course I have an obligation to take good care of you."

  Pei Nanming squinted at her for a while. If he could be fooled by her reason, then he would not be Pei Nanming, but he wanted to see what kind of tricks she was playing, so he nodded in agreement.

  Ruan Xi didn't expect it to be so easy, but instead froze for a moment.

   "Why, looking at your expression, you seem to be very surprised. Could it be that you are suddenly so attentive, is there another purpose?"

   "Where can it be?" Ruan Xi quickly put on a smiling face.

"That's good."

  Ruan Xi tried her best to look normal, "Then, bring the wallet."

  Pei Nanming stared at her inquiringly for a long time, then took out his wallet to her.

  Ruan Xi secretly sighed for herself, if she had known that he would hand over the wallet to her so easily, then why did she worry about going through his wallet to steal the one hundred dollars last night? !

   "I'll go buy two bottles of water first." After speaking, Ruan Xi went straight to the newsstand.

   Even in the newsstand in this place, there is also news about the Pei family, but the time is a bit behind. When she took the purified water, she happened to see the headlines about the Pei family severing ties with her.

  Although she knew the matter a long time ago, when she saw what was written in black and white in the newspaper, her heart beat hard, and she felt unspeakably uncomfortable.

  However, until now, there is nothing to redeem.

  What she didn't see was the report on the Gu family and Gu Chi in the lower part of the newspaper.

  When Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming came to the amusement park, there were many people inside, most of them tourists.

   It can be seen that the income of this scenic spot is very good, the amusement park is full, and there are people lined up behind each project.

  Looking at so many people, Ruan Xi was a little disappointed. If she waits like this, she doesn't know when it will be their turn. And in this way, it should be very compatible with Pei Nanming's mind. He didn't like these things in the first place, so he had no choice but to go up.

  She turned her head in disappointment and looked at Pei Nanming. Pei Nanming rarely kept a straight face, "Don't worry, if there are many people, just wait a while."

  He was not polite, and asked Ruan Xi to buy the ticket first, and stood there by himself.

  Ruan Xi still couldn't help complaining in her heart, even if he really hates playing roller coasters, even if he really hates her, according to the current situation, even if he pretends to be a gentleman, right? There are so many couples who come to do the roller coaster, all the tickets are male, and she is the only female!

  Ruan Xi waited for half an hour to get two tickets. When he returned the wallet to Pei Nanming, Pei Nanming was standing on the side looking at the scenery. The so-called scenery refers to those couples and children screaming on the roaring roller coaster. He frowned while watching.

  She didn't know what he was thinking in his heart, but she guessed in her heart whether the guy who didn't like amusement parks since he was a child had a fear of heights or some other problem.

   "Here's your wallet, I've bought a ticket." As he spoke, he slipped one to him, and then he followed the queue to line up.

  Pei Nanming held the ticket and slowly followed her, "Let's sit together." He whispered in her ear.

  Ruan Xishang nodded and rolled her eyes inwardly. Of course they sat together. It would be better if they could be separated.

  They are the second group, and the previous pair is the end of the previous group.

   "I'm so excited!" The woman in front looked like a post-90s generation, a typical non-mainstream, dressed in the kind of way that people can see at a glance when walking in the crowd.

  Ruan Xi looked at the girl's two thin legs and the pair of checked socks on her legs, and couldn't help shivering. In fact, there is nothing wrong with thinness being beautiful, but there must be a limit to thinness. When your legs become compasses, no matter how you look at it, it will not make people feel beautiful.

"I'm very excited too!" The boy on the other side turned his head and kissed the girl. Although Ruan Xi was expressionless and showed nothing wrong, when Pei Nanming suddenly turned to look at her, she still felt that the old face couldn't hold back. It's about to collapse.

   Fortunately, Pei Nanming didn't say anything, and turned his eyes away very casually, looking elsewhere. In fact, she was always curious about what Pei Nanming meant and what expression she had when she looked back.

   But at that time, she was really taken aback by the behavior of the couple in front of them, so she didn't have the courage to look at Pei Nanming at all.

  However, as far as she imagined, Pei Nanming, a seasoned lover who has several lovers around him every month, probably doesn't feel anything about this kind of thing, because he's too used to it. And the two in front of them are too tender and jerky! For a guy like him who likes hot and explosive women, the child's skinny legs have completely turned him off.

  After getting on the roller coaster, Pei Nanming kept tense. She turned her head to look at him in surprise and curiosity. He looked serious, holding the handrails with both hands, leaning slightly towards her.

