Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 64

"Here is a university town, and it is also a key scenic area developed by city S." Seeing her curious eyes sparkle, Pei Nanming finally opened his mouth with surprise, full of surprise.

   "Oh" Ruan Xi turned her head subconsciously, and suddenly found that after the car came out, the tall iron door that was originally open suddenly closed automatically.

  Pei Nanming was obviously not surprised by Ruan Xi's shocked expression, and didn't want to say anything more. Pei Nanming also understands in his heart that here, Pei Nanming is simply the King of the Mountain who occupies the mountain as the king, and he developed all the things under the Panshan Highway! In other words, inside this iron gate is his world, what will happen inside in the future depends entirely on him!

  She suddenly felt chills all over her body! Even if she went down the mountain and couldn't get out of this door, all her previous efforts would still be in vain!

  Pei Nanming saw her wonderful expression through the rearview mirror, and smiled in his heart, as expected, he still hasn't given up! However, it doesn't matter! As long as I don't want to, you don't want to run away. Moreover, even if you do escape by chance, I'm sure to catch you back. If you're really smart enough, don't go that far! You can't afford it!

  Of course he wouldn't say these words to her a second time.

  Although Ruan Xi hasn't changed much, Pei Nanming can feel that his mood has dropped significantly. That's why he agreed to take her out, to make her give up completely!

   "Where do you want to go first?"

  Pei Nanming parked the car, leaned on the car and looked at him.

  At this time, some students happened to pass by after class, and his flamboyant car, coupled with his flamboyant appearance and figure, obviously immediately became the focus, attracting the attention of countless male and female students.

  Of course Ruan Xi knows that boys look at cars, while girls look at people and cars.

Looking at the students looking at her out of the corner of her eye, she knew that in their eyes, she had become the kind of person who sold her body for money... No, this is the fact now, she was indeed selling for money Body.

   However, those gazes still made her feel like thorns, stinging her and making her want to run.

  She knew that Pei Nanming must have parked the car here on purpose! Deliberately let her bear the pain of Ling Chi from other people's eyes.

   "Let's go to the amusement park first." Now that we have reached this point, we should be thorough. Ruan Xi said this to herself, and then took Pei Nanming's arm very naturally, like many lovers on the street, not feeling uncomfortable at all.

  Pei Nanming was really surprised. According to Ruan Xi's personality, she would never compromise so easily. In the past, they walked together, one way, and she absolutely wanted to go the other way with him.

  Pei Nanming readily accepted her behavior, stood up straight coolly and took her to the amusement park. In fact, Pei Nanming has always resisted the kind of place that only children like, but this time Pei Nanming agreed without even frowning, which surprised Ruan Xi.

   I remember when I was a child, when a family of four went to the amusement park, Pei Nanming was always reluctant. The only time was the third month when she came to Pei's house. It was her birthday.

  Later, she finally understood why Pei Nanming refused to go, because she felt that the amusement park was dirty.

  They were walking in a back street. Many tung trees were planted on both sides of the street, and some flowers were already in bloom.


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