Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 61

Pei Nanming could easily see the resentment in her eyes.

  But, this little bit of resentment and pain is nothing compared to what he has endured, and what is it compared to what his mother has endured? !

  His mother, Ruan Ting, was unwilling to take revenge because she loved Pei Yan too much, and ended up like that. Then, he will take revenge instead of his mother!

  Pei Yan, and Ruan Hetian, you all owe my mother, and you must pay them back!

  Ruan Hetian, Pei Yan, you all treat that woman as a treasure, so I want to trample her! If she dies, I will rape her daughter!

  Ruan Xi, don't blame anyone, if you want to blame, blame you for being the daughter of Qin Fang and Ruan Hetian, not to mention that you killed my mother!

  At that moment, the hatred in Pei Nanming's eyes was like a living beast, roaring with teeth and claws, giving her the illusion that he actually wanted to tear her to pieces immediately.

  At this time, Pei Nanming was dangerous and bloodthirsty. She even believed that as long as she disobeyed and resisted him a little, he would definitely kill her in this barren manor, and then dump her body in the wilderness!
  Although her face was flushed with anger, she didn't say anything in the end, she just lowered her eyes, "I know exactly what I'm doing now, so you don't need to remind me." She smiled, and the corners of her mouth were bitter.

  Not only was he not satisfied with her obedience, but he was even more agitated. Fortunately, his mobile phone rang suddenly at this time, he straightened up, pulled his robe over his body, and went to the balcony to answer the phone.
   Get up, glance towards the balcony, his back is facing her, then turn his eyes to look at the coat on the hanger, gritted his teeth and walked over.

  Being a thief for the first time is still frightening.

  Do people like Pei Nanming have a concept of their own money? Yes, of course, but, will the cash in the wallet be remembered clearly?

   She didn't know about this, but she was desperate.

   Turned out the wallet and looked back, he was still talking.

   Then hurriedly opened the wallet, she couldn't help being a little disappointed, there were only two 100 cash in it, and the rest were all cards.

   Two hundred yuan, if she takes one, he can find it at a glance, right?

  She bit her lip, but there was nothing she could do. She quickly took out one and put it in the pocket of her pajamas, but unexpectedly found a photo in the middle of the wallet, the size of which was just right for the middle of the wallet.

  It was a group photo, Pei Yan, Ruan Ting, Pei Nanming, and her...

   When was this photo taken? If she remembers correctly, it should be her second year in Pei's house. The cherry blossoms are blooming really well.

  That year, Pei Nanming was thirteen years old, and she was eight.

  On the balcony, Pei Nanming lit a cigarette casually, sat on the wicker chair, and listened to the people over there without saying a word.

   "Nan Ming, I miss you very much, you haven't seen me for a long time."


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