   "Ah, you are not afraid, are you?"

  Ruan Xi was actually joking.

  However, he turned his head to look at her, and said very seriously, "If you say one more word, I will throw you from here." That tone was definitely not to scare people or make a joke.

  Ruan Xi shut up knowingly, and moved his body to the side, what if he really grabbed himself and threw him down? She thought so.

  Unexpectedly, she just moved, and he just followed her and squeezed over.

  She turned her head to look at him, but he looked at the front sullenly, with a paralyzed face, so unlovable.

  Ruan Xi is sure this time, this guy is really nervous.

   But she finds it strange that a person like him dares to drive all the way to the top, but this roller coaster can make him so nervous? This is interesting.

  However, she was quite sensible, and obediently let him hug her without saying anything.

  The roller coaster starts slowly, and then gets faster and faster.

  Because this amusement park is built in a mountain depression, it is really a roller coaster, not just a symbolic name.

  This roller coaster is built on the basis of several relatively small mountains. In order to have enough twists and turns and enough ups and downs to stimulate, it has been manually carved several times on the low hills, and it has become what it is now. After going around the hill for a circle, I finally reached the steel frame. It was like throwing a person from the air for a 360-degree turn. For a while, the person's body was completely upside down.

  Ruan Xi finally couldn't help screaming, and those behind him who had already screamed were turned upside down. But at this time, who has the heart to listen to other people's screams.

  Pei Nanming remained silent, his face was still tense.

   When he came down, Pei Nanming was still the same, and there was nothing abnormal, except that his flowing black hair was a little messy. But just like him, he actually attracted the attention of countless women around him.

  Ruan Xi seemed to be drunk, her feet were a little weak, she didn't feel it when she was sitting, but after getting off the roller coaster, she realized that she couldn't even walk anymore. His head was dizzy, and Pei Nanming's face almost turned into two.

  After walking about nine steps, Ruan Xi finally took two steps and threw up by the trash can!

  Pei Nanming's face was even uglier.

   Walked over with long legs, patted her on the back, helped her up, and handed her a wet wipe.

  Ruan Xi vomited so that her cheeks flushed on both sides. The moment she turned her head, Pei Nanming was slightly shocked when she saw it. Then she took a wet towel and wiped the corners of her mouth uncomfortable.

   At this time, there were more people watching the excitement from the sidelines.

  Ruan Xi even vaguely heard someone say that Pei Nanming is not only good-looking, but also gentle, who will take care of his girlfriend and so on.

   At that time, Ruan Xi wanted to yell, whoever thinks he is good, take it! Of course, she didn't dare to shout out.

  Pei Nanming half hugged and half hugged her to rest on the lounge chair beside the amusement park.

  Ruan Xi touched the pure water and took a sip, the blush on her face subsided a little.

   "Since you can't play, don't play." Pei Nanming said coldly, without even looking at her.

  Ruan Xi obediently agreed to him, but what she thought in her heart was, do you think I am willing? !

  Ruan Xi leaned on the back of the chair, closed her eyes, she still felt sick in her heart, but it was much better. If it wasn't for pregnancy, she wouldn't be so weak at all, right? Thinking of this, she frowned slightly. She hadn't had her period for two months, and she still had symptoms of vomiting and dizziness all the time. Isn't it pregnancy?

The main purpose of asking Pei Nanming in the car was to test whether Pei Nanming knew about her pregnancy. After all, his personal doctor had been there before. Although, it was too early at that time, even a senior private doctor might not be able to do it Any special test can tell the clues, but if he knows, then her life will be difficult in the future. To be prudent, of course, it is necessary to make sure.

  However, judging from the conversation in the morning, he probably didn't know. Otherwise, he wouldn't have said that it was impossible for his lover to conceive his child.

  Three months, if you don't deal with it, you will be seen.

  She opened her eyes, but found that Pei Nanming was looking at her with burning eyes, and the moment she opened them, his eyes became cold, as if what she saw just now was an illusion.

   And she really automatically regarded it as an illusion, it was impossible for him to see himself in that way. When he looked at himself, he was always angry or indifferent.

   "Let's go and see if there is anything else fun to do. After finally getting out, I will at least come back to play for the next year." Ruan Xi said carelessly, but Pei Nanming frowned at her back.

   In the next year? Well, it is indeed possible. Once I leave this time, I probably won't come back for a long time.

