Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 56

On the golf course, Ruan Dongyu raised the brim of his hat, raised the club high, and hit it out in one go, with applause immediately behind him.

   The applause was loud but lonely.

  Gu Qing was full of smiles, "Ruan Shao's golf skills have improved again."

  Ruan Dongyu was noncommittal.

  In fact, Gu Qing is not interested in this kind of activity at all. In his eyes, this kind of activity is only suitable for those bad old men who can't even run.

   "What's the matter, I let you chase me here."

  Ruan Dongyu took the ball from the waiter without even looking back.

  Gu Qing was not angry either, "Of course I came to tell you good news."

   "Good news, what good news can there be now?"

   "Ruan Xi is missing."

   "This has long been published on the headlines of major newspapers, why? Just to tell me this?"

   "The Pei family has severed ties with Ruan Xi."

"This TV interview was only broadcast yesterday, so it's nothing new. Besides, Ruan Xi really doesn't have much to do with them except eat them, drink them, and live in their house." Ruan Dongyu swung the club and hit the ball again. go out.

   Gu Qing was slightly surprised, "It seems that you know the affairs of Ruan Xi and Pei's family very well?"

  Ruan Dongyusheng glanced at Gu Qing, but did not respond.

   Gu Qing felt bored, and said, "Well, the last one, Gu Chi went to Pei Nanming to inquire about Ruan Xi's whereabouts, but he was turned away for a whole day, and he died when he came home in the middle of the night."

   This time Ruan Dongyu suddenly stopped and turned to look at Gu Qing, "What does this have to do with me?"

Gu Qing smiled in his heart, but said, "It doesn't matter, but when I went to see him this morning, he said that he would give up the piano and go into business. He mentioned it last time, but I didn't take it seriously. For real."

  Ruan Dongyu frowned, but said nothing.

Gu Qing continued, "You should know that he has loved the piano since he was a child, and that was his dream. His heart to pursue his dream has never wavered, and he is as stubborn as my brother Gu Yinlin, but now, he actually gave up. "

  Ruan Dongyu raised his eyebrows, looked at Gu Qing, his eyes full of inquiry, "What do you mean by saying this to me?"

   "Let's talk about a deal with you." Gu Qing smiled, a harmless face made this smile pure and harmless, but the slender eyes were full of cunning.

   What kind of person Gu Qing is, Ruan Dongyu has known for a long time, that's why he said that he has an angel face and a devil heart.

   "Why are you so sure that I will promise you?" Ruan Dongyu threw the club, took off the gloves and threw it aside.

   "Because you have been missing an opportunity, and now, the opportunity has come."

   "Sell. My younger brother begging for glory? Well, it does seem like something you, Young Master Gu, would do. But do you think Gu Chi will obediently fall for it?"

   "Of course not, but he is still too innocent. When he realizes that he has gone through the wrong door, he is already inside the door and can't come out again."

Gu Qing smiled more and more harmlessly, "I am helping you fulfill a long-cherished wish, Ruan Shao. Even if he hates him in the future, he will only hate me, and Ruan Shao, you are his savior, and he will only be grateful to you of."

  Ruan Dongyu smiled, "You know what I want, not his gratitude."


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