Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 65

There are not many cars here, because tourists are not allowed to drive after entering the scenic area, so people who drive into the scenic area, except for the residents here, are those with special identities. Like Pei Nanming, like the bus driver...

  Here, the school is the scenery, the students are the scenery, and the mountains and rivers are the scenery. She is very envious of the students studying here.

  Just as she was holding Pei Nanming's arm and looking around, thinking wildly in her mind, she suddenly caught sight of the word pharmacy, which made her elated, although the words "family planning supplies" in the row below were particularly glaring!

   It was Ruan Xi who was elated, and it was Ruan Xi who was calm and nonchalant on the surface.

  Pei Nanming didn't notice anything unusual about her, "My father had a heart attack."

  His sudden sentence made Ruan Xi tilt his foot and almost sprained his ankle.

   "Is it because of..."

   "Yes! He was furious after reading the newspaper, and in a fit of anger, he had a heart attack."

   "Then how is he doing now?" Ruan Xi looked at Pei Nanming worriedly.

   "Are you worried about him? He has nothing to do with you."

  Pei Nanming sneered.

   "But Uncle Pei has raised me for so many years after all."

  Not to mention this, Pei Nanming is still not angry, but when he said this, his face sank uncontrollably. He didn't know what kind of evil he had fallen into, but he actually said this to Ruan Xi, obviously Ruan Xi had nothing to do with the Pei family. The current her was just the woman he wanted to take revenge on and tortured.

Holding back his anger, "So what? Now that you have been kicked out of Pei's house, even if I take you back to see him, he will definitely be mad at you. My mother is already dead in your hands, you won't Do you think my father died at your hands too?"

  Ruan Xi's every drop of blood is cold. It is clear that she is not responsible for all these mistakes, but in the end, everyone blames her.

She still didn't understand why Pei Nanming's mother, that is, Ruan Ting, saw her as if she had seen a ghost. Ruan Ting obviously hated her, but she still pretended to like her in front of everyone, and forced herself to play a Qualified wife and mother. Obviously wishing that she would never show up at Pei's house, but when Pei Yan led her in, except for a moment of panic and repulsion in his eyes, he always acted extremely happy.

She knew that no matter how nice Ruan Ting was to her in front of her, Ruan Ting hated her extremely in her heart. That kind of hatred seemed to be rooted in her bone marrow. Sometimes she even felt that Ruan Ting hated her, but she didn't understand. Why fear. So much so that, one time when I went to the street, because I turned around and saw her for a moment, I suddenly had a nervous breakdown and got into a car accident!

  Ruan hoped that Pei Nanming could not speak.

In fact, she knew very well in her heart that no matter how she calculated, she owed Pei Nanming. If Pei Yan hadn't brought her home, then Pei Nanming's mother would not have died, and today, Uncle Pei would not have a heart attack. recurred and was admitted to the hospital.

   In the final analysis, it was all her fault. However, none of this was what she wanted to happen. Who should she vent her grievances to? She silently let Pei Nanming ravage her for three years, precisely because she felt that she owed him. But in the past three years, all kinds of pain have been heavy and heartbreaking, who should she tell to?


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