  He also got up, since this is the case, then today, no matter what you want to play, let me follow you. Even if I hate you, I can't make you live in fear and sadness every day, can I? not to mention……

  He subconsciously looked towards her waist, and then suddenly turned away...

He just played with her in the amusement park for a day. She played all the entertainment items in the amusement park, large and small, and vomited faintly several times, but she seemed to be possessed, and she clearly vomited. The little face was pale and pale, but he still refused to give up.

  He frowned, but didn't persuade him much.

  On this day, he made up for all the things he had never played since he was a child. To be honest, his complexion is not too good, a little pale.

  When they left the amusement park, Pei Nanming looked back deliberately. It was already dark, and they played everything in the amusement park, except for the towering Ferris wheel.

  In the night, the Ferris wheel is shining with colorful lights, like Ni Hong, slowly rotating in the dark night.

  He smiled, happy?

  People say that watching the Ferris wheel is watching happiness. Are they desperate for not riding the Ferris wheel?

  He turned his head, looked at Ruan Xi's back, and followed.

   "Let's go to the movies."

  Pei Nanming didn't speak, but looked at her quietly.

  Everything they do is like a lover, but they know better than anyone else that they are not lovers, and they will never become lovers.


   is a blockbuster - "Fast and Furious". Girls obviously don't like this kind of movie, but for Pei Nanming, watching this kind of illusory blockbuster is better than going back to read two stacks of documents.

  So, both of them watched absently.

  As for the others, it’s more like watching a movie than finding a dimly lit place to do some exciting underground work. For example, the couple in front of them sat upright at first, and then they simply sat together, their bodies were trembling uncontrollably.

  Ruan Xi finally despaired of the world, she simply leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes to rest, and fell asleep after resting.

  Pei Nanming spent a whole day with her, saying that he was not tired would be a lie, but he didn't feel tired of this kind of tiredness. There are so many women around him, but he has never played with such a crazy and childish one. Even his favorite lover, he is also tired of coping. Let him go shopping or watch a movie in an amusement park with him, and he will walk away without saying a word.

  Pei Nanming is a very strange person. Once he decides to do something, he will never give up halfway, such as deciding to watch a movie with her. Even if he doesn't like it, he still stares at the screen until the movie ends.

   And Ruan Xi had already fallen asleep, with her head tilted directly on his shoulder, sleeping quite sweetly.

  Pei Nanming stared at her in the shadows, his eyes flickering on and off.

  In the end, he still didn't wake her up, but walked out of the cinema with her on his back.

   It looked like she was really tired, but she didn't wake up during the process.

  In the evening, the whole scenic area is still lively, because the students walk by in small groups after evening self-study. People in some scenic spots also began to play dance music in the square and gather together to dance.

  Although he dances well, it is not his interest, it is purely for social needs. Therefore, he walked over with Ruan Xi behind his back without looking sideways.

  Ruan Xi was awakened by the shocking music, and found that Pei Nanming was carrying her back, and suddenly felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

   "When you wake up, go by yourself." Pei Nanming was so vigilant, she spoke even though she didn't move, but he just knew she was awake.

  Ruan Xi had no choice but to come down and walk, "Well, the movie is over so soon?" She yawned beautifully and stretched herself.

  Pei Nanming didn't speak, but Ruan Xi shut up with a dry laugh.

  Suddenly remembered something, she immediately Changing his face, he turned around and looked around, and found that there was also a pharmacy in front of him, so he began to rack his brains to figure out how to distract him.

   "Brother, can you let them buy a TV or computer or something, or I will be bored." She rolled her eyes and looked at Pei Nanming.

  Pei Nanming agreed without even thinking about it, "TV is fine, but others are not."

  The purpose of not letting people prepare these before was to cut off her news, but now that I think about it, it seems that this is not necessary, as long as the mobile phone and computer are cut off.

   This has made Ruan Xi overjoyed.

In order to give this reason, I really need this joy, "That's great, to thank you..." Ruan Xi wanted to kill herself, but this is the last hope, "I, you wait for me, I will go shopping ..."

   After speaking, she blushed and ran to the pharmacy.

  Pei Nanming looked at Ruan Xi inexplicably. Is this really the Ruan Xi who is always cautious in front of his eyes?

  Ruan Xi came out of the drugstore within five minutes.

   Carrying a bag in his hand.

  Pei Nanming glanced at the bag, and then asked, "What is it?"

   Ruan Xi lowered her head, her voice sounded like a mosquito, "You will know when you get back."

