Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 63

Looking at her sleeping face, Pei Nanming's eyes were as dark as the night, and he didn't blink for a long time.

  Ruan Xi slept well, and obviously did not have a nightmare today.

  He reached out his hand to lift a lock of her hair in a mysterious way, it was silky and black, and it felt very good.

"Do you know how much I hate you?" He knew she was asleep and couldn't hear, so he said to himself, and then sneered, "Actually, I don't know how much I hate you But, I think, I must be very resentful." Very, very resentful, that's why I locked you here, tortured you, made you have no freedom, and made you feel miserable.

  On the winding mountain road, looking out, there is still thin fog in the mountains and forests, but these fogs quickly disappeared without a trace because of the appearance of the sun.

  Ruan Xi leaned against the window and kept looking around.

   On the mountain road, Pei Nanming didn't drive fast, but she still felt dizzy and felt like vomiting.

   Subconsciously glanced at Pei Nanming, but fortunately, he looked at the road very seriously, and seemed to have no intention of paying attention to her at all.

   "That, if..."

  Ruan Xi leaned on the back seat, watching Pei Nanming's reaction carefully, "What if your lover is pregnant with your child?"

  Pei Nanming suddenly stepped on the brakes and looked back at her, "Why, do you want to give birth to me?"

  Ruan Xi's face turned pale, but she breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, "Well, if I give birth to you, Qin Zhiran will be mad if she finds out. You love her so much, how can you bear it?"

  Pei Nanming's expression remained unchanged, but his brows were furrowed indistinctly, "That's right, it's impossible for my lover to conceive my seed, and even if she conceives, she will definitely not be able to give birth."

  Ruan Xi pulled the corner of her mouth stiffly, and smiled at Mimi, "That's right, now that medicine is so advanced, it will be fine as long as it is sent for abortion."

  Pei Nanming stopped talking and started the car again.

   This time, the car was completely quiet. Ruan Xi was leaning against the window thinking about something, Pei Nanming just frowned slightly and drove without saying a word.

   After getting off the Panshan Highway, the road below is much wider. She couldn't see it on the mountainside before, but after she got down, she realized that the contrast here was simply too strong.

   On the right hand side, there are all newly-built private villas, separated from the road only by a stream full of aquatic plants. Because there is still a small part of the project that has not been completed, no one has moved in. On the left hand side is a dilapidated folk house, that is, the kind of very old folk house. The traces of years of erosion can be clearly felt on the wall. Many blue bricks have been eroded by rainwater to form irregular grooves. The blue bricks near the ground are even It is because of the humidity that many green moss grow.

  Compared with the villa on the right, the private house on the left is like a crumbling old woman, which is in danger of falling apart at any time.

  The car moved forward all the way, and she had to admit that the scenery here is beautiful and the air is also very good. Compared with the col next to City E, this place is less noisy and more tranquil. What you can see here is only leisurely tranquility, not the so-called desertedness.

  It is also here, let her see that man and nature can coexist, and the luxury life of man does not have to be at the cost of destroying nature.

  The car walked for more than ten minutes, and the outside became more lively. She looked around subconsciously. There were hotels, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, flower shops, supermarkets, etc. The most important thing was that there were many schools...


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