Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 57

"No matter what you want, he will nod for Ruan Xi."

  Ruan Dongyu suddenly looked gloomy.

   And Gu Qing added in a timely manner, "During his struggle for Ruan Xi, wouldn't you be able to take advantage of the opportunity, Mr. Ruan? Others may not be able to. If you, Mr. Ruan, you must be fine."

  Ruan Dongyu looked pale, "What do you want?"

"You know."

  Ruan's support, Gu's ownership, unique status in the cooperation between Ruan and Gu. Only by grasping these things firmly can we guarantee that one day when the old man really brings Gu Yinlin back, he will not be pulled down.

Ruan Dongyu clapped his hands, "It's a good calculation. Although your conditions are not really that valuable, but that is my long-cherished wish after all. And, if I support you, it seems that things will become very interesting in the future. The transaction is established, but I have a The additional condition is that you need to know that there are no permanent friends and partners in this world, only permanent benefits, if one day, I discover the benefits you gave me..."

   "Of course I am very clear about this. Businessmen, I understand, if you can't be mercenary, then you are not a businessman..."

   Gu Qing said so, but what he thought was another matter.

  Although the Ruan family has considerable economic strength among the e Five Hegemons, as the enemy of the Pei family with the strongest political power and expanding business influence, how long will they be able to prosper? If it weren't for Gu's and Ruan's too many business connections, he would never have approached Ruan.

   When Ruan Xi stayed in the villa for the second month, Pei Nanming finally appeared, still in that well-dressed appearance.

  Ruan Xi glanced at him, did not speak, just turned her head and continued to paint.

  Pei Nanming didn't care, he took off his coat and threw it on the sofa, sat down with a big horse, and asked Liu Ma to prepare afternoon tea in a good mood.

   "Unexpectedly, your life turned out to be very good. I thought you would keep running away." Pei Nanming suddenly hugged Ruan Xi from behind Ruan Xi.

  Unexpectedly, Ruan Xi shook her arm, and the brush painted a smudge on the originally perfect landscape.

  Seeing that Ruan Xi didn't speak, Pei Nanming continued, "I remember that you were very talented in painting when you were a child, and you especially liked painting landscapes. At that time, I was very surprised why there were no portraits of people in your sketchbook."

  Ruan Xi instinctively froze for a moment, "I don't like drawing figures, that's all."

   Yes, I don't like drawing. Who stipulated that if you are interested in painting, you must paint figures and not just landscapes?

"Really, is it because you don't like it? Or is it because you can't draw characters at all?" Pei Nanming suddenly tightened his arms, picked her up from the stool, and forced her to turn to look at him, "From The first time you start drawing people, you will go astray, you will get stuck, and you can't help but draw the blood of the person you want to draw, isn't it?"

  Ruan Xi struggled out of his embrace in horror, and pushed him away, "You are talking nonsense, you are talking nonsense! I don't draw people because I don't like them! Don't make random guesses!"

  She swears that Pei Nanming is not only an evil capitalist, but also a heinous devil. She is afraid of Pei Nanming and hates him, but she has never felt that Pei Nanming is so terrifying.


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