  Pei Nanming smiled this time, he already guessed what it was.

   "We never used these things before, right?"

   "Where are you going! This is what I gave you!" Ruan Xi immediately stuffed the things to Pei Nanming, gave him a glance, and turned his head again.

   Seeing that he had guessed wrong, Pei Nanming opened the bag and took a look with great interest. His face turned blue immediately, and it was written gorgeously


   "Okay, hello, very good, Ruan Xi, if I don't let you die screaming tonight, I'm not Pei Nanming!"

  Ruan Xi shrank her neck, hurried to catch up, and hugged Pei Nanming from behind, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I bought it just to thank you. The medicine seller said this is a tonic..."

  Pei Nanming's face was ashen, ignoring what she said.

  Ruan Xi knew that she had said the wrong thing and done the wrong thing again, and it was only then that she realized what a stupid thing she had done.

   "I really don't mean anything else by giving this to you. You see, there are so many lovers around you, and everyone needs you. This medicine can be just in case..."

  The more she talked, the more exciting Pei Nanming's face became, and Ranxi finally shut up.

  A man like Pei Nanming has strong self-esteem and is even more confident in his own sexual function, but she only buys Viagra when she is confused. Brother Pei Nanming, he is angry, but she understands.

  Actually, when she bought the medicine, she was very anxious. She was afraid that Pei Nanming would follow in. If he saw what she had bought, she would die.

  So, while she was talking about buying abortion pills, she was also talking about buying men’s tonics.

  For those who sell drugs, men’s tonics are not for men, so Viagra is naturally the best choice. She hastily paid for the necessary things for the medical abortion, and came out with her pockets in her pockets. At that time, she never thought that Viagra was a medicine for treating impotence and premature ejaculation!

  Now Pei Annanming is angry, and her mind is clear...

   Along the way, Pei Nanming's face was like a dye vat, never before so colorful.

   And Ruan Xi shrank carefully in the car, fearing that he would not be able to bear the anger anytime soon, and threw her out of the car with her.

   Along the way, Ruan Xi kept thinking in her heart, impulsiveness is the devil, impulsiveness is the devil, so calm Pei Nanming, don't be impulsive.

  Facts have proved that Pei Nanming is not only impulsive, but also very, very calm. After returning to the villa, he dealt with some things that had to be dealt with in an orderly manner, then took a shower and changed into pajamas. During the whole process, Pei Nanming was very, very calm.

   Calmly, Ruan Xi couldn't help shivering when she took a shower.

   And she just took off her clothes and turned on the shower. The very calm Pei Nanming who had finished the shower unexpectedly opened the door and came in.

  Ruan Xi took a step back with her eyes wide open, and she didn't know where to cover the towel in her hand, and she felt that it was wrong to cover it anywhere.

  Pei Nanming closed the bathroom door, leaned on the door panel and looked at her leisurely, "What are you covering, where did I touch you?"

  Ruan Xi turned red and then white, looking at Pei Nanming dully, not knowing what to say to him.

  In fact, in the current situation, it’s useless to say anything, she just feels that she is shooting herself in the foot, why is she doing something wrong, but to challenge the ability he is proud of!

  Send him Viagra, isn’t it the same as provoking him clearly, and the declaration of provocation is something that every man hates—you are useless!

  Ruan Xi didn't even have the intention to cry now, but just hugged her chest in fear, "Believe me, I really don't mean anything else, I..."

   "I know you mean nothing else."

  Ruan Xi breathed a sigh of relief, "Just believe it."

  Pei Nanming raised his thin lips, "You just mean that I'm a waste if I don't rely on medicine, and I can't satisfy you at all, don't you?"

  Ruan Xi looked at Pei Nanming and just wanted to cry! She obviously didn't mean that, not at all, but he was going to distort it on purpose and think that way on purpose!

   And she deserved it herself. This time, she found it all by herself.

"No, no, no!" Ruan Xi shook her head fiercely, "I really think about your health. I told the boss that I needed tonic, so he gave me this. At that time, I took it out without reading the instructions. Think of it as saying that it treats physical disorders!"

  Ruan Xi took a step forward, "Oh? It turns out that you gave me something to thank me, but you didn't even read the manual, so you just gave it to me. You are really sincere!"

  Ruan Xi hurriedly covered her mouth, such truth made her petrified!

  The more she talked, the more confused she became, and the more she explained, the worse she got. She really wanted to slap herself.

  When did you become so stupid and clumsy? Nervous, must be too nervous.

