Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 58

Knowing that Pei Nanming said these things to provoke herself on purpose, she still got the point and let him succeed.

"Others don't know why you gave up painting, but I know very well that on the road of painting, it is impossible for a flawed painter to have a bright future." Speaking of this, Pei Nanming suddenly let go, "Forget it, let's not talk about this, We haven't had afternoon tea together for a long time, come and accompany me."

  Pei Nanming stretched out his hand in front of her, but she didn't move for a long time, and neither did he. The two of them just faced each other silently. Pei Nanming was waiting for her to react, but she was struggling, unwilling to do what he wanted.

  Five minutes passed, Ruan Xi suddenly smiled coquettishly, and walked up to him, "Oh, are you in love with me, huh?"

  She wrapped around his body like a seductive snake, completely changing her previous cold attitude.

  Seduce, seduce, seduce, things she never bothered to do before, now she is doing them all, the same thing, although jerky and clumsy, she is doing her best.

  Pei Nanming looked at her with great interest, examining her eyes, "You guessed it right, I love you, and I love your protruding body." As he spoke, he stretched out his hand to caress her...

"It turns out that you have to give money to other lovers, right? Then, what about my share? I was forced to follow you when I was eighteen, and it has been more than three years now. Should you also give me money?" All the previous money has been transferred to my account? As for the money for selling meat here, you can just give it in cash."

  Ruan Xi lowered her eyes, clenched her fists to suppress the trembling of her body, and managed to finish speaking.

  After Pei Nanming finished listening, he suddenly squeezed his fingers hard, causing Ruan Xi to gasp in pain, and suddenly looked up at Pei Nanming.

He was smiling, still with an elegant and indifferent posture, that was a Satanic temperament, evil and cruel, "You want money, don't you? Yes, you will stay with me for three years, how much do you want? I will give it to you! From today At the beginning, I will do it once and give you money once, are you satisfied with this?"

  Ruan Xi endured the pain and smiled, "Of course I'm satisfied. I'm not a greedy person. In three years, five million is enough. As for how much I'll give you once, that's up to you."

  This is really interesting. He squeezed her chin, "Don't think that I don't know what your plan is, to prepare for life after escaping from here?"

  Ruan Xi smiled, neither denying nor admitting.

"Let me tell you the truth, even if I transfer all the money to your account, give you another one million cash, and return all your ID documents to you, so what? You think you have a way to leave this place?" The manor is half a step away? Before I came back this time, people had installed surveillance cameras in every corner of the manor, even if you walked out of this villa, you still couldn’t escape.”

  These words were tantamount to making things worse for Ruan Xi. The shock in her heart was no less than that of a landslide and tsunami, but her face was still calm.

"I've come to this point, what else do I expect? To put it bluntly, I'm just an orphan without a father or a mother. The Pei family has raised me for so many years, but their reputation has been tarnished because of me. In the end, it's just a divorce. And I haven’t graduated from university, so it’s impossible for me to find a job that can support me. How can I live like this?


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