Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 60

Pei Nanming is like a king, elegant and calm, dignified, and full of oppressive aura.

  Ruan Xi took the things and casually stuffed them into the pocket of her pajamas, "What I said is true, believe it or not."

   "You can choose where you want to go tomorrow, but there is a prerequisite, and that is to see if your performance tonight can really satisfy me."

   Speaking of this, Ruan Xi shrank her neck, her face turned a little red, "Are you like this in front of every lover?"

   These words made Pei Nanming feel upset for a while, why are you upset? He himself didn't even know.
  That kind of tone made Ruan Xi feel that she was really similar to the one who came out to sell. After all, when she negotiated terms with Pei Nanming, she was essentially no different from those people.

   It's just that her service fee was collected later, and the object of the charge was the man who had lived together for so many years.
  She didn't know where his energy came from. There were so many lovers around him. How could he be so tough when people wanted to comfort him.

  She even hoped that he would have a physical disorder earlier, so that he would definitely not have the heart to torment her.

  However, her wish was obviously completely ignored by God. Not only did he have no physical problems, but he became more and more energetic.

  No matter how much she hated him, she still had to admit that Pei Nanming's proportioned figure might not be easy to find.

  Of course, she would rather put him aside to admire than use him.

  Appreciating every piece of art is risky. There are so many places where artworks are collected, and robbery may happen at any time. Appreciating Pei Nanming is even more dangerous.

  When she stared at him, he narrowed his eyes dangerously. He had never seen her stare at him so blatantly before.

   "Why, you think my body looks good, don't you?"

  Ruan Xi came back to his senses, and said frankly, "It's really good." The premise is that the aggressiveness will be lowered.

He approached her and put his hands on her sides suddenly, "Yes, then, please please me tonight. From today on, you will take the money from me, so remember to be more professional. Although the money comes quickly, But qualifying is not so easy to do.”

  Pei Nanming's words were like thorns with barbed thorns, and Ruan Xi was badly injured as soon as he uttered it.

  He forgot that the one who forced her into prostitution was himself!

  Ruan Xi gritted her teeth and looked at Pei Nanming with wide eyes.


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