  When Pei Nanming was scary, she was really scary. She was so scared that her hairs could stand up and turn into thorns, such as now.

   "I'm sorry, I was wrong, and I will definitely not be so careless in the future. Sorry!"

  Pei Nanming put his arms around her naked body, and kissed her on the neck, "Just admit your mistake earlier, why bother to be so frightened?"

  His brocade pajamas were a little cold against her body, she struggled uncomfortably, seeing his gloomy expression, she calmed down obediently, "Your pajamas are wet..."

   "Don't talk." Before she could finish speaking, Pei Nanming suddenly lowered his head and kissed her, tossing and turning affectionately and gently.

  Ruan Xi's heart was beating wildly, startled and terrified and... and emotional, he had never given such a kiss. He has always been rough with her, except punishment is plundering, the pain of biting, as if he would eat her mouthful at any time.

  But this time, it was so light and gentle.

   It made her forget how to breathe, and she felt as if she was about to be drowned by this tenderness.

  My heartbeat has never been so fast, as if it is about to burst out. She seemed to be bewitched, she was lured by him step by step, and let go of herself completely.

  She knew that she must be crazy, to be so shameless and debauched.

  But, but his tenderness is like a pair of warm hands, moving not only the body, but also the heartbeat!

  She finally couldn't bear it anymore, she was completely addicted, it turned out that for the past three years, she had done this kind of thing.

  She grabbed his shoulders and clung to his neck like a drowning person clinging to a piece of driftwood.

  The sound of water from the shower fell on the two of them. She raised her eyes slightly and looked at him, but she was a little inexplicably afraid, afraid that he would open his cold and indifferent eyes and stare at her expressionlessly.

   Fortunately, he is also emotional, at least this proves that she is not the only one indulging in this passion.

   After a long time, he suddenly hugged her tightly, and he knew that he had reached his peak in her body again.

   And she had no strength left, just leaned in his arms, and felt for the first time that his chest was generous and warm.

   This awareness made her shiver suddenly, and an intuition of danger enveloped her, causing her to suddenly widen her eyes and look at the mirror covered in water vapor.

   In the mirror, two blurry figures cuddled together, looking like two distorted monsters.

  She suddenly felt afraid, and this time the fear did not come from Pei Nanming, but from deep in her heart.

  Pei Nanming seemed to be aware of her abnormality, and raised her chin with his index finger deep in his heart, staring quietly at her water-stained face, "What's wrong?"

  Ruan Xi smiled weakly, pretending to be relaxed, "I just realized that you can be so good without taking medicine."

  Pei Nanming immediately had a bad face, "Are you trying to offend me on purpose? Or is it because I was too gentle with you just now, so you feel very uncomfortable?"

   "Where?" Ruan Xi laughed dryly, "I'm just afraid that you won't feel well. You know, if you're upset, I won't be able to get the money!"

  Pei Nanming's originally gentle eyes suddenly burst into flames, his complexion became even worse, and Pei Nanming himself was shocked.

  Why are you angry? Why are you angry at her words? Suddenly, I realized that many times when I was angry and tortured her, it was because she said something that made me uncomfortable!

   And what is the content of those words? Not every time it has something to do with mother Ruan Ting!

   Then why so furious? After all, what do you care about?

  He let go of her suddenly, turned around and went out without saying anything.

   Ruan Xi didn't know why, and while he was relieved, he was also a little indescribably disappointed.

  People really like to be cheap! Ruan Xi smiled self-deprecatingly, and quickly tidied herself up. In the cleaned mirror, the woman with hickey marks and flushed cheeks almost made her unable to believe that it was herself!

  She hugged herself, her eyes suddenly filled with tears, in fact, his hands had been so gentle to many women before, and she was just one of those women... so disgusting...

  She suddenly leaned against the wall and vomited...

  That night, Pei Nanming didn't go back to the bedroom to sleep, but directly slept in the guest room.

Ruan Xi tossed and turned, and couldn't fall asleep. She knew that she barely fell asleep in the middle of the night. In the morning when the sky was slightly bright, she saw a car light flashing below. She jumped up almost immediately and ran to the window to look. Sure enough, Pei Nanming drove away up.
   It wasn't until the sun was high that they got up. Soon, someone sent home appliances.

  Mama Liu was busy instructing the workers who delivered home appliances, so she was naturally not idle and went to chat with the driver.

