Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 62

"Very busy recently." Pei Nanming's answer was simple and casual.

   "But Nan Ming, June is coming soon, and my birthday is coming up, can't you come to celebrate my birthday with me?" Over there, Qin Zhiran began to act coquettishly.

   "I will try my best to arrange time to rush there." Pei Nanming took a breath and said lightly.

  There was a moment of silence over there, "Nan Ming, is it true that... Ruan Xi left without saying goodbye?" On
The other side smiled reluctantly, with a dry voice, "How would I know? I just heard from Anhua that Gu Chi gave up his dream of becoming a pianist for Ruan Xi, and went into business instead, and now he has joined Ruan Xi. Shi. So..."

   "I didn't expect that your younger brother with the same father, the same mother and different surnames is quite well informed."

  Pei Nanming's casual words made Qin Zhiran over there silent for a long time. As for Qin Zhiran's silence, Pei Nanming didn't care at all.

   "He is suspecting that I hid Ruan Xi, right? But, did he ask you to ask me about Ruan Xi's whereabouts, or do you want to know if I hid Ruan Xi?"

Qin Zhiran over there was even more tongue-tied by Pei Nanming's words, and hurried to make amends, "No, no, Nan Ming, you believe me, I never doubted you, how could you do that kind of thing with a woman who has lived together for more than ten years?" What about..."

   "It's true." Pei Nanming interrupted her suddenly, and then flicked half of the ash off the cigarette slowly.

  Qin Zhiran over there was obviously stunned, and didn't speak for a long time.

   "Your heart is like a mirror. You can see everything clearly. Why do you always ask me for proof repeatedly but deceive yourself at the critical moment?"

   "Liar, you liar! How could you! I don't believe it!"

  Over there, Qin Zhiran screamed like a madman.

Pei Nanming was still calm and calm, looking up at the faint mountain scenery outside, "You already believed it, there is no need to pretend in front of me, it's unnecessary. I'm not so stupid as to think that all those private detectives were sent by Gu Chi. "

  In the dark night, the outline of the mountain looks hazy and dark, like a beast crawling in the dark night waiting for an opportunity.

  And there is a dark side in everyone's heart, and there are such beasts living in this darkness.

  He knows the beast in his heart, and only when facing Ruan Xi will he roar angrily, and only when facing Ruan Xi will he have a bloodthirsty desire...

  The beast in Qin Zhiran's heart finally broke out of its cage.

  He smiled in the dark.

   "If you regret our engagement, it's still too late to regret it."

   "I will never go back on my word, I will never go back on my word!" The other side hung up the phone suddenly.

  There are only bursts of busy tones left on the phone. In such a place and at such a night, the busy tones are very clear. Just like when he was a child, he hid in his room and saw the busy tone coming from his mother when he called again and again.

As soon as Pei Nanming entered the bedroom, Ruan Xi curled up and looked at him. What's strange is that after talking with Qin Zhiran, Pei Nanming was in no mood to do anything. He just said to let her go tonight and let her sleep first, and then I went to the study.


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