   "I heard that many residents used to take the small road to the mountain, isn't it? It must be fun, and the feeling is very different from the road?" Most of the migrant workers are local residents, and this driver is no exception.

   "Yes, there were no roads here at that time, so everyone just took the side road to save trouble. If you are a foreigner, it is best to have an acquaintance guide you, so as not to get lost."

  The driver is obviously very talkative, and he is very happy to say these things.

  Ruan Xi tried her best to show herself very excited and eager to try, "Then, do these mountains have trails?"

The driver nodded, "That's for sure." His Mandarin is not standard, and he speaks with a strong local taste, but it is not unpleasant, "For example, this mountain, climb up from this side, there are three small roads behind , divided into left, middle and right, but I heard that since this area was bought by people, it has been blocked. Rich people are big money."

  Ruan Xi was full of hope at first, but when he heard that he was blocked, his whole face turned bitter.

The driver didn't know the distress in her heart, but thought that she had that expression because she couldn't walk on the small road and play novelty, so he said, "However, don't be disappointed, there is a small road over there, which leads directly to the back road. The broken wall in the scenic area is the temple behind the mountain, you know? You can go directly to the temple from that path, but if you are caught without a ticket, you will be fined.” The driver said with a smile, of course Knowing that people like them don't care about that little money at all.

   "Really?" Tuan Xi's eyes lit up again immediately.

   "Really. But I advise you not to go, there are very few people walking on that road, and it is easy to get lost."

  Ruan Xi smiled at Mimi, "I know, I'm going to find an acquaintance who knows the way to take me with me."

  At this time, everything inside was finished, and the employees who installed the cable TV also came out. Ruan Xi waved to the driver, "Thank you."

  The driver rubbed his head and smiled, and drove away.

   Mama Liu looked at Ruan Xi, "Why are you talking so happily?"

Ruan Xi naturally knew that Liu Ma asked this question, and she would report it to Pei Nanming at that time. Although she felt disgusted, she also knew that this was her job, so she didn't make it difficult for her. She just said, "Talk about the customs here casually. Listen to him Said, there is a temple here, the incense is very prosperous, when will Mama Liu take me to have fun, and climb the mountain by the way."

  Mother Liu smiled, "I'll call Mr. Pei later, if he agrees, the lady will pick a time and we will go together."

  Ruan Xi nodded, then went back to the room.

  Pei Nanming stepped into Pei Yan's ward when he returned to e City. The first thing he saw was not Pei Yan, but Qin Zhiran.

After all, Qin Zhiran didn't stay in a boring business unit waiting to die. She relied on her family background to join the Qin family's own company as a supervisor, but when talking with Pei Nanming, she deeply realized that working in the Qin family was simply not feasible. . That way you don't know what Pei Nanming is doing.

So she changed her mind and wanted to join the Pei family, but to enter the Pei family, she had to get Pei Nanming's consent. It was not easy to see Pei Nanming. She went to Pei Nanming's company three times, but was told that Pei Nanming hadn't come back from a business trip. Call Pei Nanming, that is, the time when Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi were together.

  After the phone call, while Qin Zhiran jumped violently, she also strengthened her determination to enter Pei's family, so she changed her strategy and went directly to the hospital to take care of Pei Yan.

  Pei Nanming's approval is very important, as is the approval of Pei Nanming's family. She went to the hospital twice a day, and occasionally went to the Pei family's old house to see Mr. Pei.

  Compared to Pei Yan being hit like this by the incident between Pei Nanming and Ruan Xi, Mr. Pei is like a normal person, with ups and downs in his heart, how to live his life.

   It's just that Mr. Pei's attitude towards Qin Zhiran is always lukewarm, neither far nor near.

   "Nan Ming, you're back, are you tired?" Qin Zhiran smiled sweetly, and said something very considerate.

  Pei Nanming responded with a smile, "It's okay, what about him?"

Although he and Pei Yan had had an unpleasant fight before, and Pei Nanming really didn't have much affection for Pei Yan, but after all, he was the man his mother loved, the man who gave him life, and he still had to Come and see, whether you go home or not is another matter.

   "When I came, Uncle Pei didn't leave either. According to the nurse, he went for a walk in the yard."

   "Oh." Pei Nanming nodded, "I heard that you have returned to work at Qin's, are you resting today?"

   "I thought about it, but I still don't want to rely on the power of the family, so..." Qin Zhiran bit her cherry lips and looked up at Pei Nanming, "So, I want to participate in Pei's campus recruitment this year, and I want to join Pei's."


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